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This page covers miscellanous emails.

On Magick

May 2013

Someone under the name mormonjesus dropped the following email in a rizon IRC channel. Its authenticity is not established, but it seems reminiscent of Chris' writing.

Hey, Kim. I have just read over some of the webpage Phil relayed to me. I must admit, and Amy is welcome to read this as well, it took me by surprise seeing the words "Magick" and "Pagan" in this religion(?).

I like magic(k). I have fully accepted Jesus as my savior. And my mother, father, and what I've hear on television, all have informed me about heaven, hell, that the best way to live is as one does without much regret or with moderate acceptance and happiness. And that "God" is within all of us, as energy and direction. And in the end, we all believe in the same God(ess). Yet also, if God is supposed to love us all, why does he let me continue to have a Lot of downs in my life? I often feel temptation towards destroying the Lego Minifigure I have made in an image of God, or otherwise just torturing it. I admit, I am not perfect.

But I prattle or digress.

So, all things considered, Amy, I will be most willing to try your way on, and see how I feel fully about it after. The way I figure it, at least I can still go to my church regardless.  :)

Sent from my iPhone Stay Safe, Christian W. Chandler

Mary and Max

The following email was written by Chris on 9 July 2014[1] and leaked on the CWCki Forums the day afterwards.[2]

I've just finished watching a movie on Netflix, "Mary and Max". It's about a

poor girl in Australia who becomes pen pals with an American with Aspergers (or autism). I enjoyed their back and forths, then came the questions from Mary about Love, which confounded Max too much. And they each get a candy heart reading, "Love Yourself First". Yeah, I realized I never really fully understood how to love myself. Aside from acceptance of flaws, forgiving myself, appreciate the positives, yada, yada, yada...

I don't know. Maybe I recommend you watching the movie for yourself and offering your response to my thought.

I am crying right now from how the movie ended (spoiler emotional alert). Good story, though.

Stay Safe with Peace, Christian W. Chandler

(sent from my iPod)

House Fire Leaks

Main article: Destruction Of Chris's House

During the infamous house fire, some e-mails which are sent by Chris to his high school classmates are leaked.

We are Surviving

The first e-mail covers Chris possibly suing the Keurig company (because according to Chris, they are the one responsible for the destruction because of the Keurig coffee brewer in his bathroom) and the insurance company State Farm is putting him and his mum up in a hotel.

From: chrischansonichu

Sent: Fri, Jan 10, 2014 1:08 pm

We are surviving

Our insurance is working for us; we may sue the company; still shocked to go further. We have no local family and few friends; a nice, kind neighbor couple let us bunk in their house. State Farm is putting us up in a hotel for the while during cleanup and reconstruction. Salvage of essentials from our main house area was successful and fair. Please pray for us; you all and our class. The High School building I made melted some.
I do not care at all what the bad people are saying in jest to our misfortune. Let them make their God damn jokes at our expense; they wished for something like this to happen to me.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christian W. Chandler


The second e-mail details about the information for donations to Chris due to the house fire. Some info has been redacted.

From: chrischansonichu

Sent: Sat, Jan 11, 2014 9:17 am

Re: We are surviving

I do not trust [REDACTED] either, but I sense a spot of truth in [REDACTED] words. If what [REDACTED] is stating, about the collections and whatnot, it will be determined. You may forward this message to [REDACTED] or copy/paste the following and send it to [REDACTED] as well as everyone else you may think of.

Anyone who wishes to help us in this dire moment, they may send all collected and acceptable item(s) to Kevin Mann's office in Charlottesville, VA; he will relay them to my mother and I. I do not have the address at the moment. His office phone number is 1 (434) 978-1197. Most Anything would be appreciated. Thank you. :)

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christian W Chandler

Greedy Firefighter

From: chrischansonichu

Sent: Thu, Jan 16, 2014 10:33 am

The Furniture

My mother wants to keep a few to some of the obviously salvageable furniture; we have an old pantry cabinet that belonged to her mother, plus her red chair, all remaining framed artworks and pictures. She continues to see the value of those things. Plus, she lost her replica Dali painting that was worth a LOT; she theorized and believes someone stole the Dali, as well as her purse that had her set of keys and cards in it. There is at least one greedy firefighter in the group. Plus, the doors were open for a short while before being boarded, not counting the front door which is still most lockable.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christian W. Chandler


Less than 24 hours after the infamous "Greedy Firefighter" e-mail, Chris reveals the location of how the fire started.

From: chrischansonichu

Sent: Fri, Jan 17, 2014 6:04 pm

Re: We are surviving

Fwd the following to [REDACTED]

For your information, [REDACTED] the brewer was outside the bathroom; it was plugged in there with a single-on-each-end, heavy-duty extension cord. The brewer was OFF; currents were still going back and forth with its weak wiring. We did have an extinguisher; we tried diligently to put it out, but there was not enough in the FULL extinguisher to completely put out the fire.

I may move back to Chesterfield County, but it would not be because of this set of unfortunate events. I take great pity on you now, because one should not be judged by their deeds, but for the content of their character and soul that can only be derived from actual IN PERSON, FACE TO FACE time with them. And to you and [REDACTED] and I feel need to ask: HOW DARE YOU BE SO HEARTLESS, SOULLESS, AND UNCOMPASSIONATE TO US?

Good day.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christian W. Chandler

22 March 2014 Leaks

On 22 March 2014, several e-mails were leaked on the CWCki Forums. Included are e-mails from a former classmate of Chris's (name withheld), giving some details that revealed that Chris was, in fact, picked on regularly in Manchester High, and did regularly require protection, contrary to what Chris himself has said. Also included are several e-mails from Chris, complete with the usual rape of the English language, threats of legal action, nonsensical phrasing, blatant materialism, and revealing that as of at least about the time of Bob's death, Chris still believes he can curse people into ill health.

White Knighting with a small dose of Chris's Realistic Manchester High School Days

The aforementioned e-mail about Chris's days in high school. The whole e-mail mostly included white knighting from his classmate. However, it also included that he was actually bullied there on a regular basis despite Chris claiming that his time there is among the happiest in his life:


Hey [REDACTED] My name is [REDACTED] I'm a friend of Christian's. I knew Christian in High School, and have gotten in touch with him here in the past few months. I know you dont know me from anywhere and have zero reason to listen to what I have to say; but I am going to give it a shot. I know that those pages out there are causing a massive problem for Christian. I want to know what its going to take to have them pulled down. Its really run its course, its bullshit, and absolutely not something that anyone should have up or be taking part in. You seem to know all the players involved in all the circles, and I think you seem like a pretty decent guy. I know that know one is perfect, not by any reach, but this shit needs to stop. You said he needs to move on, and I agree, but getting that Wiki page down would be a massive first step. That page needs to go. Everyone needs to move on, and put the past were it is, in the past.

I noticed some updates on the page that included my name and [REDACTED] name, and I am sure you guys would term us what you call "White Knights". Were not. I have a soft spot for this guy cause I knew him in High School, I defended him there from assholes who picked on him and messed with him by taking things from him, just to get a reaction out of him. Funny thing about life is you never who has someones back, and although I have nothing to gain from inserting me presence in this issue, I am willing to. I'm not an internet tough guy. I am not a bullshit talker, and neither is [REDACTED] I think its madness that someone continues to update these pages and I have checked, much of the material on those pages are Slander, Illegal to release, and can result in criminal charges being filed. ( not a threat ). I am asking you to step up, end this , or help me end this. Its not worth the high cost of what that site is doing. I dont think anyone wants to see someone suffer and god forbid hurt themselves or someone else because of that page and others.

Like I said, you seem like a dude with influence , and a decent guy. I am just trying to help out an old friend, hes not asking me to do this, and not putting me up to it. I am taking this on for my own reasons, I got a lot of people behind me on this, and we all have our own reasons. Mainly, it could be our kid one day, or your kid. Were grown ups here, so lets act like it, end these sites. Help me out with this; and if you know who updates that Wiki page, tell them to keep [REDACTED] name and my name off them. Period. Not a threat buddy, just asking for the respect of that. Please , let me now what you think, maybe we can end this once and for all and leave Christian to his own devices.

Thanks [REDACTED],


White knight wiseup

After the white knight e-mail above, the classmate no longer feels sorry for Chris after finding out about the infamous ShecameforCWC.JPG picture and Chris vandalizing an Xbox One sign to read "HEXbox One" with a permanent marker in Mal-Wart.

Re: You Don't Respond To My Emails


I sincerely appreciate the emails, I have just been swamped last week with work, and partially tore a tendon in my forearm so I haven't been doing much typing expect for last night to [REDACTED] I am trying in a back room sort of way to get Christian to see that a board is not the cause of all his problems, I am very very aware that his actions are his own and all the vandalism and hate filled rants and shit are his own burden to wear. I know why the board exists, and I think he uses it as a scape goat for his behavior. My thought process was kind of around the lines of.....get it " shut down" and see how he does, he fucks up after that. ....well you can figure that part out. I think that picture he drew was a nuke to anybody feeling sorry for him, includes me. I No uncertain terms, if that was my wife he wouldn't have arms or fingers that worked well enough to type of draw again. That's me. I'm not a one sided cat, I see both sides clearly. I just think maybe if you guys understood where I am coming from, you would see the vision I am trying to project. The site is fucked up, even if the people are not. I dig what y'all say and how much in a way you guys look out for him. I think it's kind of a dysfunctional friendship he has WITH the site because it empowers him to GET attention and use the site to do things like Wal-Mart vandalism and go off on whoever and say ....look at me and what I have to go through. I personally got involved for my own reasons and I am not stepping out to do anything else for his battles. Website is my only concern. I would not let my sister date him, so I ain't gunna hook anyone up with or for him. His behavior is his own, Jesus he's lucky he didn't get hauled off to jail for Wal-Mart innocent. I think they don't go HARD ENOUGH on him to be honest. Actions have repercussions. I always say that. I am a man of my word....one fight pony here [REDACTED], I want to see web site down, will it happens. ...unlikely. but if you see the method to my madness you might follow the trail I am trying to layout. I have far to busy with running a construction company, being a husband, and enjoying my hobbies to be a baby sitter for Christian. I think the site could be.....relaunched in a different manor, less offensive to the UN- informed. You guys actually help him more than hes known , so I got respect for that.

Bitter and Twisted Mess

It's also revealed that the classmate also sent an e-mail to Chris...

You REALLY Need To Let Go


You're always going to be a bitter and twisted mess as long as you continue to hold onto and obsess over the past. The Game Place was years ago. Besides, if you're that desperate for Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh stuff, there are other game stores or you could order online.

And stop demonizing Megan. That was a pretty shitty thing you did to her with that drawing.

So take my advice - or don't. If you keep on the way you're going, you'll end up with no friends and being banned from almost everywhere in and around the Ruckersville / Charlottesville area It looks like you've learned absolutely nothing from your past mistakes. Time to grow up.

Re: Bitter and Twisted Mess

...with Chris ignoring the advice as usual.

Re: You REALLY Need To Let Go

I have never forgotten that photograph LUCAS took, and I certainly have fully read that damn Q&A transaction with the Trolls, you damn Trolls!!! I will never let go; I will continue to curse that bitch, and the rest of you fiends until you all have paid me my restitution, including the removal of the Cwcki, its Forums, and fullest disbanding of that damn Troll and Cyber-Bully Community, you damn homosexual pinheads! You whole lot have DESTROYED My Soul, TORMENTED This Dead Horse Continously, MADE EVERYONE HATE ME FOR NO GOOD REASON, and then some into Infinity, you LULZy CREEPS!!!

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christian W. Chandler

Most Trusted Friends

Chris tried to be intimidating in this e-mail, pointing out that his friends list in his Facebook page is only viewable to... well, his Most Trusted Friends...

And By The Way...

My Friends List is ONLY viewable to my Most Trusted Friends on Facebook. Friends Sub-List; Privacy Settings! I have my gals and my homies on my side.

Financial Compensation

...as well as thinking that "financial compensation" is warranted for "his years of suffering".


I think financial compensation is an easy way out I am offering to you, compared to the getting everything against me off of the Internet for good (impossible task), and I have more than enough evidence against you to sue for the six years of chaos and Trolling stress for more than the amount. My attorney is Robert B. Bell; more powerful than your "Tom Sawyer, who lost his bio daughter named Sue to his brother, Sam". Plus, how much longer would you like my curse make you dizzy? Food for your thought.

Sent from my iPhone Stay Safe, Christian W. Chandler


Though Chris as usual blamed the trolls and Megan, one thing notable that according to him, his father would have been alive beyond 2015 if it's not for the trolls who cause him a lot of stress.

An artist's depiction of Chris's "goodwill" as he used to be.
Re: You Know - People Don't Really Care About the CWCki

Because of Encyclopedia Dramatica, followed by the damn Cwcki and its Forum, the trollings started and haven't stopped. Those pinheads pretended to be women multiple times to deceive my heart and emotions and goodwill, about as much as Megan had done to me, except the total cost did not go up into more than 500, and the most expensive troll was the infamous "JULAY" in Cleveland, Ohio, AKA BlueSpike. HE conned me out of sharing my PSN account console link with him, buying Burnout Paradise Digital Version (when I already had the disc), all of the Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice DLC, and of course the freaking trip to Cleveland, Ohio to the addressed run-down two-story house, occupied by an elderly black woman. I have lost a LOT of myself over the near six years to them; I am not as initially goodwill as I used to be; My heart is not so easy to win over; My friendship has to be earned, unless I personally feel otherwise, which is not often. And the stress of it all has left my mother going crazy with buggy theories and everyone being out against us. AND the total stress KILLED my Father Prematurely; if not for those Trolls, he would still be alive, and would have likely lived beyond 2015. A lot of people close to me, and especially I, myself, continue to suffer from recurring heartaches, stress attacks, paranoid whispers in my brain, and nearly everything else in the like.

And you ask me if it is a good idea to remove every last piece of that Hate Campaign against me?! THEY Destroyed My Life; and as long as all of that shit remains online, I will never be able to find

Note: The e-mail cuts off abruptly at the end for now and no info is given about the original e-mail, though it's most likely that Chris would mention about him never getting a sweetheart at the end.

Uri Geller Emails

On 13 December 2018, the Man in the Pickle Suit leaked a correspondence from 11 September 2017 between Chris and self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller. Here, he begs Geller on mentoring him to improve his psychic powers.

Seeking a More Expert Psychic Skill Training

On 11 Sep 2017, at 6:46, chrischansonichu@aol.com wrote:

Hello, Uri. Guessing you might predict my email to you.  :) Anyhow, I am Miss Christine Chandler, in Ruckersville, Virginia, USA. I just read your name in the Psychokinesis chapter of my copy of "Develop Your Psychic Skills". I have been working on my own psychic skills; I have found I do have some, and I practice most daily. I am so close to making the trading card I've been practicing with, or even my pen, levitate. If I can, I would like to seek a more expert psychic skill training. I'm a still-getting-out-there artist and creator. Anyhow, should you help me get further on with my skills, or guide me well, I would be most grateful. Thank you. Have a great and safe day.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christine W. Chandler

Quite Frankly I Believe You are Wasting Your Time

Geller declined the request.

On Sep 11, 2017, at 1:35 AM, Uri Geller <uri@urigeller.com> wrote:

Hi Christine I don't teach one on one nor give lessons, most of my books are free to read on my website. Quite frankly I believe you are wasting your time there are more productive things in life than levitating a pen put your energy into those. Being a motivator a positive thinker helping others a bit of meditation some spirituality empowering others etc etc etc, Much energy and love uri

The following is an automated message: F.Y.I: Please visit my website at www.urigeller.com I believe that you will find the documentaries on my home page interesting: A LIFE STRANGER THAN FICTION directed by Simon Cowell, the BBC's recent "The Secret Life of Uri Geller", by the Oscar-winning director, Vikram Jayanti. A fascinating film titled: A Revealing Documentary and an additional film called Being Uri Geller.

I wish you plenty of good health, happiness and peace of mind. Be positive, optimistic and believe in yourself. Follow me on Facebook.com/theurigeller and on Twitter @theurigeller.

Much energy and love


Sent from my iPhone

I am Not Wasting My Time!

Chris did not take the rejection lightly.

On Sep 12, 2017, at 5:00 PM, chrischansonichu@aol.com wrote:

I am Not wasting my time! I have my psychic friend, Magi-Chan Sonichu, and my own Dimensional Psychic Links to my Cwcville and beyond. I have had a LOT of Deja Vu moments in my life! I am not just looking for mere Levitation, but I intend to do a LOT more good with my Psychic Powers to bring Peace and take down up to All of the Internet Haters and Bullies! I Need to do all these in my own control. And I did also ask for recommendations of anyone else who could help me better develop my powers.

Your frank response left me feeling disappointed and disgusted with you right now, until the later time when I recover from this feeling, because I have a Lot of other stresses in my life. Ugh.

Good day, Uri.

Sent from my iPhone Stay Safe, Christine W. Chandler