July 2014

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Chris's offering for an autographed photo on 1 July 2014.
Chris fails at collage on 6 July 2014.
A photo from Chris's OKCupid account revealed on 6 July 2014. Hello ladies.

July was the seventh month of 2014. Chris spent this month busily filling orders for his eBay merchandise, which now included autographed photos and commissions. Also, Chris and Catherine began their rocky quasi-friendship.

Events of July

  • 1 July - Chris finally manages to sell his Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing.
  • 1 July - Chris announces that he is now selling autographed photos of himself and drawing commissions on eBay.
  • 2 July - Chris tells his Facebook audience that he is gratified by the response to his autographed photos and commissions.
  • 3 July - Chris posts that he will be delayed getting the purchased photos in the mail.
  • 6 July - Chris makes a dumb comment about computers.
  • 6 July - Chris's latest OkCupid profile, containing several new photos, is found by a CWCki Forums user.[1]
  • 6 July - Chris completes three commissions, including one which would later appear on an album cover.
  • 8 July - Chris says that his commissions offer has been relisted on eBay.
  • 9 July - Chris and Catherine communicate for the first time. Chris would later mark this as the date on which their relationship began.
  • 10 July - Chris draws two commissions, featuring Colossal Chan, Mitch Sonichu, and Clyde Cash.
  • 11 July - Barbara's two year long probation ends.
  • 13 July - Chris comments on a local news brief on Facebook that Charlottesville police are corrupt.
  • 13 July - Chris draws another commission, this one depicting himself and Sonichu fighting against the forces of evil.
  • 14 July - Chris puts a recording of his father hosting a jazz marathon for sale on eBay, even though he's already made it available for free.
  • 15 July - Chris announces that special deals will be available for his eBay items for one week.
  • 17 July - Chris screams on Facebook that he is legally allowed to sell the jazz CD.
  • 17 July - Chris spends a few minutes playing Miiverse Sketch.
  • 17 July - Chris uploads a video to his YouTube account of his avatar playing Mario Kart on the Wii U. He includes a link on his Miiverse account.
  • 18 July - Chris draws "Original Sonichu Drawing: Electric Wedding Bells, July 18, 2014," to be put on sale on eBay.
  • 18 July - Chris says there will be more shipping delays, and that he was indeed an honor roll student at Manchester High School.
  • 18 July - Chris uploads another Mario Kart video, and puts the link on his Miiverse account.
  • 19 July - Chris is furious that the jazz CD has been removed from eBay, and blames the trolls.
  • 19 July - Chris fiddles around with Miiverse Sketch some more.
  • 20 July - Chris produces a commissioned drawing, "Boy's Night Out at Cheers with Jugs."
  • 21 July - Chris fulfills another commission request with a series of three drawings depicting a fight between Sonichu and Rosechu.
  • 21 July - Chris posts that he is confused about how to track his eBay shipments, and is working on it.
  • 24 July - Chris produces three original works of art to be put on sale on eBay.
  • 24 July - Chris finishes a commission featuring characters from ALF.
  • 24 July - Chris makes more updates about his eBay sales on Facebook, and urges people to buy his stuff so that his mother can get dental work.
  • 24 July - Chris tells Rebeckah he needs $600 to fix Barb's cavities.
  • 24 July - Cole Smithey's 51st birthday.
  • 25 July - Chris declares that he is extending the sale.
  • 28 July - Chris again pleads with his Facebook audience to buy his stuff.
  • 29 July - Chris draws a commissioned illustration of a dragon.
  • 29 July - Chris tells people he needs money because Barb bought an entertainment center.
  • 31 July - On the Miiverse, Chris complains about Super Mario Bros.


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