October 2018

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Chris in his Halloween costume
Chris with Sonichu plushie

October is the tenth month of 2018.


  • 1 October - Barb turns 77.
  • 3 October - Chris begs for money again, this time so he can protest Pmurt all the way in Hawaii.
  • 4 October - Chris admits in a series of leaked texts that the begging was a lie simply just to collect money. He pins the blame on Magi-Chan for his actions.
  • 8 October - Chris posts an even more delusional and egotistical reason for refusing to get a job.
  • 9 October - Chris's trespass trial resumes, and ends with him being placed on Therapeutic Docket.
  • 10 October - Sony shuts down the online servers of ModNation Racers.
  • 17 October - Chris begs for money and declares he and Barb will visit Megan if they get enough donations. He quickly cancels this plan after learning she has guns.
  • 18 October - Gifted a Sonichu plushie by a fan, Chris immediately criticizes it.
  • 23 October - Chris sued for debt again by Midland Funding LLC.
  • 24 October - A Kiwi Farms user notes that Chris's e-begging for donations are more than likely lies.
  • 26 October - Chris makes Dimensional Merge Announcements and likens Hyperdimension Neptunia to the "Coran" [sic] or Bible. He also denies use of wacky tobacky.
  • 26 October - Chris gets mad that the "Sonichu Official Merch" shop gives its proceeds to Autism Speaks instead of him
  • 29 October - Chris makes further posts explaining the upcoming dimensional merge.
  • 30 October - Chris unveils a new cat, "Patches".
  • 31 October - Halloween, Chris attends a party at a local bar/grill.