October 2018

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LukasMedallion.jpeg Troll disclosure: Some events in this article take place from October through December 2018, when the Teen Troon Squad had access to Chris's CWCSonichu Twitter account and posted several tweets without his knowledge or consent. Tweets covered on this page may or may not be written by Chris.

For more information, see 2018 Twitter account compromise.

Chris in his Halloween costume
Chris with Sonichu plushie

October is the tenth month of 2018.


  • 1 October - Barb turns 77.
  • 3 October - CWCSonichu begs for money to protest Pmurt all the way in Hawaii.[citation needed][1]
  • 4 October - Chris says to The Captain in a set of texts[2] that the begging tweet from the previous day caught him off-guard and that Magi-Chan had posted it - an indication the Teen Troon Squad, who role-played as Magi-Chan, were behind it.
  • 8 October - CWCSonichu posts an even more delusional and egotistical reason for refusing to get a job.[citation needed]
  • 10 October - Sony shuts down the online servers of ModNation Racers.
  • 13 October - CWCSonichu tweets an image of Mewtwo with sexual overtones; the tweet is quickly deleted. Notably, the tweet was location stamped as being from Auckland, New Zealand.[3] The Captain asks Chris about the location stamp and reports that he doesn't seem concerned by it.[4]
  • 14 October - CWCSonichu begins strange tweets claiming to be Magi-Chan.[5]
  • 14 October - The Captain, viewing the unusual tweets by CWCSonichu, commented, "I messaged Chris and asked him what was up and he simply said "Magi-Chan" is looking out for his best interests."[6]
  • 14 October - Chris changes the CWCSonichu password and gave the new one to The Captain, who logged in to check IP addresses, to find that the "Places I've Been" feature got switched off.[7]
  • 17 October - CWCSonichu begs for money[8] and declares he and Barb will visit Megan if they get enough donations.[9] CWCSonichu quickly cancels this plan[10] after The Captain told him she has guns.[11]
  • 18 October - Gifted a Sonichu plushie by ChuuChuuRocket, CWCSonichu immediately criticizes it.[12]
  • 23 October - Chris is sued for debt again by Midland Funding LLC.
  • 24 October - A Kiwi Farms user notes that Chris's e-begging for donations are more than likely lies.[13]
  • 25 October - Chris confirms in a private text message that Sorbet is gone forever.[14]
  • 26 October - Chris makes Dimensional Merge Announcements and likens Hyperdimension Neptunia to the "Coran" [sic] or Bible. He also denies the use of wacky tobacky.[citation needed]
  • 26 October - Chris gets mad that the "Sonichu Official Merch" shop gives its proceeds to Autism Speaks instead of him.[citation needed]
  • 29 October - CWCSonichu makes further posts explaining the upcoming dimensional merge.[citation needed]
  • 30 October - Chris unveils a new cat, "Patches".
  • 31 October - Halloween, Chris attends a party at a local bar/grill.[citation needed]