September 2021

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A drawing by Chris this month

September was the ninth month of 2021. As with the previous month, Chris was almost completely silent due to being in jail, with the sole exception of Jail Letter - 19 September 2021.

His second court appearance was initially scheduled to occur on the 16th,[1] but was delayed to mid-November,[2] due to the defense requesting more time to evaluate Chris's mental health.[3]


  • 6 September
    • The ten-year anniversary of Bob's passing.[4]
    • A visitor, Winfield Winfield, visits 14 Branchland Court to take pictures and a video of the house and the surrounding property, promoting his book throughout.[5][6] After being called out for trying to make a profit off of the situation, he promptly deletes everything.[7]
  • 10 September - Audio of Chris channeling mass shooter Randy Stair is leaked to the public.[8]
  • 16 September - Chris's preliminary hearing is given a continuance to 18 November 2021.[2]
  • 18 September - Family Guy airs for the last time on Adult Swim, due to the show's rights transferring to Disney following their purchase of Fox.[9]
  • 19 September - Chris writes a letter in jail directed to Null in which he defends incest, whines about Null cutting him off and claims to be Jesus Christ, among other things.[10]
  • 20 September
    • Exactly two weeks after the previous act of weenery, someone visits Barb to get info on Chris and predictably gets no information from her. They deleted the video a day after uploading, but not before it was archived.[11]
    • Chris's letter is sent in the mail.[12]
  • 24 September - Null receives Chris's letter and posts it publicly on the Kiwi Farms.[10]