May 2018

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I want to clear a Couple Things Up. First of all, it was not I, Christine Weston Chandler, offering "Services" a few weeks back. Nor was it I Apologizing for "Ruining Fandoms" and the Like. While it was Physically Me, that is my Physical Form, behind the Keyboard, I was being Forced to Write such things and make Dishonest Apologies. The People who Did THAT to me know who They Are and their Day is Coming and Rightfully SOON! I Know you Read This - Don't Get Too Comfortable Jerks in The Bluegrass State or Golden State!
Chris, calling out the Idea Guys.
Chris in May 2018, advertising a celebrity visit from himself for sale on ebay.

May is the fifth month of 2018. This month would see the Guard Dogs finally break Chris out from the Idea Guys' hold. However, it would soon become apparent that Chris wasn't quite the same person he was before the saga.


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