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Chris's bat sticking out as he poses with a fan.

In 2018, Chris was spotted hauling a baseball bat in his backpack around town; a successor of sorts to his pocket knife and pepper spray. The bat in question appears to be an "Electric Blue" Rawlings Raptor USA Youth aluminum baseball bat. [1]

Locations where Chris was confirmed to have taken the bat are MAGfest,[2] a movie theater (without issue)[3] and Anytime Fitness (was asked by staff not to bring it inside).[4]

He commented on why he carries the bat on Twitter:

I carry a baseball bat everywhere with me in public. Some places are uncomfortable, some don't care. I've had people approach me in public and be Very Nasty. I've also had Kind and Loving people come up and just give me hugs. I am so tired of being Paranoid of my surroundings.[5]


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