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I am not a pedofork, you DORKS!!!


CWC's Second Message

A pedofork ([ˈpɛdofɔrk]), a portmanteau of "pedophile" and "dork", is Chris's term for a pedophile (pædophile to non-Americans), child molester, or anyone else with some sort of sexual interest in the underage. This term was coined in his Madman Rising video in response to trolls comparing Chris to "that senile old man in Family Guy," known to the rest of the world as Herbert the Pervert.

Suffice to say, this was one of Chris's first overreactions to trolls and an early step towards becoming a lolcow. Chris has subsequently tried to remove or retcon out details or themes that could be viewed as borderline or outright pedophilia from his Sonichu comics, although, with Chris's tendency to be very slow in the mind, some things still manage to remain.

At first glance, Chris appears to rigidly adhere to child sex laws; as the age of consent in Virginia is eighteen, Chris makes it clear when advertising himself for his Love Quest that all potential sweethearts must be no younger than eighteen (and no older than he is at the time). However, it's likely that Chris doesn't understand why these laws actually exist and may see them as deterrents in his Quest, in the same vein as jerkops and Mary Lee Walsh. This is evidenced by a scene in Sonichu 8, when the Rosechus decide to strip for women's rights. Fourteen-year-old Zapina asks if she can join contribute to the naked bouncy giggly protesting fun, but Rosechu tells her no, adding in disappointment that she can't because of those "dumb laws". To be fair to Chris for a second, "dumb laws" clearly refers to laws relating to child labor (Zapina offers to be a spotlight), not to Zapina stripping, though Chris fails to acknowledge there are laws against exposing yourself in the presence of a minor. It seems odd that a self-proclaimed feminist would be annoyed with laws that protect young girls from being manipulated into sexual relationships, but Chris likely doesn't understand this.

Also, he used to wear pedo-glasses.

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