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What's wrong? More than you can possibly imagine.

Sweetbolt is a term of endearment coined by Chris and primarily used by his electric hedgehog characters. He considers it a clever play on the more familiar "sweetheart." The spelling of the word is somewhat fluid – Chris variously spells it "SweetBolt," "Sweet bolt," or "Sweet-bolt." He also uses a less common variation on occasion, "honey-bolt," as well as more elaborate flights of romantic invention, like "my blossoming zapbud."

"Sweetbolt" sounds awfully strange even in the context of Chris's comics, as when Rosechu refers to Sonichu as her sweetbolt. However, it sounds an order of magnitude more bizarre when Chris uses it to describe himself:

I understand, and I will NEVER put it against you. Yes, as your SweetBolt. :)


Chris, to PandaHalo, concerning her rape at the hands of Clyde Cash


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