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I only go up to a certain limit, like I would very rarely date a woman who weighed more than 250 lbs.
Chris, lying.[1]
She was pretty

Faeryn is an obese young woman, nicknamed "Hambeast" by prominent trolls, and once called "Fae" by Chris. Not much is known about her, other than the fact that she worked at a bookstore.[2]

In July 2009, LoveYouLongTime and her friends began taking Chris out to various places. Through unknown means, one of these trolls found Faeryn, who was genuinely interested in dating Chris. This prompted them to set up a date with Faeryn and Chris, in order to see how Chris would react to a willing, yet conventionally unattractive boyfriend-free girl.

Unexpectedly, Chris reciprocated her feelings, calling her "pretty" and "a wild, fun one".[2] The two of them went for a date at Applebee's,[2] making Faeryn Chris's first ever actual date. They became drunk together, and Chris touched her "a few times".[2] The date ended abruptly when Faeryn said "I was not at all that into you", which was said "out of nowhere",[2] according to Chris. While this did not initially affect Chris, once he sobered up, he felt saddened about how things turned out between them.[2]

These images were then posted onto 4chan's /v/ board, as the "Two's Company Snapshots". Due to Faeryn's name not being known at the time, trolls started calling her "Hambeast".

In 26 July 2009, Chris sent an email to Katie Bay, where he vents about Megan Schroeder, and also mentions Faeryn.

[Megan] was rarely all that into me either, fairly much like how Faeryn was Not into me either, but at least FAE Told Me Quicklu, instead of trying to be subtle over a LOOONG Time.

In a blog entry from 14 March 2010, Chris asked for CWCki moderators to keep Faeryn anonymous, while also revealing her first name.[4]


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