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This page lists emails exchanged by Chris and Katie Bay on 24-27 July 2009.

24 July

I just want to know what Sam has been doing.


I'll forward to you some of her messages I've received, including her confession. I've saved the e-mails, and they are mostly old, so direct forwarding on some may be undoable, but I will copy/paste the body, as well as the details for each message.
Subject: And that's all I have so far from Sam.

Before I move on to make another trial at that damn, dirty song, I'm going to see if I can get REAL NAMES of her associates at Sony and NBC29. I ask you to keep that on the down-low from Sam. I understand I can not control how you're feeling, or what you will do, but I am entrusting you with that.

I always have an open pair of ears and heart for your input, and I promise you that I will keep anything you don't want Sam or anyone else to hear Confidentially between you and me alone.

You and your little bro and family take care and stay safe. Love and Peace, Christian C.

Well, good luck on the song. I mean, don't worry much about that song. That song is really just making fun of gay people if you didn't see the video. I'm sure you'll get back all you lost after that.

Anyway, I have personally decided to stop seeing Sam for the time being.

Also, since you didn't watch Pitchmen, I hope you watch the Billy Mays Tribute that will re-air tonight at 10 PM EST on Discovery.


Sounds good. And I will set my DVR for Billy. :) And I have not seen the tomboy video; thank you for encouraging me NOT to drag myself down by watching it.

25 July

Anyway, what did you think of the Billy Mays Tribute?


26 July

Subject: So what are you going to do now?

Well I saw that video and its nice and all...

I dunno. I mean, you're autistic right? What does that do?


I am High-Functioning Autistic, Yes.

But I am steadily growing more an more confidence in myself since I stood up to "oxystarscleanfanatic". (:J I am back in the Saddle on my Comic Drawing and Coloring; I have resumed work diligently. You will see the Original Sonichu Site, with NEW features and then some within the next few months (sooner likely). :)

As for Sam, I can still play "Um Jammer Lammy" on my PS3, and I can create NEW Foreign PSN accounts to replace them, and I can buy a Yen and Peso card to re-sync Lammy and Creatures3 with my PSP whenever.

I am Out also to socialize more confidently IRL, so that is another Plus.

I also grant credit for my Confidence Promotion to Stan Bush; the Autobot Rock Star. And to quote his inspirational Lyrics,

"I hold the future in my hand. The power is there at my command. Dare to keep all of my dreams alive." And basically ALL those lyrics; "The Touch" is another good inspirational song, also from Stan.

But Mostly, I am getting back onto The Sonichu, Rosechu and Cwcville Saddle; going to remind the ignorant individuals WHO I AM, and NOT a damn impostor, as they throw such labels in my wake towards me.

But enough about me. How have you been lately, Kate? Have you recovered emotionally from the recent events? I hope you are feeling better. You have a younger brother to help you anyway, and that is good. :) I often wish I DID have a younger Bro or Sis (Sis preferably), and I am the youngest of my Half-Brothers/Sisters who are all in their early 40s in Other places from Virginia to N.Y.C. But I still get by well. :)

Please continue to take care and stay safe, y'all. Love and Peace, Christian C.

I dunno, ever since I moved to Nevada I don't really got any other friends around here. It's gonna be weird, but at least I got my little bro.

We went to eat yogurt last night and it was good. Expensive as always, but nice.

I've been going around the trolling board more and I've been realizing that no one knows what autism does.

You should clarify what autism actually does to you. Like what is the difference between low and high functioning autism and stuff. You have first-hand experience so you are a legit source.


Mainly, Autisim is a Major Mental Block in the Socialization part of the brain. You can look up more info on www.wikipedia.com.
Hm, is this Asperger's or Autism that you have?

I'm reading it and they seem similar to me.


AUTISM. It and Aspergers have NOTHING IN COMMON.
Oh oh! I got an idea!

How about you tell the trolls go get that "brown impostor" because you are the "fake" one. Know what I mean?

You can do something to make people believe YOU'RE the impostor so the trolls will leave you alone. It's brilliant!


Thank you, Kate. BUT I want to make people believe me for real me again.
Subject: Actually, there is something you can see if you can learn for me that I would be truly grateful of

Learn the name of the VERY FIRST TROLL Who did ANYTHING against me; some bad rant, if he/she started that ED page, whatever. I wanted all the time to Learn From the First Troll the Five W's and How, but especially Why Me above all people? What did I do to that person? When did it happen? Where did it happen? How dare he/she?

I am about to return to the ED page and look up the alias of the VERY FIRST PERSON who started that damn thing.

Thank you, Kate.

Stay safe, Christian C.

The creator of the ED page is Jason Howell.


Subject: apparently I forgot to send you that list of suspects, so here it is.

Upon personal mental recollection, the Earliest Trolls I know of are as follows:

-Michael Snycer; Current Owner/manager of the Game and Hobby Place. He's hated my guts after multiple times borrowing the store's HDTV for Console Gameplay. And in subtle retalliation, I hand wrote, on a cardboard box, ¨Michael Love the ¨F¨ Out of Mary Lee Walsh!¨ I tried to protect myself when he found it WEEKS later after having wrote it; I even convinced myself that the ¨F¨ meant ¨Fiddlesticks¨; It originally meant ¨Fuck¨. That was why the Son of a Bitch Jew kicked me out of The Game Place, Permanently, After YEARS of Loyal Volunteer Service in the Pokemon TCG League. I had apologized numerously before, but he's still the pigheaded, stubborn Jew he was then. I was kicked out about Friday, June 13, 2008; it Was a Friday.

- Megan Schroeder (A Possible Troll) You know the story; tried to win her over in about 2 years time before I was kicked out of The Game Place. She was rarely all that into me either, fairly much like how Faeryn was Not into me either, but at least FAE Told Me Quicklu, instead of trying to be subtle over a LOOONG Time.

-Daniel Mimms I have No idea of what the fuck got into his head, because we were like buddies in the history of the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh TCGs. He always got me quick with his Squirtle, No Wartortle, with Pokemon Breeder Deck. Bu I Know, with the help of my father's Scooby-Doo Detective Work that Mimms Was the One who put that Damn Encyclopedia Dramatica Sign in my front yard, Halloween Night, 2008. There's a video somewhere on YouTube of the bastard showing off his deed with pictures of mine and my dad's cars' Behinds with the License Plate, And a pic of the accomplice Girlfriend (Upon zoomed-in Perspective, I know that gal was Megan from what I could tell of the blurred face, hairstyle and body type).

Mimm's Friend, Lucas, was the Troll who too that snapshot of mr the last Friday Night of October, 2007, that went onto that damn ED Page in its Early Days of being typed up. It was Also the same Friday Night I became SHOCKED witnessing Megan making out with this turned-homosexual dude, Christopher (don't remember his last name... Could This Chris be the Chris Crocker Sam was talking about trolling later?), then started a game shortly after, still in shock, and during the whole game, I nervously talked like a robot. But I Saw the Camera Flash, and the Photographer was TALL and wearing a trenchcoat; Lucas with a Capitol ¨T R O L L¨.

I have never suspected: -Squall Magione; he was a cool guy. -Any of the other individual employees who worked under Michael's Management.

And I Know these are NOT Trolls: -Tony Wayne - He was a Family Man, with a job as a Physics Teacher at Albemarle High; Squall was One of his Passing Students. -Federico Venegas - He was a scrappy little spanish child, who lived with his Grandma. He was a Prankster, but he cared about me as a friend. Last time I saw him in person, He GREW Taller than me at about 13 (which that is his current age, as far as I can tell).

Impulsively, I would like to Pay Michael A Surprise Visit, But I don't want to go back in there unarmed with only memories. I Need my friends. :) Please see what you can learn about the confirmed Trolls I have just Listed, And Find out what you can up to firing that guy Sam knows at Sony, as well as her ¨brother¨ and the ¨hungry reporter¨ at NBC29.

Thank You. Stay Safe, Love and Peace, Christian C.

Subject: So I remember him

YET when I asked him those questions myself, he personally replied a lame "Just for the Fun of it". Okay, maybe NOT that ED page, because I know there was someone else BEFORE him who had to tell him about me, as well as mock me. I think I've forwarded you my list of Real Life Suspects of TROLLS (some confirmed) recently.

Are you sure Jason is not lying to you?


27 July

As for Jason Kendrick Howell, please see what Truths you can learn from or about him for me. Thank you. :)
Subject: How was your day?

So, I'm deciding between headsets to buy. I've really needed a new one and I'm totally stuck on which one to buy lol

What brand is yours? Also, ink is expensive and stupid lol


The only Headset I have is the PSP Headset, compatible with the Skype portion on PSP 2000+ modles; I've been having a spot of trouble with my Skype recently, and I have not yet addressed it, but I will soon. I want to make sure we're on a same page on your headset question, even though I feel I am on a totally different page.

My day was okay; I colored in MORE pages at a More Comfortable, familar [sic] location where I drew and colored my comic pages, at my local mall. But please do not spread it around that I am likely to be hanging there again for Inspiration's Sake; if ANY trolls hear, they can just APPEAR IRL, and try to break me again. I do not need that stress again. But if ANYONE comes to me and WANTS to make trouble, I would NOT throw the first punch, but I would heavily counter. Again, PLEASE do not tell anyone online about me at the mall again.

Anyway, it was Peaceful, and I got a LOT of work done. :)

Also, if I recall, I sent you the message I have Billy Mays say on the page for him in The 9th Book; what is your opinion on that, or can you recommend any advice to make it better? It has to be less than like 2, 300 words, to fit on the page. Also, I still need to know Billy's Eye Color.

I gtg; I have to ask Vivian a question or two.

I'll TTYL, Love and Peace, Christian C.

Well, I'm just looking for a headset that's decent and won't break. I've broken quite a few

Are people interested when you draw your art in the mall? Have you ever thought of selling art on commission? Why the mall? I mean, I'd be kinda embarrassed if i drew at the mall i suck lol

Man, you can find the mall peaceful? I always find it noisy and people are always being rude and shouting things. :(

Hopefully you got a lot of stuff done today!


ps: I'm not sure, but upon close examination, I believe his eyes are black.

The mall is not as noisy on the less busy days; I have my PSP, Headset and a Memory Stick Duo FULL of Good Tracks; cups of water or lemonade are good for a Long Hours Stay (greater than 3 or 5 hours). :)