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Mailbag 42 was uploaded by the CWCipedia's Sysop on 17 January 2010 and answered two days later. Many of the letters in it were originally placed in Mailbag 41, and were moved in order to make 41 all Asperchu from start to finish.

Compared to the stuff Chris pulled in the last few mailbags, this one was painfully dull. Chris took a few moments to try to explain why he was not cool with dating a black girl, got all pissy about the fact that Rosechu is apparently transgendered, and failed to address the fact that he hadn't changed shirts in the better part of a week. The rest of it was all the normal Chris BS we've read before.


Chris is a great artist

From: Augustus Hill <>

Yo Chris,

Why is all Sonichu fanart better than your original Sonichu art?


While some are better, and some are worse (especially all that are Low-Resolution and Blocky-Style), than my own hand-drawn style, NOT ALL are better; that is your own exaggerated opinion (no personal offense meant).

Nose to the grindstone

From: Hamsty the Hamster <>

Yo Chris, seriously when I mean stop losing fans. I meant it. Like dude, the Asperpedia is gonna wipe you out in approximately 5 weeks. Seriously. I'm not joking. Also, you should make 5 pages a day.

I am working on it.

White supremacy is now a "noble cause"

From: Jazz Hoyt <>

Hey Chris,

Are you worried that if whites and people of colour continue to have children together, the entire white race will be wiped out? We'll be nothing more than a race of coffee coloured people.

I am part of a group that fights against this. I'm not racist - I just don't want to see whites become extinct.

Will you join us?

Your friend, Jazz.

Possibly a noble cause, yet sounds racial. I will not join your group, but thank you for extending the offer.

Weapons-grade racism

From: Annie Miss <>

You were asked if you were against interracial marriages.

Your response was, and I quote, "No I do not mean that. I mean Old Fashioned as in the Classic white-marry-white type of thing."


Chris deleted the italicized words, because he's a dumb fuck in denial.

You misword me, I meant that I personally am NOT against Other People in having interracial relationships and marriage. The quote you bring up to question is in reference to Only Myself considering interracial relationships, of which I have stated earlier that while I am comfortable with being Friends with black people, I do not feel comfortable with pursuing a relationship with them Myself.

"What may be right for you, may not be right for some"; I fall within the "some", but I do not and will not discourage interracial relationships of any kind for everybody else. We are Individual People after all, and this is a mostly free country we live in.

--ChrisChanSonichu 06:25, 21 January 2010 (CET)

In which Chris assumes all adult males spend most of their money on toys


Hey Chris.

You say you've watched the 40-Year-Old Virgin a grand number of times. Well remember the part in the film where his friends are trying to help him get laid and they get him to move all of the toys out of his house? How come you don't get rid of your toys? Women don't like manchildren, dude.

Forgive me for answering your question with another question, but considering you ask me the question, you are likely having the same problem, so I ask you, Why don't YOU sell your stuff? Think about it.

It was just a girl that had all the physical characteristics of a boy

From: Randam Hajile <>

According to the Bulbapedia, the #1 source for Pokemon related facts, it states this:

"Gender differences: A female Raichu has a smaller, blunted lightning bolt at the end of its tail."

Yet, the Raichu which Rosechu evolved from has the male pointed tail. So on a factual basis, Rosechu evolved from a male. Thus making her transgendered.

I don't see how you could object to that. Even if you made a mistake while drawing, it doesn't change what Rosechu evolved from.
Randam Hajile

Well Excuse Me for MISDRAWING ONE DETAIL, BUT the Fact Remains that the Raichu Rosechu transformed from WAS FEMALE. Do Not Judge a Pok'emon by their Shape, or "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover."

The return of autism shots

From: John Williams <>

Hey Chris,

If you ever find a girlfriend and have kids are you going to get them vaccinated, since vaccines are supposed to give them autism?

Oh, and you should thank that Asperchu guy for the all free publicity he's been giving you lately.

John Williams

I'll consult the physicians about that when the time comes. And to the second comment, I say, "Whatever, I have no comment."

It's called an art style

From: Brianna Ricaud (

If you delete, edit or ignore this e-mail you will have lost another fan. I expect a well reasoned reply.

Chris, why are you such a hypocrite? You denounce nudity and cursing in Asperchu's comics, but the nudity in Asperchu is tasteful and restrained and the cursing is relevant to the story. However you have drawn HARDCORE PORN of your Sonichus and cursed a lot more in your Youtube videos. There are also a lot of videos and pictures of YOURSELF doing FILTHY, DISGUSTING things and showing your privates, but you feel you can judge Alec for drawing a few innocent pictures.

You have lost a lot of fans and unless you SINCERELY apologize to Alec and acknowledge that Asperchu is a better comic and step up your own efforts, you will lose the few fans you have left.


Firstly, I am not a hypocrite; I drew what I did because I was under the stressed influence brought on from the anger and rage against the Encyclopedia Dramatica webpage. Besides which, I have censored the parts with images of Lemons and Bananas in the past, and I had ISSUED THE WARNING on the uncensored versions with the "TV-MA" recreation and that if you were UNDER 18, you should not view that content.

And those other images from My Person of My Person were TRICKED FROM ME in the past BY THE TROLLS behind Encyclopedia Dramatica.

And Asperchu is NOT a better comic, because of the Defaultly-Uncensored Content WITHOUT WARNING, and it is drawn in a Grotesque Low-Resolution Blocky-Style.

--ChrisChanSonichu 06:25, 21 January 2010 (CET)

Revenge of No Comment III: The unbeing statement

From: Harold

No, Chris, I'm clearly not stereotyping you.

You really don't understand love. You're confusing it with merely liking a person. What do you think love is? Physical attraction plus liking someone? No, it's deeper than that.

Like, I really don't blame you for wanting to cure the homos. You can't understand what it's like to be in love. If you did, you would realize it's horrible to cure homos. You're tearing them away from their loved ones. You aren't capable of understanding their feelings, so you don't get why everyone is so mad.

Don't worry about it. It's not your fault.

~ A fan

No Comment.

Rejected Mailbag

The rugby shirt he wore for 3 days in a row isn't a favorite or anything

From: Richard Allonger <>

Chris, I noticed in that Mr. Plow video that you recently made that the shirt you've worn for the past 3 days says "RUGBY" on the back, and that you seem to love wearing rugby shirts for some reason. The sport of rugby is quite popular in various gay communities in America. Isn't that interesting? Your favorite type of shirt comes from a sport that gay people love! Here's the website of the biggest league:

Richard Allonger

Chris messed up the reply template, causing his response to display incorrectly.

My mother bought the shirt for me FROM a Goodwill; just because I wear it does not mean that there is anything favored about it.

Gone forever

His name was Robert Paulson



Why have you been wearing the same shirt for multiple days in a row? This represents a very poor concept of hygiene. The shirt must smell awful and the smell could easily make people sick. Try teaching our children better values like washing your clothes every once in a while. You do this far too often.

You disgust me, Robert

On backmasking

From: Father Tomas Torquemada <>


What you're saying in that video is NOT Spanish and is NOT Christian. Christians (and Spanish-speaking people) DON'T cast DEMONIC SPELLS on other people. You kids all think SIGNING A CONTRACT WITH THE DEVIL and SELLING YOUR SOUL for EVIL POWERS is "cool", but you'll regret it. Have fun BURNING IN HELL with your new best pal SATAN for being a WITCH.

Father Tomas Torquemada

On brain voodoo

From: Kareem Siad <>


I was a steadfast Sonichu fan until your recent video when I suddenly found myself LOVING Asperchu and HATING Sonichu. I do not know why, but I guess I'll have to turn to the Asperpedia for my comic fix.


On Christian's total disregard for Christianity

From: Mark <>

Chris I am disappointed in your comics, it's not the comics themselves but the remarks you've been making about Asperchu. You call it out on being unreligious.

However I've come to figure that you only believe in God because you think you can get him to do things for you. Whether it's to kill people you have disagreements with or to get yourself a women. I don't think it says anywhere in the bible God is a tool for you to get your greatest desires, Thats the devils job. You've said you succesfully cursed Mary Lee Walsh and others out of vengeance, but at what cost(your soul?).

That power would have to come at a price, would God really bless you with powers to ruin lives. Or would the Devil notice an easy target to spread around chaos and take your soul at the end of your life?

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