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Mailbag 47 was uploaded to the CWCipedia on 26 January 2010 and answered on the 30th.

Perhaps the most notable response in this mailbag was Chris saying that stress could kill him, and then hoping that God and Jesus give heavenly guidance to fans of Asperchu, directing them away from Alec's creation and back to Sonichu. Chris also claimed that it's okay for him to show so much Rosechu cameltoe in his comics because most children will eventually be exposed to such things in real life. Other highlights included Chris's reaction to Kimmi fanart, and another implausible claim of Chris being related to Anne Boleyn.


The reprobate and the elect

From: Amber Noble <>


In that "Asperchu is a horrendous joke" video you said that all the Sonichus in Alec Benson Leary's comic were ones he caught in the wild. I thought there was only one Sonichu in the world, one Rosechu, one Punchy Sonichu, etc. So now are there a bunch of Sonichus that are identical to the Sonichu featured in your comic running around zapping to the extreme? If so, where did they come from and how do they tell each other apart? Could any of them trick Rosechu into thinking they're the original Sonichu for sexual purposes? How does Rosechu know she's sleeping with the Sonichu she married and not some imposter?

UNLESS taught fluent Spoken Language, all the wild ones will ONLY say "Sonichu" or "Rosechu" respectively, just as most other Pok'emon. Other Eggs have come out of the Rainbow of Chaotic Energy, of which most of them are just Sonichus and Rosechus that are fated to be simply wild Pok'emon.

Dying from stress

From: Valentina Tereshkova <>

Chris, I'm still a loyal Sonichu fan. And frankly, I'm worried. While you don't update the CWCipedia or give your fans anything for days, Alec is continuously producing new pages and gaining new fans. And quite frankly, some of his stuff is pretty good.

I, and the remaining Sonichu fans, would like to know: what's your strategy for dealing with this? How are you going to regain the fans that have gone over to the dark side? I know that a supremely intelligent and creative genius like you has thought of something by now.

I'm afraid that even then, you're not going to be able to turn the tide yourself, and you're going to need to rely on your fans to help you. So share your plans with us, let us work with you. You're not alone Chris, we can help. Let's work together to bring Sonichu back to its rightful place on top of the comics pyramid.



Yes, I agree with you, I will need my loyal fans to help me turn the tide to bring those who turned the other cheek on me back. I will be continuing to draw my daily 2 or so pages a day and upload them the following late morning/early afternoon (to sync with my recent biological clock reset). I also appreciate your kind words and direct, yet gentle, criticisms. I will also be adding more character bio pages to the Cwcipedia soon. I try not to stress out over everything; if I did, I would have probably died years ago from stress. I just continue on and pray that y'all, God and Jesus show the past fans the light shining the error of their choice.

--ChrisChanSonichu 03:11, 31 January 2010 (CET)

Children will be seeing furry porn in real life

From: Tom Vilsack <>

How are panty shots of Rosechu "fan service?" I mean, only perverts get off to furry cartoon characters. And isn't this a comic for little kids? Do little kids need "fan service" like panty shots and female characters' genitals being outlined through their clothes?

Children will likely be seeing the same things in real life, so mellow out and let them learn a bit, and further educate the children with discussions.


Poor kid

Hello CWC,

Well, my young son is back to talking now, and he is reading your Sonichu comic, but he says that he enjoys another comic more; I believe it is called "Moon-Pals" This wonderful comic focussed on the characters he wanted to see, and he loves it, but when you said those horrible things about the moon-pals comic in your Sonichu comic, he went back into being catatonic, he won't eat, and he keeps crying. here's some fanart he drew before the incident

Sincerely Sarah Lutt

I have recently apologized for those accusations in a recent video, and I pray your son comes back around. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:11, 31 January 2010 (CET)

Crudely drawn

From: <>

I've been a long time fan of Sonichu, but recently, after seeing an ad, I started reading the Asperchu comics. I have to say, I like your Asperchu comic better than your Sonichu comic. Asperchu is a much better written and better drawn character. Have you ever considered canceling Sonichu so that your company can devote all their energy on Asperchu, giving it the attention it deserves? I really would like that.

Firstly, as I have stated before, Asperchu is NOT MY CHARACTER; him and those crudely drawn pages belong ONLY to Alec Benson Leary. I still have NO connection whatsoever with him, and the ads were placed on the Cwcipedia without my consent.

Does this count as interracial marriage?

From: David J Stirling <>

I don't think you know the true mechanics of Pokemon, Christian. In your latest comic, Sonchu used a Mud Slap against a Nidoking, taking him down to half health. You also said Ground Type attacks are strong against Poison types, which is true. Nidoking, however, is a Ground Type. Meaning he resists the attack by 1/2 damage. The Base Power of Mud Slap is 20, meaning that Sonichu himself would have to have a gamebreaking Attack stat in order to cause any damage to Nidoking, much less half of it's health.

Scyther and Venusaur aren't even in the same breeding group either.

For someone who's considered a Pokemon Master, you surely don't know your stuff.

Earthquake against Nidoking is still Super Effective; Mud-Slap is the same, but less damage, thus taking Nidoking down to half as I have described. I never said the father Scyther and mother Venusaur had their own Birth Children; they still loved each other as I had drawn them to be.

Momentary pause to torture

Adorably psychotic
From: Rosie W <>

Hey Chris!

I wanted to show you my OC Creepichu Rosechu so I attatched(sic) my picture of her, I know you are not a huge fan of digital drawing but I don't have a scanner or a working camera. She's an escaped mental patient who was turned into a hedgehog when Sonichu tried to snatch the severed limb she was chewing off her and accidently(sic) sent a shock through. She's reformed now and only eats the flesh off the recent dead instead of killing people, and can help the other Sonichus and Rosechus in battle with her razor sharp teeth, super speed and ability to survive for long periods of time without any sleep. She likes shopping, flowers, long walks in the park, daytime television shows, eating flesh,breaking into houses and watching people sleep, talking to herself, camwhoring on 4cent garbage and often has to wear a straight jacket in public incase she gets violent.

Her best friend is Kimmi the lovedoll :)

I was wondering if you'd like to use her in your comic, she's desperately lonely and missing a true and honest sweetheart of her very own. I'm sure you could help her :3

Lots of love from London!


I will consider Creepella Rosechu. But there was never any place for the unappreciated drawn recreation of the love doll. Either you are misdirected or you are a Troll giving me a momentary piece of torture; which are you?

He's working on it!

From: Barbara

Hey Chris,

I was just wondering, why does the CWCipedia suck in comparison to Asperpedia? The CWCipedia has been around for significantly longer yet has a relatively poor format and tiny amount of articles. You do not even have a Rosechu article, and she's one of your main characters! I know they have more people to work on Asperpedia considering their fanbase is still running strong and they have several artists, but still, it's not like you have a job or anything. I really think you should put less time into playing with toys and more time into the CWCipedia if you want to halt the the rapid decline of your fanbase.


I am working on the improvements, and I do plan on creating more character bio pages the coming week.

Rejected Mailbag


Chris combined the following two emails into one and answered them before thinking better of it and moving them to the rejected mailbag.

From: Keith Keithson <>


Here are a few examples:

You lied to your father about having the house videos off of the internet.

You tried to lie your way out of trouble at Wal-Mart

You lied about having reached an agreement with Evan.

You tried to downplay the fact that you shit your pants.

You claim that you're not fat.

You claim that your art is good(Your family and congregation don't count, they're just saying so to be polite).

You lie about being related to Ann Boylen.

You're probably lying about the honor roll.

Just to name a few.

From: Keith Keithson <>

"Well, at least I do answer my Letters."

Many times you don't even answer the question. Stuffing some words under a letter doesn't count as an answer unless they answer the question asked in the letter.

One letter asked you to describe why you didn't like Asperchu and you began rambling about nightmares.

Oh, and "Whatever" and "No comment" aren't answers.

"And I am certain he deletes EVERY LAST LETTER he is the least offended by, or REWORDS ALL of such;"

Did you know that due to the magic of Wiki software, you can go back to earlier versions of a page or even track edits made?

Alec has never done this and the history on Asperpedia is proof.

You, on the other hand, have attempted to reword five letters and have utterly deleted sixty five.

So you've freaked out over seventy total emails while Alec has yet to even move ONE to his alternate mailbags or delete it.

That just proves that Alec can deal with his fans in a far more civil manner. :p

"AT least I put most of those letters in a seperate [sic] bag and give them notice and attention appropriately."

You have not used any of the separate Mailbags since Mailbag 24 and the Rejected Mailbag has seen minimal use since Mailbag 30.

"I feel distraught when I have to put up with such, and I am certain all the other artists do the same, even worse by tossing them into the trashcan like an office person who makes it fun with balling up the paper and shooting the hoop."

No, not listening to your critics is something idiots do. Trust me, I know artists.

"At Least I give every one of my letters full reading time and thought."

A few mailbags ago you said you gave each letter about a minute or two of reading. Hypocrite.

For your information, MY art IS better; I AM related to Anne Bolyn, and I WAS on Honor Roll throughout Middle and High School, and I WAS on the Dean's List in College. You are obviously a troll trying to pick on my nerves. Begone.

Gone forever

Girl Raichu

From: Stephany Miller <>


You had us all fooled for such a long time. I knew Rosechu couldn't be female though. I like how you set up doubt by naming that obviously male Raichu that she was created from "Girl Raichu." So smart. I dunno though, giving Rosechu the pointed tail of a male Raichu was a little obvious though. You were so adamant though that you still fooled a lot of people though lol. I'm so glad to see this fascinating plot point finally be resolved with Rosechu revealing her pickle to Simonchu in his hour of need!

My question is, how does Rosechu's new openness about her pickle effect the overall plot? What about her relationship with Sonichu? Is he secretly gay? I bet he is.


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