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100% Change the number to change your heart level and you can write a sentence to indicate how you feel.
CWCipedia template, describing how Chris felt in August 2009.
Actually, it is Moderate and Stable at the moment.
Chris, 17 May 2010
This happens all the time.
This is how Chris sees his heart.

Heart level is Chris's measure of his emotional state. Because Chris has spent his life playing video games instead of socializing with actual people, he is only able to express his emotions in video game-inspired terms. His autism also likely plays a role, as autistics frequently try to quantify abstract concepts such as emotions. It first appeared in Sub-Episode #2: "The Rise & Fall of My Heart" (where it hit its lowest recorded level, 15%) but he uses the term in general conversation as well.

Chris uses the word "shattered" exclusively to describe his perpetually wounded heart level. He rarely uses the more common expression, "broken heart". Chris's heart level was also helpfully displayed on CWCipedia front page, as a diabolical variation of Wikipedia's stress meters. Well, it would have been a diabolical variation, but apparently Chris was too lazy to change it, making it merely slightly lame. Despite leaving an obvious default placeholder message on the front page, he still felt comfortable showing this fantastic website to potential investors/employers.[1]

References by Chris

  • In August 2004, Chris drew his shattered heart as a trap card for his home made Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, as seen above. It would later reside with the others on the Wall of Originals.
  • CWC's Diary includes similar remarks on the Walsh encounter: "I am very devastated, due to my SHATTERED HEART that XXXXX caused unto me!"
  • Sub-Episode #2, finished in April 2005, features the illustrated heart level as part of Chris's tale of his ill-fated date with Hanna.
  • Sonichu's News Dash includes a couple of complaints about heart-shattering in relation to the Walsh and Hanna incidents.
  • The August 2006 updates to Chris's Story of My Current Days talk about the fluctuating level of Chris's shattered heart in the section covering the Hanna date. The same document also has a memorable remark on Mary Lee Walsh's destruction of the Attraction Sign: "IT WAS SERIOUS HEART-SHATTERING INSULTS LIKE THAT WHICH LITERALLY SHATTERED MY HEART TO ALMOST NOTHING AND MURDERED MY SOUL!"
  • A 2007 e-mail to Megan (which surely didn't creep her out in the slightest) on which he states: "If I lost you...it would TOTALLY SHATTER my heart, my soul, my being."
  • In a Facebook message from January 2008, Chris bills himself as "Christian W. Chandler, a lonely Autistic, heart-shattered sap."
  • Another Facebook message of January 2008 says "My heart is recovering very slowly; it's at like 15% [...] The lonliness hurts the remaining 85% of my heart sadly."
  • On his Wikipedia userpage, in its account of his feud with Mary Lee Walsh, Chris complains that "MY HEART WAS SHATTERED that very moment."
  • C.W.C. - Thank You :), a curious video from the midst of the Liquid Chris fiasco, includes an apology to Mary Lee Walsh. Among other things, Chris says, "I forgive you for your misdeed of Heart-Shattering."
  • Despite this, in his 2010 posts on the Sonichu Forum, Chris was hung up on Walsh's shattering of his heart.
  • After the CWCipedia was vandalized by trolls in May 2010, Chris added the above quote to the heart level template on the front page while reverting troll vandalism.
  • A panel from Sonichu 13, drawn in March 2018, features Chris with a 75% heart level.[2]


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