PAIN Enduring since October 29, 2013

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The poem

"PAIN Enduring since October 29, 2013" is a sort of free-form poem uploaded to Facebook by Chris on 19 November 2013, detailing the fallout from the reveal that his Manchester High School gal-pals were only pretending to be his friends.

The poem

PAIN Enduring since October 29, 2013
My Heart:
Lost of Past TRUE
Friendships and
the (theoretical) LOVE
from it...

Ironed Front Flat,
and Steel-Plated/
Bolted, to keep it
Flat... constantly
Bleeding Love and Emotions LOST!! Brusing
to constant Heart Pain and Ache! With caving in of
the (breast) chest space in front of it. Irreparible... caused
by the hurtfullest truth of [close] High School Gal Pal
("Hired Help"), Sarah Bevel. Total Adult,
Condensating B███h.

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