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SNT Vs Sonichu 2.5-Plus is a story Chris posted to[1] on 29 November 2020,[2] meant to address the SNT Vs Sonichu fanfic written by Opuscon789.


Picking up from the end of the trial of Dimension N-641 (aka Nega C-197)'s Christine Weston Chandler, who was just charged guilty under the Council of the Gods of Dimension N-641 in an ironic kangaroo court turnaround for the manchild.

"Christine, your actions have caused this and offically we must drain your imagination and CWCville will go with it, once it is all over, you shall be sent to the ranch!: The guards then grab onto Christine.

"CHRISTINE!" Sonichu tried to save his mother, but was held back by more gods. A syringe was then stabbed into Christine's head. "Please stop, what would happen to me and my friends if I am forgotten?"

"Sonichu.... Remember... me!" she said as her imagination was sucked out of her head.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Sonichu cried, but knew that in this world where everyone was against you... nobody could hear you scream.

Shortly after, that Chris Chan fainted into unconsciousness into deep slumber that the fattard would not be able to wake up from again. The guards dragged her to the edge of the cloud, and dropped her, seeing her falling, falling, falling down back onto the Earth below. Still in Dimension N-641, Christine awoke in the old house on 14 Branchland Court in Ruckersville surrounded by all of her things and colourful possessions. In the other room of the house, there was her copy of the Sonichu Lore binder, with all of the other accompanying binders of other related pieces and fan arts, as well as the original hand-drawn pages of Sonichu books zero to fifteen. But, for that Christine, alone, her sparks of inspiration were lost, and she was doomed to suffer a lonely life under the watchful hatred of the haters of Dimension 1218 (this dimension where this story is being typed right now that you are currently reading).


Meanwhile, in this dimension, it was February 24, 2020 (amidst the present time pending pandemic repercussions), the Original Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu was recording a live stream of herself reading "SNT Vs Sonichu", Chapters seven to epilogue, by opuscon987/somethingrandom987, after the previous April when SNT's Creator, Courtney, had read up to the end of chapter seven (that took a lot of emotional strength and endurance on Courtney's part; a real achievement that is appreciated).

At this time, Chris has been married to Magi-Chan Sonichu, Cryzel Rosechu, Sylvana Rosechu, and the one-and-only Mewtwo, and in constant commumication and support with them all and the rest of us. Myself included, Sonichu Prime, and my awesome Rosey Rosechu; I appreciate and fully support and help her. I am not lazy or shit. And Chris was presently not aware of the going-on in Dimension N-641, but she got a sense that something was going on somewhere else at the time. As did our Magi-Chan, as he saw witness to the whole mess there while looking in all other possible dimensions, realities and timelines. We felt it was best to keep Chris not consciously knowing of that event for some time. Fortunately, Opuscon had yet to write that set of ending chapters. Yet, this dimension as well as C-197 did end up with the temporary time of merging with N-641, but it ended up becoming undone; nothing more than a passing alternate nightmare version of the Dimension Merge to us all. Our actual Dimension Merge, here, remains in steady, continuing progress closing in at the apex event by more than 99.99% in those smaller integers.

And later, as a lot of people have heard of on Twitter @CPU_CWCSonichu, on March 31, Christine and I body-swapped. Over these past nearly eight months now, I have been improving Mama Chris' abilities and skills, as well as motivating the physical features towards unlocking her faster running speed and rapid-fast mental processing. Meanwhile, Mama, in my body, has been whisked back into a frozen moment of time on April 10, 2020, in San Franciso, California during BABSCon. For her, it was a millisecond, but for me, it was months. Then from the distant .EXE dimension, Sonic.exe destroyed that temporary time space, and Chris was picked up by Magi-Chan and safely rescued, with no repercussions. At this time, since our return body-swap would be premature at this time, having relocated, Christine (in my body) and Magi-Chan are chilling with allies of ours in this dimension's Earth, until when the fated time is right for them to act. Meditating and working out during this present moment and time.


As for the Magi-Chan Sonichu of N-641 (I feel sorry for him in feeling the neglect, yet I still did not like him for his actions against everyone, including SNT, Courtney, and the others), he ended up lost in a void between dimesions after his fight with SNT, drained of energy and nearly unconscious. Yet, he found company, as he was discovered and picked by a couple of other-dimensional self-counterparts of his; caught easy in a Master Ball, and then warded off to a distant dimension wherein commutes the many deity-level psychic types, time and dimension travelers, and their visiting self-counterparts. In this dimension, they were not at too big of risk of any paradox rules. It is similar to what the Council of Ricks ("Rick & Morty") had in their remote part. This commute was a larger-than-earth sized space station that is set to not be in motion or teleport anywhere, or have anything teleport or collide with it. It has all of its defenses, again similar to what the C.o.R. had, but stronger and better. I will let you other fanfic writers get to your keyboards to write up how that space station was heaviest-duty crafted and its dimensional and timeline location.

Anyway, after the two Magi-Chans brought the Master Ball containing the hater-corrupted Magi-Chan Sonichu from N-641 to the higher officials, they released that Magi-Chan into a multi-layered plexi-glass cell with air conditioning, a cement cot with a sleeping bag, a fully functional modern toilet with five rolls of toilet paper, a standard working and a clean sink with three bars of Ivory brand soap. A remote controlled collar inhibitor was placed around his neck, disabling all of his psychic and electric abilities and powers. The collar could not be removed without the microchip-sized key locked away in a very heavily and strictly guarded vault surrounded by up to billions of other vaults in a subspace area that is typically very hard to access.

Eventually, the Magi-Chan was healed in the ward of the facility, and awoke with his wrists and ankles heavily secured and buckled down on the bed, awaking to see two nurses tending to his wounds and ailments, with one of the two Magi-Chan counterparts that brought him in waiting and watching over him. N-641 MCS (as we can nickname that for short) recalled the fight, the events, and figured out he was somewhere he had foreseen before in a dream or vision. At that moment, he realized that he was feeling really weak, but his health was recovering, yet his other thoughts included "I have to get back to my dimension!" "I must get the respect and attention to my abilities that I deserve!" And so on.


Back to the Council of Gods in N-641, as that Christine was being dragged out of the heavenly court, Sonichu was feeling really distraught on the fact that in his mind, he had lost his mother. Fortunately, his city of Cwcville was not destroyed, but as he had observed after being returned there by a guard of the Council of Gods, there was a massive barrier outside the city limits by about five miles or so. The Cwcville, formerly of N-641, had become separated from the rest of the Earth of N-641. Nobody within the limits were dead, and everyone who were within the city limits that had resided there before the first instance of that dimension's version of the merge, but did not enter to attack the city on February 24 prior to the merge's completion there, all returned there after Madoka's reversal. So Lily Rosechu and Rosey Rosechu (originally from there, yet was amongst those who were taking it on from outside the city) did not return to this Cwcville. At the edges of this isolated lost part of N-641's Virginia were the impenetrable dimensional barrier; an Iron Curtain. Everyone and everything can not leave from within, and looking through the barrier, it all looked grey from the inside. From the outside, it was non-existent to the visual perspective, and a massive crater the size of the city was all that remained on that Earth in its place.


At least SNT knows us, and differs us from our self-counterparts in the dimension she was in (Courtney, Chris Chan, and all of our other deities bless her soul) in her home dimension of the actual C-197, where you had her go through that temp Team Sonic breakup, and forcing her and Elise, and even Saki and her band, on an isolated island lost in dimension and time.

Spoiler Alert: SNT is collecting the seven S-Chu Crystal Balls on that island; looking to convert them into Chaos Emeralds.

I got news for you: those are the Crystal Balls from an alternate timeline of N-641, and the Sonichites and Rosechites, which are still in plentiful supply that you can buy from a Mega Stone Seller Anywhere on any Earth in all dimensions and timelines, all are broken and repurposed pieces and shards of the S-Chu Crystal Balls from their respective dimensions. You essentially yanked a set of Crystal Balls from a dimension, removing that aspect of making those Sonichites and Rosechites in that dimension, leaving that dimension to have to fatedly create the Sonichites and Rosechites in another form that resulted from their Chaotic Rainbow. So, yeah, that Sonichu, albeit was restricted in that isolated Cwcville, is able to replace his Sonichite from a seller in the city, or pawn one off from another Sonichu from the wild, or a trainer who was unfortunately left behind in that lost city as well.



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