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Bionic conquering autism; unfortunately, dyslexia still remains a persistent opponent.

Bionic the Hedgehog is the name of a short story describing the origins of Chris's first original character (DO NOT STEAL), Bionic the Hedgehog.

An interesting thing to note is that, unlike the Sonichu character, who was more rooted in the video games, Bionic is more rooted in the Saturday morning cartoons and Archie Comic series.

In this, we can see Chris's loneliness and his desire for a sibling – he imagines that Sonic's long-lost brother will return to be his joy-boy forever.


Sonic and Bionic are playing catch when the ball goes into the bushes. Bionic goes to get it, and falls into an inter-dimensional portal to a basketball-playing world only to reemerge years later. Wait, what?



Bionic the Hedgehog is Sonic's long-lost (But not for long) brother. He's 16-years old, and he's a hot dude. His favorite sport is Basketball. He's so terrific at basketball, he can score 100 points in any one quarter. His favorite food is a Taco-Style Pizza (Hot and spicy). He's terrific at electrical devices, such as: robot factories, teleporters, and all other difficult, mechanical devices. Like Sonic, he's an adventurous, impatient, hedgehog, and he's a good guy.

Here's the story about him. A long time ago, when Bionic was 6-years old and Sonic was 5-years old, Bionic and Sonic were playing catch. When sonic threw his sixth throw, he accidentally threw it in a bush. Bionic agreed to retrieve the ball. When he got to the bush, just picking up the ball, he was being sucked in by a trans-dimentional [sic] portal. He cried for help from Sonic, but when Sonic got there, he grabbed Bionic's hand. Sonic tried to pull his brother out of the portal, but Bionic's hand slipped out of Sonic's hand, and he was falling. Sonic tried desperately to save Bionic, but he couldn't reach him. So, Sonic forgot about Bionic.

Bionic ended up in a world of Basketball players. So, he was stranded for years and years. During the time he was there, he learned enough about Basketball, enough to give him the ability to do that "100 point per quarter" thing.

Meanwhile, back in Sonic's dimension, you probably know his story. Here it is in a short story though, Sonic was delivering 300 Chili-Dogs. His Uncle Chuck was captured by Robotnik and his Swatbots. Sonic meets Sally after realizing Chuck was in danger (He dropped off the Chili-Dogs). Sonic and Sally try to save Chuck, But Robitnik already Robotsized Chuck. So, Sonic joined Sally's Freedom Fighters, and made new friends, like: Tails, Bunny Rabbot, Rotor, Antoine, and many other Freedom Fighters. One day Sonic and Tails, flew to a Chaos Emerald-powered Floating Island, and met Knuckles the Enchidna. Knuckles thought Sonic was an enemy, but realized he was a good guy. They didn't get rid of Robotnik for good, but they became friends. But Sonic left Knuckles so that he can do his job of guarding the Floating Island. Later, Knuckles rescued Sonic and his friends from danger with Robotnik, by forming his own team, the Chaotix. And, Sonic turned his robotisized Uncle Chuck's personality back to normal (Chuck was still a robot).

One day, when he was eating a Chili-Dog in his bedroom, he found an old picture of himself and Bionic together. Sonic recognized himself, but he didn't remember his brother. He went to his Uncle Chuck, so, that he can talk to him about who was the other hedgehog in the picture. When he got to his Uncle's home, Chuck invited him in. Sonic asked him, "Uncle Chuck, who is that other boy with me in this picture?" Chuck studied the picture and replied to Sonic, "Sonic, this other boy was your brother, his name was Bionic." Sonic said, "Uncle Chuck, I didn't know I had a brother. What happened to him?" Chuck replied, "You saw what happened, and you ran to me and told me the whole thing. But, I'll tell you what you told me.

"Sonic, you were 5-years old, and Bionic was 6-years old." Sonic said, interrupting, "Uncle Chuck, you're saying, he's my big brother?" Chuck replied, "Sonic, let me finish, please. You and Bionic were playing catch, on your 6th throw, you threw it in a bush. Bionic went to get it, as he was getting it, he got sucked in a trans-dimentional portal. You tried to save him, but didn't succeed in saving him." Sonic said, "Well thanks for telling me, but now that I remember it, I feel so sad!" So after he stopped crying, he said, "Good bye," and went home. While he was sitting on his bed, thinking about Bionic, in Bionic's world, he found a way to get out of there. He said good bye to his friends and thanked him for a nice time. He jumped through the portal leading to Sonic's bedroom. Back in Sonic's world, a portal opened up on the wall to his left, and to his suprise [sic], a figure poked out of the portal. When Sonic got a good view of who was coming out of the portal, he recognized him, it was Bionic. Sonic asked, "Is that you, Bionic, my long-lost big brother?" Bionic replied, "Sonic?" When they both saw each other, Sonic rushed up to him and gave him a big hug as the portal closed. Bionic said, "It's good to see my little brother again." Sonic replied, "It's good to see you again, too." Sonic introduced him to all his friends, and Sonic asked him if he would like to join the Freedom Fighters and stay with himself (Sonic). Bionic, said yes, and Sonic and Bionic had many adventures fighting Robotnik.

The End.

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