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Sit, Spin and Shut the Fuck Up, NIGGER!!! And I WILL call you That RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!!!
Chris, March 2010[1]

Chris demonstrates many instances of intolerance and racism, both intentional and unintentional. His racism probably comes from several sources: his parental upbringing, his isolated formative years, television, naïveté, and complete ignorance of everything that isn't him. Black people, in particular, are a common target for his xenophobia.

Etymology of "Niggos"


Chris only ever used the word "niggos" once. He has said "nigger" more than once, though.

Niggos is one of Chris's many minced oaths, this one meant to refer to black people. His only known use of the term was in the 3 March 2009 chat, where BlueSpike coerced him into saying "BILLY MAYS is the new mayor of CWCville, and Christian Chandler will be thrown in CWCville jail, where he will be raped by a bunch of niggers." Chris repeated the line as ordered, but ignored his instructions and attempted to outsmart BlueSpike by saying "niggos" instead of the dreaded N-word. Yes, out of all the things Chris could have done, like...

  • Refuse to say the N-word,
  • Literally say "N-word",
  • Say something else like "blacks" or "African-Americans",
  • Leave race out of the matter entirely by saying "criminals" or "prisoners",
  • Bleep himself out, or
  • End the conversation and simply not be a retard,

He chose to coin a dumb and offensive term which, as if to add insult to injury, sounds like a lame brand of cereal. It should be noted that Chris's creativity was completely in vain. BlueSpike pointed out Chris's stupidity, and our autistic hero had to spell out "nigger" properly several times. He even got the hang of it and started singing "Don't Trust Them New Niggers Over There" on his own will until BlueSpike cussed him out for it. Chris has done this more than once before.[2][3] So much for respecting the minorities.

Chris has never again used the word "niggo" and probably doesn't even remember the whole incident. Nonetheless, "niggo" is still considered a CWC-ism, and is classified as a CWC-neologism.

However, in a video posted on his YouTube channel on 17 March 2010, Chris finally dropped the N-bomb, making him go from an accidental racist to an official one. The Surfshack Tito e-mails, released shortly afterward, featured further use of the slur, suggesting that Chris has entirely gotten over the resistance he showed in his conversation with BlueSpike. His use of the slur led directly to the vandalization of the CWCipedia by opening it up to public editing. Chris being Chris, he failed to connect the two events.

"No Darkies"


Chris has never said or written "No darkies," nor has he ever used the word "darkie."
Chris approved of this pic, and said he liked it.[4]

Chris has been widely considered to be racist against black people since it was learned that his highly specific criteria for a sweetheart include whiteness and specifically excludes blackness.[5][6] Chris tells this not only to trolls, but to black boyfriend-free girls in real life, that they do not "meet his standard criteria for a female companion." To their faces.[7] Trolls quickly coined the phrase "No darkies" as a quick summary of Chris's criteria for a Boyfriend free girl, much to his chagrin. This is essentially accurate; for example, on Chris's profile at The HooK Café he says that "smokers, overweights, blacks, and liars need not apply."

Some may ask whether or not excluding "darkies" from the list of Chris's potential heartsweets is actually an act of racism and discrimination against black women. Whatever the case, white women are also victims, as they are specifically selected as the manchild's targets of stalking and harassment. Chris also has stated that he doesn't hate men who have black girlfriends, and doesn't consider them JERKS, so Chris may think it'll increase his chances of finding a white boyfriend-free girl.

Chris's stated reason for not being interested in black women is that his dream-prophecy of Crystal shows her to be white, which means her mother must be white as well. However, a hole was punched in this defense when Chris's dating site profiles made it clear that while all he wanted was sex, black women were still personae non grata. This justification for his blatant racism was further proven to be a lie when he was specifically asked to describe all the races he would date and he answered, "all but black."[8]

Niggos in Chris's life

Watch your back pocket, Chris!
The "damn old bitchy, black woman."
A rare encounter with a niggo at The End Games

Some teenaged black kids frequented The GAMe PLACe. Chris picked on them and acted like they wanted to steal from him, hiding his stuff when they were nearby.[9] The official reason Chris got banned permanently from The GAMe PLACe was getting into a shouting match with one of these children.

Chris also once argued with a huge black guy named TJ while playing Yu-Gi-Oh. When they started talking about how Chris would never get laid, Chris yelled, "I'm going to smack your effing face down!" As TJ stood up like he was going to beat Chris's ass, Chris shrunk and whimpered "I mean your face down monster...."[10]

When Chris talked on the phone to Jackie's boyfriend Lars, he tried to bridge the gap between their different races by speaking in Ebonics, including referring to himself as a "nigga" (although not as a "niggo") and making statements like, "I enjoy the TV shows I get from the, from the black man, including The Jeffersons, and Bill Cosby, and Sanford and Son, all a' them."[11]

On 27 June 2012, Chris posted in Facebook a photo of a black woman at McDonald's who he said discriminated against him, and demanded people not go there, and if they do to "throw newspaper in the damn old bitchy, black woman's face!!!"[12]

In 2014, when Chris was infatuated with Catherine, he had a romantic rival by the name of Colin. Needless to say, Chris's intolerance towards niggos hadn't changed over the years, as he sent a message describing the light shining off of Colin's head in a photo as "poo light."[13]

In the comic

In Sonichu, virtually all black characters are depicted as criminals, villains, or undesirables. The ones that aren't so lucky are treated like crap by the other characters or used in race-related jokes.


A villain based off a real-life encounter. The B most likely stands for Black; the name was coined so that Chris could distinguish him from other Manajerks. This is quite similar to the way American black superheroes were named in the 1950-60s. He is a cousin of the Jerkhief, because obviously dem black peoples must know each other or be related.

Barack Obama

A cameo for the sake of a race-related joke. Bob told Chris a racist joke about then-senator Obama, which Chris believed as being a real rumor, and illustrated within the pages of Sonichu #8. Oh, and just in case you didn't think Chris was racist enough, he also drew Obama wearing a strange exotic dress and headgear, which probably was meant to imply that he is a Muslim, just because his middle name is "Hussein." Chris removed the joke after Obama won the election, but he probably only did that because he respects Obama now.

And he's black and he's black.

Black Sonichu/Blachu/Blake

A villain turned positive-aligned "bad boy". Black Sonichu/Blachu (whose name was later changed to Blake) was originally a villain, but switched sides because he's a recolor of Shadow the Hedgehog. Note that Chris doesn't give him a creative name, like Shadow, but thinks that noting his "blackness" would be enough (see B-Manajerk). Black Sonichu's story is quite stereotypical. He is brought into the CWCverse against his will, and the white Reldnahc quickly states that he is Blachu's master. Blachu then proceeds to steal a pink woman (Rosechu) and later a precious stone under his instruction. Black Sonichu, compared to his yellow original, is considered inferior, and is all brawn and aggression while unable to defend properly. Before his name change, several characters made several ambiguous remarks when referring to him which could be interpreted as racist. For example, Wild remarks, "I was following this black guy on a board." To Chris's credit, Blake eventually becomes a positive character, and even scores an interracial relationship with Bubbles Rosechu. Still, the couple is forced to hide that fact from the intolerant society of CWCville, and other characters do nothing to stop this travesty. Both Blake and Chris showed their true colors (no pun intended) in Sonichu #11: when approached by a stereotypical Rastafari man who wished him a happy Kwanzaa, Blake was outright offended to be equated with black people. In the six-year hiatus of Sonichu comics, Chris' sensitivity has not improved.


A villain based on Christian's actual Computer-Aided Drafting and Design teacher, Dr. Kene Meniru, at Piedmont Virginia Community College. Dr. Meniru gave Chris an F in real life (probably for Chris's "geinus" building designs) and is portrayed as a jerk who always complains about the buildings in CWCville. Given how bad Chris is at drawing, the CADD Chef's comments are perfectly understandable. Note that Chris thought it was more important that Dr. Meniru was black than that he was a teacher, and decided to portray him as possibly the only black cartoon character he was familiar with, even though that character had no other similarity to Dr. Meniru than the color of his skin.


A villain, psychic Rosechu who was trained by Count Graduon on the Moon. Graduon also gave her a dick. In Sonichu #8, she raped and poisoned Blake while disguised as Bubbles, and planned to do the same to Bubbles while disguised as Blake. In Sonichu #10, however, Magi-Chan spoiled that Silvana would lose her male genitalia and fall in love with him. The CWCipedia confirmed this.

Minor(ity) Characters

  • Florance Fisher - A girl whose sole purpose in the comic is to be rejected by Reginald.
  • Jerkhief - The Big Cheese of the Jerkops. Apparently, not every black person in the story has to be a racist caricature.
  • Inos - A homeless, intoxicated, diseased, drug-pushing, expectorating Jamaican with filthy dreadlocks.
  • Constable Louis Perez - A police officer who talks entirely in stereotypical "black slang."
  • PHI Spring Break reporter (Sonichu #8) - despite only appearing in one panel, Chris manages to make her into a stereotype, addressing the audience as "Sistas and brothas."
  • Jerkops at CWCville Forest - In episode 20, Wild and Simonla are attacked at the CWCville Forest by a large group of jerkops, many of whom are black.[14]

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