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Please refrain from using CWC-isms casually when writing articles, as this may make them difficult for newcomers to decipher.

One of Chris's most notorious features is his strange vocabulary, consisting of a mix of fairly standard words, slang, jargon, and various personal coinages.

Some of these coinages originate from a degree of prudery, likely inherited from his older parents and maintained by his childlike nature. Like many children who don't feel comfortable referring to adult concepts directly, Chris often resorts to creating cutesy euphemisms for a lot of words that anyone else his age would generally use with little reservation, which is common with autistic people. While some of them are understandable — after all, nobody would really relish discussing their diapers — others, such as "tobacky" instead of "tobacco", only serve to turn an otherwise normal sentence into an advertisement for Chris's childish nature.

Others are attempts to be clever that fail miserably, for example, he refers to semen as "navy", because semen sounds like sea men, get it? Still others come from Chris's love of manipulating words, especially backwards spellings, portmanteau blends, “verbing” nouns, or liberal use of suffixes like “- ish” or “-er”. Combine this with the idiosyncratic speech patterns that are common among autistics (likely since standard language may seem inefficient to explain their thought processes), and you get his so-called CWC-isms.

CWC-isms may be combinations or butchered versions of words or phrases that already exist, entirely new words, commonplace words that he uses repeatedly in a peculiar or obsessive way, or entirely new phrases that Chris often has to explain afterwards because nobody knows what he's talking about.

Primary categories of CWC-isms

Nearly all CWC-isms belong to one of the four following classes:

  1. CWC-neologism - a new word or phrase, unknown until created by Chris.
    Example: Lovehogs, a portmanteau of "love" and "hedgehogs".
  2. CWC-homonym - an existing word or phrase, to which Chris has given a different meaning. These may be euphemisms, designed to avoid naming (to Chris) offensive things, or else due to Chris confusing an elevated word's meaning.
    Example: Duck, for Chris's penis; telekinesis, used erroneously in place of telepathy.
  3. CWC-archaism - an obscure word or phrase, known in English but seldom used by contemporary Virginians, which Chris has learned somewhere and has become characteristic for Chris's way of speaking/writing.
    Example: Uncouth, a word now rarely used outside the context of formal etiquette, which Chris used to tell people how much of a jerk he perceive they're being to him.
  4. CWC-misspelling - only the most notable of Chris's misspellings, including deliberate re-arrangements: those which are characteristic for Chris's way of writing.
    Example: Geinus, what he deems himself to be; Pmurt for Donald Trump, president of the United States from 2017-2021.
    Chris's sporadic, inconsistent use of some British spellings while otherwise using American English can also be considered under this category.


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The cover for Sonichu #12-9

1. (numeral) A placeholder for the number thirteen.

There are no quotes that cite the use of this CWC-ism directly. Chris however used it in lists that exceed 12 items.[1]

Origin: Chris has shown on a few occasions to dislike the number 13, due to him deeming it an unlucky number. This phenomenon, referred to as triskaidekaphobia, is already a popular superstition in American culture, and this is likely where Chris picked it up. His fear of the number has led to some bizarre effects, particularly in his numbering. A famous example of this unusual numbering shtick is in the 13th issue of his Sonichu comics, which he numbered as "Issue #12-9", in which he used an em-dash in the place of a decimal place. The 12-9 itself is meant to represent a value of "almost 13".

15 minutes
"It takes me fifteen f-yay minutes"

1. (phrase) Masturbation, the amount of time it takes for Chris.

Masturbation takes Fifteen LONG, Tiring and Annoying Minutes[2]

Self-masturbation is really arduous and annoying. Another 15 minutes down the drain.[2]

Origin: Chris coined this phrase in 2021, using it in chats with the Watchmen and in the Workaholics Anonymous comic.

4-Cent Garbage

1. (noun) The headquarters of Encyclopedia Dramatica and 4-Chan trolls in Sonichu.

You will recognize her [?] as your sweetheart because from a fav- from a favor on her half, your internal clock will be restored fully, your enemies of 4-cent-garbage will be vanquished, so you both will live together in peace. Live freely.[3]

Origin: Since ED and 4chan were partly responsible for Megan's breakup with him, Chris decided to get payback on the both of them by combining the both of them into an evil corporation in Sonichu, dubbing it "4-cent Garbage".


1. (noun) A penis which measures seven-inches in length.

Good thing we stopped for a pack of condoms; it's too bad the regular-size ones break easily on my 7-incher.

Origin: According to Chris, his penis is about 7 inches, which he actually believes is the average length of a penis of an adult male [4]. Chris has made all kinds of weird euphemisms for just his penis alone such as this one, "ugly growth", and "duck".



1. (adjective) full of; filled with.

It was not until after saving the city from the forces of Count Graduon and his minions, that she realized her form's new assets. And she was abreast with delight and glee when she found not the Male Part, but a Vagina![5]

In fact, while I am fairly educated about Tribadism and abreast with theories, I would appreciate some experience with a lesbian or two who knows what she likes to enlighten me better, including on sensual massage and all that.[6]

Origin: Chris uses this word when discussing feminine anatomy and lesbian sex, evidently because it includes the word "breast". He fails to realize that "abreast" actually means "adjacent" or "across".[7] A possible confusion with the word "abound" or "abundant".

Adult Swim

1. (adjective) pornographic or otherwise "NSFW"; containing adult content.

She still has a great drawing style, even for the Adult Swim section."[8]

Origin: Refers to the Cartoon Network block Adult Swim. Chris seemed to only consider the "Adult" part of this block's name, and therefore assumed he could use this phrase to describe anything that's "adult" to him. Note that the Cartoon Network block does not feature pornographic content.


1. (adjective) Of an adult and mature nature

Originally it was supposed to be like, you know, like ages 7 and up, but then I end up going to the content, uh, it could be considered, be like, be like definitely be considered adulterous.[9]

Origin: usually used to describe people who cheat on their partners (i.e. guilty of adultery), Chris only notices the "adult" component of the word.

2. (adjective) Insult of unclear nature

Heeeeey, folks! It's me, Clyde Cash. I am the ruler of the internet and the internet trolls. I am an adulterous foe, a bastard and a self-righteous idiot who spends his time wallowing and trolling the one Christian Weston Chandler, and making up a whole bunch of dadgum rumors all over the internet![10]

Origin: Chris simply throws out the insult without a clear understanding of the word. Possibly referring to Clyde taking PandaHalo from Chris, though this is more aptly described as cuckoldry than adultery. Perhaps influenced by the verb adulterate.

among which

1. (phrase) Among other things. Et cetera. Also. Additionally

Among which I can project myself to (the Ninja Turtles universe)[11]

Origin: Uncertain. Chris adopted this phrase and began using it heavily in a number of different contexts through-out 2018. Perhaps the clearest example of chris's over-use of "among which" is the Count Dankula interview, where Chris uses the phrase no less than ten times.

an' anurr thing

1. (Phrase, transitionary) Signifies that Chris wishes to make another point about a subject he is discussing, and that he wishes he were Peter Falk.

An' anurr thing...CHRIS. Your for real- your real name, as I have been told by Kacey, is only Chris Chandler! No "-tian," no "-topher," just Chris! So, admit that. An' anurr thing, I NAME is NOT IAN! BRANDON!!! SOMETHING!!!!![12]

Origin: a corruption of "and another thing". Used constantly when Chris is angry.

Chris and Sonichu amazed by the Anchuent Prophecy

1. (adjective) Describes anything that is archaic in the Sonichu canon.

Well, what's this? I'm havin' an upgrade? Huh! Huh! My- my powers are given me the ability to fly with my wings attached to my head! It's like a w- it's like an add-on! That's optional! Huh! Must have been done by Anchuent Powers, so awesome I can fly now! Huh![13]

Origin: Initially, "anchuent" was taken to be a misspelling of the word "ancient" given Chris's poor grasp of the English language. Over time, however, it was revealed that "anchuent" was meant to be a portmanteau of the words "ancient" and "Sonichu", adding the "chu" part of "Sonichu" into the word "ancient".[14]

and shit

1. (phrase) And additional items.

I don't want to believe in labels at all but I mean obviously, tale- the incest fanfics have come true and shit.[15]

But, yeah, I did not verbally argue as much growing up, and it took facing the even Toughter Moments since 2000 and shit for me to actually formulate and speak better self-defenses with what is Truth[16]

Origin: A more profane variant of "and such" (see below). Chris often uses the phrase in unfitting contexts.

and such

1. (phrase) And additional items; to add to a list.

At least to give you all, my patient, loyal Fans and Trolls, something to quell your pallets until Official Merchandise is sold in Official Stores such as Toys 'R' Us, GameStop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etcetera and such.[17]

Origin: Chris understands the term's meaning, but uses it superfluously.


1. (adjective) human-like, anthropomorphic.

In dressing myself for the burial work, I saw Snoopy had merged with his anthropological self-counterpart on the C-197 half of the veil.[18]


1. (noun) art.

Good evening, but between this and the, uh, oh, and the other clips I would like to present you, uh, a few examples of hand artery.[19]

Origin: Not to be confused with the term for blood vessels. Chris doesn't seem to realize "art" is already a noun and doesn't need the suffix, and that "artistry" also exists.

as such

1. (adverb) In the manner previously described.

They just hated me because they don't, they did not understand people with autism. And so they tortured me as such.[20]

Origin: Chris overuses this phrase to the point of self-parody. He's either tacking it on to fill space when he can't think of the next thing to say, or he's peppering it into his language in a feeble attempt to sound intelligent.

attraction location

1. (noun) Any place Chris may sit to gain the attention of any passing women, only to get promptly kicked out afterward.

Also, as of early November, I was reemitted into the Fashion Square Shopping Center, and since Mid-December, I totally left the UVA as an Attraction Location.[21]

Origin: Chris, having a very difficult socializing with women, thought that sitting around in a certain place and soliciting himself would be a better alternative. Therefore, it would make sense to him to sit in a location with many people in order to gain the attention of several women.

attraction time

1. (noun) The time that is spent at an attraction location

Then, on my next visit to the mall, I felt seriously depressed about what had happened the other day; it killed my attraction time.[22]

audio-sonic feeling

1. (noun) the arousing feeling caused by getting hit by sound waves

Here is a most audio-sonic feeling. While at the club last night, the music was loud, maybe reverberating or echoing. The music and beats literally shook up my rack! I actually Felt the music playing and reverbing within my breasts, almost like my breasts had become a pair of speakers. It Felt Amazing and Arousing![23]

Origin: As shown in the quote above, Chris believed that he was sexually aroused when sound waves hit him. In actuality, sound, a vibration,[24] creates pressure. The louder the sound, the more pressure gets created from the wave. Therefore, very loud music should be able to hit Chris given that he's a huge target, creating that "arousing" feeling, which is actually an alternation between high and low pressures.



1. (noun) Derogatory epithet for women.

Then that B-Dog ripped up my notes and all, dragged me to her quarters and talked down to me very RUDELY AND HOARSELY.[25]

Origin: Childish censorship of the word "bitch"; bitch also meaning "female dog". Bubbles Rosechu is implied to say this in Sonichu #8, when she shouts "BEEE..!!!" at Silvana.[26]


1. (adjective) round; having the texture of a perfectly round ball.

I've always given her a "Bally-Scratch" where I stroke her head with all five fingers like as if I was gently squeezing a rubber ball.[27]

Origin: If one didn't know Chris was referring to his dog, Patti, and that he gives her a "Bally-scratch" on the head, one might conclude that he's fondling someone's genitals. Chris, naive to how suggestive this sounds, gave this special kind of petting the name "Bally-scratching" because of how stroking her head felt like he was squeezing a rubber ball.

Be Woman

1. (verb phrase) Be a woman.

I am a Lesbian Transwoman; I am not confused or mentally ill about that; I Am Woman.[28]

How Dare You Insult and be so Inconsiderate of Her like that? She Is Woman; she would Never Revert Back.[29]

Origin: Used regularly when Chris asserts his transgender identity, notable for the consistent lack of a proper article and capitalization of each word in the phrase. Originally only attested in the first person ("I Am Woman"), a post on Chris's Miss Night Star Twitter sockpuppet account uses the third person ("She Is Woman"). Technically first appears in Sonichu 8 when The Incredible Lioness attacks Jason Kendrick Howell, as the somewhat cliché musical reference "I am woman, hear me roar!", which may have inspired Chris's broader use of the phrase. This could be a reference to the Bhagavad Gita or Oppenheimer ("Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds.") but this is unlikely.

biological clock

1. (noun) circadian rhythm

'I have a lot of stored caffeene [sic] in my energy supply, and not only kept me on my toes, but has also messed up my fucking biological clock as well.[30]

Origin: Although technically not used incorrectly in this context, the phrase "biological clock" is used exclusively for women in their child-bearing years. Possibly a confusion with "internal clock".


1. (adjective) Angry.

Oh, and how 'bout this?! I get BLANGRY! [31]

Origin: Given Chris's belief that he has mastered the English language and his speech impediment, it's likely he meant to say angry.


1. (adjective) Skilled in engineering.

I like many others, was born a foal; to a blue-printed Pegasus and a country tomboy earth mare.[32]

Origin: Chris portrayed Bob's Pony Counterpart in Sonichu #12-9 as an engineer, just like the real Bob. Due to Chris's limited vocabulary, Chris knew very little words he could use to describe Bob's profession. Derived from the word "blueprints", the plans set for the design of a product.


1. (adjective) Single; particularly used on women.

Ahh, well, it's been over a year and ten months now since I started my sweetheart-search; I still haven't found a boyfriend-free-caring-smoke-free-non-alcoholic-white-girl-near-my-age to build a relationship with from the ground up.

Origin: Chris’s mission in life used to be to obtain a girlfriend and have sex. However, every chance he thinks he gets, they already have a boyfriend. This has made Chris “fear” girls who already have boyfriends.

Buddha belly

1. (expression) Excess fat that gives a person a very round appearance.

Okay, well, I admit I do have a Buddha belly, but I am not lazy, I do get out and about, I exercise, I jog and work out, and I eat healthy.[33]

Origin: "Buddha" is a title given to several legendary figures in Buddhism. In this case, Chris is making reference to Budai, who is often known as "Fat Buddha". Chris presumably picked up the phrase from the Family Guy episode "To Love and Die in Dixie".


1. (noun) Trolls, weens, and other Chris-related orbiters who make him miserable.

Freaking CyberBullies!!!!!!! Real Bugbears, they are![34]

Origin: Although the term was originally defined in the 16th century as 'a cause of obsessive fear, anxiety, or irritation.', It was given a another definition centuries later to describe a race of hobgoblins made famous by Dungeons & Dragons. It's widely believed that Chris picked up the term from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which depicted these creatures as literal bear-insect hybrids that are first seen terrorizing the ponies.

buh bye bay nose

1. (phrase) but if anybody knows.

If I knew who you were, I'd give you a kick in da bawls. But I can't, because I don't know who or where you are. Buh bye bay nose the whereabouts of the... jerk... and just happens to be nearby... or within the state? Give him a swick kick for me.[35]

Origin: A result of Chris’s Speech impediment

but during the stone age...

1. (phrase) A rebuttal for something obvious being stated.

You don’t have to tell me twice! But during the stone age...[36]

Origin: According to the Videobook for Sonichu #2, the phrase originates from how you need to “tell cavemen twice” over anyone else.

butt garment
Leaked footage of Chris in a butt garment

1. (noun) an adult diaper; typically one used to control Chris's fecal incontenence.

The doctor corrected that they were liners; he never called them diapers. Neither did Chris- he called them “butt garments”.

Origin: To avoid embarrassment from stating that he shits himself constantly, and uses diapers, Chris refers to his adult diapers as butt garments.



1. (abbreviation) Captain's Log.

C-Log February 4th, 2010. First off, I'm not dead, and I have a few announcements to make.[37]

Origin: For quite some time, Chris has had the habit of abbreviating certain words or phrases that begin with "C", possibly for his name also beginning with "C", as well as to put greater emphasis on the letter C in the words he abbreviates. Other examples of this kind of abbreviation include "C-Mas" and "C-Ville".


1. (abbreviation) Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us, and with that comes the rush for the C-Mas Turkey, Tree (real or artificial), and of course, the presents. So, Sonichu and the News Dash have some helpful tips to give a better feel of the season to all.[38]

Origin: See C-Log.

C Ville (or C-Ville)

1. (abbreviation) Charlottesville, VA.

Look, you're going to back in C-Ville tomorrow, I can meet you at the McDonalds at Forest Lakes, what time is good for our meeting?[39]

2. (noun) Generic term for any city whose name fits the pattern of beginning with "C" and ending with "ville," e.g., CWCville, Charlottesville, etc.

And when you diss Cwcville you disf- you diss every "C Ville" within these United States.[40]

Origin: See C-Log.

Captain's Log
The Autistic Generation

1. (phrase) The classic opening for a vlog video Chris makes to adress the fanbase, which includes the date of production. Replaced in 2015 with "live from home once again".

Captain's Log. Stardate: September... 24th, 2008.[41]

Origin: One may come to the conclusion that Chris picked up this phrase from Star Trek, however, Chris is neither a fan of the Star Trek franchise, nor has he seen any clips of the show[42][43]. It is more likely that Chris picked up the phrase from cartoons like Family Guy, which references Star Trek, considering how much he watched the show religiously.


1. (adjective) evil, vengeful.

On today's show, we will take a close-up look at the carniverous jerkops.[44]

Origin: A misspelling of "carnivorous". It is unknown what word Chris meant to use here, but "carnivorous" certainly wasn't it.


1. (noun) Female genitalia

I love dykes! DYKES! CHINA![45]

Origin: Chris, uncomfortable with directly saying the word "vagina", decided to alter the word to a cutesy, similar-sounding word. Based off of a term for porcelain "china".

coldest shoulder

1. (phrase) to rebel.

Those people like me at the very least, NOT counting all of the deceitful people I have had the displeasure of knowing who turned Coldest Shoulder Against me and STARTED all of the Online Hatred.[46] One of which, Amanda, is one of the Part-Time Manajerks who gives her elders the coldest of shoulders.[47]

Origin: A misuse of the phrase "turning a cold shoulder", a phrase used for the negligence of another person[48].


1. (noun) Male orgasm.

...I feel my comeuppance and I come into your mouth, my semen is inside your mouth and you'd swallow every drop. (...) And right after I'd given you my first round, my first comeuppance, you would take, you would reach down, and you would take your face away from my penis...[49]

2. (noun) Semen, usually immediately after ejaculation. See also: Navy

Yeah, and I'm just gonna keep bangin' your breasts over and over again until you get the first dosage of my comeuppance![50]

Origin: Chris uses the sexual slang "cum" as a verb for orgasm, but he may not realize it can also be a noun referring to ejaculate. In his mind, "comeuppance" apparently serves that purpose, viz., "that which has come/cum up."

In the real world, "comeuppance" is an English noun meaning outcome which is justly deserved based upon the common verb "come," i.e., the state of coming forward to receive judgment. He is either unaware of the original definition of the word or does not appreciate the irony of telling women he's going to give them comeuppance.

Note that the contexts of the real word and Chris's version are different. When a woman is rebuked, she receives her comeuppance; when a woman gets Chris's hot load in her face, she receives his "comeuppance."

count you(r) blessing(s)

1. (phrase) A phrase used as a retort when someone complains about the quality of your work.

It’s an early thing; it will improve later on. Curb your enthusiasm and count your blessing.

Origin: In January 2020 Chris was seen using the phrase when he was attacked after chimping out about being blocked on social media. Recently people have been questioning the quality of the newest medallions, produced by Praetor. Chris, perhaps in an attempt to "calm the trolls down tells them to count their blessings.

crash into slumber (or crash and burn)

1. (verb) To get so sad and stressed out that you get tired from exhaustion.

And… the void in my heart that requires a sweetheart is open again, and it hurts. I hope you jerks and trolls who wanted to break us up… are happy… 'cause all you did was make me feel sad and depressed. And you made me crash… into slumber… a couple of times. And you know, it takes a lot of stress and exhaust… and such… to make a person feel like they're gonna crash and burn… into a whole bunch of s-- into a long slumber… that just basically sleeps o-- that just basically sleeps off the—uh, what's the word I was looking for? I had it. Ugh…[51]

Origin: Chris famously said that he "crashed into slumber" in the video Chris Chan Update 21 October 2008, where he shows off how depressed and angry he was with his latest tomfoolery at the time. It could be because that one of Chris' main methods of coping with his stress is to sleep it off, and tried to make it sound hyperbolic by stating that he "crashed" onto the bed, as if he tried to get it done sooner.


1. (adjective) Sad and disappointed

I should have been Highly Recognized for my ARTISTIC TALENTS I showed in my Many Art Classes for the Award Ceremonies before Graduation Day. I felt crestfallen greatly from not getting recognized for any of my Talents. I EXCELLED IN MATH TOO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD![52]

I also HAD Hidden ALL of the Blue Armed Sonic Toys at Toys R Us here, concealed hidden amongst their metal cupboards, so they ALL would NOT be SOLD, and Best Boycotted for The Protest! They remained hidden for the longest time of over a Month; found and reshelved near the 20th of December to my personal dismay and crestfall. And at Best Buy, ALL Copies of THEIR Sonic Boom Games are STILL SUCCESSFULLY CONCEALED AND HIDDEN from View AND Purchase![53]

Origin: Another obscure word Chris liked to use a lot, even today. It even got to the point where he tried to put it into a baffling progressive tense "to my dismay and crestfall".


1. (noun) Those who may steal Chris's intellectual property for malicious purposes. (pl.)

I aways keep my eyes open for crooks who take my Electric Hedgehog Pokemon's name and put it in offensive use![54]

2. (noun) websites, and even words on websites which communicate lies about Chris.

And that ED page is one of those crooks. Every page--every word on the discussion page is a crook.[55]


1. (noun) A finishing move Chris does on his adversaries in order to "curse" them, publicly or otherwise.


Origin: A reference to the Kamehameha energy attack from the Dragon Ball series, performed in the same way it is in the anime. Chris believes that he possesses magical powers. Typically, these so-called magical powers would be used whenever an enemy gets in the way of whatever he wants to do, since Chris is too afraid to actually fight anyone. Therefore, he will rely on this magical power in order to gain control of whoever is giving him trouble.


1. (noun) The ability to sense Chris's presence.

Seriously though, awesome timing coming in, just as we, and Chris, had just finished writing the lyrics...was your CWC-sense tingling?[57]



1. (abbreviation) Unexplained, presumably a substitution to avoid the word "dumbass." Most likely not "District Attorney," although equally applicable to Marvey Blaziken.

You are obviously a troll trying to pick on my nerves; nice try, D.A.[58]

Origin: Chris intermittently decides to self-censor his profanities for the benefit of younger readers.


1. (article) Eye dialect spelling of the word the.

Y'all know me as Jamsta Sonichu, da DJ with da power![59]

Origin: Chris writes "the" as "da" when he intends for his characters (or himself) to sound laid-back and cool. This is most notable with Jamsta Sonichu, who is supposed to sound like a hip radio DJ and/or a Jamaican man. Chris may intend at times to do the same thing in his verbal communications, although his speech impediment makes it difficult to tell when he actually means to say "da."

Da Update
Megan, comparing Chris's attitude to Goku.

1. (phrase) The latest news.

2. (phrase) The most recent fail Chris is responsible for.

Hey, guys! What's da update?

Origin: Dialogue used by Chris, in an exceedingly awkward attempt to sound casual, in the pages of Sonichu #7. As Chris's fans have searched the Internet for the latest news from our hero, "da update" has become shorthand for "the latest failure Chris has committed." The phrase became legendary when posted above the Chris-chan talk page on ED (eventually the page was locked, forcing mass migration to the PVCC).


1. (noun) A potential lover, even one that shows no affection back at you.

Thank you, Doopie Darling. :)[60]

Origin: Chris, so hellbent on being kind to just about any potential sweetheart he met, thinks it's appropriate to refer to women he doesn't know outside of the internet by pet names to sound like he really cares for them, despite it being creepy to most other people. Chris's main justification for using this word on women who don't bond with him is that the actor Tallulah Bankhead used this word a lot, ignoring the fact that she only did this while on set.

Dating Education

1. (noun) formal education in schools about dating people of the opposite sex.

Also, in addition, while we also fully support Sexual Education in every high school, Christian Weston Chandler also highly recommends, and would gladly support, Dating Education classes, because, while Sex Ed is great for the eventual, well-earned intercourse after 3 or more dates, it is vital to learn what to do before that moment. It should be well0taught how to approach and ask one’s member of the opposite gender out for the very first date.[61]

Origin: The lack of "Dating Education classes" is something that Chris used to complain about all of the time, because he's simply incapable of finding a sweetheart, and that it would be a great advantage for people of his type to learn how to do so. Chris doesn't understand that a key aspect of obtaining a mate is to develop the proper social skills, especially those around women, and that it has very little to do with how much sex he has with them.


1. (noun) A thing of importance that Chris cannot recall at any given moment.

I do not have the appropriate calm state of mind to make time to READ those numerous upon numerous small-print details, much less memorize them.[62]

2. (noun) Something that Chris does not understand.

There was one I remember from then where the essay had a lot of offensive content, including smoking, and I spoke my mind on how offended I was of it. Plus other details I misunderstood that he was expecting in the assignments. [63]

Origin: Chris's ability to retain information is questionable (unless it's about something he obsesses over). As such, he "misunderstands" and "forgets" a lot of glaringly important things, such as how to live on his own and the fact that he cheated on Ivy.


1. (noun) An enabler of Chris.

Ah, I believe I have the proper term. Going from "Worshiper", I checked the thesaurus:"Devotee" in the term sounds better. "Devotees of Chris Chan Sonichu"(DoCCS). This is my better educates and thought suggestion." [64]

Origin: Believing himself to be a goddess, Chris needed a term to refer to any of his followers. The term was originally "worshiper", but then after a quick thesaurus search, he decided to change the term to "devotees", solely because he thought it sounded smarter. Although technically a synonym of "worshiper", the term "devotee" is more often used in Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

Did the do, to do the do

1. (verb) To have sexual intercourse, likely under deceptive conditions

Lovely was hot. She mistook me for myself and we went home from work that night, so Lovely and I did the do, and it was awesome![65]

Origin: An even more benign variation of the common euphemism for sex, "doing it". Likely taken from an episode of Family Guy.


1. (noun) Marijuana

My name's Inos... wha' chu up to? I am eclectic on this hedge... high on the hog... you wan' som' of this dige, mon?[66]

Origin: Intended to be part of a coded reference to "Sonichu, Electric Hedgehog Digimon". It is not known why he changed the reference from "Pokemon" to "Digimon".

In a universe of multiple realities, anything is possible according to Chris.

1. (noun) Either our universe or a fictional one, such as the one in which Sonichu or My Little Pony are set, both held to be equally real in Chris's ontology.

For Our Home World and All other Dimensions, Realities and Worlds; All Of Us! Dance! Dance! Dance!!![67]

Origin: Dumbing down some physicists' hypothetical notion of other physical universes embedded in mathematically higher-dimensional space, which has since seeped into pop culture and thence down to Chris.


1. (phrase) Used as a reference to Chris's fecal incontinence.


Origin: Chris used this phrase during an IRC chat with Clyde Cash and BILLY MAYS after they alleged that Chris has a fondness to wear women's underwear. In order to confirm his straightness, he retorted by admitting the fact that he has "NUMBERS OF PAIRS OF DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS". Soon after, due to how humorous the phrase sounded, it became a shorthand for trolls to refer to Chris's fecal incontinence.

disabled of crafting

1. (phrase) Too apathetic to work

Since last December with the problems (resolved), that has left me with a bad emotional and mental scar. Leaving me feeling disabled of crafting...[69]

Origin: Chris being defensive when a customer asked how he could be trusted to follow through on an order, when he had failed to send out orders from his Etsy shop, which resulted in his seller account getting closed.


1. (verb) Reject, turn away

[T]o dispel me is to discriminate against the LGBTQ community as well.[70]

Origin: A misunderstanding of the meaning of the word.

Dork of Ages

1. (noun) Someone who deserves scorn for creating an Encyclopedia Dramatica article on you.

He is the Dork of Ages. Y'all should be sending every last complaint and hatred towards—rain down upon him. Send him every last email you can. Shower him with as much hate as possible until that Encyclopedia Dramatica page is taken down, [gives a thumbs down] along with him.[71]

Origin: Used on Jason Kendrick Howell after he created Chris' Encyclopedia Dramatica page. This phrase was taken from the American Dad episode "Dungeons and Wagons", where Hayley called Steve the "Dork of Ages" while he played "Dragon Shuffle".

Drunk, High Aqua Teenatic

1. (noun) Backstabber.

You could be a Better, More Supportive Friend, instead of a Drunk, High Aqua Teenatic with your sweetheart!!![72]

Origin: A bizarre attempt to turn the title of the Adult Swim cartoon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force into an insult.

An example of a bent duck

1. (noun) Chris's penis


Origin: Initially "duck" was taken to be a typo of "dick" since the "u" and "i" keys are close together. It was later revealed that Chris was using this neologism as an intentional euphemism to refer to his own penis.[74]

See also: pickle


Chris gets swole

1. (adjective) Earned from hard work and exercise

There are no quotes that cite the use of this CWC-ism. It appears in his resume, where he lists "elbow-greased strength" as one of his "functional skills"

Origin: A misuse of the idiom, "elbow-grease", a figure of speech humorously used for tasks that involve manual labor only.

Electric Hedgehog Pokémon

1. (noun) Any of the characters found in Sonichu which are hybrids of Sonic the Hedgehog characters and/or Pokemon.

Since the inspiration and conception of Sonichu, the Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon on March 17, 2000, I have grown further in his stories, plots and adventures in a series of hand-drawn and computer-edited comic books.[75]

Origin: Despite the name, a majority of "Electric Hedgehog Pokemon" are neither Pokemon or hedgehogs. This misnomer may come from Chris's original characters being hybrids of two Sonic characters, both of whom are hedgehogs (Sonic and Amy Rose) and two Pokémon (Pikachu and Raichu).

emotional differences

1. (noun) A strong disagreement between two people.

I told you! It was, it was because of, uh, emotional differences.[76]

Origin: Chris mentioned that he got terminated from Wendy's in the Father Call, due to their "emotional differences", possibly meaning that a heated argument between him and his employer ensued.


1. (adjective) resorting to experience to gain knowledge rather than through scientific means.

So, throw away the book talk; be empirical and believe what you know is fact [77]

Origin: Chris attributed the nearly opposite definition of the word to Jeremy Hilary Boob PhD, a character from Yellow Submarine. Considering this, Chris must have picked up this strange definition from the content in the Beatles Edition of Rock Band.


1. (noun) Charisma or attraction

Too much entendre?[78]

Origin: Derived from the phrase "double entendre", a figure of speech used for words or phrases with a double meaning, typically with one of them being risque.[79] In English, the word "entendre" isn't typically used outside of the phrase itself, but in many other languages like French and Catalan, it is understood to mean "to hear" or "to understand". Chris, thinking he knows everything there is to know about the English language, once again thought he would sound smart by using this obscure word.


How Chris imagined himself when showing off his canines
The reality. The red arrows point to Chris' cavities

1. (noun) Chris's canine teeth.

They're called Eye-Teeth, but they feel and look like fangs of a vampire, dog or something to me.[80]

I'm not afraid to SHOW MY FANGS![81]

Origin: Chris believes his teeth to be unordinary compared to most other people's teeth, apparently believing canine teeth are some kind of special trait only a selected few people have. Because he believes his canines to be menacing, he gave them the name "fangs". Once in a while, Chris would show off his decaying teeth to scare his enemies. This usually works, although for the wrong reasons.


1. (interjection, imperative verb) Parting salutation, akin to "goodbye".

Vessel of my loneliness for the past three years of anguish. I bid you fond...faredoo. Adieu. Fond farewell adieu...[82]

Origin: Accidental portmanteau of "farewell" and "adieu".


1. (adjective) dumb and perverted.

Ha Ha! Take THAT, you fart-minded, jerk MALE among ALL fart-minded, jerk Males that make up the Majority of the Worldwide Male Population! -:D[83]

Origin: Used in the comment section of a Stopmotion Lego animation, where a Lego minifigure is in a sexual relationship with a Lego Friends minifigure. Throughout this video, the Lego minifigure essentially acts how Chris believes most men do. At the end of the video, the male minifigure proceeds to fart, which disgusts the female minifigure. Also a possible butchering of the phrase "brainfart", which is used to humorously refer to a moment of absentmindedness.


1. (adverb) A word that indicates that Chris is about to tell someone why he's right. Often not followed by an enumerated list of reasons, despite the implication.

Firstly, Aspergers is NOTHING Similar to Autism; Aspergers pertains to MEMORY, Autism is Social Skills. and I'm High-Functionally Autistic[84]

Origin: Use of "firstly" to begin a list, rather than "first," is a matter of dispute. While both words exist in the dictionary, "Firstly" has fallen out of common use in speech and tends to sound more formal, perhaps overly so. Chris seems to like this formality, probably because he thinks it sounds smart.


1. (adjective) fond.

Faithfully yours with fondful thoughts; Chris Chan.[85]

Origin: Chris apparently doesn't understand that "fond" is already an adjective by itself.

for good-like

1. (adjective) final, but with the imagined possibility otherwise.

And in June of 2008, he banned me from the store for good-like.[86]

Origin: Confusing modification of "for good".


1. (verb) To dedicate, as in a monument or building.

I, Christian Weston Chandler, re-foundate this monument that is the PAGE with MY SOLE HONEST TRUTH from my sound mind and heart.[87]

Origin: Likely a portmanteau of "found" and "dedicate", or a bizarre attempt to convert "foundation" into a verb.

four-boomerang-shaped symbol
"G'Day welcome to Auschwitz"

1. (noun) minced oath for "swastika," especially the Hakenkreuz symbol of the Nazi Party.

Like Most People, I do not care much for Adolf; he was a terrible man, and even in jest, I WOULD NEVER want to portray him, much less, his four-boomerang-shaped symbol (I know what it is called, but I do not wish to type the word).[88]

Origin: Chris was apparently afraid to say the word "swastika," probably for the same reason he used to fear using racial slurs.

fourth wall

1. (noun) A boundary that separates reality cartoons and dimensions from dimension C-197.

Hey, Everyone. I have another announcement for you all to do now, for yourselves and our OCs: Break Your Own Fourth Wall. [89]

2. (noun) An abstract force that prevents people from talking to their OC's.

Our OCs in C-197 often break their fourth walls, because they are aware of us, and it is our time and turn to return the favour.

Origin: Comes from the phrase "breaking the fourth wall", a figure of speech humorously used on characters that acknowledge the audience directly, or state their awareness of the media they're in. Chris has taken this to mean that all dimensions in the universe are separated by this kind of barrier, therefore calling them "the fourth wall". In a recent Twitter post, Chris has also stated that this mysterious force is the reason why people cannot see or interact with their OC's, but that the OC's themselves are fully aware of their creators, so will eventually break through the barrier every once in a while to speak to people of other dimensions.

friend zone

1. (noun) The dreaded moment a sweetheart rejects you.

A lot of times, especially if the friend in question is opposite of gender 18 or older, they may have sex on the brain. And when that person hears from you that you just want to be friends, or in the other term, put into the Friend Zone, that person will feel like they failed at getting the sex they wanted, or Ever will from you.[90]

2. (noun) The lousiest excuse a sweetheart could give for not having sex with Chris.

Nothing has happened in Women's Rights; the "Friend Zone" is only the LOUSIEST EXCUSE EVER to give to someone the woman deeply cares about and trusts so she could get out of sex or a relationship. I do not take kindly to that Excuse at this time.[91]

Origin: The Friend Zone refers to a relationship where one person desires romance, while the other only shows interest in friendship. Much like his stance on the Three-Date Rule, Chris believed that the Friend Zone is simply another rule explicitly placed on him by some unspecified authority to slow down his progress on completing his Love Quest. His belief that this is simply an "excuse" to avoid having sex with him reveals a lot on why he was overly-persistent with some of his sweethearts. He couldn't imagine why any woman would not want to have sex with him, so he came to the conclusion that every woman he stalks are simply unfamiliar with sex and what goes into it.


1. (noun) The rewards of giving Chris compliments.

Compliments will get you fuzzy-wuzzies.[92]

Origin: Unknown. Believed to be another example of Chris' random-access humor.

See Also: prickly-wicklies



1. (noun) a female friend.

And also, I would like to give a shout-out to...Ivy, sweet gal-pal of mine...and her friend Rachel across the hall from her, in a college within these United States![93]

Origin: Chris rarely refers to any of his female friends as just "friends", simply because he thinks that all female friends have the potential to be sweethearts before they're in the dreaded Friend Zone. Chris also states that due to his autism, this somehow means that he gets along much more easily with girls than with guys. [94] Although this could be more due to the fact that he overall has had much better experiences with girls than with boys growing up, especially in high school. This has caused him to pick up more effeminate traits and characteristics. The term "gal-pal" is typically used by women when they are talking to other people in their social clique. Chris therefore picked this phrase up from the girls he's talked to (possibly using the phrase because he sees himself as "one of the girls"). It is also common for homos to use this to refer to their female friends.


1. (interjection) eye dialect of "god", Used in the place of "god" when it is used to express annoyance, shock, or pain.

Life is f***ed up. (I had a real stressful Sunday afternoon) Gawd! Just... GAWD!!![95]

Origin: Possibly meant to add dramatic effect to saying "god", which is already used to add dramatic effect.


1. (noun) a male lesbian.

Uh… simply put—and I am willing to say this… in sound mind and body: I… am a gaybian.[96]

Origin: Chris only used this word once in the video Chris_Comes_Out_of_the_Closet. Before this video, Clyde Cash had threatened to harm Julie under the condition that Chris refuses to admit that he's gay. Chris being Chris, he had absolutely no idea that he was once again under another elaborate trolling scheme, and had no clue how to handle the situation. Chris thought he could be sly and admit to being gay, while also being attracted to women. Thus, he tacked on the word "gay" onto "lesbian" to create the word "gaybian" so that he can say that he's a "male lesbian", despite this being a complete contradiction within itself.


1. (noun) a genius

Robotnik! Robotnik! I'm a mad geinus! Robotnik, Robotnik![97]

Origin: An accidental misspelling of "genius", this CWC-ism is the result of Chris's ability to spell, or lack thereof. In his futile attempts to spell words with "eni", he substitutes this with "ein", possibly due to his habit of spelling words phonetically.

get it through your skulls

1. (phrase) Used to clarify something to your fans

So everybody get it through your skulls, I'm the real deal. [98]

Origin: Chris used this term a lot when trying to clarify various misconceptions about him, such as his straightness, and who the real CWC was. Variations of the phrase include "GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS", "Get it through your damn, dirty, immature skulls!", and "Get through your damn, dirty, stupid, idiotic, immature skulls".


1. (noun) A guitar

Origin: How Chris pronounces the word "guitar".

give birth, give the birth

1. (verb) To transfer possession of the state of having been born, by bearing as offspring.

My mother and my father are both really nice, old-fashioned-type people who not only gave the birth--gave me birth at their ages...which my mother is sixty-six, currently, and my father is currently eighty. They both just turned that way in the last couple of months. And, uh, I was born in 1982. They gave me the birth...then, and, uh, anyway, it was so nice of--for them to give me the, uh, birth during the early 1980s.[99]

Origin: Chris seems to think that a sentence like "Barbara gave birth to Christian" is grammatically equivalent to a sentence like "Barbara gave Go-bots to Christian."


1. (adjective) Having a style similar to the cartoon Teen Titans Go!.

As MUCH, as I would like to agree; Cute as it may be, it is still GO! Version, and #GOPony is something we Really do not like.[100]

2. (adjective) Of a descent originating from dimension CZ-69.

Just; Most GO! individuals are...NO!!![101]

Origin: Chris used this CWC-ism to describe his distaste for the MLP:FiM spinoff series Pony Life, believing it to be in the same vein as Teen Titans Go! due to its artstyle. He would go around on his Twitter account spamming Hasbro and/or users showing any interest in the show with some of his TSSSF cards as a means of protest using this euphemism to put it under a bad light.

go make a rhyme

1. (phrase) A phrase used by Chris to indicate that he is in a poetic mood.

Oh, Back Off, go make a rhyme. Love will come your way in good time.[102]
Keep Heart, Have hope and faith. Life is a coinkie-dink strafe.
Have an open heart, don’t be afraid. Your sweetie is likely in your friendship parade.

Origin: Chris intended to write a rhyme in order to sound poetic in a tweet, continuing with the rhyming schtick in several subsequent ones. Due to his own laziness, the best Chris could come up with in terms of words that rhyme with "time" is "rhyme".

This is who Chris actually believes in.

1. (shorthand) God and Jesus Christ.

As I have guide, as I was guide [sic] by, uh, God and Jesus. And because I, uh, cheated on Ivy lately, Godjesus were mad at me, so, even though she r-, even though she requested the recent items of question, sex-, [quietly] sexual stuff--videos and pictures--I am being punished because the trolls are getting their hands on them.[103]

And also, who I'd like to thank, GodJesus, our God and our Lord and savior, for their support, for their support as well, I pray to them every day, and I follow, I am guided by Jesus.[104]

Origin: Chris appears to be somewhat aware of the Holy Trinity (Holy Spirit, Son, and Father), the three forms that God takes in mainstream Christianity. Despite accepting Jesus as the son of God, Chris believes that God and Jesus are essentially the same entity. As a result, whenever he mentions God, he is never reluctant to mention Jesus in the same sentence. Because of this, Chris made this CWC-ism as a shorthand of "God and Jesus". This CWC-ism was the primary inspiration for the term "Godbear" to humorously refer to Leonard Bearstein, who Chris has credited for his name change. Chris now no longer uses his CWC-ism, now referring to both God and Jesus as separate OCs. Chris now calls God "Emmanuelle".

grinds my gears

1. (phrase) A phrase used by Chris to indicate he is annoyed with something.

Firstly, I got your image in my mailbox; while I thank you for your fanart, No Offense, but I do not appreciate Sonichu drawn looking retarded; I feel it grinds my gears a bit.[105]

Something that grinds my gears is how people are not accepting of the neutral terms of "darling" or "dear".[106]

Origin: Chris used this phrase almost every time he wanted to indicate he was annoyed and not outright angry. It is believed that Chris has picked up this archaic phrase from Family Guy, specifically from a segment from the show called "What Really Grinds My Gears", where Peter is talking about things that annoy him or "grinds his gears".


Chris holding a pencil

1. (noun) An original drawn image, as opposed to a facsimile of that image.

I mean, does that look like a printout to you? No! It's a HAND-DRAWING! It's the original hand-drawing of the back cover I constantly used! Among all the other hand drawings on my SHELF! In my BINDERS! IN THIS ROOM! In this house![107]

2. (verb) To sketch without the aid of digital technology, such as a computer.

A non-example made by Chris.

No, actually, what I thought, is that you skip the hand-drawing and you draw everything on your PhotoShop with your computer mouse.[108]

Origin: Chris's process for producing his drawings is to draw them, by hand, on physical paper, and then scan the paper into his computer and use image editing software to add effects like lettering or (for the purpose of breaking the fourth wall) photographs. He takes comfort in the belief that ownership of the original paper drawings is evidence of his authorship and will frequently cite this in defense against perceived thieves and trolls.

Chris also thinks that drawing on a computer instead of paper is an inferior method of producing artwork; he thinks the results look "blocky and low-resolution," which probably speaks more to his his own experience using MSPaint than the artistic quality of, for example, Asperchu. The fact that a digital artist like Alec Benson Leary is nonetheless using his hands does not seem to have occurred to Chris.


1. (noun) a metaphorical drink consumed by haters.

Therefore, for all of you Haterade-Chugging “GET A JOB!” spouters out there, I suggest you Shut Up and enjoy your ability to settle in a cozy Office or wherever. For the rest of us, the worlds and the dimensions are our Offices, and we are doing our best, so we can reach our respective Fated Destined Promotions. But, I Digress. [109]

Put down the Haterade; this is not going against any rules, it is just the way it is. Hey! I still have my flaws, so I am definitely Not a Mary Sue type of OC. Also, if I wanted a shot glass of Haterade, I would read most anything this dimension’s @realDonaldTrump ever wrote.[110]

2. (noun, informal) excessive negativity, criticism, or resentment.

This is in reference to the Nypical Haterade Comment of “Get A Job” that is not only thrusted upon me, but to everyone who is creative and have powerful in their own respective, individual rights.[111]

Origin: Originally said by Lars in the 2010 Lars Call. Chris then used it almost nine years later. Likely a pun on the sports drink Gatorade.

heart level

1. (noun) Chris's way of measuring his emotional state

100% Change the number to change your heart level and you can write a sentence to indicate how you feel.[112]

Origin: The concept of the "heart level" most likely stems from Chris's inability to understand emotions. As an alternative, Chris tends to use video game terms in order to measure such emotions.


1. (verb) to ejaculate into someone.

Had I Not healed her, she would be dead Late August.[113]

Origin: Chris had somehow come to the conclusion that sex with his mother would make her more youthful, hence "healing" her.


1. (noun) a sweetheart.

Rosey, as often as birds tweet, will you be my lovely heartsweet?[114]

Origin: Rearrangement of "sweetheart," possibly coined initially to provide more rhyming options in poetry. Chris primarily uses this term in Sonichu's dialogue, as the character's pet name for Rosechu. When speaking for himself, Chris tends to prefer "sweetheart," although the trolls use "heartsweet" in conversation with him.

See also: sweetbolt

Chris does NOT look like Chris Farley

1. (noun) Stockboy; person employed to move heavy objects and perform other menial labor.

If she gets pregnant and can't work, then I would be working. I would be working VERY HARD AND HEAVILY. [...] If I have to I would be, get one of the heavyweights, that just moves the boxes around the, stock the shelves at a grocery store.[115]

2. (adjective) heavy.

I do not think Chris Farley looks like me at all, plus he was a LOT more heavyweight than me, and he was more wild than me.[116]

Origin: Chris, as usual, has to repurpose words rather than use the existing words that already mean what he wants to say.

hedgehog-defensive (or hedgehog)

1. (adjective) Protecting oneself by curling up into a ball, just like a hedgehog.

And I do understand all that. Believe me, and I need not be reminded of the worst part, but my hedgehog-defensive state and all of the tears and leaking mucus and whole body paralysis that happened to me then and there will haunt me in reminder of that.[117]

@MLPSilverQuill, having one’s own spirit killed is really not fun nor funny at all. And, believe me, I was literally in a worse huddled position than what I see here, and I FELT DEVASTATED at that moment. I went full Hedgehog Defensive and let my quills keep others back. It Hurts[118]

Origin: Replacing the likes of his Megatron pistol and his pepper spray, Chris has adapted the habit of rolling up into a ball to protect himself from unwanted physical contact. The protective state he dubs "the hedgehog-defensive state" is most likely based off of the spin-dash attack from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, which the titular character uses to attack foes.


1. (noun) Any of the video game consoles made by Microsoft, primarily the XBox 360.

I never cared for the HEXBox, and frankly it LACKS heavily in comparison to the Wii and PS3, PLUS YOU HAVE TO PAY THEIR FEES TO EVEN GO ONLINE OR DOWNLOAD DEMOS WITH IT.

Origin: Due to his Brand Loyalty, Chris had an irrational hatred for the XBox, simply because of how much you've got to pay for it to access some of its content[119]. Because Chris viewed this device as a curse to humanity, he tacked the word "hex", which is defined as being a curse, onto the original name of the console.

hide behind/under his mother's skirt

1. (idiom) To behave in a cowardly, immature fashion.

You come to me now. Come face me like a man. Unless you want to continue being called a cow-a quivelling coward who hides under his mother's skirt.[120]

Origin: An antiquated phrase alluding to children literally hiding behind their mother's skirts when frightened.

hippo on one's head

1. (noun) A predicament or unpleasant situation one is currently facing


2. (noun) Someone's hippocampus

(EVERYBODY has a Hippo on their head; it is called the Hippocampus)[122]

Origin: Chris states in an e-mail directed at Regina Novakova that the phrase originated as an example of his random-access humor, apparently as a pun of the word "hippocampus". Following from this, he would famously use the term in a Flipnote animation of a person literally getting crushed by a falling hippo, and then use the term several more times to describe the "weight" of the hippo on people's heads. He has lately used this term to describe his struggles with being in jail in a drawing sent to Praetor.


1. (noun) A male homosexual

Yes; the Homos I have heard from try to push their damn lifestyle in my face, and I DO NOT CARE FOR THAT AT ALL; What they do behind closed doors is None Of My Business, and I still Do Not Care to know a Damn Thing about it.[123]

2. (adjective) homosexual

Every one of you who thinks I'm homo and calls me that—-because I am not; I'm straight! I'm straight![124]

3. (adjective) relating to homosexuals

Again, to reiterate the issue, THE GOD DAMN F***IN' Homo Ads MUST BE GONE![125]

Origin: Before the Tomgirl Saga, Chris had a hatred for homosexuals, out of fear that he'll become one himself. Even uttering words like "gay" and "homosexual" make him uncomfortable.


1. (adjective) NSFW, containing adult content.

Parental Advisory - VERY HONEST content.[126]

Origin: Chris only has a slightly good understanding of what honesty is. However, Chris doesn't seem to understand when it's most appropriate to be honest. In his mind, to attract mates, he has to be honest all of the time, even if this includes instances of his sexual misadventures. Chris knows that he's not supposed to discuss such topics publically with ordinary people, so he would have to keep such things in secret. Therefore, in his mind, it would be the honest thing to do to discuss such actions.

Hurtful Truth Level

1. (phrase) A point at which honest criticism should be stopped so as to avoid hurting a person's feelings, regardless of the usefulness of the advice.

And another thing, When constantly exceeding that Hurtful Truth Level to me, it feels like to me you're, and you may as well have, told me, "I Hate You! I Hate You!", and forget about me.[127]

Origin: Said in an email to Jackie after she had pointed out several glaring flaws in Chris's lifestyle and personality. Rather than take her criticism to heart and improve himself, he got angry and defensive, wishing that she would show sympathy for him instead.


I can feel the cosmos
I can feel the cosmos.jpg

1. (expression) Statement of achievement and oneness with the universe.

I promise, uh, three da—three pages a day, drawn or colored, but, also with the, uh, website, and God/Jesus's support, I feel like... we will be seeing many new—many new thing. The website will be better. I can feel the cosmos! Peace.[128]

Origin: Inspired by a line from the game Katamari Damacy, "Oh, I feel it. I feel the cosmos."

I got a fish

1. (expression) Claim that one owns a fish.

I got a fish! Would ya like to make a wish?

I got a fish Would ya like to make a wish?

I got a fiiiiiiiiish! Would ya like to make a wish?[129]

Origin: Used in a song of the same name, where Chris' random-access humor shines.


1. (expression) A self-destructive phrase used to attempt to gain pity from trolls

You know what, I HATE ME TOO!!![130]

Origin: Used as part of the title of a gallery found on Chris’s Encyclopedia Dramatica Page.


1. (interjection) Expressed angrily when you wish to break someone apart to kill them

Jason Kendrick Howell... you BASTARD! BASTARD! You hacked into everything! You have driven me so beyond the wall, I can't even DESCRIBE it! YOU'RE LAUGHING NOW, BUT... I'LL BREAK YOU DEAD! Goodbye![131]

Origin: Used as a death threat to Jason Kendrick Howell after he has hacked


1. (expression) Abbreviation for "I be a chandler," i.e., "I am a person named 'Chandler.'"

I am so sick of hearing that stupid name that somebody made up back when I had that IBAChandler account, and I be a Chandler. You know, "I" being myself, "B" standing for specifying who I am, and "Chandler" being my last name.[132]

2. (proper noun) YouTube username in use by Christian Weston Chandler during his conflict with Liquid Chris, leading trolls to accuse Chris of being an impostor of Liquid named Ian Brandon Anderson.

3. (proper noun) Name of a Sonichu villain based upon Liquid Chris, ironically named for the real Chris's alias.

I B A Chandler, And I am here to copycatly sieze claim of you hedgehogs and this city from your absent mayor's domain.[133]

Origin: Inspired by Bob Chandler's license plate, "I B MR C" ("I be Mister C.").[134]


1. (verb) Identifying.

"That is the difference between Trans Gender and Vestites; ID as the other sex, and dressing like it, respectively"[135]

Origin: Possibly derived from ID meaning "Identification".

Infinitely-High Boyfriend-Factor

1. (noun) the extremely high probability that any woman Chris talks to is not boyfriend-free.

With the infinitely high Boyfriend-Factor, I am not fond of about 99.999999999996% of the total male population, with a margin-of-error of the 4 billionth of a percent (for about 100 men) of whom are okay acquaintences.[136]

Origin: In general, Chris will almost never find a sweetheart.[137] Already aware of this fact, but not willing to admit he's not at all attractive to most women, Chris blames it on the fact that most men are "jerks", and that one probably is already dating the woman he's trying to latch onto.

information overload

1. (noun) An act of spamming a webpage with pictures.

I had thought the Information Overload would somehow Take Down the page; I admit that I was mistaken.[138]

Origin: When Chris saw all of the explicit pictures on his Encyclopedia Dramatica page, he decided that the best course of action would be to spam the article with his own pictures. His logic was that if he kept doing this faster than the other editors, they'd have to delete the article, as they just wouldn't catch up with him.


1. (noun) An instance of something being used a certain way.

Also, I would have the secondary definition of the word "gay", being Homosexual, REMOVED from the word in the dictionaries, and all instinctions and sayings of the word will ONLY LEGALLY be used to mean HAPPY, as it was originally intended among songs like "Deck the Halls"[139]

Origin: Once again an instance of Chris trying to sound smart by using a word that sounds foreign to him, made up or otherwise. The end result, however, gives the impression that Chris isn't familiar with the word "instances".

iron curtain

1. (noun) The mostly hermetic seal between Reality Cartoons, such as the real world and the fictional universe containing CWCville, that prevents the Dimensional Merge from proceeding.

But we are getting increasing magics, here, with more and more opening portals and growing tears and cracks in the iron curtain.[140]

Origin: Coined by Sir Winston Churchill in 1946 to refer to the limits of Russian intrusion into central Europe after the War. Chris presumably heard it once in history class and forgot what it meant, unless he is comparing his fictional world to the Soviet Union. Alternatively it was fed to him by the Idea Guys.

See Also: fourth wall


Jail of Fail

(noun) 1. A rather unappealing jail to reside in.

I have a temporary Soul Partner, a Holy Flame Type, you may Remember her (on her repentence tour) keeping me safe, well, not abused, and good, alongside Many (Good) Angels, Spirits, and OP allies in and around this Jail of Fail. We presently have a genuine Turkish Prayer Rug and a deck of Playing Cards from the Commisary, along with very much appreciated Sports Bra, Socks with no holes, Earplugs, and a few other goodies.[141]

Origin: Said in a letter to the long-time orbiter and enabler, Kenneth Engelhardt.


(noun) 1. A female jerkop.


Origin: Whereas the term "jerkop" is a portmanteau of the CWC-ism "jerk" and the word "cop", janekop is a portmanteau of the words "jane" and "cop". The word "jane" is a slang word for "woman". [143]


(noun) 1. Any man that Chris dislikes, particularly one that gets in the way of his LoveQuest.

On the flip side, I feel discomfort around men, because they can be such mean and cruel jerks.[144]

Origin: The term "jerk" is generally defined as "A person with unlikable or obnoxious qualities and behavior, typically mean, self-centered or disagreeable".[145] As stated in the quote above, Chris believes that all men to be cruel, selfish, and overall unlikeable. Therefore, he views almost all men as jerks.


(noun) 1. An official of the law.

I would have left peacefully, in fact, I was ready to go, but I had a prepared speech to say to them stupid Jerkops.[146]

Origin: Since Chris views most officers of the law as jerks, due to how often they'd thwart his LoveQuest, the term is a portmanteau of "jerk" and "cop". Possibly a pun on the word "jerkoff", which is defined as being "a contemptible man".[147]

Chris preparing for hanky-panky with Julie, using a blow-up doll no less

(interjection) 1. An expression used by Chris to indicate how much he'd love having sex for the first time with Julie


Origin: Chris first shouted this infamous CWC-ism in the video For Julie's Eyes Only. He originally intended to share this video privately with Julie, (unaware that 'she' was actually a 13-year-old male troll), to show what their first date would amount to, despite this breaking his Three Date Rule. Seeing how Chris was somewhat of a porn junkie,[149][150] Chris must have picked up that during sexual intercourse, one of the people may shout the name of the other person in order to "spice up" the orgy. When the video got leaked soon after, the term started to be used by trolls humorously, to the point where weens started using the phrase in excess, making the CWC-ism lose its luster.

jumping the shark

(verb) 1. To start over from scratch

"I am moving out of this Twitter into creating a new one I created, @CPU_CWCSonichu. New and renewed followers will all be screened by my ally, as to keep out the Haters and Harassers. Starting up new and fresh. Jumping The Shark from old to new"[151]

Origin: The term "jumping the shark" humorously refers to the point where something once popular which has begun to lose its viewer base pulls an extreme stunt in hopes of garnering attention. The term comes from an episode of the television show Happy Days, where Fonzie literally jumped over a shark while water skiing. Ironically enough, despite Chris' misuse of the phrase, many people could easily say that the comic of Sonichu and Chris as a person have "jumped the shark" several times, especially with retcons and- of course- Chris's change into a transwoman.



1. (adjective) cute or adorable.

That look really suits you; you look so kawaii and cool.😊[152]

Origin: The mainstream Japanese word typically used to describe cute subculture. Chris has used this word in almost all cases where he describes anything he thinks is cute and cuddly, more so in recent times, where the use of this word is no longer taken seriously, and seen as more of a joke to poke fun at weeaboos.

Kick the Autistic
A self-administered kick

1. (noun) America's favorite game


2. (noun) Any action which involves doing something to Chris that he doesn't like

And if you have so much free time to play the cruelest game of "KICK THE AUTISTIC", then you CAN and SHOULD put the time to better use; volunteer for a social chore; take up the culture in tasteful art; go out and socialize.[154]

3. (noun) Any form of discrimination towards Chris for being autistic.

And so, the world continues to play the world's favorite game of "Kick the Autistic". I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. *Game Over*[155]

Origin: Chris had this paranoid idea that the whole world is going against him and his goals, solely due to his autism. In this sense, the fact that so many people supposedly wanted to thwart his goals made him feel like he was being "kicked" around.


1. (phrase) A phrase indicating that Chris roasted someone.

What? I’m just telling the truth. I hear and see WORSE shit from you Haters. At this point, I’d rather look back in that memory than PTSD over y’all’s Hate-Filled content. Kra-Kow![156]

Origin: Unknown. Most likely inspired by the sound lightning makes.


Laughs Under Lucricities

1. (backronym) backronym for "LULZ"

Although, F.Y.I., "LULZ" is short for "Laughs Under Lucricities"[157]

2. (noun) Any form of humor made at Chris' expense

... your bully of a boyfriend is the Original Author of the "Chris-chan" page that was put up there for the "LULZ", "Laughs Under Lucricities". Which I don't have to tell you is not only mean and cruel, the page is HORRIBLE[158]

Origin: It's likely that Chris first heard of lulz on Encyclopedia Dramatica-[159] the slogan of which is "in lulz we trust"- and thus forever associated the term with trolling. Originally he would simply say "LULZ" ought to stand for "Laughs Under Lucricities," but he soon began implying that it already does.[160] Lucricities is seemingly a combination of "lucrid" (another non-word with apparent negative connotations that Chris has used[161][162]) and "ludicrous" but falls short of being a portmanteau and is more like the result of a head-on collision of the English language.

lesbian soul

1. (noun) What Chris believes to be his true sexuality.

I am an all-around, good natured, high-functioning autistic, Female Lesbian Soul, and Transwoman, artist, gamer and creative type.[163]

Origin: When Chris declared himself transgender, he continued to be attracted to exclusively to biological females regardless of their own sexual orientation.[164] Thus, Chris became a lesbian. As a way to assert to detractors that he was a lesbian, Chris cited himself as having a "lesbian soul" despite previously living as a straight man for thirty years.

level-up king

1. (noun) Master of card games.

There must have been about 6 people including Chris and myself at the tourney and when he won he was jumping up and down a yelling "I'm the level up king!"[165]

Origin: Before his permanent ban from the GAMe PLACe, Chris would play games of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh with some of the other customers. Despite his sick obsession with both games, Chris never developed any type of strategy to compete with other players, making it very difficult to succeed at the game, even when he played against small children. Eventually, when the shop was just down to six people, which included Chris, the manager, Mimms, and Lucas, Chris did win a match against a relatively new player, and excitedly jumped up and down at this accomplishment like a child. Along with this, he shouted the phrase "I AM THE LEVEL-UP KING!"

like, you know

1. (discourse particle) Space filler during sentence.

I don't want too much conflict to happen, like, you know. You wouldn't want too much conflict to happen, like, you know. I mean-like, you know, between you and him any further. Yeah.[166]

Origin: Chris' speech consists mostly of uh's, um's, and other vocalized pauses.

live from home once again

1. (phrase) An introduction stating that one is recording themselves from their home.

Hello everybody this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again and we're going to talk about the recent and more obvious topic, of "The Dimensional merge". Yes! This dimension! Right here! 1218. Is going to be merged with our sister dimension "C197" where all of our s- where most of our superheroes, super-villains, OCs, and what have you, and other characters, consisted, have been existing and co-existing. Yep![167]

Origin: This phrase became Chris's typical means of starting his videos since late 2015, replacing the famous Captain's Log. Although it is sometimes used appropriately (i.e. livestreams), Chris uses the phrase even in prerecorded videos that are not, in fact, live.

Love Quest

1.(noun) Chris's former on-going search for a sweetheart.

As for Wes, I blame all of these happenings on him. If he had not taken my life-long friend away from me, I might have a Pretty Girlfriend today. And I would not have had to set out on endeavoring LOVE QUEST![168]

Origin: Since attending PVCC, Chris has embarked on a 15-year long quest to find his true love. Chris constantly failing to achieve this goal was what gave this CWC-ism its name.


1. (noun) A lover in a relationship between two Electric Hedgehog Pokemon.

Also, I have finished the drawing for you, and I have shown off the Original LoveHog Couple's Wedding Rings, and their three children: Cerah Rosey, Robbie Sonee and (Shiney Rosey) Christine Rosey.[169]

Origin: A portmanteau of "love" and "hedgehog".


1. (pl. noun) lurid acts or motivations

Origin: Chris completely made this word up, presumably based on "lucrid," which may in turn be based on the actual word "lurid." According to Chris, the word "lulz" can mean either "Laughs at my expense" or "Laughs under lucricities," so presumably the two contexts are equivalent.


1. (adjective) obscene, profane, wicked

And promoting the hatred, and...drawing such loose—such lucrid mockeries is not gonna further the story plot or have anything new created, or even gonna help in any way...[170]

Origin: Unknown. Possibly a corruption of "lurid," given the context. Alternatively, it might be a corruption of "ludicrous." Chris has used this word to describe the homoerotic/dickgirl art on the ED page, as well as the fan comic in which he was depicted as a man-baby. Ironically, even before Chris used this word


make one's own peeps n' poops

1. (verb) to urinate and deficate at the same time

Uh, actually, uh, actually Crystal is uh, doing, is uh, doing her preschool homework, and uh, Reg-, and Reginald's been uh, been a messy lil' babychild! Made his lil' peeps n' poops! And he went, and he went weewee all over the bathroom.[171]

Origin: Taken from a clip of Family Guy, where Herber the Pervert is letting his dog out to "make his pees n' poops". [172]

Mama Christine with a Sonee.

1. (noun) What Chris refers to himself as when roleplaying as one of his OCs.

I am going to some shopping and donating amongst the artists affected by the COVID virus of this Dimension, on behalf of Mama, Chris Chan Sonichu. Thank you, again, to the individual who bought the book set recently. Still waiting for the set of #TSSSF cards to sign and offer.[173]

Origin: Chris believes himself to be a parent to his characters. Since he identifies as a woman, he has given himself the alias “Mama”. Chris further shows his lack of self-awareness by not realizing how awkward it is to have anyone, even his own characters (who are presumably teenagers) refer to him as such.


1. (noun) a store manager

two Manajerks asked me to leave, because they said that I was loitering; I was NOT![174]

Origin: A portmantau of "manager" and "jerk".

Mary Lee Walshing

1. (adjective) akin to to Mary Lee Walsh

She has proven herself to be a cold-hearted, uncaring, uncompassionate, lack-of-understanding, bigoted, discriminating, selfish, Mary Lee Walshing, Witch Bitch![175]

Origin: Chris's ongoing resentment against his old college dean has led him to compare a Wal-Mart manager who banned him from her store to Walsh. He apparently fails to comprehend that the "-ing" suffix is generally associated with verbs.

mashed potato grenade

1. (noun) a Stielhandgranate, a special German hand grenade with a handle.

I want to just kill him; destroy his goody-two-shoes nature, soul, heart and all that shit my mashed potato grenade could shatter, but leave his body in tact, so I'm not committed fro murder.[176]

Origin: Used in a Facebook post sent to Megan Schroeder accusing her of his ban from the Game Place, where he makes paranoid claims of what she, Mimms, Lucas, and Snyder were thinking that day. A corruption of "potato masher grenade", a common English nickname of the Stielhandgranate[177].

mass debate
Massive Debating

1. (verb) to pleasure one's self; to masturbate

I've actually done it mass debating to myself so many times, even with a hunk of - even with an inflatable plastic woman...[178]

Origin: This particular euphemism comes from Chris's tendency to refrain from using inappropriate language, as well as his unusual variation of a southern accent combined with a minor speech impediment.

mental block

1. (noun) Chris' autism

And, uh, during my high school years, I was used to being surrounded by… girls… in my circle, and after having to, uh, leave them I felt ever so lonesome. And, after the stress from some of the people—people at PVCC, as well as my mental block of autism, it became hard from me to approach gir—approach the girls like I used to.[179]

Origin: Chris refers to his autism as a "mental block" because he believes the term refers to a disability. In his case, his supposed disability to socialize with girls. In reality, a mental block is the inability to remember a specific thing at a given moment. [180]


1. (adjective) being able to break through the fourth wall.

Also, there is no problem with breaking your own fourth wall with us from your dimension, here. Go Meta. We are certainly Meta with and for you all as well.[181]

Origin: From the Greek prefix meaning "after" or "beyond". Chris views all cartoons as being on a dimension higher than our own. According to him, being able to break through the iron curtain entails obtaining a higher mode of consciousness.


1. (verb) to put a label on Chris or any of his creations in a way he doesn't like, regardless of truth

2. (noun) a label of such slanderous nature; see also "misunderstanding"

I am NOT a Dictator. Why are you giving me an even WORSE Mislabeling than the Homosexual Mislabelings? Why do YOU have to be so bored that you have to make up NEW mislabelings to try and deface me over and over again? [182]

Origin: Just about everywhere. He appears to use this term as often as the word "slanderous". Curiously, the redundancy "ill-mislabeling" (as if there were any other kind) has appeared once.[183]


1.(verb) to lie

Sometimes, I have misspoke. But you are more important to me than ANYTHING. Believe me! I swear. Hand to God. And on my Bible. I'd have to go look for it.[184]

Origin: Instead of accepting that someone has called him out on his bullshit, Chris prefers to say he "misspoke". Needless to say, no one has fallen for this ploy.


1. (noun) a deliberate view that contradicts Chris; see also "mislabel"


Origin: Misappropration. Note that it is not, as in reality,[186] a mistaken notion (alternatively a dispute) based on faulty information, but a malicious action worthy of tard rage. Apparently a slanderous troll has to actively "misunderstand" Chris. Also, Chris has used the related word "misunderstood" (participle adjective) as an insult, not realizing that if the troll misunderstood (transitive verb) him, Chris would be the one that was misunderstood (participle adjective).[187]


1. (adjective) random

I may be modnar, but I try not to be offensive, and if I do, then I am sorry. I can not please Everyone.[188]

Origin: "Random", spelt backwards.

monthly tugboat

1. (noun) Chris's Social Security Disability Service

"I'm getting by livin' with my folks and a monthly tugboat."[189]

Origin: Chris apparently coined the term "Monthly Tugboat" due to a comparison he makes between gaining money through his SSDS vs. winning the lottery. In his mind, winning the lottery is like riding a "Luxury ship that can easily sink", while gaining money from the government is the same as getting cargo from a ship pulled by a tugboat. [190]


1. (noun) Synonym for moral.

The Morrow remains: Look up to whoever and whatever you like as your childhood hero like no one else is watching you; remain proud with your choice and preference. 💜⚡️[191]

Origin: Unknown, possibly a corruption of the word moral. Used exclusively by Magi-Chan during Chris month-long twitter roleplay in August and September of 2019.

muscle bra

1. (noun) A sports bra used for covering a man's bare chest.

And you know what, I highly recommend this to every dude who goes around shirtless: wear a muscle bra. Because nobody, and I mean nobody wants to see your dog-gone ugly pecs, they're so ugly and repulsive, ugh... creeps everybody out.[192]

Origin: Contributing to his previous fear of the homos, Chris also had a fear of seeing the bare chests of other men out of fear that it'll make him gay. He therefore suggested that men cover their chests under penalty of the law. Chris most likely adapted this name due to some weird association he makes between muscles and sports.



1. (adjective) dumb, lacking intelligence.

You are such a cowardly, naïve, retarded, individual.[193]

Origin: Chris only seems to understand the most simplified definition of the word. In general terms, the word "naïve" is defined as "showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment."[194] However, in Chris's mind, the word is used to "question one's intelligence". Despite his distaste for the use of the word on him, this turns out to be a commonly used insult by Chris.

Chris travels to France

1. (noun) semen.

You know that, uh—first off, uh, the one... with the navy being drunk. Yeah. Som—yeah. A b—a—i—a—it's a good idea somet—uhhh... it's a... it's a good idea. But, uh, you know, you don't have to do it if you don't like it, but, uh... I recycle my own semen[195]

Origin: Play on words, i.e, a navy is a collection of seamen/semen.

See also: Comeuppance

nearly same

1. (Adjective) Similar.

And so I killed about- killed about twenty miles round trip for gas to go find her house. But it turns out that was a troll posing as that girl. [sighs] THE VOICES SOUNDED NEARLY SAME.[196]


1. (noun) negligee

So, I went onto Adam & Eve's website, and ordered three garments, and a transparent robe. One of the negligent is about exactly on what I had drawn onto myself.[197]

Origin: An obvious mispelling of "negligee", a form of lingerie.

neurotypically hindered

1. (adjective) Lacking the proper mindset or intelligence to understand Chris' world building, just by being normal.

Go ahead; that Is what happened that day, and they did not mind it much. To mock us makes you all Soo Neurotypically Hindered.[198]

Origin: Chris believes that the term "neurotypical" refers to having average brain function, rather than lacking any sort of autistic traits.[199] He believes that if one only possesses average intelligence, it makes it impossible for them to fully accept his fantasy world, thus claiming it as a "hindrance".


1. (adjective) platonic.

I apologize, but I meant the term neutrally, and I never meant anything from that.[200]

And One More thing, Darling!... Talluah Bankhead would be Insulted with your response to the term's neutral usage. Hmpf!'[201]

Origin: Chris believes words like "darling" and "dear", are gender neutral terms. Because of this, he assumes that if he claims that he used it in a "neutral" way, people will know he's not using the term in a romantic tone.

2. (adjective) politically centrist or nonpartisan.

He is a communist! And we do not like communists within this country! We are Republican, Democrat or neutral... And I am neutral, so I can go either way, but I do not exactly care much for communism!'[202]


1. (noun) An African-American person.

Chris: [sighs, raises his voice] BILLY MAYS IS THE NEW MAYER OF CWCVILLE!

Max: Yeah, and also say that "Christian Chandler will be thrown in jail!" CWCville Jail.

Chris: And Christian Chandler will be thrown in CWCville Jail.

Max: "Where he will be raped by a bunch of niggers!" Say this one really loud.

Chris: Where he will be raped by a bunch of niggos.[203]

Origin: A bastardization of the racial slur "nigger". This minced oath was used only once after BlueSpike persuaded Chris to say: "BILLY MAYS is the new mayor of CWCville, and Christian Chandler will be thrown in CWCville jail, where he will be raped by a bunch of niggers". Chris decided to repeat this phrase, but he also thought he could "outsmart" BlueSpike by replacing "niggers" with "niggos" in order to avoid saying the offending word directly. Ironically, a whole year after the incident, Chris referred to Surfshack Tito as a "nigger" several times, despite not even knowing what he looks like.

No fucking shit / N.F.S.

1. (phrase) obviously

The WCT: Don't let Jacob get close to you ever.

Chris: No fucking shit.[204]

The WCT: The Sockness Saga will be something to watch when Geno gets there.

Chris: N.F.S..[204]

Origin: Another instance of Chris attempting to add unnecessary emphasis onto his writing.


1. (noun) zombie nazis

Anyway, as for the medical study, and this will require your aid, Magi-Chan. In June of 2015, the scientists have found the gene-like molecule which makes a person turn...ugh..nombie-zazis.[205]

Origin: Replacement for homosexuals and homosexuality in the revised Sonichu 10.


1. (noun) a victim of trolling.

Consider who does more harassing, which do you block? [206]

  • Every Foul-Mouth Troll
  • The Not-Troll they follow

Origin: In Chris's mind, only two types of people exist on the Internet, those who are trolls, and those who are victims of trolling. Because the person being trolled is supposedly not a troll, they are a "not-troll". Chris eventually deleted the aforementioned post, and reposted it, replacing "not-troll" with "victim" to clarify what he was referring to in the first place.[207]


1. (noun) the fear that someone you want to date is already dating someone else.

His one fault, that has restricted him from finding the Ms. Right, he had a major case of Noviophobia, where he is afraid to even approach most ladies, because he thought that they were all already paired up with “A Jerk.”[208]

Origin: Because Chris was so frustrated with so many jerks stealing his potential mates, Chris decided that his envy and hatred of men was a real phobia. Thus, overconfident in his ability to speak Spanish, formed the word "noviophobia" by using the Spanish word novio, meaning "boyfriend", and the English suffix, -phobia, meaning fear .



1. (abbreviation, noun) Original Creator. A god or deity, including Chris himself.

I recall that there was a Mythos about me online: myself, Chris Chan, I; I was an OC in my own stories; was I Real in this “Reality” that is Dimension 1218? And then I was confirmed in late 2007 with that blurry photograph of me in a moment of great shock and stress.[209]

2. (abbreviation, noun) Original Creation. A resident of a cartoon dimension

I am pleased to announce from this collab piece alone, we have ten Sonichu/Rosechu OCs confirmed for the OC Expansion Packs of our #TSSSF set of cards, and then some, as I’m also delegating with my other friends as well. This is going to be a massive and lovely OC party![210]

Origin: Short for original character, a common term used by fanfiction authors for characters invented by themselves and used in their stories yet not present in the source material. Chris believes that fictional characters really exist in other dimensions, and under the Idea Guys' influence was convinced they are deserving of worship. Beginning with the Console Patron Units from Hyperdimension Neptunia, he has since generalised this idea on his own.


1. (interjection) Expression of pain in one's axles (the central shafts of rotating wheels or gears in a machine).

OOOHHHHHH!!!! MY AXELS!!!!![211]

Origin: Written for Ghost Buggy's cameo in Sonichu #7, based upon the character's tendency to complain about its aching mechanical components.

CWC GoPony reaction.jpg

1. (interjection) Exclamation uttered by Chris during his phases of holding a messiah complex and role-playing as Sonichu.

Why the Hell would you read that personal shit about Mama with the penis thing? Oh, My Chris Chan![212]

Origin: Typed as a comment for the Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History episode involving an embarrassing email.


1. (adjective) Holding a belief that may be considered politically incorrect.

But still, call me old-fashioned but, I'd rather be- I would not- I'd uh- I'd definitely wouldn't uh... NOT BLACK. Not black.[213]

My father is OLD FASHIONED; he NEVER gives thought to homos, and he HATES them too.[214]

Origin: Chris seems to regard most traditional beliefs and rituals to be offensive to the general public.

2. (adjective) Dating back to the 1980s.

Ah, you can tell this is an old-fashioned Lego set on account of this—the old-fashioned "LegoLand" on the corner.[215]

Origin: Chris seems to believe anything that's been made more than 5 years ago is as old as dirt.

3. (adjective) Preferring real women over waifus.

Nothing against waifus and the people who have them, but I Never Really understood the appeal and concept of making out a character from a show who is Dimensions Away from your own league to be any sort of a significant other to you. I’m more old-fashioned towards real women.[216]

Origin: Unknown. However, Chris seemed to use this word like this because he's aware it isn't considered customary to be sexually attached to fictional characters over real people.

ounce of vagina

1. (phrase) Essentially Chris's way of saying "I'll at least lose my virginity at some point".

And, as for you, Jason Kendrick Howell… as sure as I am to get at least one ounce of vagina, I have your number, and you're going down![217]

Origin: Obviously confused when it comes to both euphemisms and basic units of measure, Chris has stated that he is sure to get "at least one ounce of vagina" within his lifetime.[218] Which, after an encounter with a girl named Mia Hamm, may be true...or not.[219]


1. (noun) the act of stimulating someone else's genitals.

I understand. You may or may not have had much exposure to sexual images as I've had, so the idea of a "hand job" (which was the act drawn there) as part of outtercourse [sic] (versus intercourse) was a surprise to you.[220]

Origin: The word "outercourse" is actually another way to refer to dry humping.[221] In Chris's mind however, outercourse simply refers to sex which involves touching another's genitals, because the action happen outside of the body.


1. (adjective) Being overly inexperienced.

My Body is sexually overinexperienced, and Starved.[222]

Origin: It apparently didn't occur to Chris that sexual inexperience isn't the least bit comparative, at least not in the context where he intended to use this word.

overpowered (or OP)

1. (adjective) A disproportionate amount of strength, which is worn as a badge of honor.

If I was a neuro-typical mind, as opposed to overpowered psychic, I’d have gotten dizzy. [223]

Origin: A term normally meant to refer to imbalance in game mechanics. Chris adopted the term at some point during or after the Idea Guys saga as a way to brag about his nonexistent psychic abilities and ludicrously powerful fictional characters.



1. (noun) an epic style of running

Hello there, fans! It's Christian Chandler here, live at the downtown mall, where for the Sonichu franchise and city of CWCville, and everything like that, I'm gonna do a parkay from this point all the way down to the gara--parking garage where, at the end, we will get a nice view of the tent-style theater that's down there where events are held.[224]

Origin: In the video Sonichu's Edge, Chris calls his style of running "parkay". Chris confused his running as a form of parkour, an acrobatic sport typically used in the military as a means of practicing the navigation of a complex environment without the use of equipment. [225]. Given Chris's Speech Impediment, the word "parkour" somehow came out as "parkay".


1. (noun) Any work that "borrows" characters, plots, or styles from other pieces of fiction, whether infringing International Copyright Law or otherwise.

Any names, or persons, illustrated in any of the Sonichu Comics, except that of Christian Weston Chandler, that may seem similar to anyone in real life, are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic.[226]

Origin: Chris's understanding of what constitutes as a parody most likely comes from his interest in shows like Family Guy and Excel Saga, the former of which use copyrighted characters to make jokes around them, and the latter of which parodied various clichés found in anime. In his mind, because those shows can get away with using such characters and scenes, that gives him an excuse to do the same thing in his comics as long as he states it's being done as a "parody". Ironically, Whenever Chris spoted an actual parody, he thought that the characters from the original work were being defaced.[227]


1. (noun) Someone who disregards you, or otherwise does not accept you for who you are.

So you enjoy it, just do it—don't worry about other people's opi—pinions. Because, uh, compared to the other schools, those people who disregard you are just total peanuts. And I'm not talkin' Charlie Brown; I'm talkin' 'bout the little nuts after the shells. The real peanut gallery. That would be peanuts, wouldn't it?[228]

Origin: Apparently derived from "peanut gallery," a term used to describe the hecklers in an vaudeville audience who would throw peanuts at a performer. Chris's own spin on this concept is to dismiss such hecklers as being insignificant like literal peanuts.


1. (noun) A pedophile.

I am not a pedofork, you DORKS!!![229]

Origin: Created as a half-assed attempt to make "pedophile" rhyme with dork. Coined in Chris's Madman Rising video, in response to the trolls who were comparing him to Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy.

Chris bought this back in 2018. The brine soaked irony!

1. (noun) A penis, particularly one of any man that isn't Chris.

Do me a favor, draw a VAGINA on my Rosechu, Rosechu IS A GIRL; SHE NEVER HAD A FREAKIN' PICKLE!!!![230]

Origin: The word "pickle" is one of the few hundred slang words for the word "penis".[231] It is unknown why Chris prefers to refer to the penises of other men as "pickles", while he calls his own his "duck", but it may have to do with Chris's sexual insecurity and the fact that he legitimately hates actual pickles [232], whereas Chris thinks he's special enough to have a cutesy name for his own penis.


1. (proper noun) The 45th president of the United States: Donald Trump.

EID PMURT EID!!!!!![233]

Origin: Donald Trump's last name, but spelled backwards. In Chris's first usage of this CWC-ism, Chris mentioned how "Trump spelled backward is "Pmurt", which sounds like "hurt".[234] Due to Chris's strong hatred for Trump, he frequently referred to Trump as Pmurt- believing that the spoken word of a backwards name has the power to degrade and weaken a person.[235]. In Chris's eyes, if he repeated the word again and again, everyone would turn against Trump and start voting for Hillary. Unsurprisingly, Chris had no sway over the election aside from his own vote.


1. (noun) Marijuana.

Anyway, eclectic! High on the hedge and high on the hog. You want some of this poke, mon?[236]

Origin: Intended as a demonstration of what "Soni-Chew the Eclectic Heeedge Hog Poke Mon of London, England" would sound like. A coded reference to Pokémon.


1. (adjective) Polygamous.

I go [sic] married to Magi-Chan Sonichu and Cryzel Rosechu last March, and then I married Sylvana Rosechu and Mewtwo last June. We all share a polyamorous relationship.[237]

Origin: An etymologically malformed neologism from the 1970's for having multiple romantic or sexual relations at once, misapplied by Chris.


1. (noun) Subordinates or helpers, often those wittingly or unwittingly aiding a sinister character.

You keep sending out your prawns to do your dirty work, you coward.[238]

Origin: Chris almost certainly meant to type "pawns" here.


1. (noun) Punishments given for insulting or harming Chris.

War gets you prickly-wicklies... as well as punches.[239]

Origin: Refer to Fuzzy-Wuzzies.

See Also: fuzzy-wuzzies

Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens

1. (backronym) The headquarters of several Sonichu villains.

Origin: The name itself is a backronym of the college Chris attended, the Piedmont Virginia Community College. After experiencing several mishaps throughout his college experience[240][241], the dean giving him the cold hard truth about why his Love Quest is doomed to fail became the straw that broke the camel's back, and Chris thought it would be a smart idea to deface the college afterward in his comics.


1. (???) Unknown.

There's no quote to cite this from, just a logo in which Chris gives the name "Prowldent Virginia Community College" to PVCC.[242]

Origin: Likely combining connotations of "prowl" and "dent" (either to leave an indentation or teeth).

Pu Tuhs!

1. (phrase) Shut Up!

SHE; my Ariel Starter was Female from the start, so Pu Tuhs![243]

Origin: "Shut up" backwards. Because it is backwards, Chris thinks it is more debasing than the normal version of the phrase.



1. (noun) Short for quarter sandwich (i.e. a quarter of a sandwich).

So, mom ignored her and ate the q-sand in front of her.[244]

Origin: Appeared in an e-mail sent to Jackie dated August 5, 2011. Most likely unnecessarily used as a way past cool abbreviation.


1. (noun) An office space; headquarters.

Then that B-Dog ripped up my notes and all, dragged me to her quarters and talked down to me very RUDELY AND HOARSELY.[245]

Origin: Whenever Chris says that he's being brought to someone's office, he always refers to it as their "quarters", as if he was being brought to some kind of evil hideout. This could be to add unnecessary dramatic effect to his stories.

2. (noun, pl.) coins, no matter their origin or worth.

Uhh. I want a soda, but it takes only C quarters and I only have W quarters. Do you have any change?[246]

Origin: The first time this word was used like this was in Sonichu 9, where it is revealed that CWCville issues its currency in the form of "C-quarters" and "W-quarters". According to this issue, 10 C-quarters, make up a single W-quarter, which ultimately defeats the whole concept of the "quarter" coin. Despite being a part of the United States, CWC-ville still issues this strange form of currency, along with US dollars. Because of this, Chris likely decided to refer to his currency as "quarters" so that it could technically count as US currency.


1. (exclamation) A fancy replacement of the word "right" or "correct".

Arthur: Magi-Chan, it's because of his-- you know, he wants to help all of his friends, and with his ability to contact them all simultaenously at the same time, it's an amazing ability to have.

Chris: Quite, he is the psychic type, after all.[247]

2. (adverb) to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree; absolutely; completely.

Hm. Not enough to, uhh... Well, he knows quite-- he can see quite a bit far into the future, but although there are details of which you might not be able to see, a point or two. [248]

For a hundred dollars? Th-that's, that's quite, that's uh, it'd take more funds for me to, more funds than that for me to be able to acquire the material figures...[249]

Origin: Chris infamously used this word, along with "indeed" ad nauseam in his interview with Arthur Spatchcock, believing that doing so is essentially the same as speaking his language, British if you will.



1. (noun) a condom.

You ARE the woman...we gotta stop by Wall-Mall-Wart on the way for a "raincoat".[250]

Origin: The term "raincoat" is actually an archaic slang term for the word "condom".[251] Given that Chris has been raised by two geezers his whole life, and that part of his childhood has consisted of old TV shows, Chris thought that people would understand what he meant when he states that his Mary Sues are having protected sex with a raincoat.

random-access humor

1. (noun) non-sequitur.

Punchy grew up in a dojo, where he perfected his punches. He is also full of random-access humor. He lost his tail in a brutal fight.[252]

Origin: According to Chris, his brain is completely random, and it always spews out incoherent garbage. In his mind, this works in the same way a computer processes random-access memory.[253]

Reldnahc the Rapier

1. (noun, attributive) rapist, sexual assailant.

Now! My rapier friend, I would very much like you to get off me, please.[254]

Origin: Chris-Chan Sonichu calls Reldnahc Ha-Taque his "rapier friend" in Sonichu #12 after Reldnahc tackles him to the ground in a suggestive pose and touches his chest, thus (in Chris's hyperbolic mind) "raping" him. As a double double entendre, he could also be using the externally attested definition, as an adjective meaning "witty",[255] and metaphorically referring to a kind of thin, sharp-pointed sword. This is incredibly unlikely due to Chris's basic understanding of the English language, and he most likely didn't know "rapist" is the term for one who rapes, not raper or rapier.

reality cartoon

1. (noun) The universe.

Life is a cartoon; we are all the characters of the larger; the cartoons we make are part of our own universe; we're all a reality cartoon.[256]

Origin: Since Chris's life revolves mainly around Vidya and cartoons, it would make sense to him that the most believable explanation for the universe and everything in it is that it's all a cartoon. Likely related to Chris's known belief that all fiction actually exists in alternate universes. Chris' interactions with the Idea Guys made this idea seem even more plausible to him.


1. (verb) the act of one ingesting their own semen to preserve their sperm count.

I recycle my own semen, because, uh, you know, yes I do masturbate.[257]

Origin: Chris, having very little knowledge of how the male reproductive system works, thinks that men can run out of sperm from masturbating or orgasming too much. Fearing the loss of "potential children", Chris actually thinks that by ingesting the sperm back into his body, his sperm count will stay in balance, thus, he is "recycling" it.

Glug! Glug! Glug!

1. (noun) beer or any other alcoholic beverage of the like.

Then he glugs his reeb, heh-heh, and then he conks out.[258]

Origin: Chris, thinking he's so clever, decided to censor any mention of the word "beer" in his comics, by spelling the word backward.

Resident-Evil refrigerator

1. (noun) The refrigerator in the previous Chandler Household.

Kitchen very much blocked off all over... with the Resident Evil refrigerator right there.[259]

Origin: Chris refers to the fridge as the "Resident Evil" kind, because in Japan, the game Resident Evil is known as Biohazard.[260][261] Considering the quality of the household, that name may very well fit the description of the fridge in the state it was in before filming the Second House Tour.


1. (noun) The female counterpart of the Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon.

Origin: Derived from the appropriately named first Rosechu of CWCville, Rosechu. The name of the species is a portmanteau of the last name of the Sonic the Hedgehog character, Amy Rose, and "Raichu", the evolved form of a Pikachu.



1 (noun) An ongoing event within Chris' life.

A Sonichu Special: CWC's Love Quest Saga

Origin: Chris was actually the first to use the term "saga" as Christorians know it today, using it as such when describing his Love Quest on the cover of Sonichu 4. It wasn't until the Miyamota Saga when the term was used by Christorians to describe ongoing events in Chris' life as we know it.


1 (adjective) showing more maturity or coarseness than is expected, especially knowledge of honest topics like sex.

Ah, but I am not the weak person they think I am; I am much, much saltier![262]

Origin: Based upon a line from "Bowling Girls", ninth episode of Excel Saga: "But I'm not the sweet little girl I was a few minutes ago! I'm much, much saltier now!" "Salty" in this context derives from naval lingo, since the most experienced sailors would have greater exposure to both the saltwater seas and worldly experiences.

scale of respect

1. (noun) Chris's way of measuring his respect for other people.

I'll consider knocking you and Susan up my Scale of Respect each by 2 points[263]

Origin: Chris, like most other autistics, tends to view the world based on numerical values due to their lack of understanding of certain abstract concepts such as respect. Because of this, Chris made his very own numerical scale to decide on who should be respected, compared to who shouldn't.


1. (noun) Misspelling of senior.

A cool Junior or Seinor-Year student, and follow their example on asking others out[264]

Origin: An example of how the “i before e rule” escapes Chris.


1. (adjective) describing a situation which is epic, and at the same time related to Chris and his various clones.

And I will square-off in the TRULY SELF-EPIC Battle between me, and my Dark Half.[265]

Origin: Self-explanatory.

self-sexually active

1. (adjective) in the habit of masturbating.

And Another Thing, yes, I will admit I was self-sexually active; WAS. You all turned me off of Sex LONG Before I even thought of coming out as Trans in ‘14.[266]

Origin: A modification of "sexually active".

An example of a "shipping".

1. (noun) An act of two or more OCs interacting with or performing any given action towards one another, regardless of any romantic feelings.

You must take a Pony card from the grid and reattach it elsewhere with this Ship. That card's power activates. At the end of the turn, until the Pony card attached with this Ship is discarded of removed from the grid, it gains the Keyword Villain.[267]

Origin: An abbreviation of the word "relationship". Chris learned the term from the card game Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder, a My Little Pony fan game satirizing the popular internet trend of shipping. He used the game as another creative medium to sell items to fans, trolls, weens, and enablers.


1. (adjective) hurtful; defamitory.

And this is the last time I will ever say anything in response to your shitful and hurtful comments and hatred for Hate's Sake![268]

Origin: Shitful is a vulgar slang word, synonymous with words like "boat-load" or "truck-load". Chris may have seen the "shit" part of this word and assumed that it was a more profane version of "hateful". Disregarding its actual meaning, the word to Chris is used for situations that seem "shitty" to him.


1. (acronym) an extended acronym for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) which includes "straights" and "questioning people".

Considering your logo there, Texas will be feeling more love from the SLGBTQ community; give us props and Love, Lone Star State.[269]

Origin: When Chris first used this acronym, he didn't explain what groups the "S" or "Q" were supposed to represent, making plenty of people confused. Eventually, Chris revealed that the "S" represents straight and cis-gender people, while "Q" represents "queers" or "questioning people". Chris believes that if he included straight people into LGBT, then those particular people would feel more invited to join into the community. Considering the fact that gay people are minorities, adding the "S" to LGBT only defeats the entire purpose of identifying people as LGBT in the first place.


1. (noun) a mentally handicapped person

And finally, after a hard "odd" day, he rides home on a bus, but unfortunately, it had a few "slow-in-the-minds" on it.[270]

Origin: While the exact origin of the term is unknown, slow-in-the-minds was first used by Chris in a high school assignment.[271] "Slow-in-the-minds" works as a stand in for the less-socially-acceptable "retard", so it's possible that Chris created this CWC-ism in order to self-censor.


1. (adjective) mentally retarded

As for what had happened during PVCC, in a nutshell; about Mid-Summer, 2003, I've realize upon revolation that I needed a girl friend to make into a Sweetheart from the Ground-Up, so with a sign (which I've later realized that it made me look slow-minded; the "R" Word), I've started my Enduring Love Quest.[272]

OK, I can definitely name you a few reasons, like there was this one [stutters] …there was this one slow-minded individual named Tony. He was like as big as-he was as big and strong as an ox. He just kept on making all the moanings and noises and whatnot, and he sometimes even-even-a couple of times he even spat on me, and he even bopped me on the back of the head once or twice during the whole-during the whole time I knew him there.[273]

2. (adjective) stupid, but not quite retarded

I'll admit I have had some slow-minded moments. But I am certainly not totally retarded.[274]


1. (interjection) A phrase one may shout out when asked for attendance.



Origin: An obvious example of Chris's random-access humor. This weird phrase appeared in Sonichu #9, when the cast was asked for their attendance during a Dating Education class. When Wild Sonichu was asked for his attendance, he blurted out this phrase as Chris's many attempts to be funny in his comics. Given Chris's childish sense of humor, it would make a whole lot of sense for him to include a character randomly blurt out a nonsensical phrase out of nowhere.

snooze cruise

1. a long period of slumber

Next, he had Trigonometry...I'd hate to be Christian when his nerves kicked into action after waking up from a "notey" snooze cruise, but I was.[276]

Origin: Taken from Sonic Adventure.


1. (Phrase) Used to announce a change in subject.

Anyway and now for somecummpentydifferent stay tuned for somecummpentydifferent — a bunch of good pushups![277]

2. (Phrase) Used to announce use of random-access humor.

And now for somecummpentydifferent. BUUUUNG! And now it's Monty Python's flying elephants. Du tu du tu du tu du. Du tu du tu du tu du. Johan, why is people running away? I don't know, Greeg, why is people running away.[278]

Origin: Chris is trying to say "And now for something completely different" like John Cleese does on Monty Python. Suffice to say Cleese's ability to say three multisyllabic words in rapid succession exceeds that of Chris.


1. (adjective) The quality of having smoked recreationally, be it tobacco, marijuana, or some other substance.

Thank our mayor, Mr. Christian Weston Chandler that CWCville is a clean city; nobody has to go home drunk or somkey![279]

Origin: A simple corruption of the word 'Smokey', used by Jamsta Sonichu and Lolisa Rosechu during their report on Spring Break, 2008!.


1. (noun) The male counterpart of the Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon.

Origin: Derived from the appropriately named first Sonichu of CWCville, Sonichu. The name of the species is a portmanteau of the name of the titular character of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic, and "Pikachu".


1. (adverb) Very, Very much.

Dear Blanca, I am soo happy that you were revealed as my True, Honest Sweetheart-To-Be[280]

Origin: In writing, Chris often adds extra o's to the word "so" to prolong the "o" sound and show added emphasis. This has the (unintentional?) effect of mimicking the speech patterns of a Valley Girl or an effeminate homosexual. However, where most people would add two or more o's, (e.g., "I love you sooo much!"), Chris frequently only adds one, resulting in "soo," which makes the word look like it's supposed to be pronounced "sue".

This may originate from pamphlets published by Channing Bete, short and uninformative self-help pamphlets often handed out at churches, the last page of which often feature a summary headlined by "Soo…" Given his distrust of help from anyone other than Rocky, it is not entirely impossible that Chris has read Channing Bete pamphlets occasionally.

This is one of many recurring jokes in the Sonichu Audiobooks in which the narrator pronounces words like "soo" as they are literally spelled, instead of how Chris intended them to be read.


1. (noun) Sexual intercourse as a means of purifying someone.

What had happened was Literally a Divine Mission, commissioned to Christine and I by Emanuel (GOD above Gods), herself, to Heal and Cleanse Barbara's health and soul and being and Clear her of remaining sins and regrets through Coddling, Talking, and Supportive Soul Bonding to mainly Extend her Life, personally by Divine Intervention.[281]

Origin: Chris has somehow come under the delusion that having sex with his mother would "purify" her, and extend her lifetime, all through the act of bonding each other's souls.

soup beds

1. (noun) Homeless shelter with beds

I mean, we have soup kitchens and we have soup beds. We should really combine the two into SOUP HOTELS![282]

Origin: Chris tries to distill his "soup hotel" idea into its two components, but he mangles one of them by retaining the "soup" prefix.

sourdough region

1. (noun) The crotch area

Its weak point is still the sourdough region, but it would take FIVE KICKS to get to it[283]

Origin: In his Sonichu comics, Chris has decided to make the main weakness of the jerkops their crotch. The weakest of the jerkops take only one kick to be taken down, while higher-ranking jerkops, such as Jerkhief take five. The reason why Chris refers to this spot as the "sourdough region" is unknown, but most of his other CWC-isms already tend to sound so nonsensical to begin with, it barely even matters.

spike on one's shoulder

1. (phrase) refers to the act of holding grievances towards someone.

There was a whole bunch of misunderstandings between me and my employer, and he had a spike on his shoulder against me.[284]

Origin: A confusion with the phrase "chip on one's shoulder".


1. (noun) A small amount.

the recent 43.98 purchase was actually a spot of Wheeling and Dealing I did; I actually spent less to make a profit.[285]

Origin: Chris likes to retardedly incorporate British English into his sentences when he has the chance, possibly to sound more classy than he actually is. The phrase "A spot of X" is a British English idiom referring to a small amount of something.

sticky dream

1. (noun) A wet dream

After falling back asleep Chris had a "sticky dream."[286]

Origin: Chris claims that a "wet dream" actually refers to wetting one's bed as opposed to nocturnal emission.

straight path

1. (noun) The quality of being heterosexual

And, besides, if you stray away from the straight path, it can really jeopardize the entire future of the world and the human race.[287]

Origin: Before the Tomgirl Saga, Chris had an intense fear of "falling off the straight path". When he states this, he is essentially referring to being on the path to straightness, in the same way a normal person would refer to someone being on the path to success. Chris also had this unrealistic idea that being in contact with gay men would suddenly make him gay too, which would therefore make him fall off the path. Possibly also an allusion to the phrase "straight and narrow" and/or the Biblical passage Matthew 7:14: "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."


1. (noun) The side stories in the Sonichu comics.

Origin: A result of Chris' use of television jargon in his comics.


1. (noun) Minced oath for "son of a bitch."

Yo, Christian, thanks for saving my sister from that crazy sumbah[288]

Origin: Probably based upon "sumbitch."


1. (noun) A pet name used by Electric Hedgehog Pokemon.

Ahh..that salad was great! What's wrong sweetbolt?[289]

2. (noun) A sweetheart.

I understand, and I will NEVER put it against you. Yes, as your SweetBolt. :)?[290]

Origin: When Chris first worked on his Sonichu comics, he tried to incorporate as many references to electricity as he can, in order to match with the Pikachu part of the titular character. A portmanteau of the CWC-ism "sweetheart" and "bolt".


1. (noun) A potential lover.

Oh, gee, I'm sorry Bionic, but back then I was na- I was naive on dating and all that, so I just didn't think of it at the time. But if you a sweetheart, Meg has created quite a few foxy characters. If she's cool with it, you could go out with one of them.[291]

Origin: Another cutesy pet name given to candidates of his Love Quest.

sweetheart from the ground-up

1. (noun) An ideal sweetheart beyond the friend zone.

For days to weeks to months to years, I Felt So Lonesome and Incomplete. But I didn't STOP! In the name of Love, and the fact that there had to be a Boyfriend-Free Girl out there, somewhere, for me to get to know, grow a strong companionship with and make into a Sweetheart from the Ground-Up, so in later years, after the inevitability of my parents leaving me, I WON'T BE ALONE. And I can eventually realize my dream of being a good husband, and father of a pretty girl named Crystal.[292]

Origin: As stated, Chris intended to use this weird phrase to indicate that he wants an ideal gal-pal well beyond the friend zone. Chris thought this phrase sounded so clever, that he used it constantly.



1. (noun) The 13-19 age group; teenage years.

Ahem... hello, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, and dudes of all teenages, as well as the, uh, gals.[293]

Origin: In Chris's Future Message, he attempts to talk down to just about every age group. In order to do this, he starts his video off with the quote above. Chris clearly couldn't think of a way to refer to teenagers, so he decided to refer to such people by "teenages". A butchering of "people of all ages".

Chris spelling tier wrong.

1. (noun) Misspelling of tier.

$1 Teir[294]

Origin: Yet another example of how Chris is unaware of “i before e”. In a June 2019 update, he managed to spell tier wrong throughout multiple descriptions, despite the correctly-spelled word being visible right on the page.


1. (noun) Telepathy, i.e. communication through long distances, usually via psychic or supernatural means.

I’ve been communicating with her through telekinesis, and she sounded very lonesome.[295]

Origin: Whereas telekinesis means moving objects from a distance with psychic powers (c.f. kinetic), Chris has never used the term properly. Psychic characters in the comic have both powers of telekinesis and telepathy, but Chris has only used the former to refer to both.


1. Chris's house.

Food for Barbara is also appreciated, and Visitors who personally offer genuine Kindness and Good Intentions are all encouraged to visit the Temple.[296]

Origin: In 2019 Chris designated his house as the "Temple of CWC Sonichu" due to his growing Messiah complex.

That was a straw that sold the blade to the executioner

1. (phrase) That was the final straw.

And on top of that, literally doxing someone on Kiwi, because someone has a hold over Naught to the point of him having to feel very insecure about himself. And the topper, in my eyes, one of y'all sent threats to Anni. Fortunately, she completely missed and overlooked that memo in her inbox. That was a straw that sold the blade to the executioner.[297]

Origin: Chris used the phrase in listing his grievances against some members of the Watchmen.

theoretical ex

1. (noun) One of the trolls who posed as a potential love interest for Chris during the classic period of trolling, between 2008 and 2011; a catfish, generally-speaking.

Yeah, it’s like, you know, even when I try to make a new relationship, uh, especially among the theoretical rex-, exes I had, I still could not tell which was which…[298]

Origin: Chris started calling the trolls who pretended to be his girlfriends during the classic era "theoretical exes" around the time of his date with Catie. When pressed by Cousin Al as to what he meant, he cited that people may not always be who they say they are on the Internet.

This Viral Event

1. (noun) The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) outbreak in early 2020, which began in China on New Year's Eve 2019 and has since become the most severe pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1918. Regarded by Chris as a trivial excuse to cancel a perfectly good My Little Pony convention.

The Bottom Line is that This Viral Event is actually a better step in our own developments and evolution, as well as a deity-level test to sort out the weak from the moderate and strong of mental and soulful intervals, and nothing else.[299]

Origin: Chris's theodicy assigns any misfortune in the world to the Dimensional Merge. As the disease's spread has caused many governments to forbid large gatherings as a sanitary measure, it has become a personal inconvenience to Chris. He believes that the pandemic will soon be stopped by fictional characters' efforts,[300] making it nothing but a transient event.


1. (noun) tobacco or tobacco products

If I could, I would take every last ounce of tobacky, put 'em on a rocket, and shoot 'em up to the Moon.[301]

Origin: American English slang, used by Chandlers since 1856,[302] and for random access humor since 1928.[303] Chris hates the act of smoking cigarettes so much that even uttering the word "tobacco" makes him feel uncomfortable, so Chris uses this as a retarded minced oath.[304]

A duck pounding some tom-tom real hard

1. (noun) female genitalia.


Origin: Taken from the short Adult Swim music video, Pound my Tom-Tom, which served as the intro to the cartoon, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil.[306] Considering Chris barely understands anything adult, the fact that this was meant to be a bad euphemism, which the character, Lucy, used to avoid directly mentioning her vagina, flew over his head.


1. (noun) A femboy, which is a person who identifies as male though still cross dresses.

I am Tomgirl.[307]

Origin: analogous to "tomboy", i.e. a girl who likes boy-stuff.

too many crooks

1. (interjection) Expression of dissatisfaction with an overabundance of evildoers.

Well, call it--this was "too many crooks." Too many crooks! Too many crooks! And that ED page is one of those crooks.[308]

Origin: Based upon the idiom, "too many cooks spoil the broth," although that idiom means something, whereas this is just an incomplete sentence.


1. (noun) ménage à trois; a romantic relationship between three people.

Magi-Chan Sonichu, Silvana Rosechu & Mewtwo / A Loving Triage[309]

Origin: A corruption or misspelling of "triad", possibly influenced by the ending of "ménage". "Triage" is a real word with a completely different meaning and unrelated etymology.

trollin' stupid

1. (adjective) Very stupid, in a manner pertaining to trolling.

Because that's what you deserve, you God damn womanizing raping... trollin' stupid pickle suited... nigger![310]

Origin: Chris seems to have coined this phrase for his "Boyfriend" lyrics with "trollin'" serving as an intensifier along the lines of "fucking."

true and honest

1. (adjective) something honest.

I like sharing my honest feelings with other people because they're good feelings, most of the time. And more importantly they are true and honest feelings. SO THERE.[311]

Origin: Chris first used the adjective with reference to his love for PandaHalo, and the adjective was often used by Liquid Chris.


ugly growth

1. (phrase) A phrase used by Chris to refer to his own penis negatively.

"Did I not just tell you I am Seven Inches Long?! It is soo long, that I am literally able to stretch it Under my taint, and tuck it between my own ass cheeks, beyond my ass hole. With help, I can literally even shove the head of the Ugly Growth Up Mine!"[312]


1. (noun) A piercing Chris got on his perrinium as an immitation clitoris.

It is a short, steel straight piece with steel spheres, of which I refer to them as my un-clit.[313]

Origin: During his Tomgirl years, Chris was, and still is, very desperate to gain female body traits such as bigger breasts, wider hips, a fully functioning vagina, etc. In order to get a part of the work done, Chris got a piercing on his taint as a sort of pseudo-clitoris, showing more of Chris's limited knowledge of female anatomy.

Most uncouth!

1. (adjective) unlikeable, lacking good manners.

And, by the way, among which, You give the Males a Most Terrible and Horrible Name in your behavior. Most Uncouth.[314]

Trump is most Immature, Uncouth, and Not Valid to be president.[315]

I felt it appropriate to change my profile photo back to the filtered one for what happened in France the while back with due respect of the continuing of Trump's most drastic and uncouth actions in office.[316]

You, sir, are Uncouth.[317]

All of you are nothing but immature, borish, uncouth, and damned Neanderthals.[318]

Not Sexual Fantasy; Friendships, You Uncouth Cad. Hmpf![319]

And as it Had been My fault on that #NationalGirlfriendTweet that started the whole mess, that was Why I chose whole-heartedly to Harass Me instead of Doopie or Anyone Else who was being harassed with the mis-content from Years Ago from me taken Out Of Context, Mind you, because Harassing Anyone at Anyone else’s Expense is Just Plain Wrong, Bullying, and Uncouth![320]

And it was ignored by you that Talulah Bankhead coined the term for Tabitha, you Uncouth Twat.[321]

I agree it is shameful of these people to have accounts just to haze at me and all others, Soo uncouth.[322]

I miss Jessica. You Trolls Scared Her Off by either Hacking or Reporting her Facebook. You Uncouth Cads![323]

Origin: As demonstrated, Chris uses this word way more than any 21st-century American would. It is often speculated that Chris picked up this word from an MLP episode, where Applebloom and Applejack are talking about what the word "uncouth" means.[324] Seeing how this conversation alone is somehow a staple in the Brony subculture, and how Chris is one of those Bronies who sees more meaning in the show than it actually possesses, Chris likely picked up this term due to how foreign and smart it sounded to him.

Chris is also notorious for his use of British English whenever he tries to make it seem he knows what he's talking about. So it is also fairly likely Chris may have adapted this word solely because he thinks British English words will make him sound smarter.


1. (interjection) A sexual chant from the Cherokian Clan.

There is no quote to directly cite the use of this CWC-ism. This CWC-ism was used in one of Chris' art pieces appropriately named "UNGA-WUNGA"

Origin: Comes from a horrifying art piece Chris drew of himself banging Jackie against a tree while a group of Cherokians masturbate to their orgy.[325] As for the questionably racist phrase itself, Chris simply stated that it was "just a random phrase I randomly picked for the natives to chant as they jerked off."[326]


1. (preposition) Archaic or poetic form of the word "to".

Now that it has been made fully clear to me, I am now able to devote myself fully unto you, Julie.[327]

I am very devastated, due to my SHATTERED HEART that XXXXX caused unto me!

Origin: Another one of Chris's autistic ways of sounding smart, possibly in imitation of the Bible. (c.f. Do unto others...). Chris uses this form more frequently than most English speakers of the 21st century should, even when it sounds unwieldy.



1. (noun) female genitalia

There is no quote to cite the use of this CWC-ism. Chris used this CWC-ism in an e-mail address "".

Origin: A strange hybrid of the words "vagina" and "vegetables", purely for Random-Access Humor.


1. (noun) Vegemite

Certainly not a vege-marmite sanwich. Lol[328]

Origin: A retarded pun made by Chris to state his distaste for veggie marmite. Coincidentally, vegemite is essentially marmite, yeast extract from brewing beer turned into a pungent, salty paste, with vegetables and spices added in.[329]


1. (noun) A transvestite person.

"That is the difference between Trans Gender and Vestites; ID as the other sex, and dressing like it, respectively"[330]

Origin: In the above post, Chris intended to write the words "transgender" and "transvestite" in the same sentence without duplicating the trans suffix. He did so by adding a space between the prefix and the respective endings. It is worth mentioning that "Vestite" is a word in Latin, and simply refers to being clothed, without any connotations regarding cross-dressing.

virgin with rage

1. (noun) An individual who is sexually frustrated

Tell me why

I'm stuck as a virgin with rage! Tell me why I so need a cute girl my age! Tell me why I never wanna hear you say,

"I have a boyfriend!"[331]

Origin: Even after allegedly having sex with Mia Hamm, the idea of being a virgin and not having a sweetheart upset Chris. He would throw tantrums after losing a potential sweetheart, and thus missing out on an opportunity to lose his virginity.

Virginia is for virgins

1. (phrase) A phrase that pushes the idea that the citizens of Virginia won't allow Chris to get a girlfriend solely due to his autism.


Origin: An intentional butchering of the phrase "Virginia is for Lovers". His belief that the state of Virginia is behind some kind of conspiracy to prevent him from finding true love has started since attending PVCC. While there, Chris has gotten himself putting up Attraction Signs, loitering with said signs on campus, and even creating a newsletter series in order to attract potential sweethearts. Seeing how all of this violated the school's rules and policies, he was sent directly to the Dean in order for her to straighten him out.[333] Of course, Chris took this to be another instance of him being discriminated, solely for being autistic. This, coupled with the fact that he's already failed on several occasions to actually get to date any of his his female friends in high school, reinforced this belief.

Mrs. Banks, wearing the "Votes for Women" sash that Chris so blatantly misinterpreted.

1. (phrase) A phrase shouted in protest of pictures depicting women with penises.


Origin: Taken from a sash Mrs. Banks, a character from Mary Poppins, had worn. Chris clearly took this banner to simply refer to any kind of mistreatment towards women, rather than the fairly obvious implication that she's actually fighting for the right to vote.

See Also: Women's Rights


Walter Grisby

1. (noun) A man's name often employed in acts of random-access humor.

"Is this Walter Grisby? Who threw a frisbee? Well you know what? DAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!"[335]

2. (noun) The retconned name of the character formerly known as Wes Iseli.

Origin: Unknown; thought by some to be a reference to the Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd n Eddy. A character in the PC game The Sims 3 goes by the name of Walter Grisby, but the game's release post-dates Chris's first uses of the term by some years.

Warroir of Love
History's greatest warroirs.

1. (noun) an advocate for spreading love and peace.

"People! You do not understand! By Not blocking the Trolls, you are Promoting Hatred; They don't always side with Love. I Am Warroir of Love."[336]

Origin: Misspelling of the word "warrior". Chris considers himself a "warrior of love" because he believes that he is the voice of kindness. Most likely derived from the derogatory term "Social Justice Warrior", a term used for individuals who advocate for social justice and equality.

water on the rocks
Literally a drink on the rocks.

1. (phrase) water poured over Chris's magic stones for drinking.

#DrinkWater; Filtered or Bottled, preferred; Quartz, Rose Quartz, or Amethyst optional to enjoy it on the rocks (held in place with aluminum wire).[337]

staying hydrated with more than 101.4 ounces of filtered water on the rocks within a #Glacce bottle[338]

Origin: In accordance with his New Age beliefs, Chris purchased a Glacce water bottle for $80+, which features a crystal display set inside. He later placed one of his magic stones into it, crudely held in by aluminum wire, and refers to drinking from the bottle as "water on the rocks."


1. (adjective) Having large breasts.

And her image dawned upon me in my imagination, starting out as the well-breasted pink electric-hedgehog (Pok'emon) with the long Raichu-like tail, I drew her outfit onto her in red and Battery-Charged Blue.[339]

Origin: Confusion between "well-endowed" and "large-breasted".

witching hours

1. (noun) The time between midnight and 4 AM that Chris cannot fall asleep during.

I know that I'm gonna be more effective with the witching hours during the night once again, whether I'm asleep or not, okay.[340]

Origin: Unknown


1. (interjection) Expression indicating surprise.

Who is it Rosey? The Stew's almost ready and I... Woahly..![341]

Origin: Portmanteau of "woah" and "holy... (as in the beginning of saying holy shit)," found in Sonichu 15.

woman up

1. (verb) The female equivalent of manning up.

Fellow autistic people! I encourage you to man and woman up [Subtitle: "It is Socializing In Real Life or Dust!"] respectively! Go out into the real world, and make real friends with full, great quality friendships! Do it now!

Origin: Used in the second part of Chris’s Autism Tutorial, where he insultingly attempts to rally up all autistic people (regardless of their functionality) to form proper friendships, all while missing the point of “manning up”.

Women's rights (or Women's Lib)

1. (noun) Any kind of behavior towards women that does not involve abusing them physically or mentally.

Christian Weston Chandler, A Man For The Women, For the Women's Rights, For the Women's Justice, For the Women's Peace.[342]

2. (noun) The right for women to not be depicted with a pickle.


3. (noun) The act of women protesting by stripping down naked.

Well, once we get our centerfolds shot and uploaded, hopefully those bastards will see and admire our beautiful lights.

Yeah, and if nothing else, we can still have a lot of fun trying.

With our lord's support in our peaceful protest, we can win this fight.

Victory for Women's Lib.[344]

Origin: Chris's understanding of sexism is botched up beyond belief. His zeal towards the rights of women is believed to have originated from watching the 1964 Disney film, Mary Poppins. He was particularly influenced by Mrs. Banks, who has expressed distaste for unequal treatment for women in 1910 London. As to be expected, Chris missed the point of this part of her character, and instead used this in order to justify his treatment towards the women he meets. Chris also believed that the term "sexism" only applies to forms of violence against women, and not necessarily representing in a condescending manner.

wooden nickel

1. (noun) Acoustic guitar.

I got the idea of the challenge from him COPYING me playing Boston's "More Than A Feeling" on Guitar Hero on his old Wooden Nickel; if he wants to copy on Guitar, he may as well be challenged in a Sing-Off.[345]

Origin: In real life, a wooden nickel is a now defunct form of currency used during the Great Depression. His use probably refers to the phrase "don't take any wooden nickels" - that is, he is calling the acoustic guitar a semi-worthless imitation of his Guitar Hero controller.


1. (adverb) Severely; extremely, in an adverse manner

IMHO, having Seinor Citizens for Parents throughout your whole life is no picnic; they are WORSE Overprotective.[346]


1. (noun) Great anger or rage. Considered one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Apparently, my, uh, heed of warning towards Vivian has gone unheard or otherwise SHE DID NOT REALIZE THE FURY OF MY WRATH[347]

2. (noun) Strength sufficient to lift an office chair.




1. (verb) Double Checking

Just X2-checking if you got the drawing I left you.[349]

Origin: Comes from x2 meaning times two, which means double to Chris.


1. (adjective) Sexually explicit



1. (noun, censorship) censorship of the word "bitch"

Mary Lee Walsh made it illegal to distribute the News Dash; I AM VERY ANGRY AT THAT XXXXX![351]

Origin: Chris's only instance of this peculiar censorship is in his diary. In it, Chris repeatedly refers to Mary Lee Walsh as an "XXXXX", clearly as a censorship of the word "bitch". Why Chris chose to replace all of the letters in the word with the capital letter "X", instead of using asterisks remains a mystery.


y'all should know me by now

1. (phrase) An introduction to complete strangers.

Y'all should know me by now, but if you don't, I am Christian Weston Chandler, the original creator of Sonichu, the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon, back on March 17th, 2000.[170]

Origin: His second message on YouTube, addressed to the ED trolls. He would use it several more times after this, possibly making this into his tagline. The introduction is made under the assumption that Chris is already well-known.

young at heart

1. (noun, attributive) An individual with childlike characteristics; a childish person.

Hello Nintendo! Welcome to my Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube. I am your host. My name is Christian Weston Chandler. I live in Ruckersville, Virginia and I is [sic] 21 years old and I play because I am young at heart. So anyway we are going to take a tour of my Animal Crossing.[352]

I am Young at Heart; a concept I have kept within myself since childhood.[353]

We, the Young at heart stand alongside our Liked and Cared others.[354]

Origin: Chris more often than not advertises his childish nature as him being "young at heart", as if this was a more positive quality of himself, even going as far as using this as a reason for girls to fall in love with him in his attraction signs [355]. This is because Chris can't tell the difference between being a child at heart, and being childish. In his mind, people who are considered "childish" actually lead a happier and more exciting life, since he believes that childlike people are more willing to show off their kindness and are generally more eccentric. In reality, adults who are "young at heart" generally have a somewhat innocent outlook of life and are generally interested in things considered suitable for children, yet understand their responsibilities as adults, something which Chris has failed to do since graduating High School.


zap to the extreme

1. (phrase) Go out and be brave.

Go! Sonichu! Go out and zap to the extreme![356]

Now everyone stay green and go out and zap to the extr-r-r-r-r-eme. Have a lovely day.[357]

Origin: This phrase is first used on the cover of Sonichu #0, where Chris's self-insert tells Sonichu to "zap to the extreme" as if Chris and Sonichu were in a bona fide Pokémon tournament. Chris would then end up using this phrase time and again, usually completely out of context of its original meaning.

A Zapbud

1. (noun) A fictitious flower found in the Sonichu canon; Rosechu's favorite flower.

Oh, Rosechu, you are as beautiful as a rose, though a Zapbud is the flower that heals your woes.[358]

Origin: Essentially the result of Chris attempting to create a mythology around his Sonichu comics, Chris created some of his own flora as well. Because of how "zapping" was a very common theme in the earlier issues of Sonichu, Chris thought about naming his flora after this one theme. The term has ironically become popular with trolls and enablers, where they name made-up characters and places after it.

2. (noun) a sweetheart.

Yes, my blossoming zapbud. That's why we are here.[359]

Origin: In this context, the term is used the same way a female lover may be compared to a flower. This was clearly an attempt to make the flora have a greater significance by making it sound like something beautiful.


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