Challenge for Clyde II

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"Challenge for Clyde II" (originally "10142009") is a video in which Chris demands Clyde Cash/Gregg Mays come face him, so that Chris can beat him up. He claims that Gregg Mays lives in Charlottesville, and that he knows this because he has the FBI working for him. The audio quality in this video is very poor, probably due to Chris's constant abuse of his camera, especially in his previous video. Between his slow, monotonous speaking pattern (possibly enhanced as he tries to speak through his rage) and the constant skipping in the audio, Chris manages to sound even more like a robot than usual.


Challenge for Clyde II
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 14 October 2009
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
Shirt Vert Blue Grey ShirtVert Blue Grey Shirt The Napoleon
Chris Loses It
War Paint Video
I've had my detectives and police forces and FBI working to track you down.


Look, Mr. Gregg Mays, Clyde Cash, whatever your name is. I know you are within the city of Charlottesville and I'm still waiting for you. I am the target you want. You do not need to attack my friends or my family or anybody else. All you want is me. So you come over here and face me, man. Because I know you are a coward, just behinding—hiding behind the veil of the Internet. [makes a "box" motion with his hand]

And the veil of the Internet is not as safe as you think it is. I know, because I've had my detectives and police forces and FBI working to track you down. And I kn-and we know that you are within Charlottesville, Virgina. [annoyed sigh] There is no denying that. You are in no other state at this point within these United States. So you could jus-so just give it up. You come to me now. Come face me like a man. Unless you want to continue being called a cow-a quivelling coward who hides under his mother's skirt.

You... I dare not hide, because I show myself every day. I try... I do my best to keep to keep you at bay, and I am doing [what] I can. I want—and I want you to back off my friends and come face me man to man. Because you cannot hide anymore. You cannot hide anymore. You come face me. You face me in person, face to face. There is no substitute for the in-person... That. And I will beat you up. So lay off. My friends and my-my other... [emphatically] my friends and my family, and come face me, man to man. I'll leave you with that. Come face me. [bares fangs] I am waiting. I'm still waiting. Don't make me wait too much longer.

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