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Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created or used by trolls to manipulate Chris. He was played by the same person behind Gregg Mays, Vivian Gee, Mao, and Shigeru Miyamoto.

Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)
Yer butt's gonna be in trouble.
Barbara Chandler to Clyde Cash[1]
Chris threatening Clyde Cash[2]

Clyde Cash
Name Clyde Cash
Date of birth (1976-07-04) July 4, 1976[3] (age 45)
Also known as Gregg Mays
Gender Male
Race White
Nationality American
Occupation Internet troll
Leader of The Miscreants
Spouse PandaHalo
Children Penny Cash
Siblings Ryan Cash (brother)
Other relatives Vivian Gee (cousin)

Clyde Cash (alias Gregg Mays – that's Gregg with three G's) (4 July 1976[3]) is the ringleader of The Miscreants and is often considered to be Chris's arch-nemesis, even years after his trolling days were finished. In recent years, however, some have argued that the Idea Guys have taken this position away from Clyde. Nonetheless, when people think of Chris Chan's greatest trolls, Clyde is usually chief among them, usually due to the sheer volume of videos that Chris made denouncing or threatening his Guido rival.

In Chris's revised Encyclopedia Dramatica page, Clyde is referred to as a "Starscream troll". This is a reference to the Transformers character Starscream, who would often switch sides or plot to overthrow Megatron behind the scenes. Chris says this because he believes Clyde allegedly killed BlueSpike.[4]

Ironically, despite Chris' constant demonizing of him, Clyde has warned him about several things that would later return to bite him in the ass, such as his unwillingness to work, spending habits, delusional thoughts and poor treatment of women, and even predicted Chris' innate desire to dress like a woman.

As mentioned above, the trolls behind the Clyde Cash persona were also involved with a variety of other personas dedicated to trolling Chris, and at least one was active at any given time during the "Classic Era" of Christory. Clyde and his various proxies retired following the death of Bob Chandler, with no clear word about where the original trolls went.

Fictional biography

A brother swears vengeance.


Ryan was Clyde's brother, who committed suicide when Chris announced there would be no comics released in protest of the Encyclopedia Dramatica page. He left the following note before killing himself:

Dear family and friends, this is my final message to you, i am going to kill myself after my hero, christian weston chandler let me down. Sonichu was my hero and without anymore comics i will never be able to aspire to be just like him. i hate christian for deciding to not make any more comics and being lazy! all he does is play his stupid video game and not care about anything but himself! He's such a jerk! GOOD BYE FOREVER I HOPE TO SEE YOU IN HELL CHRIS. Ryan Cash.
A sad final farewell.

Clyde was absolutely heartbroken upon discovering his brother's cadaver, and entered a state of depression. While Chris was upset by this news, due to his naïve understanding of the concept of death, his response to the news came across as condescending to a grieving Clyde, who was upset that the video wasn't dedicated to his brother, but various news items that were seemingly of more importance to Chris. The final straw was when Chris made a thoughtless comment indicating that he enjoyed having enough influence over someone that they could kill themselves after he took a course of action. From that day forward, Clyde's grief transformed into righteous indignation, and he swore to avenge his fallen brother by setting himself on a path to become Chris's archnemesis, even if he had to become a monster to do so.


An artist's interpretation of this epic struggle.

Clyde's first act was to rape Chris's sweetheart PandaHalo,[5] but it did absolutely nothing to Chris as he simply moved onto the next gal-pal. Chris believes that Clyde married Panda and had a "One Cent Daughter" named Penny.[6]

Then, Clyde posed as Gregg Mays (a web designer working for Nintendo) to gain access to Holding the site for ransom, he told Chris to make a video proclaiming he was gay. He then told him to make a video declaring his STRAIGHTness. Eventually, Chris regained access to the site. Striking again, Clyde worked with a troll and got rid of the domain. Chris, being resilient, bought With the help of PandaHalo, Clyde hacked in again.

It was around this time that Takashi Tezuka and Jay Z were doing their Animal Crossing game project. Clyde then decided to make things more interesting and posed as Shigeru Miyamoto to destroy any chance of the project. Teaming up with a fake Reggie Fils-Aimé, they created the Miyamoto Saga.

Julie set up a Mumble chat in which Chris could communicate with TRUE and HONEST Sonichu fans. Clyde stalked Julie while infiltrating these chats to confront Chris. He began throwing demands to Chris such as cleaning his room. Chris at the same time also bought Clyde got access yet again, this time with the help of Julie. In the end, it was revealed that Julie was a thirteen-year-old boy and that Clyde had staged the whole thing.[7]

After that, he sent out his trusted Man in the Pickle Suit to scout out Chris's whereabouts. The MIPS turned Robert Simmons V into a troll and infiltrated Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church.[8] He then stole Chris's one and only date, Emily.[9]

When Ivy came along, he decided to continually harass her and despite Chris making a few threats, Ivy eventually gave in and rumors circulated about her killing herself.[10]

Clyde also hacked into the PSN a few times, but then Jack Thaddeus did him one better...

On 22 May 2009, the death of Clyde Cash, by a shotgun wound to the head, was reported by The Miscreants.

The Return

Chris's bizarre attempt to impersonate Clyde.

After Clyde faked his death for reasons unknown, he came back with a vengeance. Chris wasn't very pleased.

In late 2009, when not battling Liquid Chris for the hand of Kacey, Chris spent his time trying to convince Clyde Cash, alias Gregg Mays (or "Gregg Mays, alias Clyde Cash," depending on which name he remembers first) to face him in a one on one battle. Chris has recorded several feats of strength through a combination of Kacey trying to get him to get into shape and a desire to frighten Clyde with his bulging muscles.

Chris had also a picture to blackmail Clyde, but ultimately nothing came of it other than a series of videos where Chris tries to torture Clyde.[11] Clyde scoffed at the final video.

However, because of the negative reaction to Sonichu Special #4, Chris, in the CWCipedia mailbag, made clear that he would only sit and talk cooperatively with Clyde to get him to stop harassing him.[12]

Peace in our time.

Eventually, Chris decided to revisit his old nemesis in 2010, believing he was the reason why he lost the heart of "The Wallflower". In it, he is shown fighting Clyde, then pulling a knife and slitting Clyde's throat as a warning to all trolls.

In another well-thought counter-trolling plan, Chris unsuccessfully attempted to scam Clyde into paying Chris $9,001 for destroying his own PS3. This almost fail-proof scheme was however foiled thanks to Surfshack Tito's vigilance.


The last time Clyde interacted with Chris was during Chris's campaign for Alex's Lemonade Stand, where Clyde donated $10 dollars and shockingly commended Chris for doing something selfless for once. Notably, the comment on the Alex's Lemonade Stand page was the only time that Clyde interacted with Chris after the death of his father, as he and several other Miscreants had agreed to leave Chris alone when they decided that Chris had suffered enough, and that trolling him wasn't fun anymore. At some point after this, Clyde Cash felt that his brother Ryan had been sufficiently avenged, so he retired to New Jersey where he, his wife Sarah, and their daughter Penny could watch the sun rise over a grateful universe. He has not been seen since then.

Chris, surprisingly, has forgiven Clyde for what he has done, or at least he's stopped caring. In 2014, Chris drew art of him and Clyde making peace as part of a commission, albeit with both parties doing so somewhat begrudgingly. Notably, Chris completely screws up Clyde's height, making him appear to be much shorter than he was in the pages of the comic.

In the September 2020 Discord Q&A 4, Chris said that of all the trolls, the one he would want to meet the most is the person behind Clyde Cash (and, by extension, Vivian Gee, Mao, Gregg Mays, and Shigeru Miyamoto).

In the comic

Despite his prominence as the leader of the trolls and being the frequent object of Chris's scorn in his videos, Clyde's overall presence in the winding narrative of the comic is surprisingly smaller than one might think. In the context of the story, Cly(de) is just another villain working for Mary Lee Walsh. Given that his first appearance in a music video was illustrated well before Chris discovered the photograph of Lee Hotti that he mistook for Clyde Cash's true appearance, Cly is portrayed as a bald, red-eyed baddie with no beard and fair skin instead of a freckled, tanned dudebro with spiky hair, a headband, and a very thin beard across his chin. He also has a fabulous purple cape and a dapper suit underneath, rather than typical Guido attire. Cly also has a jetpack, which he uses to regain his bearings after being hit with a Curse-ye-ha-me-ha attack. Strangely, Chris did not update the character's design in his few subsequent appearances after he discovered the "truth" of the master troll's appearance (which was that of Lee Hotti), or much later, when he drew a commission of himself making peace with the troll.

Apart from capturing Ivy and getting into a fight with Chris, he initially only appeared on CWC Music Video Holding Out For a Hero, officially Sonichu Special #1. Not much is known about Clyde, other than he lives in a mansion and owns a slander ray and a pickle gun (which allows him to technically represent The Man in the Pickle Suit). He made his first appearance in the comic proper Sonichu #10 as the building is collapsing. When Jason Kendrick Howell escapes, he condemns Clyde and Jack Thaddeus for being homo trolls. When Beel escapes, he too condemns the two for their actions, saying that being homo trolls that are "slandering and tarnishing an innocent man's good name" is just as evil as being an assistant for Adolf Hitler. With no option left, Clyde and Jack jump into the 66+6-story elevator shaft to their deaths. Judging by Chris's commission, however, the death did not stick, although Cly no longer serves as an antagonistic force in the winding narrative.

Fan art

Fan videos

Clyde Cash Fan Videos

Chris-Chan KILLED Clyde Cash (Never-Before-Seen Footage)
Stardate 7 June 2009
Made By TheClydeCash
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Stardate 1 July 2009
Made By PodMonkeyCWC
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

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