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This article is about the annotated ED page made by Chris and posted on CWCipedia. For details on Chris-chan himself, please see Christian Weston Chandler. For details on the ED forum about Chris, please see Chris-chan (forum).

The Chris chan article on the CWCipedia was an entry Chris uploaded to his wiki on 17-18 December 2009 in order to "correct" most of Chris's article on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Chris did not simply copy and paste the text from the ED article; he retyped it completely, as he admitted at the beginning of his version. As a result, there are several typos in his version that were not in the version of the ED article that he copied. In addition, Chris omitted several paragraphs entirely from his version of the article, including one about the Medallion of Fail and another that concerned slanderous mockeries, such as the nudes and sex tape (although he later acknowledged the Kimmi video in one of his comments).

It also confirms that Chris cannot understand subtlety. Parts of the page which are obviously not meant as serious (such as him being a communist) are taken seriously, while the 4Chan meme jokes fly right over his head. Further, while some aspects of the page could be considered personal opinions (and in some rare cases, Chris actually did correct parts of the article for truth, such as how many attraction locations he was kicked out from), most of Chris's "corrections" are blatant lies.

Immediately after typing this, Chris demanded that the CWCipedia Sysop to copy over all the hyperlinks from the original ED article so Chris can add those to his own wiki.

Note that...

  • Rather than censoring it, Chris bolds the statement saying that he's homophobic.
  • Another doubtless fact: According to Chris's bolding, Chris also denies that Leviticus forbade shaving, wearing underwear with elastic straps, or crossbreeding animals.
  • As for religious tolerance, Chris bolds the statement that he is a "prolific hater of all things not Christian". Yes, he himself confirmed that as a fact.
  • He bolds the statement accusing him of creating several sockpuppet accounts on ED to vandalize his ED page. He then reiterates that the reason behind his ED edits, which were the main cause of his subsequent downfall, was a bizarrely ignorant belief that an "Information Overload" (i.e. "adding a lot of shitty porn pics and other self-compromising info") would somehow take his ED page down.
  • He unfoundedly denies that he failed in his war against ED and other Troll sites, and then bolds that his plea to his "fans" to not donate to ED failed.
  • He refuses to admit that his nonexistent Sonichu fans are nonexistent, and that his "fans" didn't bring ED down (completely ignoring the subsequent explanation that it was caused by an issue related to the website as a whole)... and then bolds a completely unexpected revelation: that the only people who pay attention to Chris are ED donors.
  • To top all of this, Chris sadly bolds that his reactions to trolling always make things worse.
  • Chris surprisingly bolds a statement saying that Mary Lee Walsh was reasonable to assume that Chris was publicly soliciting for sex. Getting back to Earth, he then quickly tries to correct himself, adding that he was not soliciting "anything Other Than Honest Friendship, that would etc. etc"... thus actually admitting to being a solicitor.
  • Chris has generously "forgiven" Mary Lee Walsh for her past "misdeeds". He also tells us that she tried to ask Chris unofficially not to loiter on college grounds, but the Chandlers chose to not accept her letter.
  • Chris bolds that he still blames ED for breaking him up with Megan, despite knowing full well that the image that ended their friendship was dreamt up, drawn, colored, scanned and uploaded to ED by himself. He also (finally!) admits, by bolding it, that Megan was never his girlfriend.
  • Chris denies that he changes sweethearts frequently. He also bolds that Blanca was real, and adds that he trusted her, and that he "dumped her sorry ass" after "she" destroyed his Medallion of Fail.
  • He also expresses his belief that there is absolutely no difference between making a conversation with a 9-year-old girl and a grown-up woman.
  • He bolds that he wouldn't date an autistic, high-functioning or otherwise. The explanation is that he doesn't want to date high-functioning autistic women because he "may be seeing a mirror" reflecting what he would become if he were a low-functioning autistic. To recap: he thinks that a high-functioning autistic woman acts like Chris would if he were low-functional. Is he being egotistical or just sexist?
  • He admits that his parents finally advised him not to tell every woman he meets that he's a Virgin with Rage. FINALLY.
  • At first Chris vehemently denies that he owns blow-up sex dolls. Then he bolds the statements about him owning a sex doll, taking part in all those "JULAAAY!" shenanigans, and buying sex toys and porn vids since 2003. Then in yet another comment he confirms that he purchased straight porn and sex dolls.
  • Chris reveals that his vast knowledge about sex and relationships stems from MORE than just watching porn! His other sources include: Sex Ed, chick flicks, gal-pals' advice, and something called "Relationship Management courses".
  • Then announces that he knows about sex and relationships "a LOT" more than any "God-D***ed Troll" will ever know... including, you know, trolls who are actually in relationships and are not Virgins with Rage...
  • The guru continues to open our eyes, saying that everything we knew about relationships & sex is wrong! "Because while they ONLY think they know or even understand, they Really Do Not Understand At All; THEY ARE DUMBA**ES!"
  • Chris bolds all excessive positive epithets used in the ED article as irony. He then denies that he has any unwarranted self-importance. However, a few paragraphs later, he expresses his honest belief that actual real-world people would build a city in Virginia named "CWCville" and a "CWCville Mall" in this city, and dedicate them to Chris.
  • Chris also bolds a confession that he "upgrades" his self-confidence by using vitamins.
  • He also bolds that HE CAN FEEL THE COSMOS!
  • Chris also denies several times... that CWCville is imaginary and fictional. OH. MY. GOD.

The Actual Article

From Christian Weston Chandler,

    • Finally, the Truth, False and the Exaggerated are Personally Sorted out from that which has plagued me since November, 2007. I will be retyping the paragraphs of the page verbatim, but with the following additions,
    • Also, I purposely have not, and will not, include all images and their comments in this page for content purposes of portryals of nudity, wrongful-types of parody, retardness and stupidity, and such.
    • Should any new text come up on that ED page that are not in this page after full completion appear, or if you have any questions about it, please send those notes and questions to the Mailbag, and I will address them appropriately then.
    • So, without further ado, here is Encyclopedia Dramatica's "Chris_chan" page, Personally Edited.

--ChrisChanSonichu 23:44, 17 December 2009 (CET)

Behold, the Mistake of God: Christian Weston Chandler. (The Only Mistake of God were THE PEOPLE who contributed to the Original E.D. Page)

Born February 24, 1982, Christian is a naive, perverse, overweight (I am working on losing the belly) racist, pedophilic, homophobic unpatrioticcommunist b******, self-proclaimed high-functioning autistic virgin man-child, and creator of his own skillfully-drawn series of comics starring Sonichu - his supremely insightful crossover of Pikachu and Sonic. As well as "suffering" from atuisim (which I still am for real), Chris also suffers from a sever case of unwarranted self-importance, the only cure for which would be to remove his head from his consequently gaping a**. At the time of this writing, Chris has found neither the time nor the conviction to do so. (What the Hell is WRONG with these people?)

Other names for Chris-Chan include: CWC (Christian Weston Chandler), クリスちゃん, Ricardo Weston Chandler, Ian Brandon Anderson, Ian Brandon Something, The Impostor, Sammy, Antonio, Solid Chris or any other lulzy names trolls can make up for him, which will make him throw a tantrum.

But it gets far worse, my friends... (For that ED Page, that is, LOL. Although, F.Y.I., "LULZ" is short for "Laughs Under Lucricities")

Chris in Person (From THEIR Point of View)

It is of utmost importance that, before one ever enters a fixed one-mile radius around Christian Weston Chandler's Ruckersville, VA habitat, one is well-acquainted with the facts regarding this man's (HERE COMES SOME REAL TORTURED VIEWS OF OPINIONS) bleak existence, and the mortal and immediate danger that one's proximity to him represents, bot to one's mental and physical well-being. In order to maintain his jaw-droppingly destrucive lifestyle, as we will explore, Chris has had to sacrifice any of the normal human customs practiced in modern society, and seems to have synthesized an entirely new list of traits which he believes better-equips him to indulge in his trademark fantastical escapism via invented comic book characters, blow-up sex dolls, and egomania. (Such of my personal views do help make life more easier in my point of view, and the few considerably "Sacrificed Normal Human Customs", I.M.H.O, would be constant eye-contact with most people, self-confidence (Which is being UPGRADED with "Stock Market Rising" Vitamins of A and D) in meeting people unassisted by others and internet, and being stuck on Routines of which new ones can be included with good, constant practice on my part.) To wit:

    • He rarely shuts up about Sonichu, the self-endorsed, self-authored and mind-nubing allegory of Chris's life, as viewed through his own massive, 1985-throwback rose-tinted glasses. (Sonichu's life is different from my own, so I do not consider his life to be equivalent to mine, Also, Sonichu is NOT Autistic. And I DO talk about a lot of OTHER topics that come to mind; I do have a real life and I stay in tune to current topics now and then.)
    • His skin and hair is covered in a semi-permeable and self-renewing film of grease; not incomparable to an arctic permafrost of dead skin cells and sweat, proving definitively that he never showers. (I Shower Daily and Thoroughly.)
    • He wears recycled shirts from the Salvation Army (And Goodwill, but I also wear clothing that were purchased from fine stores such as Sears, JCPenny, American Eagle, Pacific Sunwear, etc) and believes it's a cause for gloating. He really believes in recycling. (The ususal Paper, Metal and Plastic products that appropriately go to Recycling Sites in and around Charlottesville, VA) That is, he really really really believes in recycling. He recycles everything. (Obvious Exaggerations from their P.O.V.)
    • His scent is a combination of AXE (and good clean practices of daily showers with soap, shampoo and water, and sometimes the natural body oders) and A** (oversprayed, of course).
    • He leaves the toilet seat up. (I put the seat back down for consideration of the women.)
    • HE CAN FEEL THE COSMOS! (I did say that for Ivy, and I will stand by the quote.)
    • In the event that you are able to speak to Chris, you should be prepared to encouter (Pleasant, clean and intelligent conversations with no pressure for anything other than being friendly) wave after wafe of weak, juvenile aspersions cast in the hopes of making you forget just how abysmal Chris's life really is, along with creepy, probing questions about your personal life in regards to relationships with women. This is because Chris is still vainly searching for a girlfriend, years after first causing a s***storm (minor mishap) by walking into a local mall while in Community College, and advertising his desire for women via hand-held signage.

Lastly: (Thank God these S.O.B.s are almost finished with this list)

    • Once he starts stalking a woman, he'll tenaciously track her down, even if she's really an IRL troll, a 4chan troll or just doesn't exist.
    • He ALWAYS mentions he's a virgin when he meets women. (I'm dead serious.) (Nowadays for a LONG TIME, after being advised by my mom and dad, I keep that statement private.)

IRL Stalker (Or so they Wrongfully Claim)

(For the record, I am not, and I never was, a stalker)

On MySpace, Chris posted his quest for a "boyfriend-free girl" and his stalking tendencies. Unfortunately for him, every woman on the planet appears to have a boyfriend. This has led to what Chris dubs "noviophobia" - in Chris's b******ized hogh school Spanish interpretation, inserts "novio" which essentially means "boyfriend", before latin root, "phobia", committing a facepalm-worty portmanteau that is almost nonsensical enough to make you forget that of all things in the world, Chris has a paralyzing fear of boyfriends. Chris claims to hate every male besides himself and his father, (And Santa Clause, Jesus, God, the President of the United States, all the World Leaders, and ALL male acquaintances and friends, past and present.) because they "took all the pretty girls leaving him with no one to choose from." (The fear is Out-Of-Date, because I got over that months ago. I am cool with that theory, and the only males I hate are those that are Trolls and those who truly hate me back.)

He employed his famous "looking for a boyfriend-free girl" sign in two places: (actually Four Places; a Wal-Mart and a Target in addition to the following two) the Fashion Square Shopping Center and Piedmont Virginia Community College. The dean, mary Lee Walsh, reasonably assumed that Chris was publicly soliciting for sex, (Of which I was Not Soliciting for anything Other Than Honest Friendship that would become a True Honest Sweetheart Relationship over reasonable time) had the sign destroyed (She destroyed this one sign Herself) and banned from the school for a year. Since then, he became obsessed with her (But I have got over the obsession recently.) and depicts her within his comic as a bald witch with a viking helmet, a pitchfork, a scepter (Which contains her accomplice of evil) to contain her evil anti-love powers, (The character, Slaweel Ryam, has her powers within her own person) and occasionally a broomstick.

Chris has also shown his hatred towards Mary on several other occasions. (I had forgiven Miss Mary Lee Walsh for her past misdeeds, as y'all will remember, I had drawn the apology drawing, made the commentary notes on being nice to her here on the Cwcipedia, even the references to her book among other notable achievements. Yet she has not accepted my apology, and even UNOFFICIALLY left an enveloped note in my front door, which was NEVER OPENED or ACCEPTED, of Trespassing on "her property" of Piedmont Virgina Community College. My family and I later learned of the contents of the envelope over phone call conversations. So, as far as it is concerned, NO Trespassing Notice was EVER accepted. I mean, that is some "Thank You" for coming over personally to Apologize and Make Peace with my Gesture of Goodwill being the FRAMED Hand-Drawn Apology. That woman's Real-Life Mean-Spirited Attitude has made her out to be a Mean B****. *sigh* But I still forgive her for all that anyway.) He made a hilarious video asking for (having) fictional character Harvey Dirdban's (not Birdman's) assistance to fight "THAT EVIL B**** MARY LEE WALSH FOREVAR!!1 in a contest for Adult Swim. He also made a video of him fighting Mary Lee Walsh as a custom character in Soul Calibur III. Despite his hate for Walsh, he still took the time with his Magic Markers to make hideous pron of her. (Yes, I did, within a set of Five adult-oriented sexual drawing I originally drew AS PROTEST AGAINST THE ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA PAGE. The act would later be portrayed similarly as Rosechu's Protest against "4-Cent Garbage".)

Chris's Love Quest was also foiled by "Security Guards" of Fashion Square Shopping Center. He was handcuffed and kicked out by These Jerkops (half jerk, half cops) "for trying to attract a Boyfriend-Free Girl".

Christian claims to have started his ill-begotten love quest, because he wants a daughter whom he will dubly call Crystal Weston Chandler (apparently after the illustrious metal). he made Renditions of her in the form of one of his My Little Pony figures (from his own pugic hair, mind you), (I used Thread that one can find in stores everywhere by the fabrics and crafts) and made a separate file in the game, Animal Crossing, and played as her.

The person we know the most about is Megan Schroeder (note the Jewish name, a sign that gold is involved), who had a huge influence on the comic and Chris himself. She remarked that the antagonist of one of the Sailor Moon movies came off as a "kind of q****", possibly influencing Chris's homophobia.

One example of the Chris-induced drama is the blog entry where a girl describes her encounter with Chris as he was wandering stores in search of his true love in late 2004, which can be viewed here (Anna McLerran, after the writing of the blog entry, became a True Friend of mine, and she cares about my feelings as such. Anna, thank you for continuing to be my friend.)

Chris changes love interests far more frequently than he changes his underwear; it is speculated that he has fallen in "true love" over 9,000 times. You could be next. Trolled IRL.

Trolling of Chris-Chan has crossed the OnLine border into InRealLife. Whether internet vigilantes are trying to expose him for the psycho stalker he really is or if they fap to picking on retards, it's uncertain.

    • An old classmate of Chris, Joshua Martinez, did some epid trolling. We don't actually know very much about Joshua, just a few key facts. Chris knew him from his old school (Joshua and Chris both had Special Ed together), (Speech Therapy to be specific) recently met up with him again and was getting along fine. Apparently, Joshua was very popular with women and had met some famous celebrities. For some reason, Chris became extremely jealous and even tried to get ED to go after him. Noe that Chris only values Joshua's friendship because he's popular with women, and that by being friends with him, he might end up laid. Unfortunately for Chris, even other special education kids will f*** with him. the chick that Joshua was supposed to hook him up with was just Joshua trolling him with a picture of Vanessa Hudgens. (And yes, I still do not care much for Joshua because of his D***, Dirty Lies and Deception. And as I had stated in a past Video on My YouTube, "He is a Dirty Liar; I Do Not Care if the Trolls Troll Him," and I still stand by that statement.)
    • A girl IRL, (That would be Hannah, as portrayed in "Sonichu", No.2 and No.4, Sup-Episode 2, for what happened that one day.) possibly unrelated to ED or 4chan, tried to troll Chris-Chan for the lulz.
    • Through trolling in this next case started online, it quickly moved into IRL. Chris had started a relationship with an e-girlfriend called Blanca Weiss. On September 11, 2008, another troll going by the same name was really a black man in a pickle costume and managed to score horrific nudes. (D*** that Dirty Son of a B****; I hope he lands in the fiery pits of hell after his death for his deception and extortion.) On October 7, 2008, Blanca managed to get the medallions and destroy them. (I dumped her sorry ass after that misdeed; I had trusted her.)

Chris Chan: Master of Race Relations (Or so the Trolls Claim in the Striked Statements. I am Not a Racist.)

As a basement dweller from Bumf***, Virginia, it's a huge surprise that CWC is VERY racist. On his blog, Chris denies his racism by stating he only dislikes Barack Obama for being an Arab terrorist, and: "It's the WHITE house; we don't endorse people painting it different colors around here." (I used to agree with my father on Obama in a negative sense, BUT then I watched BOTH A&E Documentarys on McCain and Obama. I saw a bit of myself in Obama, and my views on him changed completely; he used to be a social outcast for a bit at a couple of times, and having to deal with such trials like I did, I respect Obama. I Voted for Obama on Election Day of 2008. ) Chris also believes that 99% of the Earth is ruled by dictators. In several of his videos, he asked to meet non-boyfriended, non-black girls. (But I am very cool in acquainting and befriending women and men of all colors and countries; I did not mean to sound racist from what I was looking for in my Sweetheart.)

Upon discovering this article around the 10th of November, 2007, Chris suffered a sever case of b***hurt and decared war on every site mocking his f****try. As with everything in his life, Chris failed.

At first, Chris tried tampering with this article while logged in as Reldnahc, which is obviously "Chandler" (his last name) spelled backwards. Before erasing the entire article, Chris actually contributed by adding information that he hadn't submitted anywhere else. (I had thought the Information Overload would somehow Take Down the page; I admit that I was mistaken.) Most of his additions were chunks of text from uncited sources which included how Megan "shattered his heart", and printouts of the Sonichu News Dash, a s***ty newsletter about his comic which he also distributed at PVCC that landed him in another apparent conflict with Mary Lee Walsh.

To make matters worse, he also uploaded Rule 34 of his own characters. (Again, This was the SAME PROTEST that I had stated earlier on this page.)

Later, when the context of the article finally dawned on Chris, he snapped. He created another account, Chris-chan, (versus Chris_chan) and tried blanking the page several times.

CWC blames Encyclopedia Dramatica for breaking up the relationship between him and Megan despite the fact that she was never his girlfriend. Just another lying attempt to make ED feel guilty about something.

In this video BALEETED, Chris congratulated all his non-existent Sonichu fans whom he mistakenly believed brought ED down and further urged them not to donate to ED while failing to realize that ED's downtime was due to an issue related to the website as a whole, and not related to any drama around his article.

Chris's plea for his fans to not donate to ED failed because the only people who pay any attention to Chris are precisely the ones who helped ED reach its donation goal August 14, 2008.


Cwcville (pronounced: quick-ville) is Chris Chan's imaginary world. Considering how it's portrayed, it's full name could be the Our Glorious Leader's True and Honset Lovers' City of Cwcville, in a way similar to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Cwcville is actually two things: a fictional setting for the Sonichu comic and Chris's long-ongoing pet project - many might call it a "happy place" and an imaginary refuge from the harsh reality. The two things overlap very much. It's sort of like his own personal Silent Hill - except that instead of being a twisted Hell full of violent rage and nightmare beasts, it's a disturbingly cheerful place where Chris's bouncy creations laugh, frolic, and f*** for his amusement exactly like Silent Hill. Characters are introduced without warning and fall by the wayside just as quickly; nobody's quite sure what nbecomes of them, but knowing Chris, it probably involves anguished shrieks emanating from a love dungeon below the Mayor's house.

In the Sonichu comic book world, the town is alledgly located in the state of Virginia, but being a figment of Chris Chan's imagination, it will never be found on an actual map. (But the city and the mall Can Be Built and Dedicated.) Yet, in many ways, it seems the city is legislatively and economically cut off from the rest of Virginia and the United States. In this city, Chris Chan is a despotic Mayor, where he controls everything at his own will and dictates new laws, granting him the basis of his megalomaniac tendencies.

Inside the comic, Cwcville is at a fierece rivaly with neighboring Evil School city of "Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens", PVCCitizens. Cwcville is under constant attack from the evil forces of Slaweel Ryam Dean Mary Lee Walsh and her army of Jerkops.

Cwcville Elections (What a load of bulls***)


Around the same time these lulzy and exploitable events occurred, another unfunny gag started when some bright, intelligent (Who Do They think they're Kidding?) member of YouTube decided to make a video declaring Billy Mays the new mayor of Cwcville. The only problem with the joke was that Billy Mays is now about as funny as Chuck Norris or a Mudkip macro on 4chan. Thus, "Billy Mays for Mayor of Cwcville" became a meme with a s***load of videos trailing in its wake. If that weren't enough, the whole mock election expanded to other memes like Gordon the Pringles Giraffe and will soon spread to P***bear for President and Chris Hansen for Vice President. (GET IT? IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE IT IS CONFLICTING AND THEREFORE HUMOROUS, SOMEBODY F***ING DO THIS). (Like the f*** any of this make any sense at all; I HAVE NO CLUE AND I STILL DO NOT GET IT AT ALL.) Under the assumption that he'd be getting his PSN back, (here we go) Christian stated that Billy Mays was in fact, mayor of Cwcville. (I WAS LYING OUT MY F***ING A** WHEN I SAID THAT STATEMENT.) As always, Christian's reaction will only make things even worse, so be prepared for even more Billy Mays posters being plastered onto YouTube accounts.

June 28, 2009, just days after Michael Jackon died at age 50 of a heart attac, Billy Mays also died at age 50 of a heart attack. Despite being his 80s, Jimmy Hill is still alive so he has been hailed mayor of Cwcville (Like the f*** he would EVER) despite a rumoured attempted military coup by Chris.

After seeing a hilarious episode of Family Guy, where Chris Chan didn't get that he was being parodied for his moralf****try, he decided to share his hatred of the g*** with the Holy Bible. To do this, he quoted 18:22 of the book of Leviticus, which is the biblical equivalent of goatse, which reinforces how two men should never engage in b***sex lest they be smited to the pits of hell to be r**ed by the Devil and his minions for eternity (and also that men cannot shave, wear underwear with elastic straps, or crossbreed animals).

Chris-Chan the Moralf**

Unbeknownst to Chris, prolific hater of all things not Christian, 89 percent of the users trolling Chris Chan are Muslims. In another blow to Chris's moral credibility, he also decided to pick up a book on how to to talk to women... written by a 9-year-old boy. As the kid wrote it on how to talk to girls of his age, party vans descending on Ruckersville are imminent. (Hey, I do not think the lad would take the trolls' commentary on his book lightly, and I don't care for it either. GENERAL CONVERSATION and Conversation Starters, as he was encouraging in his book, Are Neutral for People of ALL AGES.)

Sex Life

His Sex Life (If you can call it that) includes, among other arousing phenomena, f***ing a female anime blow-up doll and screaming "JULAAAY!" at the top of his lungs. (ONE TIME I screamed that for the ex-gal-pal of mine who I LATER learned was a 13-year-old boy trolling me. That little S.O.B. later died at the hands of the "Starscream" Troll, Clyde Cash.)

Chris wrote to Nintendo Power in April of 2005 to discuss the DS game Sprung: A horrible dating simulator, and was overjoyed to discover that they published his email. According to him, it was like a "free personal", and he expects that it being published will somehow increase his chance of finding a woman.

Chris Chan on sticking things up b***hole.

In both his videos and comics, he has shown contempt towards gays, constantly rambling on about how homosexuality is bad, and repeatedly stating that He Is Not Gay. I AM STRAIGHT. Despite these statements, Chris's sexuality remains questionable, as he owns a dildo and anal beads and rambles on sticking things in his a** while he masturbates. (Those two items were Free Gifts from Adam& from purchasing woman-on-man videos and female blow-up dolls. I meant for WOMEN to put those things up their Vaginas; NEVER for men to put in their a**. UGH!!! I have never ever put anything up my a** while I masturbated.) In his list of people he would not date, he lists autistics, high-functioning or otherwise. Thus, Chris is also a self-loathing flaming f*****, trying desperately to stay in the closet. And we all know homophobes are closeted gays themselves.

Chris appears to be stuck in a strange, child-like mentality where he fills guilty when discussing sex. Because of thies, he is forced to use different words, like "duck" "pickle" for dick, "hankey-panky" for sex, "boyfriend-free" for women who are single, among other things. He started buying sex toys and porno videos back in 2003, and when discussing sex with other people (specifically Megan and a recent troll), he goes into intimate, almost scientific or educational detail. When Megan claimed to be uncomfortable with Chris discussing sex, (I stopped talking about it with her) Chris goes into full detail on how a handjob works and that he has learned everything he knows from pornography.

In recent audio recordings, we have discovered a lot about Chris's sexuality. Namely, he thinks that gender stereotypes, dirty talk, and cheesy lines like, "This might hurt a bit at first" are part of actual sex. One of the audio recordings has him describing his ideal "first time", which in intricate, overly dramatic and mildly retarded.

(To correct most of this, A) I hate the gays' lifestyle; NOT THE PEOPLE. I am okay with being acquainted or friends with them, but no more than that. B) Yes, I do not care to date autistic or seriously mentally-challenged women, but because I feel if I went out with such a woman, I may be seeing a mirror reflecting on what I may have become if I was Low-Functioning. C) I have learned from MORE than just pornography; I have passed Sexual Education in High School, I have watched a lot of Romantic movies and shows, my friends have shared with me their input on relationships, I took Relationship Management courses, and currently the listed mentality is not only outdated, but I know those things are Optional. And letting the other know it may hurt ON THE FIRST TIME shows that I, the man, care and respect her, the woman, in a way.

I have learned a LOT more about sex and relationships than ANY God-D***ed Troll will EVER know, because while they ONLY think they know or even understand, they Really Do Not Understand At All; THEY ARE DUMBA**ES!)


Chris Chan is also a fan of the loli, as evident by his Rule 34 of Dot Warner, Misty from Pokemon and Meg Griffin.

I go for Adult Women; I am not a pedofile.

--ChrisChanSonichu 03:18, 18 December 2009 (CET)

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