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Within days of the creation of the Chris-chan article on Encyclopedia Dramatica, Christian Weston Chandler was aware of its existence due to his frequent ego-searches for himself and Sonichu. Chris obviously paid close attention to the page from the beginning, but he managed to resist the temptation to make his own changes to the article for nearly a week before plunging in with dozens of attempts to make himself look good on the page or convince ED to leave him alone.

Ironically, virtually every embarrassing detail we now know about Chris, outside of his YouTube videos and his Sonichu website, was first presented to ED by himself, in these edits.

Chris's rationale was "TMI-Input-To-Overload-Their-Minds-And-STOP,"[1] believing that if he told trolls details about how pathetic his life is, they would feel sorry for him or be too freaked out to do anything. Of course, being the Internet, it only made the trolls want to troll him even more, and is analogous to a child telling his bullies not to beat him up because he still wets the bed.

Known ED sockpuppets

Chris used numerous sockpuppet accounts to avoid drawing undue attention upon himself. This didn't work because each of these socks were easily identified as Chris, since they were the only users on the entire site who cared enough about him to defend him. Also, most of these socks identified themselves in their edits as being Christian Weston Chandler, so that was a big clue.

Edit details

10 November

From 1:10-2:28am EST (06:10-07:28 GMT), Chris makes the following edits:

  • See edits here
  • First attempt to sanitize the article, removing words he doesn't like ("retarded," "scary") and changing others ("racist" to "Old-Fashioned").
  • Removes a thumbnail of Goatse from his article. This was his very first edit, so it looks like he was trying to resist getting involved but Goatse crossed the line.
  • Changes "MASTURBATIN' AND SQUIRTIN'" rainbow pyramid to read "DIVINE RETRIBUTION", then to "MASTURBATE" with the added note "Every Person is Doing it!!" Later adds: "Aahhhhhhhh...Relief... :)"
  • Changes comment about the medallion being bloody awful and made of clay to being good and made of "crayola model magic." (This is how we first learned what the hell the medal is made of.)
  • Changes references to the Tale of the Crazy Pacer to place the incident in 2004 (at age 22) instead of 2006 (at age 24). ED was going by the date Anna posted the blog entry; Chris seems to be referring to when the incident actually happened.
  • Edits a section on him being racist to read:
Oh yeah, he's also Old Fashioned. In his idea of a Sweetheart, she is not Black. He is cool with adoption, but his dream of his future daughter calls for blood, tears and semenal descent.
  • Changes a paragraph asking why he wears the medallion to effectively answer the question:
Why does he insists on wearing? It identifies him for the high-funcioning Autistic individual that he is. It's speculated it may give him some secret power. Like Psychic Powers and Quick-Play Speed.
  • Changes a sentence mocking the way he says tobacky to explain why he said it:
He also talks about how he wants to take every ounce of "tobacky"(said that way, because he felt uncomfortable saying the actual fucking word) and shoot it to the moon.
  • Changes this paragraph:
He also calls being gay a vice, and cites Dr. Kinsey. I don't know what Dr. Kinsey he's talking about, but the only famous Dr. Kinsey I know contradicts everything he just said. But yet again, a 25 year old virgin knows all about love.
To the following:
He also calls being gay VICE, and cites Dr. Kinsey. The only famous Dr. Kinsey I know agreed with everything he just said (Rent the Kinsey movie "R" rated or Unrated from your local movie store). But yet again, a 25 year old virgin knows all about love, especially after fucking a plastic woman full of his hot air now and then.
  • Corrects description of his portrayal of Mary Lee Walsh to: "Grey-Haired Witch with a shoddy Devil-Style Viking Helmit" (It remains a common misconception that MLW's golden, horned helmet is blonde hair with protruding devil horns.)
  • Informs us that "Resources found that Mary has obtained a copy of the "CWC On TV" DVD from her pawn, Susan Hannifan."
  • Adds a link to "The Ignored, with all the free porn to download at 5kbits a second"
  • Changes the caption of fan art depicting him with the sign to say "The Only Reasonable and Inexpensive Idea he could ever fucking think of"

At 7:28 p.m. EST (00:28 GMT, 11 Nov), Chris makes this edit:

  • More general sanitizing, changing the captions of the images to be more pro-CWC. This edit would be reverted just 90 minutes later, but the earlier edits would get left in the article for some time.

11 November

Between 11:40 p.m. EST, 10 Nov and 12:42 a.m. EST 11 Nov (04:41-05:12 GMT 11 Nov), Chris makes the following edits:

  • As Chris's edits get larger, he uses some sort of sub-par text editor that adds unnecessary line breaks, screwing up ED's line-by-line comparison, which makes it harder to tell what he's added.
"Come and lick my pussy, my Jerkop slave."
  • Uploads the following pictures:
  • Adds some of these images to the gallery, with captions:
  • SchuRchuKissPSPWall.jpg "Sonichu and Rosechu's First Kiss"
  • HedgehogsinFLuv.JPG "Sonichu and Rosechu's First Fuck-a-Thon"
  • BubblesandBlackSonichu.JPG "Bubbles...and Black Sonichu?!!!"
  • AngelicainGod'sEyes.JPG "FUCK!! Did she have to do that in the house of God?!!"
  • ShecameforCWC.JPG "Your sister has cum for me"
  • MaryWantsIt.JPG [no caption]
  • Chris trying to play off the girl he's fingering in the picture as "your sister" almost certainly fueled the assumption that she was actually Christian's (imaginary) sister Crystal.
  • Puts the rainbow pyramid back and has it read "WOMEN MASTURBATING" with the note "Why not? Everybody's Doing it. Hmm...Awesomely Relieving and Visually Appealing."
  • He adds several lengthy, revealing sections about himself:


YES, I drink A LOT of Soda from Coca-Cola to Pepsi to Powerade. I have a lot of stored caffeene in my energy supply, and not only kept me on my toes, but has also messed up my fucking biological clock as well. I sleep from fucking six AM to twelve-fucking-thirty. BIG REASON I need a Sweetheart, so she can help me back on track towards getting back to the morning hours that I used to have during my High School years. Fucking Adult Swim(tm) and random projects keep me up all night as well.

At 1:55 p.m. EST (18:58 GMT), Chris made the following edits:

  • Some of his previous updates have been undone, so he's back to put them in again. Amazingly, somebody from ED actually took out the Rule 34 pictures. (Reldnahc's identity as Christian appears to be unrealized at this point; perhaps nobody thought CWC would actually show his face on the site.) More amazingly, Chris put them back in, so he made the same dumb mistake twice.

12 November

Between 10:05 p.m. EST, 11 Nov and 12:20 a.m. EST, 12 Nov (03:06-05:19 GMT 12 Nov), Chris makes the following edits:

  • Removes thumbnails of fan art of himself having sex with Sonichu, of Rosechu as a she-male having sex with Sonichu, and of himself with his penis hanging out of his pants.
  • Puts his "Random Ramblings" from November 11 back on the article, with added random access humor.
  • Adds several new sections:

===What happened to Sailor Megtune?===
"Yes, while I did have a crush on Megan for like a couple of years since I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh, she was rejectful of romance. In August, 2007 after the PaRappa the Rapper contest, she sent me an e-mail that fucked the shit out of my heart.

It hurt so fucking much, it took me weeks to recover. But I eventually did, and I am, and have been since about mid-September, in a well-sound state of mind. So I had to go back to my fucking lonesome and damn enduring Sweetheart Search. *sigh* The things I would do for TRUE LOVE and my future daughter.

  • Information about his work in Guitar Hero:

===Christian Weston Chandler...Guiter Hero of Cwcville===

"I rocked it hard February 3, 2007 at the Gamestop by Forest Lakes. It was close, but thanks to my HARDCORE months of

practice, I CONQURED!!! Freebird on Expert was awfully tough, but I scored highest above my opponent in the Final Round

with that song. I won a cool T-Shirt."

"I also watched the new Guitar Hero episode of South Park November 7, 2007; it was awesomely hilarious. Apparently the creators had a big thing for Carry On Wayward Son; I don't blame them, except for waiting through the intro lyrics, it is a fuckin' awesome song. Although Boston's More Than A Feeling is the World's Greatest Song, hands down. Thank you, Aqua Teens for agreeing on that."

  • Pictures and thoughts on his Officer Nasty doll. (The pictures somehow don't make it onto ED; that's okay because he's tricked into providing them again later.)

===Cheese it, the cops!!=== [[Image:1000650.JPG|thumb|Nah, it's just my artificial woman in her plastic blue outfit. Awesome to fuck, and the cleaning maintance is simple. She'll only last until she has her internal injury.]] [[Image:1000651.JPG|thumb|Yeah... Look at those big hooters!]] [[Image:1000652.JPG|thumb|Oops, she popped her top. :D]]

Between 8:59 and 9:09 p.m. EST, 12 Nov (1:59-02:09 GMT 13 Nov), Chris makes the following edits:

  • Virginia time: 8:59-9:09pm, 12 November 2007
  • Puts his shit back in.
  • Amends a sentence defending the jerkops to say "they're all just doing their jobs of enforcing an awesomely fucked-up false law."
  • Adds this:
Christian Weston Chandler would like ED and 4chan to know the following: I will continue to Shove The True Facts From My Heart and Soul Down Your Throats, only until you take this WHOLE PAGE Down For Good.

13 November

At 2:15 p.m. EST (19:14 GMT), Chris makes the following edits:

  • Sanitizing the article again, and putting his material back in.
  • Adds this description of Jerkops: "the imposter police in colors OTHER than BLUE or BLACK who enforce the fucked-up false law of Virginia is for Virgins; not lovers".
  • Edits a recommendation that Autistic people should be avoided to say "Despite it being highly recommended that anyone with Autism will get stared at in deep depth"
  • Adds a link to one of his diary entries, which is a tinyurl link pointing to what was presumably his MySpace blog before he took it down in 2008.

14 November

Between 11:29 and 11:43 p.m. EST (04:29-04:43 GMT, 15 Nov), Chris makes the following edits:

  • Creates the user page for Reldnahc. Spends fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to embed an MP3 of So Need a Cute Girl directly onto the page, but fails.
  • Puts his material back into the ED article, possibly other minor edits.

28 December

Edit made at 12:25 a.m. EST (05:26 GMT):

  • By this point Chris seems to be copy-pasting a poorly-formatted copy of the article as he wants it to appear. Ironically, several insults directed at him, which had been edited for length, are now reintroduced by his reversion. [1]

30 December

Edits made at 12:13-12:14 (05:13-05:14 GMT):

  • Now using a new account, "Chris-chan", Chris replaces three whole articles (his own, as well as "Scared kitty" and "Insane Clown Posse/TL;DR‎") with "Stop spreading LIES about me!"


10 January

Chris makes the following edit at 2:49 p.m. EST (19:49 GMT)

  • Chris replaces the entire article with "[vo!d]" [5]

19 January

Edit made at 4:35 a.m. (09:35 GMT)

  • Denilah replaces the entire article with the following:

Dahlings, by order of of President George Bush Junior, there shall be no naughty, grotesque posts of this dahling US citizen.

Any new posts, or deletion of this official message shall be found punishable to the fullest extent of American Law.

From the Secreterial Desk of the White House,

The President, George Bush

It's unclear if Denilah was Chris, since there are many trolls who vandalize the page for lulz. But if Chris were going to convince people that someone who is not Chris says the page must not be edited, this is probably what it would look like.[2]

21 January

Edit made at 4:43 a.m. EST (09:43 GMT):

*****POST NO BILLS*****

There is absolutely no meaning in cyber bullying. And if you have so much free time to play the cruelest game of "KICK THE AUTISTIC", then you CAN and SHOULD put the time to better use; volunteer for a social chore; take up the culture in tasteful art; go out and socialize.

You don't need to terrorize the innocent. Please. Stop mocking not just me, but all the individuals you have hurt with this crappy bullying, Because IT HURTS YOU AND US ALL.
Thank you.

Christian Weston Chandler.


25 January

Edits made from 6:10 to 6:16 a.m EST (11:10-11:16 GMT):

  • A new account, Glith, adds a message to the Chris-chan talk page, saying "I KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK," adding "so there". [7]
  • Glith replaces the article with the request that ED persecute Joshua Martinez instead of Chris. This doesn't seem to work—something about personal armies or something. [8]

26 January

Edits made 6:15-6:27 a.m. EST (11:15-11:27 GMT):

  • As Waltbunn, Chris blanks the article (and its talk page) and tries to come up with some sort of wiki tag that will somehow prevent further editing or otherwise destroy the article. None of this shit works, of course.[3]

12 March

Edits made at 5:52 a.m. EDT (09:52 GMT)

  • On the same day that Megan and Chris exchange emails about Megan's outrage over the fingerbanging picture, Waltermelon removes virtually every reference to Megan from the article, as well as the Chris/Megan sex drawing Chris himself posted in November 2007. [9]

15 March

Edits made from 8:49-8:57 a.m. EDT (12:49-12:57 GMT):

Chris used this image, TomTomCloseup.jpg, to replace ShecameforCWC.
  • Christian-Weston-Chandler uploads a new file, TomTomCloseup.jpg‎, which is a closeup of the vagina in the original ShecameforCWC.JPG drawing. He replaces ShecameforCWC.JPG with TomTomCloseup.jpg‎ in the article. Presumably his reasoning here is that if he can't get ED to let him take the picture down altogether, he can compromise with them by substituting a different drawing that at least doesn't show Megan's face.
  • He then repeatedly deletes and re-inserts the same section of text about Megan, as if he's not sure whether it should be in the article or not. He may be thinking that these edits will distract from his actual goal, which is to eliminate ShecameforCWC.JPG. [10]
This plan is successful for maybe two days, until the article is protected and CrumpetTrumpet identifies the chicanery. Note that everyone is still of the opinion that it's Crystal in the drawing--nobody, including Megan, would have ever known he drew her nude if he'd known when to shut up. [11]

9:13 p.m. EDT (01:13 GMT 16 Mar):

  • Chris edits a notice alerting ED users to his vandalism to read: "Christian Weston Chandler is currently trying to vandalize this article. You can help by explaining why you hate him so much as to contribute to this drama-mama."

17 March

8:39-8:48 p.m. EDT (00:39-00:48 GMT 18 Mar):

  • Chris tries to replace the Megan drawing with the TomTomCloseup.jpg‎ again. He also removes references to Megan and to his vandalism of the article (although he adds a list of his known sockpuppets, for some reason; he may be working from an earlier revision without reading it). He seriously thinks he can ban ED users WhiteMystery and CrumpetTrumpet from his own article by merely posting tables which are presumably crude copies of templates. [12]

10:58-10:59 p.m. EDT (02:58-02:59 GMT 18 Mar):

  • Chris uploads his cover art for his Adult Chronicles game, for PS2, PS3, and Wii, and adds them to the article, noting "Never on HEXBox!" He again tries to remove the Megan drawing and the list of sockpuppets. [13]

18 March

12:07-12:11 a.m. EDT (04:07-04:11 GMT):

  • Chris by now seems more concerned with dispelling the notion that he wants to have sex with Crystal than with taking down the Megan drawing. He changes this:
...and drawing pictures of himself having sex with his imaginary twin sister.
to read:
and drawing pictures of himself having sex with Megan, who would never want to do it with him anyhow; what a sadsack virginal loser.
He makes other alterations to the captions of thumbnails to mock himself for wanting sex with Megan, all the better to prevent anyone from drawing the more (hypothetically) incestuous conclusion. [14]

9:00-9:10 a.m. EDT (13:00-13:10 GMT):

  • Chris again changes the sentence about him wanting to have sex with his imaginary sister to "his lost Sailor Soldier, Megan, who dumped his sorry ass for drawing the pic of him fucking her; she never even had any inkling of interest in him. What a intolerable sad-sack loser."
  • He edits the article's implication that he only claims to be autistic, citing "paperwork from doctors and psychologists and other quacks."
  • By now he has stopped trying to remove the Megan drawing and merely moves it around the article. Megan appears to have said something to him that has made him stop giving a shit. [15]

19 March

6:15 p.m. EDT (22:15 GMT):

  • Chris removes paragraphs about Megan again, and tries for the second time to ban users by putting up crude templates saying they're banned. His banhammer is aimed at users who have reverted his edits: WhiteMystery, CrumpetTrumpet, Weatherman, Drunkenlazybastard, and MysteryBot. [16]
  • Chris e-mails Wikipedia pleading for assistance:
    "I've found your Mediawiki Software, but I am askew with confusion on how to even install the program and all that (the unrecognizable .tar extension didn't help much either). Please help me in deleting everything on the page, and putting a Edit Lock onto it." [4]

20 March

8:14-8:40 p.m. EDT (00:14-00:40 GMT 21 Mar):

  • Christian decides if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and presents You know what, I HATE ME TOO!!! He also continues to delete sections about Megan and references to wanting to have sex with Crystal. [17]

21 March

1:08-1:09 p.m. EDT (17:08-17:09 GMT):,

  • Chris deletes large, seemingly arbitrary portions of the article, strangely leaving parts of it intact. He specifically targets a drawing of Rosechu with a penis. This appears to be his final round of edits to ED until August 2008. [18]

7 August

2:03 a.m. EDT (06:03 GMT):

  • A user known only as SAVE CHRIS CHAN replaces the article with "YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! CWC DOES NOT DESERVE ALL THIS HATE!" [19]

13 August

8:48-8:49 p.m. EDT (00:48-00:49 GMT 14 Aug):

  • Reldnahc returns to the Chris-chan talk page with this announcement concerning the alleged medallion theft: [20]

=== Hey, B-Itches, Quit your barkin'. ===

I have returned to my comic drawing, one page at a time, so you can quit your slanderous, unrequired cries for attention. Also, I LAUGH at your mockery of a medal imitation; yours looks MORE like a sugar cookie I had with lunch...from a Grocery Store; Free Cookies!

The neighbors have been complaining, and they have provided over a Thousand signatures on the Petition; let your Encyclopedogia Bitchmatica get its injection for eternal sleep.


Middle Finger in your "Ear Lot Evil".

14 August

7:41-7:45 p.m. EDT (23:41-23:45 GMT):

  • Jamplerf replaces both the Chris-chan and 4chan articles with "Fuck you, ED." It's difficult to determine whether this is really Chris or a troll capitalizing on the wave of CWC-mania at the time, but the vandalism is consistent with Christian's focus on 4chan as an enemy. [21]

17 August

6:18 a.m. EDT (10:18 GMT):

  • Chris deletes a (probably apocryphal) story on the talk page about him deliberately getting into a car wreck with a pretty girl as a pretext to asking her on a date. [22]

18 August

2:46 a.m. EDT (06:46 GMT):

  • Chris deletes discussion of his parents' names and home address. You may be noticing by this point that the harder he tries the worse things get. [23]

22 August

10:38-10:43 p.m. EDT (02:38-02:43 GMT 23 Aug):

  • Chris furiously tries to remove any reference to his home phone number and address from the Chris-chan article and the talk page. He finally says:


I will STAR69 Your Number or call 911! You are NOT Freakin' TMZ, so just leave me Alone with Peace of my Mind. Christian Weston Chandler

30 August

5:09 a.m. EDT (09:09 GMT):

  • In a curiously low-key edit, Chris corrects a report about him getting kicked out of his favorite shop, changing "GameStop" to "Game Place".

2 September

4:00-4:27 a.m. EDT (08:00-08:27 GMT):

  • Chris uploads nine nude drawings of Rosechu and replaces transsexual and homoerotic Sonichu fan art with them. (Later, in Sonichu 8, these images are shown to be photographs taken by Rosechu herself and uploaded to [24]
  • While he's doing this he makes an odd comment in the caption of a picture of Crystal: "Crystal has her vagina ready too."

3 September

3:53-6:19 p.m. EDT (19:53-22:19 GMT):

  • Christian reverts edits of his new Rosechu nudes. [25]
  • On his Reldnahc user talk page, Chris finds himself repeatedly blanking the page to remove a template showing dozens of images of penises. In response he creates a gallery of erotic imagery he has found on ED that meets with his approval, and posts it on both his user page and its talk page. [26] [27]
  • Chris also continues to try to correct the assumption that it is Crystal and not Megan in the fingerbanging art. [28]

4 September

2:37-4:21 a.m. EDT (06:37-08:21 GMT):

  • Chris deletes large portions of the Reldnahc talk page criticizing his edits, and struggles to keep the dongs off the page and his gallery on. He issues variations of this statement on Chris-chan, User:Reldnahc, and User talk:Reldnahc:


I AM ADDING THE POSITIVITY THIS HELL-HOLE OF A WEBSITE DESPERATELY NEEDS; you just do not appreciate the POSITIVITY I AM ADDING TO THE PAGE. What I am doing is a STAND against OFFENSIVE, UNNATURAL, UNREQUIRED Additions to ANY Female Image. What I am doing is a STAND for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN Everywhere, because NO WOMAN would EVER want such a Horrific Twist of Fate. What I am doing is a STAND against the VERY THING that is NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!!

And I will continue to draw my own TASTEFUL NUDE FEMALE ART, with HONEST VAGINA, UTERUS AND OVARIES to my heart's and RAGE AGAINST YOU DICK-HEADS content.

If you want me to stop, Draw Breasts, Vaginas, Uterus, Ovaries and the God-Given Eggs within them on ALL ROSECHU FANART for yourselves, you Two-Inch Short Dick-HEADS!!!!!!!!

Christian Weston Chandler,
A Man For The Women, For the Women's Rights, For the Women's Justice, For the Women's Peace.


10:21-11:14 p.m. EDT (02:21-03:14 GMT 5 Sep):

  • Chris continues battling to either remove the penises on his talk page or change them into pictures of boobies and vaginas. During this flurry of edits he also begins to weed out pictures he previously put in his "choice ED pics" of Dot from Animaniacs, Cream from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Misty from Pokémon; this seems to be out of concern that people think he is fapping to underage characters, since this comes within hours of his announcement that Rosechu is eighteen years old.

7 September

1:07 a.m. EDT (05:07 GMT):

  • Chris makes an edit to dispute the assertion that his Rule 34 drawings had to have been drawn prior to ED's discovery of him. [29]

9 September

9:17-9:34 p.m. EDT (01:17-01:34 GMT 10 Sep):

  • Chris edits the section for the newly-released Episode 18, trying to make sure everyone understands that the villains of the piece are Jason Kendrick Howell and a thinly-veiled analogue of ED. He continues to insist that it's Megan, not Crystal, in the fingerbanging picture.
  • On his user page and usertalk page, Chris continues in vain to stop the influx of pickles.

11 September

10:15-10:16 p.m. EDT (02:15-02:16 GMT):

  • Chris by now realizes the n00dz he thought he sent to Blanca actually ended up in the hands of the Man in the Pickle Suit, and they're all on ED. He blanks the Chris-chan, User:Reldnahc, and User talk:Reldnahc articles. All three articles are reverted in minutes; ED's MysteryBot automatically suspends the Reldnahc account for at least 24 hours. This presumably discourages Chris from making further attempts to salvage his reputation, as there is little evidence of him contributing to ED from this point forward.

16 March

Edits made at 5:45 p.m. EDT (21:42-21:45 GMT):

  • The Chris-chan account, which has been dormant since 30 December 2007, suddenly reappears to leave cryptic messages on the articles for Cho Seung-Hui and Tim Kretschmer, and to replace the Chris-chan article with this message:

One day you FUCKERS will pay for what you have done!




Chris's password strength is notoriously weak, and it's very likely someone has hijacked one or more of his ED accounts, especially now that this article exists to list his sockpuppets.

May 2009

14 May

Edits made at 6:53-6:54 p.m. EDT (22:53-22:54 GMT):

  • A new account, ChrisChanSonichu, is created and used to put the following message on the "Chris-chan" talk page:

=== I've moved on last Tuesday ===

I have learned that there was a connection between her and a state in Washington where some of you have been lurking, and that she was not found in any public records. It took me a week to recover from the crestfallen emotions, but I am moving on with my life.

Also, you'll have to catch me IRL ONLY to troll me any further. Do you dare?

Peace-Out, Christian Weston Chandler.

--[[User:ChrisChanSonichu|ChrisChanSonichu]] 22:54, 14 May 2009 (UTC)

15 May

Edits made 11:35-11:36 p.m. EDT (3:35-3:36 GMT 16 May)

  • ChrisChanSonichu adds the following to his previous message:

Hey, CLYDE, you JERK. I said "IN REAL LIFE", not Playstation. Also, why don't you be the man you CLAIM to be and face me yourself? You keep sending out your prawns to do your dirty work, you coward. >:-( Christian C.

  • He then immediately reverts his own edit.

There has been speculation that the edits were fake, but his videos since the 15th of May have confirmed the information given, so it can reasonably be assumed that the account belongs to Chris.


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