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Between 13 September and 15 October, 2008, Chris wrote a Blogspot blog. This blog was one of Chris's shorter ventures, lasting only 32 days. The exact reason of its closure was never revealed, although troll-induced paranoia is a safe bet.

The initial blog posts are about the proposed business venture of a Sonichu game, although even by Chris's standards the writing is abysmal. The initial paragraph veers off in every imaginable direction at once like some sort of literary adaption of Escher's Relativity, and the ensuing content is basically a pitch for the game. Chris concedes he's been hogging the spotlight and consequentially the audience doesn't really "know" Sonichu and Rosechu, which, although true, rather overlooks the fact that there's nothing to "know" about either of them; Sonichu is just a self-insert for Chris and Rosechu has no character substance whatsoever. Chris goes on to detail exactly what crucial actions HE will perform in the plot, apparently having forgotten his pledge to get out of the spotlight in the space of three sentences.

Later posts concern pornography in his comic (specifically announcing that he's removing it but uploading more porn elsewhere) and some fanart showcasing, as well as urging his fans to join a fan-group. He implores his fans to attack ED with progressively less and less subtlety, as if anybody would. Eventually, as with all things, his personal life becomes the chief subject matter and he laments the late PandaHalo for two whole sentences before going on to herald Ivy as the divinely mandated mother of his child (a position occupied until recently by Panda). The final blog post exists almost purely to contradict existing information and tell everybody that Chris gets his magic powers from his ring rather than his now-destroyed medal.


13 September

The Official Sonichu & Rosechu Blog from Christian Weston Chandler

This is just the start of the Blog; I will update this blog with the Smaller Details to save space on

So, be sure to BOOKMARK THIS Blog Page.

Sincerely, Christian Weston Chandler.

An Important Update

With the Sonichu Fanbase growing wildly with lots of energtic Hype, I am ready to take Sonichu and my world of Cwcville back to Nintendo of America and SEGA of America. And upon the unity in business between Nintendo, the company who provided me with my second gaming system, the Game Boy, after my very first Commodore 64 computer, SEGA, the company who introduced Sonic the Hedgehog as not only my Life-Long Hero, after the American Rabbit, but as the True Role Model Icon I am proud to have learned some of my attitudes and beliefs from since 1991, and myself, Christian Weston Chandler, we will make Sonichu and Rosechu and their world being more Real than I was able to make them by myself with pen and markers in hand, and a vasly-knowledgeable imagination.

You won't be able to truly say you've "Caught Them All", until you've caught the Original Sonichu and Rosechu in a CWC Approved Nintendo/Sega Pok'emon Lightning Version on GBA and DS to catch a great share of the other currently avilable Four Hundred and Ninty-Three Pok'emon.

Think you know the ins and outs of Sonichu and Rosechu, wait until Season Two of the Comic Book Series, likely to start within the year 2009. I will withdraw myself from being as intrusive in the series as I have been so far; I've been selfish, and I'm tired of drawing myself so much. See how I take my leave of Cwcville in the Season Finale, to hopefully be uploaded and on the Sonichu Site 4th Quarter, 2008 or 1st Quarter, 2009.

And because I've been hogging the spotlight, you don't know Sonichu and Rosechu as you properly should. In the first CWC Approved Release of the "Sonichu's Adventure" video game, with Nintendo and SEGA's help, on Nintendo Wii (although it was intended originally for Gamecube), with compatibility with the Wii Classic Controler as well as Gamecube Contoller, with rumble functionality hopefully. Sonichu is more than Lightning and Lightning-Speed, and Rosechu is more than delightful Bolts and Heart-Felt for Sonichu. Play on, as they rescue each other from the darkest evil that has manifested itself within some recycled nuts and bolts on the moon. And what a storyline it will have, based mostly from the comics with the duo and the Chaotic Combo as well.

And I HAVE the idea for the Video Game for myself, if I can swing that with SEGA as well, an epic tale of my tragic Adult Life straight from my tortured heart and soul. I will bring the pain to the Jerkops, I will kick Mary Lee Walsh into her cauldron to burn, as well as the other villians. And I will have support from my Electric-Hedgehogs, my mother and father, my Closest Gal-Pals who I've grown to love; Megan Schroeder and Anna McLerran to name a couple, sparingly in the game. And I will square-off in the TRULY SELF-EPIC Battle between me, and my Dark Half. I plan to have THIS GAME ALONE go Multi-Console between Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 (with downloadable content); screw the HEX-Box.

And All This CAN come to Fruition... with YOUR HELP!

The populace of Sonichu, Rosechu and Christian Chandler fans. All I ask for in minimum, is to contact Nintendo of America AND SEGA of America by way of POSTING in their respective FORUMS, sending them E-Mails, and, HIGHLY Recommended, Hand-Written Letters to BOTH Companies, that You Want Sonichu, and that they should get in touch with me, Christian Weston Chandler, via Telephone or Snail-Mail, or In Person. Both Companies have my information in their computers, as I have written to them a number of times in my lifetime.

Who do you want to catch?

Sonichu and Rosechu!

Who's the Underdog Director you've grown to know?

Christian Weston Chandler!

When Do You Want Nintendo and SEGA to Talk to Me to EVOLVE Sonichu and Rosechu more Realistically?


Episode 17 Update

**After Serious Consideration and numerous complaints, I HAVE REMOVED the explicit sexual pages from EPISODE 17 of Comic #8,
And as GOD Promised NEVER again to Flood the earth with a Rainbow over Noah's Ark, I cast My Rainbow of Promise to NEVER AGAIN
Draw or Upload any Further Images between Sonichus and Rosechus in EPISODE 18 of Comic #8, as well as ALL Future Comics, that depict explicit sexuality.
I, Chritian Weston Chandler, Humbly and Sincerely, From the Bottom of my Heart, Apologize to EVERYONE who has read
the 17th Episode before September 10, 2008, after the Waterloo of an Episode was uploaded on September 9, 2008.
Thank you for your Patronage and Growing Fanbase.** Also, after a good number of e-mails sent from my fanbase, I have removed the anatomy of Sonichu & Rosechu from the
17th Episode, and I have re-uploaded the two pages of Rosechu's sampling of Centerfold pics.
Also, look forward to more similar pics in the side-project of that mentioned parody of "Pokeboy" magazine, that will feature sexy pics, and short biographies, of some of the female characters in bathing suits or bra/panties featured so far in the world of Sonichu & Rosechu to further ensue my Peaceful Protest against the Slanderous E.D. Page.
**No Target date has been set for the one-issue magazine.**

The Sonichu Group

**The SONICHU Group on MySpace is OPEN, and ALL Sonichu Fans are Welcome to Join for FREE.** Download the mp3 for CWC's Yellow Is A Mellow Color song. (Right-Click and "Save Target As") Members of the Local Sonichu Fan Club of Charlottesville, Virginia are encouraged to join and post any suggestions for the group or CWC's Sonichu Site and whatever else, in this new MySpace Group.

And Now, just because I feel like giving props, here are a few Favorite pieces of Good Fan Art.

From Vivian G.

From FillThisVoid

From Evan George

An inspiration behind the appearance of Official Sonichu Character, Simonla Rosechu, Introduced in Episode 17.

From zorqueozwald, and Planned to be borrowed for the Cover for the First Comic Book of the upcoming Second Season.

From balsis

From little finch

Artist To Be Determined

Artist To Be Determined

If you would like to submit a Fan Art of your own, attach it in an E-Mail and send it to my E-Mail address; be sure to add your name in the message, or I'll use your E-Mail name.

And if you are one of the "Artists To Be Determined" from one of these currently featured Fan Arts, please send me an e-mail with your honest name.

20 September

Thank you all, my Loyal Fans, for your concern and support

I have been under a lot of stress and chaos from the internet bullies hacking into a bunch of my accounts. But rest-assured, I am safe, alive and well. I will have Episode 18 finished soon enough, with the target date being October to November.

All I ask of you now is not to call me via telephone, because that telephone number was acquired WRONGFULLY by the WRONG People, from whom you've might have acquired it from. They only posted it, just to get you TO call me and annoy me from that act. If you do not call, their dark power will dampen.

That ED page against me is as editable as a page on Wikipedia; do what you will to clean up their slanders.

The Mammoth Will Fly, with time to heal my wounds from the recent chaos.

Peace, Christian Weston Chandler.

25 September

Attention, Offical Chris Chan Update, September 24 and 25, 2008

To all my Loyal Sonichu & Rosechu fans.

There is an IMPOSTER on this website called Apparently, for a short while now, he has been using my name, under the disguise of "cwcsonichu". I have not even learned of, until yesterday, the 24th. Today, I have created the account of ChrisChan1982 on to set the record straight. The imposter also has played with the heart of my gal-pal, Sarah Jackson, and for her I can sympathise truly with her.

After the chaos Tuesday of Last Week, the 16th, I have lost contact with Sarah; I've tried to e-mail her, but Mailer Daemons came back in response. And between the chaos, and information on the ED page framing Sarah J to be fake, I didn't know what to believe.

But Thank God and Jesus, my Guardian Angel from the other side of the world found me. She, a Good, Loyal, Honest Sonichu & Rosechu fan, got my YouTube and Facebook accounts for me, and, she was a real big help and the "Spoon full of sugar" I needed to "help the medicine go down" (lines from the movie, Mary Poppins).

Anyway, to verify who we honestly were to each other, we talked through our respective microphones over our IMs and HONESTLY HEARD each other's Voices. I know she is TRUE and HONEST from her voice. Her nickname is Danielsha; but she likes to be called Panda for a pen name. SHE IS NOT A TROLL; SO DO NOT TELL ME OTHERWISE OR FRAME HER.

Also, for the RECORD, I have asked the imposter on LiveJournal a question for his identity; HE ANSWERED WRONG.

FOR THE RECORD, Christian Weston Chandler's Very First Pokemon TCG Card is a Base Set, unshadowed **Charmeleon** card, that I have received Promotionally from the February, 1999 Issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. CWC's #1 Card! There it is, FOR THE RECORD.

Anyway, the imposter replied Holographic Pikachu; what a dumb bastard.

This has been another Official Chris Chan Update, from the man himself. Live long and prosper.

Peace, Christian C.

29 September

September 29, 2008 Update

Recently, Panda has broke up the romance in our relationship; I was saddened for a while, but I've recovered. We still talk to each other as Just Friends.

I would have gone back to being Single, if not for the Dream that I have been WAITING YEARS FOR since the dreams of my future daughter that I just Truly, Honestly Had. God and Jesus have revealed to me the name of my True, Honest Sweetheart-To-Be, in a basic situation that we have been chatting on the internet for a few months, then she came to Charlottesville to meet and be with me, and I went to meet her in the lobby of a local hotel she was staying at.

She KNOWS who she is, because I have Personally Informed Her. But I shall NOT reveal who she is yet, for the benefit of her Safety. But it WILL be made KNOWN at the End of Episode #20 in the Number 9 Comic Book.

In other news, I am still working on finishing the Spring Break Episode, that should be finished by mid-October, if not before Halloween or November.

That's the update for today; Peace to all my Loyal, Patient Sonichu & Rosechu Fans.

Christian W. Chandler.

15 October

Sonichu Comic #10 Preview

After recent events, I have randomly been inspired to draw up a set of pages that WILL OFFICALLY be saved to be put into the 10th Comic Book. It's only 8 pages, but I mention the LittleBiGPlanet Level I put together in my BETA copy of the game. Also, my POWERS NEVER truly came from the Medal; they came from my High School Ring the WHOLE time. I wore the ring the VERY FIRST TIME I thought of Sonichu and from then on as well, so there is the FACT. And just a HUGE REMINDER; Jimmy Hill is a Thief and an Impostor; DO NOT BUY HIS IMPOSTOR SONICHU CRAP!

It has been planned for a while now, but PandaHalo's Chris Chan Sonichu Fan Art is SET to be the Official Cover for the #10 Comic Book.

That's the Update for now; enjoy the 8-Page Foretaste from the #10 Comic Book. And be sure to get a Playstation 3 (if you don't already have one) and a copy of LittleBiGPlanet to play at least the First Episode Sonichu Level that is Published on the L.B.P. Network NOW! COUNTDOWN to the Game's release on this Wednesday the 15th is Less than a Week, so RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW at GameStop for a Bonus Kratos Costume for Sackboy, or at BestBuy for a Bonus Nariko Costume for Sackgirl.

Peace, Christian W. Chandler.

Also, JUST BEING STARTED, and FULLY APPROVED, is the Sonichu & Rosechu Fan Site at; ALL LOYAL Sonichu & Rosechu Fans Join this OFFICIAL PARTY!

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