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This page contains DMs between Chris or NightStar2891 and Marvin.


On 7 August 2017, Marvin, using his Howard Winslow Twitter account, confronted NightStar2891 over Twitter, presenting his theory that NightStar was actually Chris using an alt account, which NightStar vehemently denied. Over the course of their conversation, NightStar decided to leak a set of messages held between that account and Chris's CWCSonichu account, in order for them to be posted to Kiwi Farms.[1]

It is speculated that Chris did this in order for Doopie to see his side of the story and that he had help from a partner who assisted him in typing some of his comments to try throwing people off from his unique writing style.

Messages are color-coded red for Marvin's messages, blue for NightStar2891, and yellow for Marvin's forum commentary.

Marvin's commentary
So first I started off trying to link them to something to get their IP. Most of the fake Chris socks are easy to spot, but Night Star was distinct and I wanted to investigate.

That plan went south, so I gave up. After a bit, Night Star PM'd me with this:

As you are the first to DM me, I will confide a few minor facts about myself with you. I am from Richmond, VA; I moved to Charlottesville five years ago. I got a good job at McDonald's, and I'm full time there now for the time being. I went to UVA, where I graduated with a degree in Psychological Arts last year. I have been viewing everything about Christine through my sister's accounts on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. I am well aware of the majority of her past, that some people have strung out to prolong unrequited hatred. I finally decided to make a Twitter for myself, but to keep it discreet, I chose to emulate Miss Chandler's pony. I work at different McDonalds between Forest Lakes, Shopper's World, Barrack's Road, and even the one in Ruckersville these days, so while my daily schedule is rather hectic, I still take time to enjoy what new thing she posts or tweets. I've actually, personally, on my break, during a few recent times she was at the restaurant, I sat and talked with her. You do not know how kind and understanding she is. I can sense it direct from her aura a genuine soul, full of heart and love. She Has had her Heart in the right place Initially during when she did something that caused a riot, including her #NationalGirlfriendDay tweet. How could you Not get that she was not saying that those women were not totally her friends yet, but she felt blessed and happy to be acquainted to them and within a Tweet's reach, like most other people would take for granted. Which is why I take all her misgivings with a grain of salt, because I have seen the Real woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, and cares for the sake of a lot of people. It bites that she is misunderstood the way she is by a lot of distant people.

Perhaps it was for the best this document of yours was deleted, because, as she would have put it, it is So Outdated Now. Thank you for sharing, Mister Winslow. Have a good day.

So, I don't know if you realize this, but Christine has a very unique writing style. I'm pretty sure you're Christine. I know you were only trying to be friends, but you still crossed some lines.
You are mistaken, although I am flattered you would mistake me for Christine through my paraphrasing. No, I am Miss E.S. (I dare not reveal my full name online). I, like her, am well-read and educated. But, as you can tell, my art style differs from hers. My sister still resides in Richmond, and I reside in Charlottesville. Surely, it dawned upon you that she is not the only person in the world who is eloquent.
It's not eloquency. It's a very unique fingerprint of word choice, formatting patterns, cadence; the whole nine yards.

I'm a software developer, and there's some fascinating studies on fingerprinting people's writing for identification. They've used it to identify previously unknown authors by their writing patterns.

Marvin's commentary
Now, I'm bullshitting here about identifying Night Star's writing. I was just eyeballing it, but again, most people impersonating Chris heap on the random caps and leave it at that. Less is better when it comes to impersonating Chris.

Now this is where it gets interesting:

Whatever you say. I don't know much about programming. My niche is more in examining the mental states of others, and figuring them out from the way they draw and create. You don't know how fascinating it is to be a psychologist who can not only tell what is wrong with someone by what they talk about, but their choices in art as well.

For example, I took a look at your media on your Twitter page. I can tell you are racially conscious, a bit religious, similar to a cartoon character, and you enjoy fine cuisine, regardless of how much weight you must have put on enjoying it all. If I were to guess why you troll along with the rest, and to put it simple: you're as old-fashioned as Donald Trump (minus the narcissism).

Marvin's commentary
So this is what cemented it for me that Chris is sharing the account with someone else. And yet... it still has a few Chris-like moments. This is confusing.

So "racially conscious" is something you'd never hear Chris say. Because if you did hear him say it, he'd have been saying it constantly to brag about himself for the past few weeks.

The "old-fashioned as Donald Trump" is pretty Chris like though. So again, I'm confused.

Anyway, I addressed Night Star's comments, and then they said:

Howard. I have been given permission, from Christine, Herself, to leak some of our messaging to the Trolls. But I do not feel at ease to make a Kiwi account. So, here you are; share them as you like.


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