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The 19th call between Kacey and Solid Chris. Topics such as his interview at target, jogging and abortion are discussed.


  • Chris went to a heart doctor, the doctor said his heart problem can be solved by not stressing so much.
  • Chris weighed 216 last time he went to a doctor, now he weighs 205.
  • Chris bragged he jogged for three minutes, and this was a new record. Kacey gets mad and says that he previously claimed he jogged for 45 minutes. Chris says she misheard and he said he walked for 45 minutes.
  • Chris registered Sonichu 0 at the Library of Congress.
  • Chris is working more on his Audiobooks.
  • Kim tells Chris that CWCipedia is back online, so Chris talks about thinking about updating it. He stress sighs.
  • Talking about his interview at Target, him and Kim did a mock interview showing Chris how to lie about being fired from Wendy's.
  • Kacey tells Chris to not talk about Sonichu, trolls, or his medallion. He's interrupted by Barb coming into the room.
  • Chris talks about what he saw on the news. He talks about then-campaigning Virginia governor Bob McDonnell's views on abortion, and says that girls that get raped should have the right to get an abortion. Kacey is surprised by this, considering Christianity looks down on abortion. Chris also unwittingly reveals he thinks abortion is a form of birth control, which Kacey points out isn't true.
  • Chris says his mind is blank, so they hang up.


Kacey-CWC Call 19
Stardate ???
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 18
Kacey Call 20

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Hey Chris, it's Kacey. What's up?

Chris: Hi Kacey. I'm OK, how are you?

Kacey: I'm good.

Chris: That's good. Hey I went, I went to uh, my appointment with uh, Dr. McGovern today [Kacey: "Uh-huh."] and uh... Yeah, turns out like you know. Yeah. Yeah, about m-, about my uh, heart, my heart pains, really you know. Um, anyways it's just basically all I need to do is just, eh, try not to stress out so much, and uh just... and uh continue taking on paroxetine I should be OK.

Kacey: Mmm-hmm.

Chris: Uh, other than that uh... Guess what? Apparently uh, last time when they weighed me I weighed 216. [pause] 216 pounds.

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: And uh, they weighed me today, guess how much I was? Or how much I am?

Kacey: Uh...

Chris: [interrupting] 200-205.

Kacey: Oh, nice.

Chris: I lost 11 pounds!

Kacey: Oh, that's cool. I-I thought you said last time you weighed, you were like 220 something, I mean maybe I [Chris: "Uh..."] heard you wrong.

Chris: Yeah, or maybe I misremembered.

Kacey: Maybe.

Chris: Yeah. Anyway I lost 11 pounds. [mumbles incoherently] Here's a funny part, here's a funny bit, I told my father, "Hey pop, I last, I lost 11 pounds!" and he said, "OK. Well did you ever find it again?"

Kacey: [Laughs]

Chris: [pause] Yeah. I got that, I was like "Ha!" Yep.

Kacey: Yeah, pretty funny.

Chris: Yeah anyway uh, got back home, did my, I did my walking and jogging and uh... then my father wanted to go out and run some errands so I went with him, then we came back and-

Kacey: [interrupting] How much did you jog?

Chris: [pause] Oh, I jogged about three minutes.

Kacey: Three minutes?

Chris: [pause] Yeah.

Kacey: Why would you even bother? That's, that's, what? Three minutes? [Long pause] I mean you're going to have to push yourself, three minutes is nothing, that's like... I don't know could you even jog for only three minutes? That's, I don't know.

Chris: [pause][frustrated] Oh give me a break! At least I'm working up to uh... longer than that.

Kacey: [upset] Well YOU were telling me the other day you did 45 minutes! So, how do you go from 45 minutes to three minutes and then say that you are working to go above that? I mean did you lie to me?

Chris: Oh no wait, you might've mis... understood. I said that... uh... it [unintelligible]- it takes like 45 minutes to a hour, for me to uh... walk a power walk... arou-, around the uh, neighborhood.

Kacey: Y-you told me that's how long you took: 45 minutes.

Chris: [pause] Yeah, to walk a power walk around neighborhood. Jogging would probably be... to be, jogging around a whole...creation... like would be uh, [pause] probably take-

Kacey: [interrupting] Chris, you told [Chris: "B-b-but..."] me 45 minutes.

Chris: [pause] No, no. I did not say that.

Kacey: Y-yes, yes you did. [Very long pause] [Chris: "Yeah-"] I mean I, I have pretty good audio memory, so...

Chris: Hmm. [pause] Or... maybe I, or maybe I mis... spoke, I don't know.

Kacey: Maybe.

Chris: Well anyway... anyway I did that, and then my power walk to go uh... run some errands downtown, so I went with him and then we came back a long time later. And then I went on, then went to, then I went to the Library of Congress. And uh, took, and uh just went ahead and registered Sonichu for myself uh, and send them the uh, file-, send them the uh, image files for Book #0 plus also some new scans of the, of... the uh, rough drawings, rough drawings I did, you know on notebook paper during accounting, I did during accounting class. And uh, a couple others, also the orig-, the most original uh, Sonich-, Sonichu Pokemon card... which uh, originally when I created it we only had a black and white printers, so we printed black and w-, so I printed it in black and white, and then I colored it in with uh, marker and crayon.

Kacey: [pause] OK.

Chris: And anyway I scanned that and also send in the... the uh, images for my CD cover. And uh, I she wasn't-- Oh yeah I scanned my medallion...as well.

Kacey: Oh, OK well just remember to check on everything you know, see the status. You want to make sure that you uh, keep up on that.

Chris: [pause] Yeah well that's no problem. I mean I had the Library of Congress bookma-, bookmarked on my... Firefox. [pause]

Kacey: Yep.

Chris: Mmm. Yeah, anyway I was, anyway after that... uh yeah, did the videobooks for uh, book number 7, and...probably still uploading now. Like give me... a little while.

Kacey: OK, I'll be sure to check [Chris: (unintelligible)] those out.

Chris: I just got, I just got a little life starting on that, but anyways also, Kim also, I talked to Kim, and uh... she told me that my... CWCipedia was back up, so... [unintelligible] so then I went to update CWCipedia with the videos I had uploaded currently uh, before book number 7 [Kacey: "Uh-huh."] and then book number, after the uh, 7th book, video the uh, book 7 videos are uploaded, I'll update the CWCipedia with those as well.

Kacey: OK. Well, um did you, ever add uh, those essays that you promised me that you would add from high school?

Chris: [pause, sigh] I have been, yeah I mean I uh, yeah not yet, but I mean I haven't been able to because of CWCipedia was down for the uh, server updates. But I'll, I'll get thos-, I'll get those, I promise you I will get those uh, essays... found, and on, and on to the uh, CWCipedia.

Kacey: Yeah, you should totally do that I mean while you have a chance.

Chris: Yeah. [pause] Hmm.

Kacey: I mean it's not like you have a lot more to do. You got that interview coming up, but that's about it.

Chris: Yeah, I got that interview com-, coming up. Yep. Hmm.

Kacey: Are, are you prepared for that? You know what you're going to say? And what you're not going to say?

Chris: Yeah I, yeah I feel, I feel pretty prepared. Uh, Kim and I did... did a mock interview the other night. And she gave me a little suggestion, like you know instead of saying, "I got fired from Wendy's,"-- "I got laid off for personal differences."

Kacey: Yeah, that's good! Just remember, stay as professional, and polite as you can.

Chris: Yeah, that's no problem, I mean I planning on wearing my uh, blazer, and put on a nice uh, shirt and pants.

Kacey: OK, and uh, just remember, don't talk about Sonichu cause that's something totally different.

Chris: Yeah I'm not gonna, yeah I will not talk about that.

Kacey: And, and no medallion.

Chris: Yeah, no medallion.

Kacey: And uh, don't talk about trolls, they don't want to know, they don't need your life story, they just want to know whether you're going to work hard.

Chris: Yeah. That's no problem, I, I plan, I... I intend to work hard.

Kacey: Well that's good, you need to let them know that.

Chris: Yeah I will let them know that as well. Oh, excuse me. [[[Barb]] walks into Chris's room]. Hello!

Barbara: [inaudible throughout]

Chris: Hi mom, yeah sure, I was just talking to Kacey. OK. Hmm. So, so I'm sorry, what we're we talking about?

Kacey: Oh, were talking about your job interview, and um, how you're gonna ace it.

Chris: Oh yeah, well that's no problem, I feel like I'm doing OK, I feel like I'm, I feel like do-, I'm OK, I mean uh... see most of the mock interview uh, Kim told me that I'd be OK. Uh, [Kacey: "That's good."] uh, and the only exception was the uh, you know, just having to correct me on- Instead of sayi-, instead of saying I got, instead of saying fired, just say laid off, due to personal differences.

Kacey: Yep. Euphemisms are always good.

Chris: [pause] Euphemisms... I never really understood what that word meant, I heard that word before.

Kacey: Mmm, should probably just in a dictionary, it's an easy word.

Chris: OK. [Silence] Yeah. Hmm. OK so you had, OK so how was you day today, very tough day, or did you have a easier one today?

Kacey: Well, I had, earlier school and I had a lab. Um, I was actually pretty easy, I just had a couple quizzes, and then I went home, and then I went to work, so I mean it was just normal.

Chris: OK well that's good. Hmm.

Kacey: So how was your day?

Chris: [pause] Yeah well, I told you about it already, but yeah it-

Kacey: [interrupting] So that's all you did? I mean there's nothing else? [Chris: "Hmm."] Anything on your mind?

Chris: [pause] Yeah um... I mean we, yeah I mean I did watch some news as well uh... learned about, learned a bit more about, uh, Creigh-, Creigh Deeds and uh, Bob McDonnell being the upcoming governor. [Pause] Uh, apparently I misunderstood about uh, McDonnell a little bit, it was Creigh Deeds that wants us, is the one that wants to do the tax-raising.

Kacey: How do you feel about that?

Chris: [pause] Uh yeah, I, I, I am against it, I, I am against it t-, the ra-, the raising of the taxes. So, yeah apparently McDonnell is uh, against abortion. Alright, so then he would take, and uh if he were elected governor he would probably take that part away from, like you know even if, if even from unexpected, rape or incest, everything like that, or even, or even prohibited from... married people. So it's like uh, uh I'm not sure, I might go tax over, I'm gonna go tax over abortion on that note.

Kacey: Ar, ar, are you, are you-- Do you agree with that, or do you disagree with that?

Chris: Yeah I disagree with the abortion thing.

Kacey: No, no, no, but do you agree with what he's doing, like he wants to make sure that no one, even incest or rape, can get abortions, or do you think that they should?

Chris: Yeah, I feel like they have the right to. [Pause] I mean, it happened unexpectedly. [long pause] You know?

Kacey: Mmm-hmm.

Chris: And... it... it would just uh, it would not... seem right. I mean it's nic-, it's nice to know that, it's nice for those women to know that they have the option, and it's better to have the option than not have it. [Silence]

Kacey: I guess, but I mean I, I, I think you know like most bans are on, um, the late trimester ones, which yeah, I mean by then you whether you want to have a kid or not, so you shouldn't wait till that long. [Silence] I mean, but still that's surprising cause abortion's extremely against the Christian religion I mean, so I'm surprised you go for that.

Chris: [Long Pause] Well. [Long Pause] I mean a... [pause] Yeah I'm just, I'm just... [long pause] [sigh] Look I don't know what to say, but still, you know, I feel it's wrong to take away that choice for the women. [Pause] I mean especially if they, if it was a [unintelligible], if it was like uh, from a case of rape or a mis-, or a mistake, er you know? Something like that?

Kacey: Well the thing is, is, um, OK, I can understand rape and incest, but abortion isn't birth control. If you are having sex you should fully know that your, you could have a kid.

Chris: Yeah. But I mean it's, I mean it's not like the woman is gonna know that she's gonna be raped right before it happens-

Kacey: [interrupting] That's what I said, not including that. I'm not including that, Chris.

Chris: Okay. [Pause] Hmm. [Very Long pause] Hmm, OK well my mind's blank abou-, my mind's blank right now. [Pause]

Kacey: Mmmkay you should probably get that checked out, remember that that could be a problem, but um, I'll talk to you tomorrow then.

Chris: Alright, well you take care, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Kacey: Alright. Bye.

Chris: Buh bye.

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