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Rsz transtemplate.jpg Gender disclosure: This person currently identifies as transgender. Pronoun usage on this page may or may not reflect biological sex and/or gender identity.

Michael Tyler Kittrell (born 29 October 1992), also known as CopperCab and Claire Kittrell, is an American YouTube personality, best known for his debut video, "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!", a rant about South Park joking about redheads not having souls, and his numerous videos involving him irately ranting about a number of different subjects. He would later be parodied in South Park.

In October 2017, Chris re-enacted "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!". A week later, Kittrell noticed the video and re-enacted the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown video Chris had made ten years prior, also recording an interview with Chris, along with Coppercab's friend and editor Cameron Nahas.

The interview ends mid-question with the promise of a Part 2, but this would not be released for a very long time. Eventually, days after Chris's incestuous behavior became public knowledge, the second half of the interview was released.

Interview (Part 1)

A Conversation With CHRIS CHAN! (Part 1)
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 23 October 2017
Sachumo interview

Part 1 Transcript

Amiibos (0:00-1:42)

The song "Bike Rides" by YouTube plays for about ten seconds. CopperCab is wearing a mask of Sulley from Monsters Inc. Chris has some sort of mask on, if anyone knows please edit this.

CopperCab: Yeah, it's not live. It's gonna be edited. [CopperCab motions his hands as if typing on a keyboard]

Chris: Yeah?

CopperCab: It's not a livestream.

Cameron: So, we're gonna pretend to start now, okay?

Chris: [Chris holds his Sonichu and Rosechu amiibos up to the camera] Pretend to start?

Cameron: Okay. Hello everybody, welcome-

Chris: Yooooooo!

[Cameron laughs politely]

CopperCab: [Waves to camera] What up?

Cameron: Welcome to this special interview we've got with Christine... and CopperCab.

CopperCab: Christine?

Chris: Me.

CopperCab: This isn't just Christine. This is an internet legend-

Cameron: This is.

CopperCab: This is an internet figure. I mean, come on! This is Chri- this is Christine "Chris-Chan" Weston Chandler-

Cameron: This is!

CopperCab: The creator of [muffled, probably Sonichu] and Rosechu, the greatest fucking comic book on the inter- ever made, [Cameron laughs] like in the internet! Like, this is amazing, it's a huge deal! [Chris holds his Sonichu and Rosechu amiibo up again.]

Cameron: Well, there we go, we've got the best inter- best introduction there.

CopperCab: I'm a huge fucking fan! [Cameron laughs] I'm a huge fan!

Cameron: So, wha-what are those two things you're holding there, Christine?

Chris: Sonichu and Rosechu! They're-

CopperCab: [muffled] those.

Chris: Prototype amiibo figures!

Cameron: [unclear]

CopperCab: Now are you gonna- are you selling these right now?

Chris: Ugh, I did start at them, I did make 'em for a while, but then I got tired, and just a bunch- and jus- that happened with my Etsy shop, so...

CopperCab: Yeah?

Chris: We'll still- We'll find somebody else who can do these well, and get 'em back up on the market.

CopperCab: You wanna- really quickly, even before the whole interview starts, do you wanna say your email, if anybody watching this is an amiibo creator? If you want to, like a business [muffled]?

Chris: [Puts amiibos down] Okay. Yeah, uh, business emails can go to "".

Cameron: Alrighty.

Coppercab: And we'll put it in the description-

Cameron: Yes.

CopperCab: We'll put it in the top of the description.

Cameron: We'll stick it in there.

CopperCab: If anybody [muffled, Chris says something but is also muffled] amiibos, contact Christine.

Not hiding from the trolls (1:42-4:43)

Cameron: Well, um, so thi-this interview, wha-what I would really like to get out of this is to show the-the, you-you two share a lot in common, you know? You really do, you've both been trolled heavily on the internet. You-daily, this happens now, you just have to go through a CopperCab video, or a Christine's (sic) video, and you will see people saying the most hideous things to both of you.

CopperCab: Well, it's not all- it's not all- it's not all negative.

Cameron: It's not all negative, and I've noticed a big change.

CopperCab: You just have to find- you have to not pay attention to the negative shit.

Cameron: Yeah.

CopperCab: The garbage. It's not- cause it doesn't add anything to the world.

Cameron: Yes.

Coppercab: Negativity doesn't do anything, like negativity is what goton- what got Donald Trump elected, you know?

Chris: Yeah.

Coppercab: If we were positive, and were more optimistic and had hope, like Obama, we would have her in office.

Cameron: Yeah.

CopperCab: We'd have Hil-

Chris: Yes.

Cameron: We'd have Hillary in there. So, should we address the elephant in the room quickly? The elephant in the room is that you're both wearing masks.

CopperCab: What do you mean by the elephant... [goes off camera for a second]

Chris: Happy Halloween! Urr, numby numby numby, urr!

CopperCab: [returns with a stuffed elephant that he holds up to the camera] Talking about the elephant?

[Cameron and Chris both laugh. CopperCab and Chris make elephant noises]

Cameron: So-

Chris: [Chris holds a figurine of Derpy up to the camera] Muffins! Fluffy Muffins!

[CopperCab holds up a stuffed Pikachu to the camera]

CopperCab: Oh, I like that My Little Pony doll.

Cameron: Aww.

CopperCab: Is that Derpy? It's hard to s-

Chris: [Chris holds Derpy up again] My name is Muffins!

Cameron: Muffins.

CopperCab: Oh, Muff- Oh, so are we gonna take our masks off right now?

Cameron: So what I was- I-I thought this is a good thing to show for- quickly, is that, do you two ever feel like you have to hide behind a mask because of the trolls? Because you-

Chris: No.

Cameron: Have to put something on to protect yourself.

Chris: Uh, with me, since I hardee been damaged emuff, [removes mask] I don't think so.

Cameron: No? That's good. I'm glad.

Chris: No. Now my glasses are slipping off. [removes his glasses]

Cameron: So, do you wanna take your-yours off, uh, Co-Copper?

[CopperCab removes his Sulley mask to reveal another Batman mask. Cameron gasps and CopperCab backs away from the camera.]

Chris: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na...

CopperCab: [Comes close to camera] Batman! [Cameron chuckles, Chris makes a noise.] Batman.

Cameron: So now's the other one. [CopperCab removes the Batman mask] And there we go.

CopperCab: Ugh, that was hot, that mask is hot, [muffled]

Chris: Yeah, masks don't do well with me either, I perspire easily for some reason.

CopperCab: Me too- Me too! I have a really bad sweat problem, and I also have a bad saliva problem. Like I-

Chris: [muffled]

CopperCab: You can- It's kinda gross, but...

Cameron: Yeah.

CopperCab: We all h- you know what? Nobody's perfect.

Cameron: No- and it's those imperfections that make us unique, and make us special too.

Chris: Yeah, we're not flawless.

Cameron: No. If we were all perfect, we'd all be the same.

Chris: And it'd be boring.

Cameron: And it'd be boring. That'd be very boring.

CopperCab: Yeah, there'd never be a Sonichu.

Cameron: There never would, no.

CopperCab: 'Cause it takes a person like Christine to create Sonichu.

Cameron: It does.

[Chris waves to the camera]

CopperCab: Just like a person like Miyamoto to come up with, like, Mario. Stuff like that.

Brief history of Sonichu and the 2014 house fire (4:44-9:29)

Cameron: So do you wanna tell us about, uh, Sonichu. Tell us, uh, like, maybe a history or something, like I'm not saying go into everything, 'cause I know there's a whole world-

CopperCab: Yeah, I was gonna say, 'cause-

Cameron: For Sonichu.

Chris: 'Kay.

Cameron: But, like, how it got started, and, uh, w-what it is you expect to happen in the future for Sonichu.

Chris: Uh, okay, well it's a- Sonichu started off back in March 2000 and came into my head as I was thinking of inspiration for an idea to put on a CD cover for computer pr- computer graphics class that I was taking in High School, and, uh, didn't like copyrighted characters, so I obviously combined Sonic and Pikachu, and made Sonichu, and then a few years later, [CopperCab holds up his stuffed Pikachu, Chris holds up Sonichu #0] [muffled] the first book.

Cameron: There we go.

CopperCab: [Celebrates and applauds] Wooh!

Cameron: And is that the actual first copy? So the- this is- is this a replica or is that the first one?

Chris: Um, it's the first book in the series, this is a printed copy from my unnamed printing publisher company.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: I say unnamed because I don't want, uh, it to get sabotaged.

Cameron: Yeah, that's okay.

CopperCab: Yeah, you don't-

Cameron: So, do you have the original?

Chris: Oh yeah, I still have the original pages in the binders.

Cameron: Oh, that's great. That's good.

Chris: Yeah, and they- yeah, all the old- all them survived the house fire 2014, they did not get burned or drenched.

Cameron: That's good.

CopperCab: I was gonna ask you, um-

Cameron: Your mic seems to be covered a little bit, uh, Copper.

CopperCab: Oh, I'm sorry. Uh, how- I was gonna ask you, how much did you lose in the fire, Christine?

Chris: Uhhhhhh, bit here and there, I lost most of my father's record collection, bunch of his VHS tapes, they had a lot of, uh- we recor-record music from radio shows and old movies. Uh, but yeah, I means- I mean, bunch of them had melted 'cause they were on the highest- on the topmost shelves, uh, even some of the things that were on the topmost part, uh, in the background where Copper, you had, uh, the background, obviously you did that of a green screen, the PaRappa rein- re- recr- uh, reenaction. Uh, yeah, the megazords, and the, hmm, the [here he appears to say pitso brick creations? I have no idea what that is, if another user does please edit this.] they melted up there.

CopperCab: Aww, I'm sorry to hear that.

Cameron: Did that have a lot of effect on you?

Chris: Yeah, just- my room was a m- my old room was a mess. The firefighters had to tear a hole in the c- in the- to the roof for the smoke to clear out, and then- there's just- and it was difficult to get in there and they had to tear w- tear a hole through another wall just to get into my room and do that.

Cameron: Yeah.

Chris: It's...

CopperCab: Jeez.

Chris: Yeah. Mess.

CopperCab: Now wait, your room, your room didn't actually catch on fire in your room as well?

Chris: Uh, the fire started, yeah, near- in the bathroom downstairs, it wasn't so close to th- to that, uh, the fire- I don't know how high the fire got up, obviously the heat rose.

Cameron: Mmm.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: So-

CopperCab: As it does, yeah, it rises.

Cameron: A lot of smoke damage as well, I'm guessing.

CopperCab: What- what do you think started the fire? 'Cause that- honestly, when that happened, I remember when that happened, I was so- I was really scared for you, 'cause I thought that something happened to you or Barbara, or, like, I was worried, and like, when that happened, I read, like, that on the news.

Chris: Okay, we had a coffee maker, a Keurig coffee maker, uh, coffee brewer, we used the K-cups, we left it plugged in, we should have unplugged it, it was plugged in on extension cord, and, due- undue situations that could- that did not allow us to resituate it, or for something less obtrusive, the extension cord was hanging over the bathroom door, and obviously something when you got- [demonstrates with his hands] something on the arch, going up and down like a roller coaster, something's gonna hit on the apex.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: And that's where the fire started.

CopperCab: So that bathroom got torched, huh?

Chris: Yeah. Ground zero.

Cameron: So was there anything of yours that was very, um, significant to you that got lost in that fire?

Chris: Uh...

Cameron: Apart from your- I know you said your dad's, uh, records got lost.

Chris: Yeah, I had hanging on my bedroom wall the- a few things, um, including the, somebody had made me the [unclear] hanging on the wall. Uh, the Asperchu Medallion-

Cameron: Oh.

Chris: And my father's- and my father's sail- uh, cap, his red hat with a logo on it, had a ship on it. That got torn up there.

Sonichu Books and how Pikachu transformed into Sonichu (9:30-14:06)

Cameron: And the-

CopperCab: What was-

Cameron: Carry-

CopperCab: What was the evil, what was the evil, uh, not the evil, but the opposite of Sonichu? It was black, red.

Chris: Uh, you mean Black Sonichu or Blake.

CopperCab: Yeah, Blake. What d- whatever happened to that?

Chris: Um-

CopperCab: 'Cause you never really see it anymore.

Chris: Uh, well, we do see him in this one, you know, he got reformed, and he ended up with Bubbles.

CopperCab: Oh, okay.

Chris: You didn't read Book 8? Where-

CopperCab: I havent'- okay, I have- I haven't read past, like, Book 5. 5 or 6.

Chris: Yeah. [holds up Sonichu #8] Book 8.

CopperCab: You don't- you don't see much of him.

Cameron: Wow.

CopperCab: That's really pretty. I like the cover.

Chris: Yeah, there's 2 versions of this one, that's uh, you know, s- one that's generally p- generally it's okay to be published, and there's one that's NSFW [Chris holds up the "TV-MA" version of Sonichu #8] it's got more pages in that.

Cameron: Oh, wow.

CopperCab: NSFW, hey. [winks to the camera]

Cameron: Wow, do you do NSFW of all of them? [Chris holds both versions of Sonichu #8 up]

CopperCab: Like that.

Chris: N- no. I mean, you can tell the difference between the two on the side there. [Chris holds them together to show the TV-MA label on one of them]

Cameron: Yeah.

Chris: Just to let you know, this one is the NSFW version. [points at label]

CopperCab: Do you sell these? Like, are you selling these right now? Like right now?

Chris: Yeah, I'm- I'm, uh, giving- I'm s- um, among the pledges on my Patreon I'm distributing to that until, uh, such a time when we can have the, uh, books, uh, uh, sold in the comic book stores or book stores everywhere.

CopperCab: Yeah c- cause I wanted- I- I've been wanting to buy the rest of them, like- 'cause after 1 through 5 I h- I don't have the r- the other ones. I wanted to buy like 6, you know? Or 7, like I'll- if you- if you s- if- if like, I'll-I'll email you privately about it after this.

Chris: Yeah, we'll talk about that [unclear, is cut off by Cameron]

Cameron: Yeah, maybe we can get a link in h- in this video, for people who may- who might wanna buy your comics and, uh, other things that you sell.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: Uh, well right now there's, uh, only the, uh, my Patreon.

Cameron: So you have a Patreon too.

Chris: I'm typing the link to that.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: And I would have to look it up, there's the red bubble store.

Cameron: Okay. So, I wanted to go back quickly to the, uh, Sonichu stuff, like, um, so you created it because of copyright issues. [CopperCab holds his stuffed Pikachu up to the camera, Chris smiles at it] You- there was, uh, Pikachu and Sonic, and they became Sonichu.

[CopperCab wiggles the Pikachu and makes a silly noise, Cameron laughs]

Chris: Yeah.

Coppercab: PIK! Pika!

Cameron: And, um, [Chris holds his Sonichu amiibo up] you've also created other p- other characters-

Chris: Sonichu! Sonichu! [makes silly noise]

CopperCab: Pik! Pika!

Chris: Sonichu! Sonichu! Sonichu!

Cameron: So-

Chris: I'm zapping to the extreme! We're having lots of fun here! [Cameron laughs]

CopperCab: Pikachu, cast thunderbolt on Sonichu! Thunderbolt! Piiii Pikachuuuu!

Cameron: [laughs] God.

Chris: Thunderbolt. Zap zap zap zap zap zap zap. Oh shoot.

CopperCab: [begins crumpling his Pikachu] No, you hurt my Pikachu! [he drops it on the floor] Ahhh!

Cameron: Well, you lost.

CopperCab: Sonichu's power level is too strong. [Chris laughs]

Cameron: So do you think that-

Chris: Sonichu!

Cameron: How- how was, um, Sonichu born? W- did Pikachu and Sonic maybe have an affair?

Chris: [scoffs] No.

Cameron: Where they-

CopperCab: No!

Chris: No.

Cameron: No?

Chris: No. No.

Cameron: I don't know, like how did these two merge?

Chris: [in a sing-songy voice] In the year 2000 or 1998 depend (sic) on how you interpret it [Cameron laughs, CopperCab claps and moves his head in tune. Chris shows the camera page one of Sonichu #0] da, da, da, the Perfect Chaos Monster attacked Station Square, and there was Pikachu in the fields nearby. [Coppercab holds his stuffed Pikachu up]

Cameron: Wow. [laughs]

Chris: And the so- and the s- And the Sonic began to [unclear] [Chris holds up page 2 and 3] and tried to... [CopperCab holds his Pikachu and Sully mask and has them "kiss"]

Cameron: Oh, so this the creation.

Chris: And- and- and then there's- the Super Sonic and the Pikachu met. Pikachu was standing by at the time Super Sonic came [unclear], and then bam! A power rainbow, and with the Raichu on the other end.

Cameron: Wow.

Chris: And all the other [unclear] came out, make all the individual ones, [holds up pages 4-5 to the camera] And, boom. The- the Sonichu and Rosechu boo-da-boop! There's an anime sounding theme song that I'm trying to quote right now, [Cameron and CopperCab laugh] but I don't know all the lyrics, so that's just the basic tune! Bom-bom-bom-bom-bom!

Cameron: Well, there we go, I-I got my answer there, didn't I? [laughs]

CopperCab: She sounds like me singing Katy Perry Firework. Like- I'll, like, miss the lyrics halfway through it. I'll just start, blah blah blah blah! [Cameron laughs, Coppercab begins singing Firework] Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag, blah-blah [stops singing] and start messing up lyrics, like, can't remember 'em. [Chris does a stress sigh]

Future of Sonichu (14:07-18:02)

Cameron: So, where do you see the future for your Sonichu comics, like, do you see these, um, how many- do you- do you see a whole universe where you just gonna go on until- into the future and other people are gonna take over, or how do you see it's gonna happen?

Chris: [regular voice]Um, in the- I say in the future it'll end up coming back to the present time, [CopperCab puts on a winter cap] and, uh, get more history in throughout the books, but as for, uh, merchandise, yeah, pretty much what happened so far, and what we have so far- uh, my brain is in multiple places-

CopperCab: [Cameron laughs] I know what you mean, I have the same problem. [Chris does a stress sigh] I've been stressed out lately.

Cameron: Where- where is your brain right now? Where- where are the multiple places your - your- you are right now?

Chris: Um, trynna- I'm looking for a couple of links to copy.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: Besides from that, um... meh. Uh, I-I'd say in the future I'd definitely- I'd like to see more merchandise for Sonichu and creating all the amiibo figures possibly officially released by Nintendo and Sega or all that. Um, but Sonichu's been around since 2004 and as early as 2004- I mean, since 2000. And the book came out in 2004. Obviously more than 10 years went by, so, pretty much have a silent agreement between me and Nintendo and Sega, so, I'd say- [Chris continues but is cut off by Cameron]

Cameron: So, have they said it's okay?

CopperCab: Have you- have you approached- Hajime- have you approached- Satomi? Have you approached Hajime Satomi? The CEO of Sega?

Chris: Um, I'm pretty much- I'd say I pretty much don't have to, because nobody's complained and during its ten year relation- during the ten years span, so.

CopperCab: I-I'm saying, like, for a game, like, for, like- do you wanna do a video game with them?

Chris: Uh...

CopperCab: [Chris' stream briefly freezes] Uh-oh.

Chris: Either [unclear] Pokémon or Sonic style, I don't know. Um, or I-It's still to be determined among which, and-

CopperCab: That's pretty cool.

Chris: I forgot all- the original video I was looking for, I started singing the anime song. [CopperCab and Cameron laugh]

Cameron: Well-

CopperCab: Have you ever- Oh, [muffled] Cameron.

Cameron: You carry on Copper.

CopperCab: Oh, okay, I was just wondering if you ever considered making trading cards?

Chris: Uh, yes, I've made homemade Pokémon trading cards with Sonichu and characters, and some of my own-

CopperCab: And Rose-

Chris: And some of like- custom original Pokémon aside from that.

Cameron: Do you know what I was thinking about one day? Um, I-I own a Nintendo Wii U, and on there, it's been kind of hacked a lot, that-that console, and people are able to make their own characters for Super Smash Brothers.

Chris: Hmm.

Cameron: And I was imagining, maybe somebody out there would one day make a Sonichu for Super Smash Brothers, because it can be it can be i- put in there, and I've seen many things like that added to super Nintendo's, uh, not super Nintendo's, sorry, uh, the Nintendo U version. And then, I'm guessing when the- when the switch is hacked, they'll be able to do the same for there.

CopperCab: [garbled] You-You're glitching out right now, Cameron.

Cameron: What was that?

CopperCab: [clearly] You were glitching out.

Cameron: Oh, was I glitching out for you?

CopperCab: You were going robo-mode.

Cameron: Oh, sorry. Is it better now? [Chris says something, but it is muffled]

CopperCab: [thumbs up] Yeah.

Cameron: Is it better? Okay.

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Cameron: Umm, yeah, what I was saying was that you- the Nintendo U- uh, Wii U can be hacked, and you can add characters to games in there, so I was imagining that you could add-

CopperCab: Haaaa, what is going on?!

Cameron: Oh boy. Am I- is it really bad right now?

CopperCab: I don't understand.

Cameron: Is it really bad?

CopperCab: You're robotic right now, Cameron.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: You're [unclear] funky robotic.

CopperCab: Cameron?

Cameron: You two talk right now, you two talk. [CopperCab's stream is cut off briefly, he says something as he comes back but it is muffled] You two talk.

Discussing transgenderism and SLGBTQ (18:03-23:46)

CopperCab: Christine, you there?

Chris: Yeah, I'm here.

CopperCab: Can I ask you, um, a question. Like, and again, this can be edited if you don't- like, if you get uncomfortable, like, honestly though, I would ask you even if we weren't recording. Like, I, uh, you- I don't know if you know, but I'm actually trans as well. Like I'm transgender.

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: I'm also- I know I don't look like it, 'cause I haven't grown my hair out like you have, and I haven't, you know, shaved and stuff like that, but, uh- it's clear that I'm not dressing, [muffled] right now, but, um, I-I'm wondering how you find the strength, the inner strength, 'cause I have also been trolled. You know, I've been attacked, and I mo- I've fou- I'm able to move past it, and to look past it, and to continue, and to ignore the negativity and cope, but- and I've also lost people in my family, like my mom and my dad, my grandpa, like- I've lost a lot of people in my life, and I've had a lot of people hurt me, betray me, and I understand how it can be painful. I'm wondering how you're able to identify as a woman, and even with all the negativity- and I'm not saying you're surrounded by negativity, but you and I both know how it can be on the internet. We can relate on that. So, I'm just wondering, just from a trans-woman to another trans-woman, and I know it seems silly, 'cause I'm no- I don't look like it, but I just- I was having medication problems, when I was taking medication. It's well documented on the internet, um, 'cause I unfortunately, was able- I was too open. But, um, how are you able to do th- like, how-how are you so strong, is what I'm- and I'm asking, not sarcastically, like how are you so strong?

Chris: Uh, just am. When I came out in June or July of 2014 after realizing that I was a woman soul trapped in a male body, I came out as a trans-woman, and I was still interested in women very much, so obviously I had lesbian status, that- so I am a lesbian trans-woman. I found confidence in myself because after I came out, I found more love and better appreciation, respect for myself, and, uh, also when I went to my first Pride Festival in Char- in Charlottesville that same year, I had a lot of people come u- just be supp- just be nice to me and it- and it was really good. So-

CopperCab: That's good.

Chris: And so, just- I was met with a lot of positivity, and- other than myself, just- and of my family, my mom and everybody in CWCville. I have a psychic connection to my family in CWCville, believe it or not. Including my-

CopperCab: Very good.

Chris: Especially to Magi-Chan and Sonichu and Rosechu and Silvana. Everybody there, I just have to call out- I just have to think of their name, and our minds will link.

CopperCab: So you speak them through, um, through psy- psychology? Through, uh-

Chris: Ps- psychic.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: Through a psychic link.

CopperCab: Not a good thinker right now, um...

Chris: [muffled]

CopperCab: Stressed out, 'cause I get- I get stressed out talking about the trans stuff personally, cause I get-

Chris: Yeah, I get- I get stressed out with, uh, just my home problems, I don't need to go into right now. Just-just-

CopperCab: No, I understand.

Chris: Just suffice to say... [rubs his thumb against his index and middle finger] Monaaay! Money money money.

CopperCab: Oh, trust me, you have no clue. I mean- well, you do. Yeah. We have it, we have it too. We have it- we have it too. We were on- we were actually on welfare, my family, not long ago. So, I know how it feels to struggle. Um, we're not on it- we're not on it anymore we're not on welfare anymore. But- I- we have been in some pretty dark spots, though, I can relate with you.

Chris: Yeah but also, I just- also I had just finished, uh, my Sonichu number 12, [holds up Sonichu #12 to the camera] it's my love letter to the LGBTQ community, of course adding-

CopperCab: I like-

Chris: Of course, adding the "S" to it first, straight and cisgender.

CopperCab: Oh, that's good.

Chris: [unclear] them, and all supporters for us.

CopperCab: Yeah, they uh, so- can I ask a quick question, speaking of LGBTQ, um, did you hear about how they added the black color, the color black to the, uh, rainbow flag?

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: There's 2, uh-

Chris: Yeah, black and brown.

CopperCab: Yeah, how do you feel about that?

Chris: Yeah, um, I'm inclined to think it's not necessar- it's not necessarily a good thing. It just seems to clash with the already bright and vibrant red to purple rainbow.

CopperCab: Yeah, like black and brown doesn't need to be there, you know?

Chris: Yeah, as Rarity says in an episode of My Little Pony, "this shade of brown is used for accents!" [The quote is "This shade of brown should only be used for accents!]

CopperCab: Yeah! Like, it doesn't have to do with race, it has to do with the colors, like...

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: Has nothing- they think it's racist to not have black and brown, but it's not about a race thing, it's about a sexuality, and, like, gender-like thing. It's not about white and black gays, it's like, all races are gay. Like... it's- I don't know. [CopperCab says something else but is cut off]

Chris: Uh, well, that was a little bit messed up there, but I'll forgive you for it. [chuckles]

CopperCab: What, me?

Chris: Yeah, what you just said.

CopperCab: Oh, no, I'm saying, like, I'm s- no, what I saying is- I think you're misunderstanding me. I'm saying that rainbow flag, it has nothing to do with race.

Chris: Yeah, that's right, it has nothing to do with race. It has to- about our genders, and so- and s- and sexual orientations.

CopperCab: Yeah, that's what I mean, I d- don't [cut off] I was saying-

Chris: And i- and- and the just rainbow transcends between black and whites and everybody else of "smurfalicious" color.

CopperCab: Yeah, exactly. That's-that's what I was saying, don't think I was attacking black people.

Chris: Right.

CopperCab: I was saying the opposite. I'm always on Twitter defending black people. I'm not- I'm not racist at all. I come from a very open-minded family.

Chris: Yeah.

Chris' parents' reaction to Chris coming out (23:47-26:52)

CopperCab: Um, but speaking of family, can I ask you another question?

Chris: Mmmhmm.

CopperCab: Um, what do you think about, like, how-how does Barbara- 'cause like Mema, when I came out as trans, she was very supportive, and I was- I'm really interested in it honestly, about the trans thing, 'cause like, I-I am trans as well, that's why I've been attacked about it. You can go to my coming out video, I have like 50-70 thousand dislikes on my video, and like a hundred thousand people were commenting, and the majority of them were horrible comments, like, I mean, like "kill yourself:, like comments like that, like, "you're-you're a fat ginger tranny faggot", things like that. I mean horrible shit. I was- and it PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF when I s- when they- when they get away with that, you know what I mean? Like-

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: And I'm not gonna lose my cool, but, like, I-I'm curious, you handled it so well, you know? Like, how did Barbara- did she support you?

Chris: Uh, yeah, my mom was a bit put off at first, um, I think it was kind of like a subtle- I kinda slid into it, because I'd say among which, years before I figured myself out and realized that I was a female soul, was- I started- well, yeah, I started wearing, uh, sp- I started wearing sports bras, and, uh, I also definitely swapped, uh- I definitely changed my underwear.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: And, uh, and then I started wearing skirts and I felt more comfortable in the skirts, and now- and that was when my father was still alive, and then after he passed on I started wearing skirts and dresses more often. And so, [unclear] it's just kinda like a visually- was kinda like easing in before I finally did come out in June or July 2014, and my mother was, actually, my mother was actually quite supportive about that, but my father was like, [mimicking Bob] "Hey, you boy! You don't wear skirts! Now go put your pants on!"

CopperCab: Yeah. I was gonna ask, how w- how do you think he would be, like, is he supportive of that stuff, or is he not as accepting?

Chris: Uh, well-

CopperCab: Or was he not-

Chris: On- I- oh- pretty much on his... uh, deathbed, his l-uh, his last words to me dad, it's, he loved me and he accepted me for who I am no matter what.

Cameron: That's good.

CopperCab: That's good.

Cameron: Can you hear me okay now?

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: Yeah, we can hear you.

Cameron: Okay. That's really good to know. That-that-that must, um, be very, uh, that must help you because, um-

CopperCab: Yeah.

Cameron: If you wouldn't of heard that, you might have wondered. But that's really, that's really good.

CopperCab: I often think about how, like-like the family that's not in my life anymore, that I can't talk to anymore, I of- I often wonder if they've seen the stuff online of me coming out, and what they think, and if they hate me, or if they st- would still love me or not.

Cameron: Yeah, because you've had a lot of issues with other family members, haven't you?

CopperCab: [wipes tears away from his face] Yeah, [sighs] I don't wanna cry right now, but like, I just-

Cameron: Yeah.

CopperCab: It gets- it gets stressful, 'cause like you think about the what-ifs, but then you can't really torture yourself, like, you just have to keep going forward.

CopperCab's child pictures (26:53-28:26)

Chris: Yeah, hey what's that squeaking noise?

Cameron: Yeah, I can hear it. I think it- what it is is, um, reverb, from the- from someone's audio. Do you have your headphones on, Copper? [CopperCab shakes his head]

Chris: Um, it doesn't look like he has headphones.

Cameron: That's probably what it is. That's probably what it is. It's probably Copper not using his headphones that- that I-I sent him. Or her.

Chris: Oh. Oh dear. [Cameron laughs]

CopperCab: Hey Christine, can I ask you, do you have any photos of you as a child?

Chris: Um, yes. Yes I do, they are amongst, in my- [CopperCab holds up a picture of himself as a child]

Cameron: There, look at- look at a young CopperCab there. [Chris laughs] Always be- always been someone who's been a bit annoyed, you can see there. [Cameron laughs]

CopperCab: I was- I wasn't happy in this photo. I was such a happy child, Christine. You can tell I was so happy.

Chris: [laughing] Yeah.

CopperCab: I look pissed off.

Cameron: I can imagine Copper making videos at that age. [Cameron and Chris laugh]

CopperCab: I'd be- I'd be- what would I be ranting about, "how Pokémon" or something? I'd be ranting about something. [holds up a different photo] Here's me when I was actually happy, as a baby.

Cameron: Oh, wow. A rare vide- a rare picture of Copper being happy there.

CopperCab: People say I look retarded in this photo, and I'm- I don't look retarded, that pisses me off, they say I look like I have Special Ed problems, I don't like that. [Cameron laughs]

Chris: Yeah, yeah, I agree with you. I think, uh- [Chris continues but is muffled by Cameron]

Cameron: You agree with it- with Michael- what do you agree with?

Chris: Yeah, I agree that, that he does not look retarded in that picture. He looks- he looked- he looked han- he looked handsome back then.

CopperCab: [CopperCab begins bowing] Thank you very much. I appreciate that. If only I could look pretty now, like you. [Chris and CopperCab talk over each other]

Cameron: You can, I've seen you.

CopperCab: I can't pull it off.

Chris discusses his medication history (28:27-30:03)

Chris: You'll- You'll get it b- You'll get there eventually, just-just keep trying and, uh, meet your endrocrinologist [sic], uh, take your estratios, spironoctolin [sic]-

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: [unclear] in the medications, now!

CopperCab: That was the medication I took that gave me- I was having health problems, I had to come o- spirocolactine [sic], I had to come off of that, that's why I stopped transitioning and I'm growing facial hair again.

Chris: Oh.

CopperCab: I had to come off of that, unfortunately. But I apprecia- I appreciate what you say. That was nice of you.

Cameron: Have you ever been on any medication, Christine?

Chris: Um, aside from "Spyro the Dragon". [Cameron laughs, CopperCab gives a thumbs up] That was- That's the way I remember that. Spyro, Spyro.

CopperCab: Yeah. Go, girl.

Chris: And aside from the Spyro estrogen, I, uh, yeah-

Cameron: So, have you ever thought about-

Chris: I'm on two other medications for relieving my anxiety and stress.

Cameron: I see.

CopperCab: What do you take for anxiety, 'cause I have- I have problems with anxiety and panic attacks. Not-not often, but.

Chris: Uh, I used to be on paxils so many years ago, but they swapped me over to paroxetine.

CopperCab: You don't- you've never taken xanax or anything like that, or percocet.

Chris: No.

CopperCab: Mmkay. That's good.

Cameron: Wow. Er, have you ever thought about transitioning to a point where you take medication?

Chris: Um, well I'm already taking medication, so-

Cameron: For transitioning? You-you're on tra- medication for transitioning?

Chris: Yeah, well, yeah, I am. Both of them.

Cameron: Oh, wow.

CopperCab: Yeah, she's on "Spyro the Dragon". She's on "Spyro the Dragon".

Cameron: So- Oh, so you are- [CopperCab growls and opens his hand] wait there.

Chris: Yeah.

Cameron: Wait there. Are you- so you're actually on the actual medication for transitioning?

Chris: Yes.

Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis (30:04-33:16)

Cameron: Okay, so I-I wasn't sure if like, you- I see. Okay. So, what- are you ever looking at getting surgery?

Chris: Uh, if it come- uh, hopefully I'm- well, I'm using binarrow (sic) beats, to try to- uh, it's definitely working in my noggin, and I feel it working down there, so hoping for a natural trans- transformation-

CopperCab: Well, yeah.

Chris: But that doesn't- but if that doesn't end up happening by next September, which then I'll be eligible for the, uh, for the "op".

CopperCab: Well, sometimes it takes binaural beats a- like a couple years for it to fully blossom, like- I know- I have-

Chris: Yeah, usually, if what I- from what I've heard, usually takes about up to 6 months.

CopperCab: Yeah, I have a- well I have a friend, who i- a trans friend, who, uh, listened to binaural beats, and it took her about a year to grow a vagina.

Cameron: I have never heard of this. Could somebody explain this to me?

Chris: Oh, allow me. Uh, so binarrow (sic) beats, they're differing vibrations, uh, one goes in one ear, one in the other, and then they meet in the middle to combine to make the functional transformation or whatnot throughout your body, or in your mind. You could even dev- you could even open up your third eye and develop some psychic powers if you wanted to.

Cameron: Wow. [CopperCab points at his forehead]

Chris: That's definitely close to where they meet in the middle. [Chris points at his forehead]

CopperCab: Yeah.

Cameron: And what- and, so do you think that one day you will be able to- you-you won't have to have the operation, you'll actually grow a vagina?

Chris: Yeah, I do bel- I do believe. I have found faith in it. Um, when I first tried the binarrow (sic) beats, I did with my breasts.

Cameron: Mmmhmm.

Chris: And, and they went from a b-cup to a d-cup in like less than a month.

CopperCab: Yeah, they look... they look good. They do.

Chris: Thank you.

CopperCab: I don't mean that in a pervy way. They look good. You're welcome. Very pretty.

Cameron: It's, I- and with-with two eyes on them. [referring to the eyes on Chris' shirt]

Chris: [Chris points at his eyes] My eyes are... My eyes are where you make 'em. [Cameron laughs, CopperCab covers his eyes] I'm wearing the Fluttershy t-shirt.

Cameron: Do you-

CopperCab: I noticed that! Fluttershy's my favorite pony, that I said earler.

Cameron: When, when, uh, Copper was on medication, Copper was growing quite-quite big breasts.

CopperCab: Yeah, well.

Cameron: And I, uh- yeah, and it was- it was amazing how quickly they started growing.

CopperCab: I was- I was on my way.

Cameron: Yeah.

CopperCab: Not- I've never gotten anywhere near as far along as Christine did.

Cameron: Yeah. Maybe you should try these beats sometime. [Chris starts beatboxing, Cameron laughs] I-I-I got, I mean, I did, I got- [CopperCab prepares to take his shirt off] I mean do you- are you comfortable with me showing or anything?

Chris: Um, I think I'd rather not, thank you.

CopperCab: Okay. Alright.

Cameron: Ha ha yeah, same here. Same here!

CopperCab: No, that's fine, no, I understand. That's why I asked. I wouldn't have just flashed you. This isn't "Girls Gone Wild!". [Chris laughs]

Cameron: Yeah, maybe when can get some pillows and stuff, and we can start a pillow fight.

CopperCab: This ain't your Playboys, you know? [Chris and Cameron laugh]

CopperCab: Well, this isn't Sonichu Edition Number 6, like we're not going-

Chris: Uh, it's not- it's not Sonichu Number 8 extended version.

Cameron: Oh, wow, there we go. [CopperCab laughs]

CopperCab: Yes! This isn't NSFW, this is the CWC, okay?

Chris on DNA and natural gender conversion (33:17-36:38)

Cameron: So, what is it you think, um, when you d- do start growing a vagina, do you think this will- what happens to your male parts?

Chris: Oh, actually I have researched this before, and of course, you know, uh, when we are- uh, definitely gotta go into pre-birth details. So after, sperm A into egg B, and we [unclear] the bodies developed are initially female.

Cameron: Yes, that-that-

Chris: But then- then the Y- and then the Y chromosome, if that's present, then the "excrusion" starts coming out. Instead of tha- instead of that being left as it sh- was, the clitoris-

Cameron: So, does it fall off? [CopperCab says something unclearly] Or, what happens to the penis?

Chris: It-

CopperCab: It shrinks. Like, it goes in. Doesn't it?

Chris: It goes- yeah, it would- [Chris demonstrates with his hands] the clitoris goes up, and then the penis goes out.

Cameron: Wow.

Chris: So, at this- so, at this- so, at this point, to me, it'd be reversing that process, where it'd go in, and then eventually [high pitched] come out with the [unclear].

Cameron: So, do you then lose the, um, Y chromosomes, do they no longer exist in your body?

Chris: Oh, mmm, I h- um, I highly doubt that, uh- uh, in-in women, and s- in the genetics, cause you know, you got the-the chromosomes with the two X's for women and the X and the Y for men, you know, they gotta meet in the middle, so regardless, women are gonna have at least a little bit of the Y chromosome they keep from the dad.

Cameron: Mmhmm. Okay.

Chris: Yeah, so it's- so it's not totally gone-

Cameron: And who's- who's the s-

Chris: 'Cause you can tell some women do tend to get a little bit [unclear], possibly from the-

Cameron: And who has this happened to? Like, ha-have you known anybody who has actually grown a vagina?

CopperCab: Yeah. I sai-

Chris: Uh, I have s-

Cameron: Without operations. Sorry, I mean without an operation.

CopperCab: Yeah, without an operation, it can happen.

Chris: Not- not- not personally, but there is an animation on YouTube-

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: That actually talks about that a bit, but I mean at this point, uh, I'm- I keep praying, and I'm- I feel quite positive that it will happen, and if it doesn't, then I will accept the operation.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: But, um, but anyways, stay p- I can definitely see it quite plausible and possible.

CopperCab: You have to stay positive.

Chris: And what- and what that [unclear] to me is this video here.

Cameron: Okay, thank you, we'll put that in the, we'll-we'll put some links of that in the video when it's uploaded.

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: I think it's important to stay positive. Positivity- positivity is powerful.

Cameron: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, th- yeah, this little animation is cute though, it's about where in the beginning, this guy, he actually literally overnight transforms into a woman, and then-

Cameron: So is it- it's like a kind of, um, a... you'll turn into a butterfly type thing?

Chris: Yeah.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: And then she stays that way for like ten years.

Cameron: Wow, so-

Chris: It has- it has- it has a funny ending. Yeah, I'm watching it, I won't spoil it.

Cameron: Okay.

CopperCab: Don't- no spoiler alert, spoiler.

Cameron: [laughs] Great. Wow.

CopperCab: We don't need a H- we don't need a- a "Han dies" moment right now.

Love Quest (36:39-40:39)

Cameron: And do you think that there's many girl- 'cause I know that you call yourself a, you-you say you're a lesbian. Is that right?

Chris: Yes.

Cameron: So, you're Love Quest looking for a female who's going to, um, obviously accept you for who you are.

Chris: Yes.

Cameron: Do you think there are many, 'cause I know Michael has been very lucky recently in finding somebody, and, um, you are looking for the same. And, do you think there's people out there?

CopperCab: She's the one that got me this. [holds up stuffed Pikachu doll] My girlfriend's the one that got me this, though.

Cameron: Oh, wow. [Chris laughs]

CopperCab: Because we have a secret wor- like we have, like, a couple of words that we use, and yeah. "Pikachu" is actually one of them. I-I don't even wanna say-

Cameron: It's no longer a secret word anymore.

CopperCab: I don't want the trolls to know that!

Chris: [Chris holds his Sonichu amiibo up] What's the other one? What's the other one?

CopperCab: [high pitched, unclear]

Cameron: [laughs] Hey, there we go.

CopperCab: Combine their power! Just kidding. [CopperCab and Cameron laugh] Nothing is more powerful than Sonichu. [Chris laughs] That's how original characters go, like comic books.

Cameron: Wow.

CopperCab: I'm just kidding, I don't know. Anyways!

Cameron: So do you think there's many girls that would be willing to accept that, 'cause I've- I honestly don't know, like, in the LG- 'cause you're looking for a straight girl, obviously.

Chris: Uh, straight or bisexual.

Cameron: Oh yeah, straight or bisexual, that's right, yeah.

Chris: Or even- or even lesbian. Uh, definitely post transfor- post, uh, transformation or operation, that will be more likely.

Cameron: Would you be willing to find a- somebody who's transitioned into a woman, if there was a person who was born male, transitioned into a woman, would you be willing to be with them?

Chris: Uhhh... That question- I have tackled that question before, um, I am not gonna say yes or no, I'm not gonna say no or yes.

CopperCab: That's fair.

Chris: Um, just depends on how I feel, because love is love, regardless of who the other person is.

CopperCab: Would you say you're pansexual in a way then? Like, if you would- not-

Chris: No. No, I'm definitely-

CopperCab: 'Cause you said love is love, no matter who it was, so it's like some-

Chris: Yeah I know, and that cos- that also takes the individual perceptions to mind and- and I'm just typically thrown off with, uh- uhhh, let's just call it the ugliness of certain male portions. [Cameron laughs]

CopperCab: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Cameron: So, if they were- if you met somebody who was a beautiful, uh, beautiful woman, but she was born male and was going through the operation, would you be willing to date them until they've had the operation, or, like, how would that work?

Chris: Um, I think about it depending on how I feel about this person, so it's a possibility.

Cameron: Alright, that's a- that's good.

Chris: I'm just g- I'm just gonna leave it fluid like that.

Cameron: Yeah.

CopperCab: What if- what if Sonichu suddenly transformed into a trans woman, suddenly- and I'm just speaking figuratively, this isn't canon, I'm just throwing an idea. This isn't canon. [CopperCab continues talking but cannot be heard over Chris and Cameron]

Chris: Uhhhhh, interesting story about that.

CopperCab: What if Sonichu-

Cameron: It'd be a very quick first night.

CopperCab: Christine, what if Sonichu came through that door right now and said "kiss me"? Would you kiss Sonichu?

Chris: [Chris and CopperCab laugh and Chris says something unclearly] Okay. Uh, but- yeah, no, funny story, that- not Sonichu, not the main character Sonichu in the-

Cameron: What about what's-her-name, Rosechu, is it?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, Rosechu. By the way, she was born a female Pichu.

Cameron: Would you date Rosechu?

Chris: [Chris scoffs] I don't wanna steal her from Sonichu, but-

Cameron: Aww.

CopperCab: I- I would try to steal her from Sonichu. [CopperCab and Cameron laugh] She- she would say- she would go- she would say "Sorry, I don't date gingers."

Cameron: She would.

CopperCab: I would go, "oh no!"

Chris: Oh no. Up bup, who said that? Who said that?

CopperCab: [unclear] make her like gingers.

Sonichu and Rosechu's children and Chris' hair (40:40-44:08)

Cameron: You should have a ginger character. You really should.

CopperCab: Yeah Christine, I'm not- you need to have some more- you need to be more inclusive, Christine. I need gingers in the comics. We need more- we need more Knuckles type characters.

Cameron: Yes, like a Knuckles character.

Chris: Well- ah okay, well, if you only read book- if you only read up to book 5, than you don't know that Sonichu and Rosechu's childrenSonichu and Rosechu had children.

CopperCab: Ooh!

Cameron: Oh wow!

Chris: Yeah, three of them. Two Roseys, one of them is shiny, and the other one is Sonee.

Cameron: Wow.

CopperCab: Ooh, I like that.

Chris: And, uh, Ch- uh, Christine Shiny Rosechu, and uh, [Chris holds up a page in Sonichu 12 showing Cera] right there's Cera.

Cameron: Wow.

Chris: Uh, she- that's her evolved. And you can tell she colored her- most of her quills, so you could- you could consider her a redhead, look at that shade there.

CopperCab: Yeah. I like that. She's very- she's very busty.

Chris: Yup. [Chris and CopperCab chuckle] She was busty. She's like- she's comparable to Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls.

Coppercab: There ya- there ya go. [Cameron laughs]

Chris: Alright but then, um- lo- and th- and th-

CopperCab: I'd like- I'd like- I'd like to look at her buttercups. [Cameron laughs] No, I'm just kidding.

Chris: Oh, oh dear. Alright-

CopperCab: I'm just kidding, I'm kidding, I'm joking.

Chris: Alright, well anyway, then Robee was quite feminine himself, and actually he came out as a she, lesbian trans-woman, [Chris holds up a page in Sonichu 12 showing Robee] and after evolution, ta-da!

Cameron: Wow.

CopperCab: I like that. [CopperCab applauds]

Cameron: [Cameron reads a speech bubble in the comic] Yes! Yes! Yes!

Chris: She transitioned quickly, in like two months.

Cameron: Like Daniel Bryan with "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Chris: And look, [Chris zooms in on Ronee's "total womanhood" trophy] the- I- she got a trophy, a PlayStation trophy. [Cameron laughs]

CopperCab: What is it- Wait, what s it-

Chris: Total womanhood. [Cameron says something unclearly]

CopperCab: I like that.

Cameron: I love it! That's great.

CopperCab: Fantastic.

Cameron: That is great.

CopperCab: By the way, um, random enough, I like y- I like the hair color, by the way, Christine. I noticed it. [Chris pulls his hair] It's blue and green. I like it.

Christine: Uh, yeah, it's blue-green. I- I uh, used a color brands, ion color brands hair color that- originally I wanted it blue like Sailor Mercury, but it ended up blue like- blue-green like Sailor Neptune. I was like, "that's good enough for me!"

CopperCab: Yeah [CopperCab laughs]

Chris: And then I found- and then I found, uh, some- an easier option, a color- it comes in 42- [unclear] of 42 shades, called "Overtone". It's a condi- it's a conditioner, you put in nightly. And, yeah, it colors your hair nightly, so.

CopperCab: Kay.

Chris: It works. It's been working out for me, I've been on it for more than a couple months now.

CopperCab: Cool.

Cameron: Very nice.

CopperCab: Has Sonichu- [Chris shows his hair to the camera] has Sonichu ever dyed his hair? [Chris chuckles and holds up his Sonichu amiibo] I mean, it could happen, maybe, for like a comic, or like a [unclear].

Chris: Actually, that's another- actually, that does bring up another artistic page that's also between comics and book number 12. I'll set you up later, Copper, we'll talk about that later.

Cameron: Well, I was going to ask you, you uh, also put a lot of the, um, people who have been very, uh, negative in your life. In your- in the Sonichu- [Chris holds up a picture he drew celebrating Halloween 2015] Oh wow! Wow.

CopperCab: I like that. [CopperCab says something else unclearly]

Cameron: Blue hair. You-

CopperCab: Oh, blue hair, yeah!

Chris: This is for- This is for Vinyl Scratch costume-

Cameron: Very nice!

Chris: For 2015 Halloween [Chris moves the paper down to the next picture family dressed up as the ch- the human MLP Equestria girl characters.

CopperCab: I'll tell you what, your drawing is like, like you were saying to me, your drawings continues to improve, as well.

Chris: Yesss.

CopperCab: Your style. Like it's- it's changed a little bit, it's stayed the same for the most part, but like, you've gotten more polished.

Chris: Yes, thank you.

CopperCab: You're welcome.

Mary Lee Walsh and Count Graduon (44:09-45:55)

Cameron: You-you- a-as I was saying a minute ago, you-you- a lot of people have been negative in your life you've put in your-your, uh, comic books.

Chris: Um, yeah.

Cameron: And, uh- like, do you wanna talk about any of those? Like, about the characters in the comic books?

Chris: Um, ok, well I guess [unclear] talk about "Slaweel Ryam-

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: Which obviously it's an (sic) reverse- well it's a [unclear] spelling anagram of- you know her real name, so I'll just leave it at that.

Cameron: Okay.

CopperCab: Alright.

Chris: I don't want to dox her nowadays.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: Old as she is. But anyway, um, so yeah, I had difficulty with the real person at PVCC, Piedmont Virginia Community College and-and obviously I was upset, so in the early books I ended up adapting her as a villain, but soon enough after, I ended up adapting a different villain who was more spiritual and was in that orb and scepter she always carried, Count Graduon. And, uh, and obviously, uh, he's-he's the [unclear] coming back, uh, soon to Earth. And mak- and bui- and having his cas- his castles [unclear]. Then was in- currently being built in the events of, uh, 2009, and everything put together, he's put- he-he [unclear]. The orb was shattered and broke his hand, and his spirit left and went to the Moon, started possessing the Metal Sonichu body that's been up there.

Cameron: Wow.

CopperCab: That sounds like something out of, like, Scientology. It's pretty cool.

Cameron: Yeah. Wow.

Chris: I thought about- you just- you just brought- that's- had that- Scientology was not in my frame of mind when I thought of that.

CopperCab: Yeah, ha.

Cameron: [chuckles] I don't think it's in many people's frame-

South Park (45:56-50:29)

Chris: Although I have see- although I have heard of it and I've seen that episode of South Park. "I'm in a closet!"

Cameron: [chuckles] Well-

CopperCab: [laughs] Tom Cruise, come out of the closet, Tom. It's okay now.

Cameron: Do you- do you know about, um, Copper and South Park, that they-they actually-

Chris: Yeah.

Cameron: Copied a video of CopperCabs in a v- an episode of, mmm, South Park.

Chris: Yes, I've heard. [CopperCab says something but is muffled]

Cameron: Yeah, they-they copied the-the video you ma- you, uh, did a reenactment of-


Cameron: Yeah, they-

CopperCab: Before that, they weren't even, like, talking, but ever since I made that fucking video, even though I don't regret making it, 'cause it-

Chris: Right.

CopperCab: I was speaking from the heart, like- you know, you-you make a video, you speak from the heart, you shouldn't regret it, but like-

Chris: Right.

CopperCab: They continue to- mmm...

Cameron: Yeah, and I-I always thought, um-

CopperCab: And I still get trolls sending- I still get trolls sending me shit to this day- trying to not cuss so much- they- I still get people sending me shit to this day about the ginger- like I even have people sending me stuff in the mail, like I'm looking at this thing right here that they sent me. [CopperCab holds up an orange haired troll doll] They sent me a little ginger troll doll, 'cause they-they troll me constantly. And I just wanna-

Chris: That is definitely a literal interpretation of that!

Cameron: [laughing] It is, isn't it? It really is.

CopperCab: Yeah, I don't-

Cameron: They're-they're quite mean, they are quite mean.

CopperCab: Yeah, they don't- they don't stop, like, just- they just wanna keep prodding you. [CopperCab holds up his stuffed elephant] Like a- like an elephant tusk.

Cameron: Woah. There's a lot of squeaking coming off your mic right now, um, so-

CopperCab: Who, me? But yeah.

Cameron: 'Cause I always thought that- how old were you when you made that video, Copper?

CopperCab: 17. I was 17.

Cameron: So, don't you think that's crazy that a TV show on a network will actually make a video-

CopperCab: And I was a minor! I was a minor.

Cameron: About only a-a minor, and kind of cause somebody who has already made a video about being bullied, make a video on them, and then that would cause them more bullying of the minor. I always thought that was crazy that-that-that a TV show would do that.

CopperCab: And they got away with it, too.

Cameron: And they got away with it.

CopperCab: If it wasn't for that meddling dog! [Cameron and CopperCab laugh] And I- and I would've gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for that ginger! But I- so many people told me to sue them, but I would just- I would- I couldn't- 'cause I don't believe in trying to sue an art- an artist, or someone who makes something, like- like for example, Christine, you know? She makes art, and she makes comics, and it makes people happy. I mean, if she does something in a comic book that I don't agree with, I shouldn't- I shouldn't attack Christine because she doesn't like-

Cameron: Yeah.

CopperCab: Do, like- if she puts- if she did put a ginger in a comic, I wouldn't freak out. But the difference is is South Park directly attacked me. Like, directly attacked and mocked me.

Cameron: They did, they copied your video to the word and-and scene.

CopperCab: [unclear] Background and everything. My house is in South Park.

Chris: Oh no!

CopperCab: Technically my- technically my house is canon, in South Park! [Chris buckles over laughing] Technically my house exists in the world of South Park!

Cameron: Wow.

Chris: Oh my gosh!

CopperCab: But- but- which was- which was one reason I asked you about the, uh- the My Little Pony thing, cause I was gonna say, that is kinda cool, because you're really- you-you know, you love My Little Pony, and like, you watch My Little Pony. I d- I used to watch South Park before they did that. I still watch some of it. Since they've been attacking Trump, I c- I can- I've been more on board with South Park. They've been making fun of Trump a lot, with the-

Chris: I know, they had Mr. Garrison run, instead of Trump. [Cameron chuckles]

CopperCab: Yeah! Yeah.

Chris: I heard that recently.

CopperCab: Oh, he goes, "Oh jeez!"

Chris: And Caitlyn-Caitlyn Jenner was his Vice President I think.

CopperCab: Yeah, Caitlyn Jenner, yup.

Cameron: I haven't watched South Park for so long, that I've-

Chris: Yeah, neither have I wa- my- I heard this on- on a recent top 10 video on WatchMojo, top 10, uh... another top 10 inappropriate type jokes that South Park did.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: There were times when they crossed the line.

CopperCab: They made fun of wh- when Caitlyn Jenner ran over somebody. Is that one of them?

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: Yeah, how do you feel about Caitlyn Jenner?

Chris: I like Cai- I like Caitlyn Jenner, I don't think she's an idiot, I think that, uh, South Park really did an injustice to her.

CopperCab: Yeah. They made-

Chris: On that-

CopperCab: They made her look horrible. She is not ugly.

Chris: I know.

CopperCab: Ugly at all. She's actually a pretty fab- you know, flat- like, I don't wanna, you know, say anything mean, I mean, not- or like, that could me misinterpreted, I think she's beautiful, you know?

Chris: I think she's beautiful too.

CopperCab: Yeah, 'cause, I mean, like, yeah. I don't understand why they had to make her look so, like, deformed. Like that's horrible.

Chris: Mmm. Yeah.

Chris explains why he used to hate gay men (50:30-55:22)

CopperCab: And like, you know? But um... Yeah, I wanted to ask you, 'cause you-you know, your political views have [unclear], like on that topic, and if you don't feel comfortable, again, we can edit it. Your p- your politics has (sic), uh, changed, and I- and mine have too in a way, but I know that you weren't always- you have said stuff in the past that was a little bit, on the- I'm being careful 'bout how I say it, 'cause I don't wanna paint you in a negative light, 'cause you're-you're not- you don't deserve that. Um, you have said some things that were against homosexuals in the past, or the LGBT community. I know about-

Chris: Uh, yes, that was definitely-

CopperCab: And I- and I again know you've changed, I know you've changed.

Chris: Okay, well I basically- well, lemme just go into this, uh-

Cameron: Sure.

Chris: Yeah, back then, uh, many many years ago, um, when the trolls, the bad ones, they kept mislabeling me as a gay man, although I guess upon retrospect that was sorta true, except I'm a lesbian. But-but-but-but aside from that, but anyways, it was a- at that time, I had not thought- I had not thought that further about myself, I was- I was still identifying as straight, and it just really ticked me off, and whe- and they- and when they spammed all these gay porn ads on the website I used to have, I had to pull the plug on my own webpages to save my art.

CopperCab: That's horrible.

Chris: But anyway, that was not- but anyway, uh, at that time, I had mistaken that the trolls consisted of gay men, and I was very wrong about that, I realized that, I learned that, so- and I def- and I definitely, um, started making amends, uh, after I realized that I was a trans woman and a lesbian, so technically true gay-

CopperCab: Yeah. Yeah.

Chris: Just for women. And uh, so ha- I- so that was definitely my big reason behind, uh, [Chris holds up the cover of Sonichu 12] doing the first pride festival in book number 12.

Cameron: I love that.

Chris: It's my lo- it's my love letter-

Cameron: Do you know-

Chris: To the LGBTQ.

CopperCab: I like that.

Cameron: I would love if you would do maybe a poster of some of the covers, and I tell ya, I would buy a big poster and hang that on my wall, something like that.

Chris: Well, maybe we'll put that on the Redbubble soon.

Cameron: Yeah, I really would, 'cause I-I have a lot of movie posters in my house, and I like to collect things like that, and I tell you what I would love, I would love a poster, and if I could get you to sign it in someway, and I could pay for the shipping over here, that would be amazing.

Chris: Okay.

Cameron: That would be amazing.

Chris: Alright, we'll work that out. But anyways, speaking of improving on art, [Chris holds up Sonichu 0] here's, you know, book zero.

Cameron: Yes.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: In all its love and glory. [CopperCab says something but is muffled, Chris holds up Sonichu 15 next to Sonichu 0] And here's what I redid for book number 15.

CopperCab: Oh wow!

Cameron: Ohhh, wow! I see.

CopperCab: I like that!

Chris: You can definitely see the difference in the quality.

Cameron: Yes!

CopperCab: Yeah, I know, you can. Like, look at the head, her head. That's so, like... [CopperCab trails off and claps] Great.

Cameron: Very good. That's very good.

CopperCab: [unclear] have Rosechu up there.

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: I like that. It's like female empowerment.

Cameron: I love that.

Chris: Yeah, 'cause we're spending those- I'm-I'm essentially- in book 15, that's after book 14 where we have- talking about Graduon in that book.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, but- yeah, but anyway book 15, I'm essentially retelling the first three- the classic first three episodes from book zero.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: But with more details, like, you know, the thoughts of Sonichu and the thoughts of Rosechu, and then the days have gone by, and the thought processes, and their feelings and everything, and other events that were not covered originally.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Cameron: You know earlier, you said you'd do the, um, the kind of more mature versions of some of your comics. Do you have a lot of sexual things in your comics?

Chris: [scoffs] Not, um- we have a few, but not- we have a few, but not very many.

Cameron: Well, what sort of things happen, like, uh, do-do many kind of adult themes come into your books?

Chris: Uh, not very often, but definitely in the extended version of book number eight.

Cameron: Okay.

Chris: And although- and although a little bit in the original book number eight when they're in the, uh, troll t- in the trolling tower, so to speak. [CopperCab holds his troll doll to the camera] Uh, it's not 4chan, it's 4-cent_garbage.

Cameron: [chuckles] Aw, wow. Wow.

CopperCab: 4-cent_garbage.

Cameron: Very nice.

CopperCab: Four- channel four.

Chris: What?

Cameron: Yeah.

CopperCab: Channel four, Brittany.

Cameron: Brittany Venti, there's-there's a- there's a-a lovely girl called Brittany Venti, and she, uh-

CopperCab: She calls them channel four.

Cameron: She calls them channel four. She gets trolled a lot, too.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: Oh.

CopperCab: She's another person that has a problem with trolls.

Cameron: Yeah, she's one of my, I-I'm a big fan, and, uh, she has a problem with trolls, too.

Dating profiles (55:23-56:41)

CopperCab: I wanna ask, um, so like, have you tried any dating sites? 'Cause, like, I was thinking about that. I was like, I was looking at a picture of my girlfriend at the top on my Skype. I was thinking like, why haven't you, like-

Chris: [gestures with his hands] I have! I've been on eHarmony-

CopperCab: [CopperCab mimicks Chris' hand gestures] "I have!" [CopperCab and Cameron laugh]

Chris: I've been on OkCupid, I've done it through MySpace when that was a thing.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: And that was a thing when I- uh, so many years agooooo...

CopperCab: Oh I know, I remember. MySpace was awesome.

Cameron: Oh... Yeah.

Chris: And- and- and this- and this dating site, that dating site, yada-yada-yada-yada-yada, and amongst which, I have ran into- I have met my- those who would become my theoretical exes, but they turned out to be the trolls, [CopperCab holds his troll doll up to the camera] among which pretended to be women or pretended to be sincere. But they were not sincere, they were trolling me for a prank, they trolled me to blackmail and deception, and it was just a whole big bunch of horrible messes.

CopperCab:I know they got you-

Cameron: Christine-

CopperCab: One of them got the original medallion.

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: Horrible. I don't know how- do you have PTSD from any of that?

[The stream ends abruptly. The screen changes to a picture of Sonichu saying "Part 2 Tomorrow!" with the word CopperCab in the bottom left and the background stylized red and blue like The Classic.]

Interview (Part 2)

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Chris Chan talks about losing her virginity \
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Stardate 5 August 2021

Almost four years after the original interview, CopperCab finally uploaded the second part. He would later privatize the video for unknown reasons, however it has since been mirrored.

Part 2 Transcript

Intro (0:00-0:50)

[Black screen with 'Quick Disclaimer' in Arial font. 'Quick' is struck out with 'CWC', and an image of Sonichu is visible in the D in 'Disclaimer'.]

Coppercab: Before the interview starts, I just want to say that I know that this is a very sensitive, uh, subject and a very difficult situation for a lot of different people, for a lot of different reasons. So, just so we're clear, this is not meant to be insensitive to anybody, uh, you know, all I know is that you know, that Cameron did a lot of digging on his computer, found the long-lost second part of this interview - I don't know why it wasn't uploaded to begin with, but we meant to upload it like three years ago. Anyway, uh, we've decided to upload it now, and, you know, I think it's important, uh, to have it on YouTube and it may or may not be the last bit of new interview footage, uh, that we see of Christine for quite some time. Who knows what's gonna happen, but, you know. Even though it's old, uh, this has never been seen before, so I hope all of you enjoy. Mmm, yeah.

Comprehensive History excerpt (0:51-1:36)

[Yellow text at the top in Arial font, reading "Taken from Geno Samuel's "Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 59" Uploaded on July 31, 2021."]

Chris: I have met my- those who would become my theoretical exes, but they turned out to be the trolls, [CopperCab holds his troll doll up to the camera] among which pretended to be women or pretended to be sincere. But they were not sincere, they were trolling me for a prank, they trolled me to blackmail and deception, and it was just a whole big bunch of horrible messes.

CopperCab:I know they got you-

Cameron: Christine-

CopperCab: One of them got the original medallion.

Chris: Yeah.

CopperCab: Horrible. I don't know how- do you have PTSD from any of that?

[The stream ends abruptly. The screen changes to a picture of Sonichu saying "Part 2 Tomorrow!" with the word CopperCab in the bottom left and the background stylized red and blue like The Classic.]

Geno Samuel [narration]: The video suddenly concludes, with a promise to upload a continuation of the interview, but it was never released.

[The screen fades to black. An image of Sonichu runs across the screen, bold Arial text appearing behind him reading "UNTIL NOW".]

Trolls and PTSD (1:37-3:00)

CopperCab: Horrible. I don't know how- do you have PTSD from any of that? Any kind of post-traum- post-traumatic- Uh, like... y'know, stress disorder- post-trolling stress disorder?

Chris: [squints one eye] Well, I don’t think so, but although I was emotionally damaged from all that. But I’d like to think that, um, after all the years have passed and I had time to heal um, I’ve moved on past all that

CopperCab: Well, you know what they say.

Cameron: That’s good.

CopperCab: You know what they say though right? [begins singing Stronger] What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger [stops singing] y’know?

Chris: Or as, or as uh Trevor Goodchild sa-said in that episode of Aeon Flux “that which does not kill us, makes us stranger.” [CopperCab pumps his fist laughs and points at the camera]

Cameron: Oooooh

CopperCab: Haha, that’s like something outta yeah, that’s like uh, the Batman movie too. With uh, Heath Ledger. [shows Batman mask to the camera]

Chris: Yeah... I-

CopperCab: I don't- [does a Joker impression] “ what doesn’t kill you makes you stranger” in the beginning.

Cameron: Very nice… very nice! Um

Chris: But n-

Cameron: Um, y’know carry on, what was you gonna say uh, Christine?

Chris: Uh, I was just gonna say uh, but what the phrase came from that episode of Aeon Flux.

CopperCab: Yeah!

Cameron: I-I’ve seen the movie, and uh I- I think I’ve seen some of the cart- the some of the anime of that.

Chris: Yeah there is-is uh- is an American-made TV show.

Cameron: Yeah it was MTV or something.

Chris: The complete- yeah, the complete series is available on DVD.

Cameron: Hmmm. Very nice.

Chris: And TV home video. Stick it in press play. [CopperCab laughs]

Genitalia, Pickles, Favorite Foods (3:00-?:??)

Cameron: So, I- I- I also saw somewhere that you- you have different words for genitalia. Is this true?

Chris: Ahhhh… yeah.

Cameron: I heard that you call a male penis uh, pickles? And a vagina China.

Chris: [scoffs] Ahhhh… to try to avoid it I did, but- [shuts eyes]

Cameron: But not anymore?

Chris: Yeah, but not so much.

CopperCab: Yeah.

Chris: Not so much. Uh, and by the way uh, book 0 where Sonichu realized he doesn’t like pickles? He’s actually allergic to pickles and pickle brine although he is not allergic to cucumbers.

Cameron: Haha, wow.

CopperCab: Oh, uh.

Cameron: Wh-why is that? Whu-whu-what did he try them sometime and he y’know and he [unintelligible]

Chris: Oh yeah, oh yeah back in book 0 episode 3 where uh, he was uh, with Rosie at the mall and they stopped to have lunch and he had a cheeseburger.

Cameron: Oh...

Chris: And it had pickles on it. [Cameron laughs] And then he ate the, uh ate the pickles and he was like, “I hate pickles”. [Cameron laughs] And it just… yeah.

Cameron: And it grew from there. Yeah.. wow.

Chris: So-

CopperCab: I’m not- I’m not d’you? I’m not a big fan of pickles.

Cameron: Nor me.

CopperCab: Personally.

Cameron: I always take them off my burgers. Or I don’t-

CopperCab: They’re good- [gestures at camera]

Cameron: Or I ask them no-

Chris: I yeah and I have- I have eaten pickles before in my lifetime but I was like, yeahhh that’s not that good to me.

CopperCab: I like spicy pickles though. The sweet- sweet and spicy ones? Like Vlasic sweet and spicy. They’re pretty good. Like on a-

Cameron: I just don’t like the texture, something about the texture of them doesn’t agree with-

Chris: I-

CopperCab: What’s your favorite food, Christine? What’s your favorite food? Not to cut you off but...

Chris: Um, my favorite food I like uh, I like mac n’ cheese.

CopperCab: Number one all time? If you had- if you were trapped on an island. You and Sonichu and Rosechu and y’all only had one thing to eat for the rest of your lives, [claps hands and points at camera] what wouldja eat?

Chris: Well…

CopperCab: C’mon Christine! [jumps up from bed, claps, points at the camera and spins]

Chris: Well, I’d rather have…

CopperCab: [snaps fingers and points at camera] What wouldja eat?! [Cameron laughs]

Chris: Apples.

Cameron: [laughs] Apples? [laughs]

CopperCab: Tacos?

Chris: Apples!

CopperCab: Oh Apples?

Cameron: Apples? My god! It’s like Steve Jobs.

CopperCab: Apples? Of all the things you take apples? [Cameron chuckles] What?

Chris: Why not?

CopperCab: What?

Chris: It’s a good fruit.

Cameron: They are a fruit.

CopperCab: Why not McDonald’s hashbrowns?

Chris: Please, I don’t wanna get a whole bunch of- of fat cloggin’ up my arteries.

CopperCab: That’s true.

Cameron: Ahhh, that’s true…

CopperCab: Good point. Yeah, and she just-

Cameron: That’s true, and Steve Jobs did that.

CopperCab: [unintelligible] just shut me down just then [chuckles]

Cameron: Steve Jobs like um, he lived on pickles w- [scoffs] pickles on uh, apples for quite a long time. [laughs]

CopperCab: Yeah, I would have pickles on the island. [Cameron chuckles]

Cameron: Imagine just living on pickles, that’d be crazy. [CopperCab chuckles] The-

CopperCab: What about you Cameron? What would you eat if you only getda eat one thing [Cameron groans] for the rest of your life?

Cameron: I... Can I choose like- I can choose a meal yes?

CopperCab: Anything you want!

Cameron: Okay, chicken tikka masala. There you go.

CopperCab: The fuck is that? [Chuckles] Chick- [Chris points upwards with both hands.]

Cameron: You see, I like Indian food. I love Indian food. [Chris puts his hands up]

CopperCab: Uh Christine uh, do you know what that is Christine? I don’t know what that is.

Chris: Uhh… I- [chuckles] I don’t know what that is either, but that sounds yummy.

Cameron: Oh it’s delicious.

CopperCab: Yeah. I like chicken, I don’t know about [unintelligible]-

Cameron: If you ever go to UK, if you ever come to England, I’ll take you for the best chicken tikka masala, it’s amazing.

Chris: [chuckles] Okay. Oh, wait you said it was Indian though.

Cameron: It is Indian, but we- it- well it’s- it’s actually not. I-It’s one of the few I-Indian, it’s an Indian food but um, they made it so that English people would have something we like cuz when they first came over we were scared of eating their food.

Chris: Yeah.

Cameron: So they made something we would all eat and it’s kind of like an English- We eat more chicken tikka-masala than.. uh, fish ‘n chips.

Chris: [laughs] I like fish and chips!

Cameron: I do too… I love fish ‘n chips. [laughs] But yeah we… it’s now become the biggest, ah, dish in… in England… to eat. Yeah…

CopperCab: Can I ask you an- can I ask you another question?

Chris: Mhm.

CopperCab: What’s- What’s something that you’ve tried that you will never do again?

Chris: Ooh boy, I would think um- I would have to think about that, [Cameron breathes deep] but um… Lemme just uh backtrack a little bit-

CopperCab: Okay. [puts hands up towards the camera]

Chris: My favorite ice cream-

CopperCab: Ooh yeah.

Chris: Is mint chocolate chip. Mint chocolate chip.

Cameron: [unintelligible].

CopperCab: [points towards the camera] That’s good. I like- I like that too. That’d probably be my second or third favorite. Numbe- Cuz I only say- I know what my number one is, butter pecan. I know it’s an odd one but I love butter pecan on a waffle cone from Bruster’s. Ahhhh… SO GOOD! [grasps air.]

Cameron: I’m not a big s- ice cream fan.

CopperCab: [unintelligible] huh?

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