Re-enactment - Gingers Have Souls

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Re-enactment - Gingers Have Souls is a video uploaded on 17 October 2017, where Chris re-enacts fellow Internet personality CopperCab's video "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!", which went viral in 2010.


Re-enactment - Gingers Have Souls
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Stardate 17 October 2017
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Just a Reminder: This is a Re-Enactment of the original video. I am not red-headed, nor have freckles, but I do this in empathy and agreement with them, as being among those who have been discriminated and demonized against before. Please, Be Kind and Respect Everyone, Regardless of differences. Thank You.

Copper's Original Video:


Hello people of the internet. This is Christine Chandler coming to ya live from home once again with something quite special. I am about to do 'n- uh re-enactment of a famous video, a past famous one and I would like to make the pre-requisite and state- and make sure that this does not go out of context [pause] that these are not my feelings, these are the feelings of s-uh uh of this other person (the past?). You can look up his uh original video, I put a link in the description to his original video. And uh concerning what he had said back then, in response to a certain episode of South Park, but yeah I can totally relate to this. I mean you can put this against anybody really, anybody who's being discriminated against ??? minority including anybody in the- is LGBTQ, or hell might even say blue hair. Blue-greenish hair? Whatever. But still, anyway. I can relate. I can empathize. So, again, this is a re-enactment. His words, not mine. But I'm gonna- but just pretend for the moment my hair would be red and I have- and pretend I have freckles, like Applejack. Er, not to bring her into this ar- into this thing either. But anyway. [sighs]

[Chris barely raises his voice above normal for this entire thing] Uhh. Yeah. I just wanted to say that really irritates me when South Park say that red hair people don't have souls. Okay? Okay? Because we do. We do have souls, al'ight? Lately I've been called a ginger. A fat ginger. (Nobody?) at school. It really hurts my feelings. [shaking head] I don't like it, I don't like it, but hurts my bad. GINgers have souls! I go to church I'm a christian. You don't know me, you're not God. [attempts to replicate that famous sound from the original] You're not God. You don't know who has a soul and who doesn't. Alright. I'm a Christian. So if you think [pause] I don't have a soul, you tell me, otherwise fuck you bitches. Fuck you [pause] bitches you for real. I'm getting sick 'n tired of every(pony?) making fun of red haired people. [High pitched] Hahaha! He's a ginger, she's a ginger, they're ginger. Hahahahahaha hahaha ha. Yeah. [Voice returns to normal] Really. That's funny. Ha ha ha ha. Nyeah. Mkay. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he heeee. I been called ginger d- every day, sin- every single day at school. Every day of my life. I contemplate suicide. All sorts of things. PZZES (pisses) me off. Ginger people do have souls. Alright, I'm red haired. I have red hair. Got red hair. I'm proud of it. Alright. Consider ginger people- I consider ginger a very slanderous word. Demeaning. And I'm tired of it tired of it. Y'know, everyone else gets respect. I mean blind people, white people, Mexicans, black people [unintelligible] everyone, everywhere. Gingers, why? Why do gingers have to be put down so much, like reeeeeallyyyyy? What's so different about us besides our hair color? Huh? Huh? Really? What's so fricken different about us? You tell me. Tell me. Cos God- cos I don't really see it. I don't see much of a difference really. Okay? Okay? I'm red haired. I'm red haired, I'm proud of it. I'm damn proud of it, okay. Everyone else, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I don't mean to insult you, but you know- I mean, I'm proud of me, proud of myself, you know it. I'm proud I've got freckles. Prouda my freckles. [Unintelligible]. God made me that way. I have a soul. So don't be fricken like that, okay? I have a soul. Ginger and proud of it! [Smacks chest]

Just like me. I'm a lesbian transwoman. I have blue-green hair. I am very proud of myself. For real. [Smacks chest again]. And I appreciate myself, I love myself just the same as all the gingers out there who I will respect very much in that sense. [pause] They had their own self-respect and everything. [pause] I have respect for everybody who might feel disrespect, because I was disrespected myself. For real. So don't you be goin' out there dissin' anybody else. [pause] You show us some kindness. Some sincere kindness and respect. Okay? Don't make any (of us?) contemplate suicide or anything. It's not cool. It's not cool people. Alright? A'ight so that's all. I'm calming down. I'm cool. Very cool. [Unintelligible] re-enactment, with a bonus. Enjoy the interview coming soon. Featuring me. Thank you and have a good, safe day.

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