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Image of the Discord server, leaked by The Captain

The group was a Discord server run by the Idea Guys, most likely made in 2018 after Joshua Wise was doxed. It became the main method of communication between Chris and the Idea Guys.



  • general
  • updates-in-cwcville
  • kirito's-group
  • the-cpus-of-gameindu[cuts off]
  • music
  • videos
  • art
  • jim-picken's-basement
  • the-debate-on-if-cpus[cuts off]
  • gonzalos-teaches-batt[cuts off]
  • the-many-deaths-of-r[cuts off]
  • squad-of-nexus-guard[cuts off]
  • gonzalos-mayoral-an[cuts off]
  • the-debate-on-peace-[cuts off]


    Chats and calls