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NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

This page contains DMs between Aly Hirschberg and Kiwi Farms user Duff.

Sockness Drama

29-31 December 2019

I saw your tweets, what happened?
It's Jacob, he lied to his friend saying I sent him some dirty clothes and shoes claiming I "smell like death". He's been so horrible to me, I honestly loved him, Jacob told me before he deleted his accounts that he was going to give me a chance and that he wanted me, he told me that I was "sexy", I honestly thought Jacob was interested in me but no, I'll always be second best to him, he's obsessed with Christine and will never get over her or give up, I'm not enough for him. He's been so horrible to me treating me so badly, he once told me that I'm so unattractive that he'd "never tried to fuck my brains out". He also rubbed it on my face that he was going to try and get back together with his "sugar daddy". I'm so deeply hurt, he showed genuine interest in me and wanted me to come to visit, I spent money on flights to San Francisco, one of my distant relatives in San Francisco was going to help me out with staying the night there. I never sent Jacob anything, he lied to his friend, I sent him nude pictures of myself but that was it. I'm sure he's probably going to leak those now.
Hang in there, forget Sockness, he's an asshole!

Do you really and truly like MKRNightVee?

Me and MKR are good friends. I do think she's pretty and cute though, she's a great artist too. She's a nice person, I never understood why Jacob hated her so much since she never really did anything wrong. I think he was jealous of how close she is to Christine as a friend.
Would you ever date MKRNightVee if the chance would come up?
Oh yeah, I totally would in a heartbeat if she asked me, she's been really sweet towards me. Both MKR and Superbroly X tried to save me from Jacob. Even Gibi warned me. MKR is a really good person, she has a heart of gold.

Wanting to Help Chris

4-6 January 2020

You always say you see Chris as a close friend and buy a lot of his hand made goods. Do you generally care about him or are you secretly trying to mess with his mind like the Idea Guys?
No, I don't have any trolling for Christine, I only want to be a good friend to her and help her. The money I give her, whatever she spends it on is out of my control, I'm not in the US yet so I can't really stop her from spending it on other things but my intentions from giving Christine money was actually to try and help her from not losing her house or getting into further debt with the courts. Hopefully when I'm in the US, I can visit her and help her out at home, William's aunt the social worker and carer did arrive at Christine's home to try and help out, I think both Christine and Barb were not in or chose not to answer the door so Mary is letting Greene County social services take care of everything now but I would never torture Christine like that, I have Autism myself and I know how hard it is to make new friends and trust people, everything Christine went has experienced I have experienced myself so I can relate to her life, I want to give her that emotional support she needs. The only friends Christine has ever had in the past were fake and manipulated her, I see Christine like a sister type figure, I care about her a lot and just want what's best for her.

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