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Mumble 9 is the 9th of the Mumble chats involving Chris, held on 23 February 2009.

In this chat, Chris enters a room full of Miscreants. The trolls, who have been mostly playing along with Chris in the chats so far, suddenly take a much darker turn and gang up on him. They tell Chris that their mission is to stop him from ever getting china (which later failed), and that they have many operatives including Jason Kendrick Howell. They also criticize him for multiple things, most notably a lot of his faults. Chris exits the chat after Arjen Van Dierten shouts death threats and calls him a fag. He later returned not far afterwards, but only after Arjen is (presumably) kicked from the call.


Part 1

Christian Weston Chandler in: Rise of the Miscreants (Part 1 of 2)
Stardate 23 February 2009
Featuring Chris, Clyde, Miscreants

Clyde: Welcome to the brothers, Miscreants!
[Trolls pipe in with "Brother!"]
Clyde: Alright--
Chris: First, stop this. Look. I did that vid--look, I did the--first off, I did that video just for Julie. And her brother found it on her computer, and uploaded it to the YouTube, without...neither of our consent.
Clyde: Do you understand what the Miscreants are, that her brother is part of it? He has been a very valuable...member. [pause] Do you understand what the Miscreants are, Chris?
Other Troll: Do you understand why we're here, fool?
Chris: Let me guess, you're all a bunch of trolls, aren't you.
Trolls: No--
Clyde: NO.
Other Troll: Y'all isn't intelligent(?), isn't it?
Clyde: Look. Ever since Evan from /v/--well, you don't know what /v/ is, but ever since Evan posted those gay pictures with the "masturbating and squirtin'", we have been there from the beginning.
Chris: .....what?
Clyde: Don't you remember Evan, the person who sent you gay pictures of Sonichu and you having sex?
Chris: [sigh]
Clyde: In 2007?
Troll: Don't tell me Chris, the stress is going to make you leave. I'm sorry, guys, we should stop stressing him,
Clyde: SILENCE! [pause] Do you remember?
Chris: Yeah.
Clyde: Do you remember Jason--always a valuable member, always willing to take the fall for me--c--creating the ED page, getting their e-mails? He was a good member too. [pause] And can't you remember Blanca, the one who destroyed your medallion? Remember?
Chris: Yeah.
Clyde: All part of the Miscreants, Chris. And the latest member: Sarah McKenzie. Or you know her as "Panda". She's not dead. She's alive, at my side. Panda's sleeping right now, I shouldn't be talking so loud, anyway- yes. I can't believe you fell for her.
[pause, some trolls say something incoherent]
Clyde: We've been here from the beginning. Do you know why, Chris?
Chris: You're trying to make a slander out of me and a fool? Or just pick on me-
Clyde: What?
Chris: Or just to pick on-
Clyde: No, no! The goal is to make sure you never get laid. That is the goal of the Miscreants.
Troll: Virginia is for Virgins!
Other Troll: Our goal is that you are a virgin, foreva!
Chris: I ask you, why do y'all have to pick on me like this?
Clyde: You don't care about women. That is why.
Chris: [talking over Clyde's second sentence] I do care about women.
Troll: And you are a disgusting pig.
Clyde: [at the same time as troll] Then why are there females in our operation against you?
Chris: [pause; sigh] I know y'all are doin'--I know y'all are doin' it--or have been doin' this just for the laughs against me.
Troll: LAUGHS?!
Chris: But don't y'all have to--
Troll: This is far more than laughs, Chris-Chan.
Other Troll: This is serious.
Troll: [pause] You are a foul, stinky pig that must be eradicated from this Earth.
Clyde: No, no, he must not be eradicated. He must be made an example of, of a horrible man, destined to never, ever, have a wife, or even girlfriends.


Why do you have to pick on me like this? You don't need to do this! Don't you all have lives of your own? Can't you go find your own sweethearts to do with? I'm not even--
Clyde: Why do you think this whole operation matters, Chris? Why do you think a sweetheart will solve everything?
Chris: [sigh]
Troll: We have lots to talk-
Chris: Look, I care--
Troll: We must protect the women from you.
Chris: Look, I care about the women for their own personalities.
Troll: No you don't!
Chris: Yes I do!
Troll: LIES.
Other Troll: Bullshit.
Third Troll: Lies! You don't resp-[is cut off]
Chris: Yes, I DO respect respect women.
[People talk over each other]
Clyde: What?
Chris: I ca--I care about their personalities. I care about them--about how they feel. I care about--everything about them. They-
Female Troll: Chris, you don't respect them. You only respect their cunts.
Chris: [pause; sigh] What?
Troll: You gotta respect the ladies, man.
Chris: I DO respect the ladies!
Clyde: No you don't. Prove it.
Chris: Alright, how do ya want me to prove it?
Clyde: Exactly, you can't!
Chris: I can prove it, I'm just not sure how- how do you want me to prove that I respect the women that I--like I do?
Troll: Because you don't. You don't know how. You [slams something] can't.
Chris: I can prove it. Now what do you want me to do to prove myself?
Clyde: You have to figure that one out on your own. Otherwise, if we tell you, then, we've already given you the answer! Nobody tell him!
Chris: [sigh] Jesus Christ. [pause]
Clyde: Julie has ruined this. Why did you have to go for the TRUE and HONEST love--we had Sarah May distract you from her, but no, she failed. [pause] But it's not gonna be a problem soon.
Chris: You leave, you leave Julie alone!
Clyde: No. [Troll makes buzzer sound] I need to protect her, from you. I'd rather have her marry me.
Chris: Look, Clyde, we've already--look, Clyde, I was--I listened to you. And I've been thinking about the job situation. I have--
Clyde: Look, I don't care about any of that anymore. Ever since you said you hate the Chinese to her, to Julie...
Chris: Wait, wait a minute, what?
Troll: Chris--
Other Troll: I LOVE NIPPON.
Clyde: You said it yourself, don't deny it! You hate the Chinese. You said that yourself. You made a mockery--
Chris: [interrupts] I NEVER SAID THAT! I never said I hated the Chinese!
Troll: Yeah, you totally said that, dawg.
Clyde: Don't try to lie--
Chris: I never said that!
Clyde: I heard your computer. I've been listening to you. Don't you dare lie to me!
Chris: I don't even remember saying anything like that.
Female Troll: We all remember.
Indian Troll: I remember.
Clyde: [unintelligible] you pig, it was something [unintelligible] to Julie, you said something like "Ohhh, me so Chinese" and then Julie said something like "So was that Chinese or Japanese?" and you said "Who cares? They all speak the same!" Don't you remember?
Trolls: Yes, yeah, yes.
Chris: Okay okay, I'm sorry I said that.
Clyde: No you aren't! [cries of protest from trolls]
Clyde: ...but then you say you hate the Chinese. How is that not racist? [more cries]
Chris: But look, look, I respect the Chinese. [lots of people talking at once]
Clyde: say that with the Chinese.
Troll: By being hateful?
Chris: I was trying to make Julie smile by making her laugh.
Troll: Julie is an idiot.
Clyde: That is horrible, Chris. This is why you are--this is why no one should ever be with you, ever.
Chris: [stress sigh] Will you all--will y'all just leave me alone-leave her alone?
Female Troll: No.
Clyde: No. We must convince her that you are the most despicable man. She's a little naïve, but we'll turn her.
Troll: We do.
Chris: Leave her alone!
Clyde: We're not leaving her alone. This is for her own good.
Female Troll: We're trying to help her, Chris, don't you see?
Chris: No! [stress sigh]
Troll: Again, be a man and put some fucking bass into your voice, you pig!
Chris: What?!
Clyde: You sound like a little girl, how is that manly in any way?
Chris: Y'all are making me very nervous right now.
Troll: How are we making you nervous?
Chris: Y'all are ticking--y'all are fuckin' and ticking me--y'all are fucking pissing me OFF right now.
[troll laughs]
Clyde: Look, it's not you who should be pissed at us, it's we who are pissed at you. You are a despicable human being.
Chris: Look, I was-Julie asked me to send her that video, alright?

Part 2

Christian Weston Chandler in: Rise of the Miscreants (Part 2 of 2)
Stardate 23 February 2009
Featuring Chris, Clyde, Miscreants

Clyde: I don't care about that video, what makes you think I care about that video?
Chris: She cared about me and I cared about her very much! I wouldn't have gone to so much trouble to make my family believe that she was real. I wouldn't have gone through so much trouble to find-to try to find Molvanîa on the map!
Troll: Who cares?
Clyde: That doesn't mean you care about her, you just want her for sex!
Chris: NO! I care about Julie for who she is!
Chris: I want Julie for her!
Troll: Yes, her china. You sick fucking pig.
Chris: No, for her personality and the way she cares about me very much.
Troll: What personality? You don't know anything about her personality!
Chris: She is a very sweet woman!
Troll: You haven't even met her in real life.
Chris: Maybe not yet, but I'm going-I'm going to.
Clyde: It'll be too late.
Chris: You leave her alone!
Clyde: We're not going to leave her alone until she's safe, with us.
Chris: [stress sigh] What...?
Clyde: What are you going to do, get your fanbase on us? Your fanbase that doesn't exist?
Troll: Chris, I have something to tell you. We are the fanbase.
Troll: Yes, all of them!
Chris: [sigh]
Trolls: RA RI RU RE RO!
Clyde: RA RI RU RE RO!
Clyde: Look, you can make a video on YouTube, trying to out the Miscreants. You can say all that you want about Clyde, how much you hate him, but it's not going to do a thing. But I dare you, do it. Stand up for yourself, stand up for Julie.
Chris: Clyde, I'm standing up for myself bruf-by listening to you bastards.
Trolls: [laughter]
Clyde: You just listen and take it like the bitch you are. You don't do any action. Never!
Chris: I DO ACTION! I done a lot more than any of you-any of you- [cut off]
Troll: Is that right?
Female Troll: You don't even know.
Chris: Why do you all have to mean so much disrespect against me?
Clyde: It's not disrespect for you... [too much talking]
Chris: I am a respectable human being!
Trolls: No you're not!
Arjen: You're a fucking scuzzbucket, you stupid fag! What the fuck are you doing here right now Chris, what the hell?
Indian Troll: Arjen, settle down!
Arjen: I've been waiting for this for a long time.
Clyde: Do you know why we despise you so much? It's because you are a horrible human being whose only goal in life is to have sex.
Chris: [sigh]
Arjen: Hang yourself Chris, kill yourself for us!
Trolls: [cries of protest]
Chris: I've got my Aunt Corrina's death to worry about and her funeral tomorrow [cut off]
Trolls: We don't care!
Chris: You just... fuck off!
Female Troll: He left!
[unintelligible, trolls talking over one another]
Female Troll: He left!
Troll: Arjen, you're just fucking abusing him.
Trolls: [talking over one another] Arjen, you just went overboard.
Troll: I mean we're basically just taunting him, we're not actually, like [unintelligible, more talking over one another]
Trolls: Don't worry he'll be back
Trolls: [unintelligible, more talking over one another] We're the only fans you have.
Clyde: Don't worry, Chris will come back when he realizes Julie's in danger.
Troll: No he won't.
Trolls: Yes, what we should do is have like, quote Julie unquote be like: 'Oh my brother's like with the miscreants and now they're holding me hostage like my brother's
Female Troll: [Over other troll] Hey, it's push to talk.
Trolls: ...Turn me into [unintelligible; the Metal Gear "!" sound can be heard in the background.]
Trolls: [unintelligible, more talking over one another]
Troll: No, no, I mean like have Julie, have Julie send, Julie's brother's with the miscreants, hold Julie hostage, he's like, you know what, I'm sorry to your sister but, I'm going to take you in, I'm going to take you to Clyde. Listen, I have to do this for your sake, I have to take you to Clyde. Put in a few message for Chris.
[audio cuts]
Troll: That doesn't sound
[audio cuts]
Troll: RA RI RU RE RO!
Trolls: [unintelligible] We'll see what happens.

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