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I will defend you, Jacklyn Romy. I will defend you to the last bead of sweat or breath.

This chat took place on 25 September 2010. Highlights of the chat include Chris wanting to kill the trolls for hacking his PS3, telling Jackie that he could pick her up and cradle her in his arms, and believing that Lars wastes his money on collecting boats.

[7:36 pm] CWC: Hey, Jackie. :) h
[7:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hi!
[7:37 pm] CWC: I saw you were online. :-* h
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, sorry i didnt talk to you about rescheduling the chat
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but we caught each other
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-)
[7:37 pm] CWC: rescheduling?
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: cause i had to cancel yesterday
[7:37 pm] CWC: oh. It's cool.
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hey can you hold on for a moment sweetie?
[7:38 pm] CWC: sure.
[7:38 pm] CWC: CWC (ChrisChanSonichu) is offline 7:38 pm
[7:38 pm] CWC: IMs are delivered when the buddy signs in. Send CWC (ChrisChanSonichu) a text message
[7:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok, i'm back
[7:38 pm] CWC: cool.
[7:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-*
[7:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so how has your day been?
[7:39 pm] CWC: First thought: how did you like the speech (as it may be called) I typed up for you?
[7:39 pm] CWC: Okay, but it got better now. :) h
[7:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i thought it was very emotional
[7:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: heartfelt
[7:39 pm] CWC: I meant it that way.
[7:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i noticed you mentioned excel saga as an inspiration for sonichu
[7:40 pm] CWC: Mainly in the part where I was able to include myself in the comic as an "Intrusive Director".
[7:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what exactly did you mean by "intrusive director"? i was a little confused on that
[7:41 pm] CWC: But, yes, there were other obvious instances where the anime was an inspiration.
[7:41 pm] CWC: You haven't watched "Excel Saga" have you?
[7:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: nope, never seen it
[7:41 pm] CWC: Well, I have the 6 DVD set, so that'll be something I'll be happy to share with you then.
[7:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: look forward to it!
[7:42 pm] CWC: In a nutshell about the I.D., Shinichi Watanabe was the Director of the Anime, while Koshi Rikdo was the author of the original manga.
[7:42 pm] CWC: in the episodes, Shinichi, A.K.A. Nabeshin, put himself into the show out of, to put it plainly, self-ego.
[7:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so thats why you put yourself in sonichu?
[7:44 pm] CWC: Anyway, following that, I put myself into the comic series.
[7:44 pm] CWC: At least I gave myself a good role as Mayor of Cwcville, VA.
[7:44 pm] CWC: And then some with other things there.
[7:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you kind of made yourself the hero of the series, right?
[7:45 pm] CWC: I could have just left myself to be Mayor, but I had to give myself a bunch of my own adventures.
[7:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: because of ego
[7:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[7:45 pm] CWC: Sonichu was purposed to be the Main Hero, but yes I did get carried away with myself.
[7:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you sure do love yourself
[7:46 pm] CWC: I realized that over a year ago, about right before I drew myself into the different dimension for a couple of books.
[7:46 pm] CWC: so-so, but I am not a blantant self-lover like Vanity Smurf.
[7:46 pm] CWC: I care a lot of others as well. ;) h
[7:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: are there any characters you ever thought about putting in the comic that you didnt?
[7:47 pm] CWC: yes, as a matter of fact.
[7:48 pm] CWC: I had an idea of making Naitsirhc leader of a Power Ranger-like group (for Team Rocket), to capture Sonichu, Rosechu and take over a bunch of things as well. They would even have a Zord that changes from Sonichu to Robot.
[7:48 pm] CWC: One zord
[7:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you were going to parody power rangers?
[7:49 pm] CWC: I was a really big Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fan, but they lost me When They Killed Zordon.
[7:49 pm] CWC: yes.
[7:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you know, you have mentioned some "man in a pickle suit" a lot, i always thought that was a character in your comic, but i couldnt find him in there
[7:50 pm] CWC: NO, not a character; a Real Troll.
[7:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, i see
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you put a lot of real people in your comic, i thought you might put him in too
[7:51 pm] CWC: He started by being the one pretending to be Blanca Weiss (and/or someone else after her), then he later revealed himself to be a Black Man in a Pickle Suit.
[7:51 pm] CWC: I did not.
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how come?
[7:51 pm] CWC: I just did not want to.
[7:51 pm] CWC: Anyway
[7:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: anyway?
[7:52 pm] CWC: this dude came up with the idea after the one-panel joke I drew where I make it obvious through Sonichu that I did not like pickles (the vegetable), followed by the line of a Meatwad, "The Bun is in your mind."
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you took a line straight from aqua teen hunger force?
[7:54 pm] CWC: Then they decided to exaggerate it by adding the fact that some women use a vegetable like a pickle for a dildo.
[7:54 pm] CWC: Partially, it was from an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Guest Starring the ATHF.
[7:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you took the line from that, then
[7:54 pm] CWC: yes
[7:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how come you didn't just write your own joke?
[7:56 pm] CWC: I felt it was an appropriate parody, since I portrayed eating from a fast food restaurant, and if you take a close look at the panel, I drew in Shake for the cup, Frylock for the fry box, and the Salad was a character they could have had on ATHF; Ce-Lad.
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, its not really a parody if you lift it verbatim
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i mean, you just took the characters straight from the show
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: those are intellectual property of other creators
[7:58 pm] CWC: I did what I did; I put it together the way I did; I didn't think of such details when I drew it.
[7:58 pm] CWC: I was doing it for Parody's sake.
[7:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: really? isnt that why you got mad at asperchu, though?
[8:00 pm] CWC: Alec portrayed Sonichu as a "Gay Cousin" of Asperchu; Sonichu is Straight; I felt really angry at the wrongful portrayal.
[8:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, that's what parody is though
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you know, i read through both comics, sonichu and asperchu. they're definitely different in a lot of ways but i like them both for their strengths
[8:01 pm] CWC: Sonichu is Straight; I meant my comic series to be a Straight Series; I did not like this direction of Parody.
[8:01 pm] CWC: That's cool.
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, asperchu was always kind of a darker, serious comic, with gripping stories and excellent artwork;
[8:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: sonichu had kind of a kiddy art style, which i guess was your point.
[8:02 pm] CWC: I guess my anger towards the homosexuality aspects and their portrayal of killing my person and taking side with the brown-striped impostor over me blinded me to the strengths.
[8:03 pm] CWC: It is MY Drawing Style; I can't help it if it looks "kiddy".
[8:03 pm] CWC: I meant it to be a better style.
[8:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, it wasnt intentional?
[8:03 pm] CWC: yes, not intentional.
[8:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i thought you meant it as an avant-garde thing, to make a statment
[8:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, ironically bad
[8:04 pm] CWC: no.
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i love silvana
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its a very funny comic though
[8:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: a lot of good humor points
[8:05 pm] CWC: I took a lot of art classes in my lifetime throughout ALL of my schools, and I've been thought of as a kiddy artist. I guess it's okay.
[8:05 pm] CWC: I meant it to be humorous.
[8:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like your exaggerated death scenes, like when ivy died in an elevator shaft
[8:05 pm] CWC: And Silvana was among the first Troll-Inspired Characters; they gave me the idea to make her a hermaphrodite.
[8:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: or when you had that building collapse and kill hundreds of innocents
[8:05 pm] CWC: Those Trolls were NOT innocent.
[8:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and when the jerkops attacked you at the Get-Tar region
[8:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that was hilarious
[8:06 pm] CWC: That actually happened to me in real life.
[8:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, was everyone in the 9/11 building a troll?
[8:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: they probably had secretaries and temps and such
[8:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: they would be innocent working people.
[8:07 pm] CWC: 9/11? I did not mean it to be portrayed of that event.
[8:07 pm] CWC: The secretaries and temps were of Hell-Order, employed by the devil.
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh. a lot of people thought it was supposed to be related to the 9/11 bombings.
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: anyway
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i also love the dramatic parts of the comic
[8:08 pm] CWC: Look at the guy at the front desk, an obvious portrayal of satan.
[8:08 pm] CWC: thank you.
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like when you had alec benson leary have those rosechu sex slaves in his basement, it was like from pulp fiction or something
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you should have had bruce willis come chop his head off with a sword to rescue them from the anal rape
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like what happened to ving rames in that movie
[8:09 pm] CWC: Alec made me angry with his portrayal of me and my characters. I've heard of Bruce, but I have not seen that movie.
[8:09 pm] CWC: BTW, Silent Hill was a good movie.
[8:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but your breaking and entering of his house and destroying all his property
[8:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: was that supposed to be like an ironic over-reaction?
[8:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that you went to such extreme, illegal lengths
[8:10 pm] CWC: Good portrayal of people misunderstanding an individual and treating her wrongfully. it made me think of what the trolls have understood and done to me.
[8:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: her? alec benson leary is a guy
[8:10 pm] CWC: yes, That was like an ironic over-reaction.
[8:10 pm] CWC: I was talking about the girl in |the Silent Hill Movie.
[8:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: was it a statement about the imperfections of our legal system?
[8:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: please elaborate
[8:12 pm] CWC: It was more of a statement of A) my anger of and seeking satisfaction of Alec. B) ways that the Trolls could have hacked into my console. And C) The portrayal of the Sick, Twisted things the Trolls think about often.
[8:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, so it wasnt an ironic statement
[8:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: isnt alec a parodic artist though? i thought he wasnt a troll
[8:13 pm] CWC: Maybe I misspoke of the irony. In my mind, Alec was a Troll.
[8:13 pm] CWC: But I may have been mistaken then.
[8:13 pm] CWC: about him
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you dont believe he is a troll now?
[8:14 pm] CWC: I guess not.
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: who was that lawyer you gave him at that show trial? he was high at the time. that would never fly in an American court of law
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what country is CWCville in?
[8:15 pm] CWC: brb
[8:17 pm] CWC: The Attorney at Law there was Marvey Blaziken (a parody of Harvey Birdman). Cwcville is in the State of Virginia in the United States of America.
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no, i mean the defense lawyer you gave alec
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he was high on the marijuana
[8:19 pm] CWC: That was Sean; among the Four comic artists on the past Asperpedia; I believe he drew the "Moon Pals" comic.
[8:19 pm] CWC: excuse me, Three comic artists.
[8:19 pm] CWC: Mao was the Admin of the Asperpedia website.
[8:19 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, that wasnt a fair defense. grounds for a mistrial right there
[8:20 pm] CWC: When I drew those pages, I didn't really care; I was angry at those four for what they were drawing in their comics, and Mao was supporting them.
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and then you had cruel and unusual punishment, and the execution was carried out right away, with no opportunity for appeal
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, and by a little girl too
[8:21 pm] CWC: I was filled with anger.
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why so angry?
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i thought you were all about parody
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i mean, if you were in control of how other people parodied your work, it wouldnt be a true parody
[8:22 pm] CWC: Because of their portrayal of me and my Electric-Hedgehog Pok'emon; we're NOT Gay, and we did not care for being horrifyingly killed like they did, and we're certainly NOT Drug-heads.
[8:22 pm] CWC: But upon retrospect now, I'm not as angry at them anymore.
[8:22 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe you should apologize to Alec.
[8:22 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and the rest
[8:23 pm] CWC: I did apologize to them.
[8:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you murdered them in an unjust trial
[8:23 pm] CWC: AFTER the trial.
[8:23 pm] CWC: I apologized to them.
[8:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: when? in a video?
[8:23 pm] CWC: yes, in a video.
[8:23 pm] CWC: i think
[8:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: could you show me the specific video?
[8:24 pm] CWC: let me see...
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, i looked it up
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its that video where you're wearing the asperchu medallion, right?
[8:26 pm] CWC: Yeah, I believe so.
[8:26 pm] CWC: I was looking it up, but I had uploaded a LOT of videos; glad you found it.
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: do you still have that medallion? you said you had it hanging on the wall but i didnt see it in your room photos.
[8:27 pm] CWC: yes I still have it; it's in that box that's hanging on the wall next to the doll.
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why is it turned around?
[8:28 pm] CWC: what, the doll?
[8:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the asperchu medallion
[8:28 pm] CWC: the Asperchu medal is INSIDE the box.
[8:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but why is the box turned over
[8:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you're hiding it?
[8:29 pm] CWC: it's not turned over.
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but a box is covering it
[8:29 pm] CWC: you can see the address label
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you cant see the medallion
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so its hidden
[8:29 pm] CWC: yes, it is hidden in the box.
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why?
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you said it would be up for display
[8:29 pm] CWC: The was I felt, I did not care to look at it.
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh
[8:30 pm] CWC: Well, it is up for display; the box is openable on the wall.
[8:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, now that your anger has faded away, you should uncover it again
[8:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you said you would display it openly as a show of good will. to hide it is dishonest
[8:30 pm] CWC: I feel uncertainty about unhiding it, but I will think about it.
[8:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-\
[8:31 pm] CWC: I displayed it in the video; isn't that enough?
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you should just open the box.
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no its not
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you said it like you would leave it up for open display
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: to not follow through is dishonest
[8:32 pm] CWC: alright, I'll take it out of the box and hang the medal for open display later.
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yay!!
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-) :-) :-)
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i cant wait to see it on your wall in the next video
[8:32 pm] CWC: on October 1st.
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yep
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but lets talk about other stuff
[8:32 pm] CWC: okay. Actually, there's something of interest I'd like to ask you about.
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh? please ask
[8:34 pm] CWC: I have just received an e-mail from the Trojan condom company I'm on their e-mail list. They've started making vibrators, and they had a picture and offer for it, and I thought you'd might like that. Would you like me to forward you the e-mail?
[8:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no, thank you
[8:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: my vibrator needs are covered :-*
[8:35 pm] CWC: okay, Sweetheart. :) h
[8:35 pm] CWC: I wanted to ask you anyway.
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ever seen this dildo? its called thor
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: http://www.zoofur.com/image.php?id=123&type=D
[8:35 pm] CWC: DAMN. I hadn't before.
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, its nuts
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no pun intended
[8:36 pm] CWC: but DAMN, that thing is big.
[8:36 pm] CWC: you don't have anything that big, do you?
[8:36 pm] CWC: among your dildos.
[8:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, i borrowed my friends to try it out
[8:37 pm] CWC: and what did you think of it?
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i was sore that day...
[8:37 pm] CWC: oh.
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: just a little too big for me
[8:37 pm] CWC: That is understandable.
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: anyway
[8:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: did you hear that video game you like was delayed?
[8:38 pm] CWC: which one?
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: little big planet
[8:38 pm] CWC: LBP2 has been delayed? huh. Did you read why?
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i dont know, just got pushed back
[8:38 pm] CWC: I see. I'll have to check GameStop.com for the new Release date then.
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, delayed til like january
[8:39 pm] CWC: ah. I see.
[8:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, that gives you that much more time to do without
[8:39 pm] CWC: yes.
[8:39 pm] CWC: Didn't you want to talk to me about your ex, Lars (correct me if I got the name wrong)?
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ugh...
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i forgot about Lars
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but yes, we can talk about him
[8:40 pm] CWC: so, talk to me. what happened?
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he did a lot of bad things to me during our relationship
[8:41 pm] CWC: like what?
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he always accused me of picking fights with him when i was just trying to talk to him, for one
[8:41 pm] CWC: sounds like my father; picks fights more than there are flies at a garbage dump.
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, he would just say "you're picking a fight" and that was his excuse to shut his ears off
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: even when i was just trying to make little suggestions or get him to do something food
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: good i mean, not food
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so thats one thing he did.
[8:43 pm] CWC: I see. he copped out often.
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and then whenever he shut himself off from me, he would just go into his room and build his stupid toy boats
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he had hundreds of these useless toy boats all over the room, these expensive fucking models. half of them were built really shoddily because he didnt take care of his work, and the other half just sat unopened in their boxes
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and that was his escape from me.
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i hate boats now
[8:44 pm] CWC: I see; my dad has a bunch of unopened models too, but most of them are model planes.
[8:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: wow, lars and your dad kind of sound a lot alike
[8:45 pm] CWC: except my dad is a LOT older than him.
[8:45 pm] CWC: When I get the chance, I'll probably sell off the unopened models on eBay or Craigslist.
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: another thing about him: he refused to get a job. he never applied himself
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so because of that he never had money to take us out
[8:46 pm] CWC: I see.
[8:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he wasnt really abusive, persay
[8:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but i guess he was abusive-by-neglect, if that makes senes
[8:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: *sense
[8:46 pm] CWC: I hear you.
[8:46 pm] CWC: at least he didn't physically attack you.
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he couldnt if he tried, he was too weak and feeble
[8:47 pm] CWC: skin and bones?
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no, he had some meat on his bones
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oddly shaped though, kind of like a pear
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: or maybe a gourd
[8:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but no muscle
[8:48 pm] CWC: Well, I've got Muscle.
[8:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh yeah? :-)
[8:48 pm] CWC: yes.
[8:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe you could show me in your first video for me...
[8:49 pm] CWC: There was a video where I lifted two twelve packs 51 times each.
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, i saw that video, but you were just kind of swinging it
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: little donnie does that for fun
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i want to see a new one for me.
[8:50 pm] CWC: Well, I can definitely show off my strength more than that anyway.
[8:50 pm] CWC: I'll come up with a few heavy things to lift for you.
[8:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe you could take your camera to a park or something where there are hanging bars
[8:50 pm] CWC: I could even pick you up and cradle you if you wanted me to.
[8:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and show yourself doing some pull-ups for me?
[8:51 pm] CWC: good idea; I will think about that.
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i wanna see 10 pull-ups!
[8:51 pm] CWC: So, what happened recently when you communicated with Lars?
[8:51 pm] CWC: I can do that.
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: as i was saying, we had a rough break up
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: one day i just told him, its over
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: we were sharing rent for an apartment, but he came home one day with a box full of those goddamned boats
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and couldnt make his half of the rent
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so i went back to stay with my parents
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: had my friends go get my stuff
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and he didnt take it well.
[8:52 pm] CWC: I see.
[8:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he tried to get me back for a while, it got bad
[8:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: finally decided i had ruined his life, even though it was all his fault
[8:53 pm] CWC: I can understand that; that'd be like if my dad bought something frivolous and couldn't make a payment.
[8:53 pm] CWC: then what?
[8:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: nothing, for a long time.
[8:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: then, all of a sudden, some troll sends you an email with a naked photo of me that only lars had.
[8:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and then i found he's been spreading it all over the internet
[8:55 pm] CWC: hmm-mmm
[8:55 pm] CWC: so you told him off in an e-mail?
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: eventually, yeah
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but he just laughed at me
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he's gotten me so angry...
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: RRHRHHGHGHGGHH
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he robbed me of my dignity
[8:56 pm] CWC: oh. But the point was you stood up for yourself, and I'm proud of you being able to be the strong-willed woman you are.
[8:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thank you :-)
[8:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but it's not enough...
[8:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: do you know what he got me for our final anniversary?
[8:57 pm] CWC: a model boat?
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yep. with my name painted on it
[8:57 pm] CWC: I'd be mad too.
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: this was after i told him to keep all his goddamned boats in his room so i didnt have to look at them
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: we got in a fight and i smashed the damn thing
[8:57 pm] CWC: wow.
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: anyway, he's still sending me stupid emails, taunting me
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he thinks i cant do anything
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and i dont know what to do
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: someone needs to scare him
[8:58 pm] CWC: because you don't know where he's residing now, and he can hide behind the anonymity of the internet?
[8:59 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i think its more because he thinks no one will defend me.
[8:59 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but you'll defend me, right?
[8:59 pm] CWC: I don't know what else I can do against my trolls either, but at least I can make other people aware of them, so they don't end up in the similar situation.
[8:59 pm] CWC: I will defend you, Jacklyn Romy. I will defend you to the last bead of sweat or breath.
[9:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: would you be willing to help me get back at Lars?
[9:00 pm] CWC: yes; more information on him would be helpful.
[9:01 pm] CWC: But I would be very willing to help you get back at Lars.
[9:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: I think he lives in Maine right now
[9:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i need to scare the crap out of Lars so he doesnt bother me again.
[9:01 pm] CWC: If anything, this can make a statement to the Trolls that if you Troll me and my friends, you will be punished.
[9:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe you could make a statement to Lars?
[9:01 pm] Jacklyn Romy: make fun of him and his toy boats
[9:02 pm] CWC: yes, at the moment, that seems to be the best option, since Maine is farther away than I thought; I just checked my US Map.
[9:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, no point in going there
[9:03 pm] CWC: I'll make one of his boats sink worse than the Titanic.
[9:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ooh!
[9:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: show him one of his stupid boats sinking!
[9:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: show his boat in a tub of water, and then it hits an iceberg and smashes and sinks
[9:04 pm] CWC: send me a photo of one of the boats he had, and I'll put something together.
[9:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: http://www.rjmodelships.com/store/images/big/titanic-model-ship-jpg
[9:04 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats a giant one, but its like what one of his favorites is
[9:05 pm] CWC: Maybe build one out of legos that will looks most similar to that boat, THEN smash it into an iceberg, make it sink, and smash it with my foot.
[9:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah!!
[9:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and then mock Lars
[9:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: mock him with a funny voice, make fun of his stupid boat toys
[9:05 pm] CWC: Wow, similar to the Titanic?
[9:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: kind of
[9:06 pm] CWC: It's no problem, I can do it.
[9:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you're the iceberg that will crash his silly little boats and dreams
[9:06 pm] CWC: *build one
[9:06 pm] CWC: Works for me.
[9:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and then after that, tell him to leave me alone, or else the consequences will never be the same
[9:06 pm] CWC: OOH! I'll have it smash into my LEG, pretending THAT is the iceberg.
[9:06 pm] CWC: "the consequences will never be the same?"
[9:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: could you use like an actual block of ice from your freezer or something? use that in the tub?
[9:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and then smash it underfoot
[9:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, the consequences will never be the same
[9:07 pm] CWC: Ice would melt very quickly; I was also thinking of building an iceberg from lego bricks.
[9:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its something he used to say
[9:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, i guess a lego iceberg would work too
[9:08 pm] CWC: I'm not sure I understand that catchphrase.
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if you make sure it's obviously an iceberg
[9:08 pm] CWC: yes.
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its a stupid phrase, from a stupid little man
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: it doesnt really make sense. but if you say it, he'll know that you're definitely with me, because i'm the only one that could have told you
[9:08 pm] CWC: Okay. :) h
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-)
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-) :-)
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yay!!
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: Our anniversary was actually going to be September 25th, tomorrow
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: could you do it tomorrow?
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: to really stick it to him
[9:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: a big "fuck you" to him
[9:09 pm] CWC: Still, though, when you break it down, it does sound stupid; with one Action, the Reaction would be same as before.
[9:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: tell him that on our former anniversary, jackie is with a REAL man now
[9:10 pm] CWC: I'll build something good.
[9:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yay!!!
[9:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he'll think twice if he sees i have someone defending me.
[9:11 pm] CWC: Yes.
[9:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he's a pussy who wouldnt willingly pick a fight with someone who could actually stand up to him
[9:11 pm] CWC: LOL
[9:11 pm] CWC: Did he wear glasses too?
[9:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: sunglasses, all the time
[9:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thought he looked cool
[9:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: looked like a miami vicereject, though
[9:12 pm] CWC: LOL
[9:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, i'd love to see it tomorrow!
[9:12 pm] CWC: Hiding behind the veil of "Cool Shades"; what a wimp.
[9:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, exactly
[9:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats what he does
[9:12 pm] CWC: I will have it for you tomorrow.
[9:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hides behind whatever he can
[9:13 pm] CWC: Just like the Trolls, "Hiding behind their Mother's Skirt of the Internet.
[9:13 pm] CWC: "
[9:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: lol
[9:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so how is samantha?
[9:13 pm] CWC: Actually, my father turned me on that phrase of "hiding behind their Mother's Skirt" in relation to the Trolls hiding behind the internet.
[9:13 pm] CWC: She's emotional right now.
[9:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why is she mad?
[9:16 pm] CWC: Which was something else that bothered me today; she left me a message on my voicemail. Essentially, she yelled about how angry she feels on me holding off on talking to her on the phone because of her earlier reaction to me informing her about how she raises her voice. I was only telling her the truth, which was what she wanted me to do.
[9:16 pm] CWC: She had asked me to compile a list of the few lies I told her.
[9:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: She told me a little about that
[9:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i think she was more upset than anything else that you said you didnt want to talk to her on the phone
[9:17 pm] CWC: That is the jist [sic] of the situation, yes.
[9:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but also that she thinks you're kind of avoiding your problems
[9:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i think she's scared is all, chris
[9:18 pm] CWC: You see, throughout my life, my father has raised his voice around me often, and hearing a raised, angry voice frightens me.
[9:18 pm] Jacklyn Romy: she told me she was just trying to sound stern, she wasnt yelling
[9:19 pm] CWC: scared of what? If it's on the friendship between her and me, there's no worry about that; I've informed her that we're still friends (from my Perspective).
[9:19 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but think from her perspective. she sees that all of a sudden you just dont want to talk to her on the phone anymore
[9:19 pm] CWC: yes.
[9:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i think you should talk to her and say this to her.
[9:22 pm] Jacklyn Romy: not just in email, but talk to her on the phone and explain your feelings.
[9:22 pm] Jacklyn Romy: because i think part of what bothers her is that you seem to not voice what you're thinking a lot, and would rather just avoid talking about it
[9:23 pm] CWC: I think I see your point. Without me on the phone with her, she feels like she doesn't have anyone to project her aggression upon.
[9:23 pm] CWC: Actually, often my mind is blank when time comes around to talk to her.
[9:24 pm] CWC: The only other option for me, I feel, is to watch the news for a topic that I can agree or feel for and talk to her about that.
[9:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: just talk to her about how you feel
[9:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: isnt it about the time you normally talk to her? you should answer her call tonight
[9:24 pm] CWC: Because she doesn't want to talk about video games, I can guarantee that.
[9:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: she's had time to cool off
[9:25 pm] CWC: She's not calling me right now; I have my cell right next to me.
[9:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well she might
[9:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: give it a few minutes
[9:25 pm] CWC: yes.
[9:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: just let her know what you feel about raising voices. you two can have a nice discussion
[9:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: explain about how your father made you feel about it
[9:26 pm] CWC: She has also expressed concerns to my current lifestyle of playing video games, not having a job and being fat. But I am looking for a job, I intend to lose this belly, and with you by my side to spend my time with, I'll have less gametime.
[9:26 pm] CWC: I have already told her about my father and his raised voice.
[9:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, she cares about you, just like i do
[9:27 pm] CWC: yes.
[9:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe she didnt get the message the first time. sometimes people need things explained several times
[9:27 pm] CWC: Don't get me wrong, I have been and still do appreciate her caring feelings towards me and my health. And I appreciate yours very much too.
[9:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i know you do
[9:28 pm] CWC: hold on.
[9:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: did samantha call?
[9:29 pm] CWC: yes
[9:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: is it going well?
[9:31 pm] CWC: a bit. hold on
[9:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: sure
[9:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: just tell her that you understand why she worries about you
[9:40 pm] CWC: I'm back
[9:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok
[9:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how'd it go
[9:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ?
[9:42 pm] CWC: She seems to have calmed down some, and yes she was feeling what I had thought, about sharing her thoughts and emotions with me over the phone, and the cutoff from that bothering her.
[9:42 pm] CWC: Anyway, we've got that straightened out, and I will be talking with her again tomorrow night.
[9:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yay!!!
[9:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: see? it's getting better. all you had to do was pick up the phone
[9:42 pm] CWC: BTW, let me ask you a few things, to get your response versus hers.
[9:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, ok
[9:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: quickly though, i kind of want to go to bed
[9:43 pm] CWC: I've told you about my recent activity of getting Borderlands for 20, then taking it to Best Buy getting 40; how do you feel about that transaction?
[9:43 pm] CWC: including considering morals and such.
[9:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i dont recall if you told me about that specific thing. you got it somewhere other than best buy first?
[9:44 pm] CWC: yes
[9:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you falsely claimed to best buy it was theirs and returned it there?
[9:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what did samantha tell you?
[9:44 pm] CWC: I told you about it in an e-mail, in response to your question of what you read on the Cwcki.
[9:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, right, i'm looking at it
[9:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe i missed it
[9:45 pm] CWC: She told me that it was dishonest, and while I considered the action to be wheeling and dealing, she calls that expression a disguise of the devil to cover dishonesty.
[9:45 pm] CWC: She does not go to church, but she says she has her own personal relationship with God.
[9:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, i would agree with her. its wrong to do that, because you claimed to best buy that you had bought it there
[9:46 pm] CWC: She is often stern.
[9:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: "wheelin and dealin" would be if you were making honest deals to make money.
[9:47 pm] CWC: Not really, I claimed I received the item I bough for less from the first store "as a gift from someone else".
[9:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats a lie.
[9:47 pm] CWC: yes it was.
[9:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so, i think it was wrong.
[9:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: because best buy didnt know all the facts of the deal
[9:48 pm] CWC: yeah.
[9:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so i dont think you should do that sort of thing again.
[9:48 pm] CWC: okay, Jackie, I promise you I won't do anything like that again.
[9:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :) h
[9:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, i'm gonna go to bed
[9:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but thank you for being honest with me about that
[9:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and thank you for picking up for samantha. it took strength to face up to her, and now things will be better because you did
[9:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and i had a really great time talking to you tonight!!
[9:49 pm] CWC: okay, I'll bug ya later. We'll decide later on our next AIM date.
[9:49 pm] CWC: Me too. :) h
[9:49 pm] CWC: I Love You.
[9:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-* :-* :-*

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