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BlueSpike PSN Chat 2 was the second PlayStation Network chat between "Julie" (BlueSpike) and Chris, held on 17 February 2009.


Chris doesn't really want to see his dying relative, though Julie tells him he should. Chris asks his mom and his mom tells him he doesn't need to. Julie asks Chris to ask Barb if she can talk to him. Chris asks while Julie attempts to summon Snorlax. Barb tells Chris to screw off, and Julie's summon fails. Chris tells Julie that the comics are going good, saying it's a classroom scene with a Ms. Jackaras (who is actually Sarah Jackson). Julie asks Chris why he ruined Optimus Prime's good name by having him hit her in the spring break issue. Chris asserts that nobody could tell that it's Optimus, and Julie "sobs." Julie asks if Chris will put her in Episode 19, and Chris says that he will put her as one of the students (she seems to have been written out and replaced by Ivy). Chris begins reading Episode 19 to BlueSpike, because its unintelligible over PSN.


BlueSpike PSN Chat 2
Stardate 17 February 2009
Featuring Chris, Bluespike
Saga JulieJulie Julie


A wild Snorlax appears!

Julie: Oh, what did she say?
Chris: Uh, a [???] Corina, she's gonna be, uh breathing her last breath tonight.
Julie: Then you need to go tonight and give her a hug, you said you would, there's-there's no... saying no to this, you need to give her a hug. I will not... allow you to not give her a hug, you need to show her how much you love her.
Chris: But I-but I'm afraid I still don't know where the hospital is
Julie: [agitated] So ask your mother, it's important, you have to.
Chris: Yeah, I'll talk to my mom about it, but I doubt it... that I would be able to get there sooner, but anyway, my mom said that she's gonna go visit my aunt Harriet and uncle tom, tomorrow, and then she's gonna come back to red oak to p-to me no- I mean no,come back here, pick me up, and then we're going to uh, Red Oak to see her in the uhhh, funeral home.
Julie: *sigh* Chris, this is someone's life, I don't think you're taking this very seriously. Your aunt is about to die, you're not taking this seriously, I don't think you're telling the truth about your aunt.
Chris: I am seriously. I am serious.
Julie: Do you really want Aunt Korilla or... sorry
Chris: No, no, I'm serious
Julie: You don't, you don't have an aunt?
Chris: I don't have an entourage!
Julie: No, NO, AN AUNT! Well, what's her name again? I keep forgetting it...
Chris: My aunt Corina.
Julie: Thank you, aunt Corina. I've, this... *sigh*, like, why haven't you ever, why haven't you ever told me about your aunt Corina before then?
Chris: I guess it hadn't come up in conversation before.
Julie: [sigh]
Chris: But... believe me, I'm telling you the truth.
Julie: That's very hard to believe, Chris. I don't like liars.
Chris: I'm not lying to you, I promise, I swear.
Julie: I know, it's just hard to believe...
Chris: I know it's hard-it's hard to believe, but it's the truth.
Julie: I, I have my doubts.
Chris: Uh, hang on, I'll uh, talk to my mom... You can uh, you can listen in.
Julie: Ok.
Chris: Oh hey mom
Barbara Yeah
Chris: Hey mom, you sure there isn't a way to go see aunt (Frank?) tonight so I give her da last hug?
Barbara Christian...
Julie: [laugh]
Barbara Christian. She won't even know you're there. [???] She knows you love her.
Chris: Yeah but at least I was able to give her my, give her my last "I love you" when I called her the other day.
Barbara That's right, that call was fine.
Chris: Yeah. Alright mom, I'll talk to you later. Did you get that Julie?
Julie: Yeah, could you ask your mom if I can talk to her? 'Cause I've wanted to talk to her for a while.
Chris: Oh... I'm not sure if she's in the mood, but...
Julie: C'mon, just ask, please?
Chris: I'll ask her.
Julie: Ask her if I can talk to her, please, for me?
BlueSpike: Use spell "summon Snorlax".
Chris: I'm not going to come out way over there mom. I was just talking to my friend Julie on the PSN Network she wants to, uh, say hello to you.
Barbara I'm not able to talk to her right now.
Chris: Uh, because you're emotional?
Barbara [annoyed] I am not able to talk to anybody right now, would you leave the room?
Chris: See ya later.
BlueSpike: Summon failed!
Chris: Uhhhh... yeah, she just um... she's all broken up right now.
Julie: That's ok, I understand. Maybe another time.
Chris: Yeah, another time. She's like uh, possibly after the funeral somewhere around that time.
Julie: Yeah.

Comic Talk

Chris: Anyway, I got a couple more pages done.
Julie: Did you color them?
Chris: Basically, uh I just... I got a couple pages done today in the comic.
Julie: Did you color them?
Chris: Uh, no. I uh, gotta draw them actually it's more like one half pages but I introducde the the teacher of the class.
Julie: Oh, what is it?
Chris: Her name is uh... hmm...I didn't really give her a first name but I called her Ms. Jackaras
Julie: Ah.
Chris: Now, you see, confidentially, it's actually Sarah Jackson if you recall.
Julie: Ah.
Chris: Yeah, you know another one of my gal-pals who died back in October, she had an autistic sister.
Julie: Oh, and can I ask you something?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: Back in comic, uh, the spring break issue? Why... Why did one of the girl gal-pals, whoever they were, I'm sorry, I forget, why did they get killed by Optimus Prime?
Chris: No, no... that wasn't, that was, that happened to Sarah Jackson, yeah she got hit by a truck.
Julie: But why did you have to- but isn't that punishing Optimus Prime's good name by making Optimus Prime that killed her?
Chris: No, it's not necessarily recognizable or something, I never fully...
Julie: But you said it was Optimus Prime, I think, didn't you?
Chris: I never have- now wait, I can look up that page in my number 8 book
Julie: Well at the every least... it looks enough like Optimus Prime to know it is. Most people would think it's Optimus Prime and I thought it was.
Chris: I just meant it as a parody, but anyway I never, I never drew in the full Autobot symbol, just the basic outline.
Julie: [sigh]
Chris: And, you know, that could be any truck.
Julie: But not very many trucks have a paint scheme such as Optimus Prime, that's why he's like a unique character, that's how you can see him in a crowd 'cause of his unique paint job. It's alright, it's alright if it's Optimus Prime, I just wanna know, please?
Chris: Yeah, I'm reading in the book here, and I never said that it was Optimus Prime. I never said. It's just... It's just a truck the hit her while she was driving
Julie: [sigh] alright.
Chris: Yeah. [silence] [???]
Julie: Sorry, I coughed a bit.
Chris: Sorry, it sounded like you might have sobbed a bit
Julie: mm, kind of. I just, I feel bad for what happened to her. Let's just move on.
Chris: Yeah, let's move on. By the way, you know, for your information, the one I refer to as a troll? Yeah, that was Blanca Weiss.
Julie: Oh.
Chris: If you recall.
Julie: Oh. But I thought Blanca was real?
Chris: Well I thought she was too, but then somebody with so much information got me good, and it turned out she was a troll.
Julie: Oh. That's no good.
Chris: Anyway, her fav- but anyway she said that her favorite movie was Troll 2, so I drew that- so I wrote "TROLLZ" with a "Z" as a backwards 2.
Julie: Oh... So Chris, is there anything you want to talk about?
Chris: Hmm, well, basically, I'll let you in on the... hang on a second, something messed up... [sigh] hmm, there we go. Anyway, uh, I guess I could show you the uh drawing I did in the pages I drew today. I can give you a look at those.
Julie: Okay.
Chris: Go ahead and look at them. But mostly dialogue from the feature I did- put- did them on those-the 2 pages.
Julie: Hey Chris, can I ask you a quick question first?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: Do you think maybe I could be in this comic strip as your sweetheart?
Chris: Ehh, eventually yeah. I mean uh- I might reveal that at the uh- end of this one.
Julie: Oh, cool.
Chris: But, you know, in the meantime I could uh- introduce you as a student in this class. Would ya like that?
Julie: Sure, ok.
Chris: Yeah, but anyway- y'see that first drawing there? that's on eh- page 4.
Julie: Ah ok.
Chris: This one's on page 6... so like I said, I'm ah like ah- eh- like half done. Mostly dialogue.
Julie: Yeah, ok.
Chris: Yeah, I'll show you something else [???] 6th pages at the end which uh, I'm considering to be an optional scene, possibly deleted, but I'll letcha have a look.
Julie: Uh, could you like, read it to me? Cause I can't see the text bubbles.
Chris: Yes... so anyway- Meanwhile, at Sonichu and Rosechu's house,
Julie: Oh god.
Chris: She's doing laundry in the garage. Couple LEGO go-karts... for uh, in real life I have done- actually created LEGO sonichu and rosechu figures... With uh, some model magic and super glue and REAL lego pieces that goes with their Go-Karts. Anyway, Sonichu enters- he enters the garage, he says: "Rosie!", oh uh like- uh- like, oh, there she is. Like, you know staring lovingly at her, and goes LOOK AT THIS! Heh.
Julie: Oh goodness!
Chris: Heh. Yeah but anyway after that she says uh... anyway he says "Hey sweet bolt" and uh she s- she like thinks to herself, "I love being appreciated and fully understood for my- being as well as my bod". [chuckles] There's a little-joke there like I said it's an optional thing but anyways she turns around and she says "Sweet bolt! I was just doing some laundry!"
Julie: Oh god. [loud AH]
Chris: Uh...Uh, what were you saying there, before you said ah?
Julie: Oh all I said was ah. I'm sorry.
Chris: Oh. Ok. Then on the next page, uh if you look down there she says "Oh is there an issue on your mind or is this business or pleasure?" [pause, Julie doesn't react] and he says, uh, "You know me, either way!" [Julie huffs] but he was thinking like, you know he realizes, "oh yeah the news", he just, he came in cuz he saw that on television.
Chris: Well anyway, here's a treat, kisses.
Julie: [squawk]
Chris: And then uh, he- and then he tells her, "I do have some not so good news I've just heard about on the web."
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: "I've just chatted with uh, our fans, in one of the chats, with the uh, true and straight fans who are good. Couple of homo fans came in while I was just like uh, Christian I can help and respect them as individuals and they're being loyal fans is cool, but uh they have, this is just a part of the comic series heavily wronged. Are comics, drawing from words when they were supposed to put the homos' lifestyle and the positive light and all, both being straight as our God has made us to be, and never the opposite.
Julie: Chris, I'm-
Chris: [unintelligible]
Julie: Chris I'm gonna have to stop you, I really think I should talk to you. It's about- it's about the homosexuals. Why do you-I- I don't see why you hate them so much, it-it's-it's hard that you hate them so much, alright? I can't understand why you would possibly hate them so much, I'm sorry.
Chris: [frustrated sigh]
Julie: W-why, there's no reason to hate them! Just let them have their opinions, they're people like you and me!
Chris: Yeah like I said, this is an optional scene.
Julie: Chris, you're avoiding, you're avoiding what I'm saying.
Chris: Yeah. Well I'm sorry. Um...Yeah well like I told you before I had the bad experiences with the... homos, and uh-
Julie: [sternly] Yes, but that's no reason to hate them for who they are.
Chris: Uh, but upon MODERN opinion-[stammers] I'm willing to- I'm okay to- I'm able to- I'm capable of coping with them and being around them, and willing to be friends and respect them-
Julie: [interrupts] But you said yourself in a video that you hate the homos.
Chris: Hm... [sighs]
Julie: Eh-It's-just-just- keep reading, I need to- just- please keep reading.
Chris: Hmm. Well, anyway, this is uh anyway this is the part that really makes 'em angry, about uh, because to make matters worse, I was quoted most wrongfully by- by one in college with a paper promoting his lifestyle, which is wrong, and they're even dedicating a float of me, in their... parade.
Julie: [snickers]
Chris: He wants nothing to do with them and promoting the uh, that way of life. If he'd meant for us to live like that-like that he'd a made us asexual in the first place. And it's like-and it's like he gets a little more angry and he says, we're all straight in the world of CWCville, except for the villains and above you, me being straight, Rosechu, our true creator, Christian Weston Chandler is straight, and then he climbs the wall, knocks over a couple of plants and uh...
Julie: Cool, plants.
Chris: ...plants and a bottle of like, laundry detergent, and if you look at the formation there it's like uh, something else.
Julie: I can't see it right. Can you describe it to me? I actually can't see it.
Chris: Like he uh hits the w- he bangs the wall knocks over a couple of potted plants and a bottle of laundry detergent and if you look at that uh, it looks like something el- it looks like uh, something else.
Julie: [exasperated] I can't see very well, just tell me what it is, please.
Chris: [enunciating; completely not understanding] Two potted plants and a bottle of laundry detergent. They were on a shelf.
Julie: Yes but- you don't need to be rude about it, I'm just asking.
Chris: I'm sorry.
Julie: That's alright.
Chris: Yeah. Anyways. Knocked them off the shelf. Two potted plants and laundry detergent. [pause, background noise] And then...they get the potted plants get smashed on the floor and uh, the laundry detergent opens up and some of the laundry detergent oozes out.
Julie: Huh.
Chris: And then- then there's no more... there's another page with Rosechu, uh she's saying "Oh I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I will always be here to fight them with you by your side. Come here and I'll help you recover from your heckish trial with our sacred heavenly true love."
Julie: Oh, that's nice.
Chris: Yeah. So like I said those uh- 6 pages are just an optional scene I might uh- at least I- I mi- I might do some editing there or uh, just leave it out altogether.
Julie: Oh okay.
Chris: [long pause] Yeah...warm in here.

What if Clyde killed Julie?

Julie: So Chris, how was your day today, aside from your um, all the news about your aunt.
Chris: Eh, it's been ok, it's been ok. And aside from you know the uh, news about my aunt I was worried about you after I heard you scream and then- then you got logged off. But yeah, you told me it was your brother, giving you a fright for fun and then the power went out.
Julie: What did you think happened?
Chris: Yeah I told you like uh, I mean I thought that maybe Clyde had come in and uh, hurt or tried to kill you.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: I was really frightened for you.
Julie: [not even bothering with a different voice for the rest of the chat] Chris, can I ask you a serious question.
Chris: Yes.
Julie: What would you do if I died, and you knew it was Clyde.
Chris: I would have- I would have definitely put- I would have definitely gotten that uh, fight video up sooner [stammers] I just- I gave it some more thought, uh- while I was uh- doing my uh, errands and uh, and I thought about uh, you know taking live segments of me breaking the wood and uh, all that stuff and compounding it together into EyeCreate and uh, adding an audio background of uh, Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger".
Julie: Ye-Chr- Chris! If I died, and it was because of Clyde, if my life had ended, what would you do? You would make a video about it? Really?
Chris: Makin-makin' that fight-uh with that fight video with like you know, uh, what I would do to Clyde...would be up sooner.
Julie: But-my-my- I would be dead. And just, you would just make a fight him more?
Chris: [stammers] But-but before, I would hear the news-
Julie: [Unintelligible, Julie interrupts]
Chris: Stop stop stop. I would
Julie: Hi.
Chris: You ok?
Julie: I'm kind of upset.
Chris: I'm sorry. But anyway listen, I would hear the news first, and then eventually I would do the video. But uh, my first reaction I would cry for you. [pause] Cry for you.
Julie: [pause, voice in background sounds like "no shit man"]
Chris: [long pause] I love you Julie.
Julie: I love you too, Chris. I'm just a bit frustrated, that's, that's all
Chris: I understand, and I'm sorry for uh, leading you towards feeling frustrated.
Julie: [sighs][begins to say something]
Chris: Do you need some-
Julie: What?
Chris: Hm?
Julie: What were you gonna say-
Chris: I was gonna say- I was gonna ask you if you needed some, uh time and space.
Julie: No, I-
Chris: -to recover.
Julie: No that's alright, I don't need time. I'm alright
Chris: You're ok?

Julie and Barb's work history

Julie: Yeah I'm ok. So is there anything you want to talk about right now? Anything you would like to ask me?
Chris: Uh, let me think a moment. [long pause] So I trust your day's been good?
Julie: Yes it has.
Chris: You work as a temp representative.
Julie: A receptionist.
Chris: Yeah receptionist, I was about to say that.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: Well you know, uh, relatively, my mom was a recep-was like uh, working in Recovery as a receptionist over at First North American National Bank.
Julie: Oh!
Chris: Over in Chestfield County.
Julie: Oh, that's where [??] is!
Chris: Just after- after she retired from uh, the work at Virginia Power.
Julie: Oh.
Chris: So it's basically the same thing.
Julie: Oh that's nice.
Chris: She was definitely not a temp!
Julie: Hmm.
Chris: Yeah but eventually she did retire, and, you know the kinda story!
Julie: Yep. [pause] So Chris...
Chris: And uh...oh yeah, go ahead.

Do this video for me

Julie: When are you gonna do that fighting video, 'cause I was thinking, what you could do, is you could try doing like some jump kicks, maybe a few kicks, like, p- punches and kicks. I guess you could grab that Rock Band box and like, pile drive it. Try that.
Chris: Yeah. I mean if I can't find any wood I would definitely beat some boxes up, at least. [laughs]
Julie: Yeah, what about that blow-up doll? Don't you have like, 2 at least?
Chris: ...Oh. The uh, blow-up doll. Yeah I did have 2, one for backup, but uh, like a few weeks ago when I was uh, doing a thing-when I was doing a thing with it, it got an internal injury and uh, it deflated.
Julie: Awww.
Chris: By internal injury I mean like it got punctured on the inside so, so when it gets like punctured on the inside it's like, hard to find it and fill, [short sigh] fill it up.
Julie: Wait, how would it get punctured though, was it punctured with your...
Chris: You know, too much uh, pressure- too much uh...uh, pumping force, you might say, if you're willing to call it that. Or, you know, possibly from weight, but you know it had a good run.
Julie: So I guess what we could do is... Chris, do you know what you should do?
Chris: Hm?
Julie: You should try and make that video, you know of you doing your thing with the love doll for me? You could do that like, tonight. And then tomorrow you could beat that same one up so you won't have to uh, get like another one.
Chris: Alright. I'll uh, I'll make that video for you tonight. But uh, I mean-I don't-I don't want to upload it to youtube-
Julie: Of course, you can send it over Skype, I think.
Chris: Yeah I think- I think that might be uh, advisable.
Julie: Yeah, then you can-yeah.
Chris: Yeah buts it's gotta be uh, only playable on your PS3 so after you get it and uh, after you get it you would have to copy it to like a memory stick or flash drive and uh, copy it to-
Julie: [interrupting] Can you send- are you sure you can't send it so I can play it on my PC? I can't always use my PS3.
Chris: Alright I suppo-Yeah I suppose I could reformat it to a viable format that's- that'll make it also playable on PSP as well, so it's also playable on the PC.
Julie: Thank you, actually I'd appreciate that.
Chris: Yeah. [pause]
Julie: So is there anything you want to ask me?
Chris: [frustrated sigh, pause] I'm sorry, my mind's drawing a blank.
Julie: There's nothing you want to ask me?
Chris: You could talk about yourself.

Life in Molvanîa

Julie: [Chris and Julie talk over each other] Oh you know a lot about me already...
Chris: Yeah but I don't know everything about you.
Julie: Well... ask questions. What would you like to know about me. Anything at all.
Chris: [pause] Hmmm. Well would asking you about h-about- to describe your life in Molvanîa... bother you?
Julie: in Molvanîa?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: Well, it was a poor country mostly.
Chris: Yeah. So I heard.
Julie: Yeah, so-so except most of us I was actually able to import PS3. It was-extremely lucky of me. I learned the basic English language and still [develops slight accent] getting the hang of it, you see.
Chris: That's good. [pause] Oh actually you know I just remembered a question I wanted to ask you, did you mail off that letter?
Julie: Yes, I did, today.
Chris: Ok, well I'll look forward to receiving it in the mailbox.
Julie: Alright.
Chris: Alright but, please keep talking about Molvanîa. [begins pronouncing Molvanîa as Julie did]
Julie: Well, that's pretty much it. It was a poor country, I didn't-I don't really remember much about my upbringing.
Chris: You don't remember much of your upbringing, so your early years.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: Your early years.
Julie: Yes.
Chris: Hmm. Did you go to school in Molvanîa?
Julie: Yeah, I did
Chris: How'd that- how was school there?
Julie: It was very low budget. I didn't learn a whole lot. Mostly, the girls in Molvanîa learned how to cook and clean.
Chris: Hmm. Were you in one of those- I bet you were in one of those classes, weren't you.
Julie: What-what classes.
Chris: The uh, cooking and cleaning.
Julie: Yeah, home-ec, yeah it was basically a giant home economics school, for the girls. I-I was able to learn a little bit of um, like 8th-grader math.
Chris: That's good.
Julie: Yeah.

Chris is good at math but can't get a job

Chris: You know I'm a pretty good math genius myself. I took a lot of math courses in my lifetime.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: Including uh-including uh-I've gotten- I've gotten all the way up to college trigonometry as li-, as far as I can recall.
Julie: [uninterested] Hmm.
Chris: [pause] Hm. So, I'm pretty smart, when it uh comes to that. Cause I got like uh, A's in those math classes.
Julie: [disappointed] Chris, if...[unintelligible] you got A's in math, then why don't you get a job? Like, a really- one with like- ugh,I mean like a really- a big job, that pays a lot, you have to be good at math for, what's it called...
Chris: Well, I- Computer Aided Drafting and Design? The one I got the degree for?
Julie: Yeah I mean like you could be like- I don't know. I'm just- I'm not positive. Just cause...Chris, I'm an immigrant; it's sad to say and they won't let me get that many good jobs. It's gonna be up to to you I think to make the most money for our household.
Chris: I understand.[pause, clears throat] But you know I'm stil- I'm looking into that.
Julie: Alright, that's good.
Chris: Oh uh, let me ask you uh, after you come over here do you think you're gonna look for an apartment?
Julie: I-I explained- in-in my letter, I prefer not to talk about the- I- I- tell you in my letter. I- I've said this a few times.
Chris: Ok. But you know, well just so you know you're welcome to stay in my room. Bunk with me.
Julie: In- In a couple of days, you will understand what is going on.
Chris: Okay.

Bob's Job

Julie: So is there anything else you wanna talk about?
Chris: Well you know we talked about my mom, I'll tell you about my father a bit.
Julie: Alright.
Chris: He worked at uh, GE which is often known as General Electric.
Julie: Yeah I know.
Chris: And uh, yeah he did a lot of work in there, but among the to- most things he decided to do, he designed the controls for the plastic molding machines.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: So without him you couldn't have anything like, uh Playstation controller, the plastic covering for that.
Julie: Wait, are you saying he made the controls for a machine that makes the plastic?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: Well- it-it- I would say it's quite revolutionary if he designed the machine that made the plastic, but just the controls...that is something good, that's extremely well, but... eh.
Chris: It makes him an unsung hero. He has his own patents on it as well.
Julie: Really?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: Oh.
Chris: Got all the papers and everything.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: So what else is on your mind?
Julie: Uh not really, just uh...I don't know
Chris: A little tired?
Julie: No, not tired.
Chris: Yeah, I understand some emotions and all that.
Julie: I don't know- I'm just- I don't know about like, us [trails off] and the doubt...
Chris: We've got time. We can meet each other in person, then we can see how it works from there.
Julie: I hope so.
Chris: Ich Ben Schwell.
Julie: I know Chris. Thank you. Thank you.
Chris: Mmmm. [Makes creepy kissing noises] Hey. I'm pretending to hug you.
Julie: Hmm. That makes me happy. Chris?
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: Do you think I could watch you color a Sonichu page?
Chris: Uh... I don't really feel like coloring, I'd like to get more DRAWING done.
Julie: Yeah, I guess. Can I watch you do some drawing then, because I would love see your creative process and your writing, and maybe I can help you write some things.
Chris: Hm... Alright, hang on. [fumbles around for a while]
Julie: Hey Chris? I was wondering...
Chris: Yeah?
Julie: Could you do something for me?
Chris: Uhhh... what?
Julie: There's this Anime I really like, Fist of the North Star, have you ever heard of it?
Chris: Uh... Fist of the North Star?
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: Yeah. I've heard of it.
Julie: Have you ever watch it?
Chris: Uh, no, but you may say I'm WELL aware of it.
Julie: Oh! Oh, you have the Gameboy game.
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: So you know how the main character has that one move, and he does the [makes weird noise from the show] "Ahh-ta-ta-ta-ta", can you do that for me?
Chris: Uh, I probably could, they did a parody of that in an episode of Excel Saga. So...
Julie: Yeah, could you do that?
Chris: I was thinking of doing that in uh, later part of this book since, uh...
Julie: No, could you say it for me?
Chris: Oh, say it.
Julie: Yeah.
Chris: [Does impression of whatever that "ah-tatatatata" thing is] ...and pancake!
Julie: [Laughs] Wait, what did you say at the end?
Chris: I said "and pancake!"
Julie: Oh! Heh...
Chris: Part of the Excel Saga parody there.
Julie: [Yawn] Sometimes I just get so bored, I don't know what to do.
Chris: You could sing.
Julie: Yeah...
Chris: [In a weird voice] Do you have any songs that you'd like to sing?
Julie: Uh, hmm... I'm not sure. I have so many songs... Uh, what songs do you know? Oh, how about "You're the Best" from Karate Kid?
Chris: I never heard that one.
Julie: You haven't seen Karate Kid?
Chris: Yeah I have not.
Julie: You know, "You're the best around, nothing's gonna ever take you down", that one?
Chris: Sorry, I don't know that one.
Julie: Oh, what songs do you know?
Chris: Hm... gimme a moment. [fumbles around]
Julie: Chris, how about you sing me one of your own songs?
Chris: Hm, okay, well I was just uh, thinking of one. I've got one, hang on a minute... [begins to sing] "We're no strangers to love... You know the rules and so do I... A full commitment's what I-" [Interrupted by his phone ringing]
Julie: [Yells something]
Chris: Anyway...
Julie: Chris, even if it's someone you don't know you should answer it, it could be important.
Chris: Hm, they can leave a message... Plus it's on my cell phone so my father's not gonna answer that.
Julie: Yeah... So Chris, sing me more songs that you know.
Chris: I'm sorry, what was that?
Julie: Sing me more songs that you know.
Chris: Alright, I... Let me think of another one then.
Julie: Chris, how about the Pokemon theme?
Chris: Oh... Good grief. I haven't heard the original Pokemon theme in a... I doubt I can even remember it at this point.
Julie: [In a deeper voice than ever] "I wanna be the very best", that one, come on. You know it.
Chris: [sigh] I'll sing you another song I do know, hang on-
Julie: Come on, Chris, try your best! For me? Please?
Chris: [Chris defeatedly tries to sing the Pokemon theme song] "I'm gonna be the very best, the best you can't deny... Dun dun dun..." And that's about it for that one. Basically I'm spent on that one.
Julie: Oh. Alright. Well is there anything else you wanna sing?
Chris: It's just uh... Here's a good one. "If you're strong, you can fly... You can reach the other side, of the rainbow..."
Julie: Oh I remember that, that's from Sonic's CD.
Chris: Yeah.
Julie: Chris I want you to sing "Yellow is a Mellow Color" for me.
Chris: [Without hesitation] Okay. "Yellow is a mellow color, yes it is it's a mellow color, Sonichu zaps the lightning, heyyyyy, mellow color!"

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