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NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

Copitz's Server is a Discord server by Copitz. He invited Chris into the server, but Chris isn't known to have chatted.


A few chats in which Copitz discussed Chris were archived. Only his side of the conversation was saved.

4 June 2018

I wouldn't say it was for the meme but more for the experience. Also because I think it's a nice thing to do to give Chris positive human interaction for once

23 March 2019

Oh gotcha lol no problem I understand

I went to Chris's house in May of 2018 with fan art and asked to make a video together

I live 20 mins from Chris

3 May 2019

Video production

Stuff I already do

Coincidentally saw Chris Chan at the downtown mall today. Needed a ride

CWC Copitz May 2019.jpg

I invited Chris to the server so be careful with the pronouns depending on how you want to be perceived
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