Goodwill Offering and Kindest Wishes

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On 30 March 2019, Chris returned to the DeJarnette Center for Human Development to record Goodwill Offering and Kindest Wishes. Visibly sweating and possibly risking his life from the squatters, he demands the officials of Staunton, Virginia to renovate and re-purpose the building to its original purpose and condition, in his own image of course. The fact the he pulled his hair back made it more apparent that he is balding. Hilariously, a graffiti of a duck is clearly visible in the background.


Goodwill Offering and Kindest Wishes
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Stardate 30 March 2019
Subject Matter OtherUnknownIcon.png Mental Health
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Ghost Hunting with Chris Chan
Message from Crystal W Chandler of the future


In response to this, please consider relaying to the Staunton, Virginia Officials my wish to renovate and repurpose the DeJarnette building towards a good and positive Mental Health Care facility, Children’s or General Hospital. The view is simply lovely from there, and everyone should get the chance to heal better and enjoy it. 😊


Letter that Chris left in DeJarnette

[Recording commences. Chris is inside the sanitarium. There is a gigantic spray-painted dick on the wall behind him. Unusually, his hair is pulled back, so that at first glance he looks somewhat like his old self again.]

Hello, errybody. This is Christine Chandler comin' to ya liive . . . from within the first-floor area of the DeJarnette Sanitarium, where I come here of my own volition and good will, on a mission of . . . peace and good will. [He glances off camera. He is noticeably flushed and sweaty.] I'm here because . . . recently, [wipes forehead] I've made a drawing inspired by what happened here in DeJarnette and the innocent [flips out hair] children and adults, who were robbed of their rights, and they suffered from the mental scars and all that. Anyway, I am leaving for dem . . . [he points the camera at the drawing he's made] this photocopy of the lovely drawing, and I wrote a lovely message on the back, [he turns the camera back to him] so that hopefully dose who find in the future, and I do pray [he picks up the drawing, holding it in the frame while he talks] dat dese halls, this building, will one day become renovated, restored . . . this will become a good, positive mental health facility, or otherwise a general or children's hospital. That is my hope and wish for dis sanitarium, and also for peace and goodwill and freedom for all the lost and trapped souls in here, to feel free to leave and move on.

[He sets the drawing down] Leaving da olllld, and not so great memories around here, behind, and . . . [he swings the camera around to look at the decaying ruins] Joe, oh, Joe, who used to roam dese halls, will be outta here. Anyway [heavy breathing] with that, my lovely soul-friend, my lovely souls of this--of this sanitarium, I leave this lovely piece of artwork as an offering to you, [he points the camera at the drawing again] and in its presence within . . . this . . . initial area right in front of the front entrance, [garbled] bouncing off of, may bring a very colorful, and positive light to all of you, and give you all the encouragement, and feeling of freedom, to leave here, 'n allow this place to be . . . rest--to be restored as a very good functioning hospital facility. [Heavy breathing] I leave dis in humble goodwill for all of you. Please enjoy. [The camera turns back to Chris, who favors the viewer with a creepy stare and an equally creepy smile. He licks his lips and holds three fingers up in what is either a failed attempt at a peace sign or some other gesture whose meaning is known only to him] Not only good karma points for me, but just . . . leaving 'em an awesome memento. Thank you all, and y'all have a good and lovely day. [Recording ends]

Retrieval of the offering

Less than 4 hours after Chris's video, Kiwi Farms user Noah, who lived nearby, drove to the sanitarium to retrieve the drawing.[1] Many felt that the ghosts didn't deserve to be tormented by Chris or his art in the after life as they'd already suffered enough when they were alive.

The video also includes a reading of what Chris wrote on the back which was only described by Chris in his video but not read. Curiously, the letter is dated 3/4/2019 which is over two weeks before the Ghost Hunting video or the Goodwill Offering video.

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Noah later invited Chris for an interview in person, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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