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Between 2015 and 2018, Chris had a few adult friends which he knew from an all-ages Pokémon league club hosted at The End Games in Charlottesville. He had them added on his Facebook friends list and they occasionally commented on his updates, saw movies with him, and invited him to hang out at their houses.[1]

However, this era of Chris's life was also marked by a psychological breakdown he had over the increase in life responsibilities in the wake of his father's passing and the increasing infirmity of his mother. The machinations of the Idea Guys accelerated Chris's break from reality, and by mid-2018, he had retreated into his fantasy world and favored hanging out with his imaginary friends and Internet enablers over his real-life friends, and gradually lost contact with the latter.

The names of Chris's friends have been redacted here.

The friends

One, a woman in her mid-20s named Alexa P., repeatedly advised Chris on how to get a job after seeing him beg for money online.[2] Naturally, Chris failed to follow through on her suggestion, instead choosing to respond by writing up a rant on why he doesn't want to work.[3] Alexa gave up on attempting to help him after that, though she remained on his friend list. In between her efforts to help him be something other than a drain on society, Alexa was in his company outside of their common Pokémon group, when she saw The Lego Batman Movie with him.[4]

Another of Chris's friends was Q., a black woman, also in her 20s.[5] Chris went to the October 2017 My Little Pony movie[6] and the March 2018 Sailor Moon musical[7] with Alexa and Q.

Another of Chris's friends was M., a middle-aged woman.

His friends seem to put up with his quirks and there appears to be a pity factor as well, as noted by Emily:

Chris legitimately has friends, even if it's a one sided friendship that's only done out of pity. When I ran into Chris at Omegacon, he was more or less being guarded by a middle aged woman who brings her kids to the Pokémon events at the local game store. She was asking me very specific questions but kept pushing when I would give vague answers.[8]

Chris wasn't shy about asking his friends to acquire toys for him from places at which he is banned. According to the Man in the Pickle Suit's intel:

Heh, at one point, he had some older, married woman buying him his amiibos for him. I think she was one of the mother's of one of the little kids he plays Pokémon with. That cracked me up because it was like Chris was a drug addict, finding someone to smuggle him his fix.[9]

This was confirmed in a Facebook post from August 2016,[10] in which Chris asked two of his friends if they would buy Pokémon cards on his behalf from Gamestop.

M. also helped Chris by checking in on his mother while Chris was out of town at the 2017 BronyCon. M. later adopted Liza, one of the Chandler Cats that Chris took in during 2018.

In April 2018, Chris's friends tried to help him put together a plan to live independently.

I Need [Mother] Alive. [...] Until After I am moved out. [...] And I did take the first step on that by taking with my friends about helping me find the new place to move to.[11]

However, the plan fell through.

Abandonment for imaginary friends

By mid-2018, Chris was no longer in contact with the Pokémon League friends.[1] While this was partially due to him getting himself banned from The End Games for arguing with management, the friends briefly hung out with him afterwards outside of their club. However, Chris's commitment to his imaginary friends and Internet enablers took priority.

He spent a year+ with his imaginary friends, not talking to his real friends.
Guard Dog Marvin[12]
Chris has a really hard time managing both an offline and an online life. As far as I'm aware of, he hasn't been in contact with these friends in a while, but I doubt Chris cares as long as there's someone around to keep him entertained and indulges his fantasies.
Emily, on why Chris prefers to hang out with his internet enablers over local friends[13]

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