Lindsay Kaye

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Lindsay Kaye
Name Lindsay Kaye
Date of birth 1985 (35-36)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Race White

Lindsay Kaye (born 1985) is another one of the poor boyfriend-free girls that Chris tried (and failed) to get with. She met Chris on MySpace, and from her messages with Chris we can learn quite a bit about her.

Like Chris, she went to PVCC, and lived in Charlottesville, Virginia. She was majoring in Business Administration, had a job, and was in the drumline in the PVCC marching band for the football team. She had an interest in art, mostly photography, which Chris is well acquainted with. Lindsay was obviously busy with her own endeavors, and whenever Chris tried to meet with her in person, for one reason or another it always failed to work out. It's possible that Chris could've potentially learned that people do things with their lives aside from playing vidya, mass debating, or drawing unpublishable comics, and that he should follow suit. Due to Chris's autism, he instead continued to pressure her into meeting with him, until he finally gave up after about 6 weeks of on-and-off chatting.

Lindsay was relatively open with Chris, perhaps too much for good measure. She told Chris about the struggles in her life (after he rambled about his) and was always friendly with him while chatting. Chris was obviously smitten with her, but thankfully she didn't care about his advances.

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