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She pretended to be Chris' friends from high school. [...] The most notable thing I remember about her saga was that she made up that Borb hired Chris' high school friends. Chris got all sad and ran to Barb for comfort, to ask if it was true. And indeed, she confirmed it as true.

Thetan is a troll known for impersonating many people in Chris's life, in particular his former high school classmates, during the mid-2010s. Thetan has avoided releasing the full details of her impersonations, though she mentioned she impersonated Rebeckah Bentley[2] and Tiffany Gowen.[3]

She claimed to be in contact with two of Chris's former high school classmates, Sarah Bevel[4] and Tiffany Gowen.[3]

Thetan also impersonated a firefighter, claiming to be involved with the 2014 house fire, in an email. When Null learned of that, he asked her to stop. Her activity would lessen after that point - Null believes from a combination of feeling discouraged and being busy with real-world work.[5]


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