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She pretended to be Chris' friends from high school. [...] The most notable thing I remember about her saga was that she made up that Borb hired Chris' high school friends. Chris got all sad and ran to Barb for comfort, to ask if it was true. And indeed, she confirmed it as true.
[Their] work with the impersonations became such a massive web, most people stopped following it. For a while, even I didn't keep in touch. There were too many people, too much going on, and too many "forwarded emails" to keep straight.

Name Thetan
Also known as Rebeckah Bentley
Tiffany Gowen
Sarah Anne Bevel
Gender Female
Nationality American
Saga Catherine

Thetan (also known as Rebeckah Bentley and Renee) was a troll known for impersonating many people in Chris's life. Null described her as doing too many impersonations, to the point where keeping track of all of them 'became such a massive web'.

Her most notable impersonations are her impersonations former high school classmates, manipulating his nostalgia for his Manchester High years. She's claimed that she was in genuine contact with these classmates, such as Sarah Bevel and Tiffany Gowen, and would paraphrase what they said to send to Chris. She even claims that an email Chris once posted on Twitter was an exact replica of an actual email.

Thetan has close ties to Catherine, and was a major player in her saga, contacting him as Renee, a friend of Catherine, and Rebeckah Bentley, which she used to talk to him even more about Tiffany and Sarah.

Manchester High Impersonations

In late 2013, Chris became incredibly nostalgic over Manchester High, and starting organising a Manchester High reunion. Thetan, seeing this as an oppurtunity, started emailing Chris as his old high school gal-pals. Thetan later claimed that she had been in contact with the actual gal-pals, and asked them about Chris.[3] She based her interactions with Chris on these interactions, conveying the same things that the gal-pals said[4].

I did speak via email with a couple of the gal pals, and I based my interactions with Chris on those conversations (I framed things a lot differently though. I didn't mince words, or beat around the bush. I called Chris on his bullshit.) The gal pals were always very "diplomatic" in their responses to my questions regarding Chris.[5]

In the MHS classmate E-mails, an unnamed classmate lectures Chris about dealing with trolls and jerkops. The classmate repeatedly states if Chris does not better himself that ties would be cut between the two of them. Chris refuses to accept this, blaming it on his Autism like usual, leaving to the 'classmate' stopping emailing Chris.

One of the personas she contacted Chris as was Sarah Anne Bevel. Chris often posted on Facebook about their interactions.

I am baffled! I get an email from one of my Closest Gal-Pals, Sarah Anne Bevel Ingram; she tells me, "I don't really know you". Is She Serious?! She, Tiffany Gowen and I shared a Home Ec class our Seinor Year; we ate lunch together on those same days. She made me feel better one day when I was feeling a difficult time. She came to my 18th Birthday Party. HOW could she NOT know me; we were Friends. - :( feeling upset.[6]
Still feeling baffled, but less confused; Sarah has just sent me another email. Apparently another Impostorous Troll has been pestering her. He just sexted her. I have replied immediately that I did not send her the photos, listed this, my ONE, Facebook page, and listed Ashley Abernathy Aviles, Molly Marie Quarles, Chris Rhodes, Matt Stufano, and Brian Smart, as ones to ask if she still did not believe me.

In any case, I will have to FB search my name once again to find and report the impostor(s).[7]

Chris posted one of her emails to him on Facebook, and was saddened by the contents. Thetan later claimed that this email was the only one to be completely authentic, and was copy and pasted and sent to Chris[8].

I had long thought I was liked genuinely as a person in Manchester High School by my closest gal pals and everyone else. Now I am shocked to hear that everyone was my friend, because they felt sorry for me.

Let me share a couple of recent emails from one of my friends. I am not doing this to be mean, cruel or bad, but it really hurts me emotionally.

A lot of us were surprised, even shocked to see how much Christian had changed from the way we remembered him in high school. He was just this awkward, slightly-odd, shy kid back then. A lot of the Special Ed kids got picked on but, for some reason, Christian seemed to get it much worse than the others. _____ and _____ I let Christian hang out with us mainly because we felt sorry for him. He sort of latched onto us, like he expected us to protect him. He was like a lost little boy. Sometimes I think he saw us as sort of mother figures, which seems a little creepy now, but Christian seemed harmless enough back then, and we didn't mind him hanging out with us. As far as socializing goes, we didn't really hang with him outside of school, except for the time we went to his 18th birthday party.

_____ and _____ weren't so much friends of Christian's, as they were his protectors. Some kids used to mess with him and steal his stuff. These kids were constantly teasing Christian and picking on him, doing whatever they could to get some kind of reaction out of him. Mostly Christian just cried or ran away. I don't think I can remember a time where he tried to stand up to the bullies. He seemed to prefer to have other people do that for him.

No, I don't really follow Christian's activity on Facebook. I'm actually not on his friends list, for reasons I'd rather not discuss with someone I don't really know that well (no offense). I know a lot of the people that are on his friends list, and they mostly ignore him. He's basically background noise. The only time they really notice his posts is when he tags them. Some of the stuff he posts is kind of bizarre and disturbing, which is the main reason why I decided I didn't want to have any contact with him.

I'm also really creeped out that he's still obsessed with _____ and he's actively looking for her. She is well aware of this and she's taken steps to make sure that she's VERY hard, if not impossible, to find. Yes, I've been in touch with her, but I don't feel that I have her permission to pass along her contact information. I'll pass along your email address though, if that's OK. That way, she can contact you if she wants to.

A lot of people became friends with Christian because of the reunion and also, because a lot of them still felt sorry for him. Some people are having second thoughts though, after seeing that awful picture he drew of his friend. A lot of people stopped feeling sorry for him and started ignoring him after they saw that. I was shocked that he could draw something so gross and depraved. The "thumbs up" sign really pissed me off for some reason. The whole thing was very sexist, disrespectful, and, above all - damn creepy.

I have my suspicions about who may have leaked Christian's Facebook posts, but I'd rather not say, because I don't want to be involved in this. Christian accused this person of "leaking" the full list of classmates from our graduating class. Christian contacted some of his MHS friends and tried to make trouble. He told them to give this guy a hard time for what he did. His friends weren't amused. Anyway, I don't think Christian has anything to worry about. He's not friends with this guy anymore.[9]

The majority of Thetan's interactions come from her impersonating Rebeckah Bentley, an obscure high school gal-pal not often mentioned by Chris. These emails go from September 2013 to late 2014, and are completely made up by Thetan unlike the other emails. Rebeckah acts more kindly to Chris than Thetan's other personas, giving him advice on relationships and life in general, which he would respond to with anger and sadness, due to his mental state at the time. Thetan admitted that this persona was meant to get Chris to stop obsessing over his high school days, by showing him the harsh reality of his gal-pals[10].

Rebeckah repeatedly mentions that he should move on from high school, however Chris refuses. After Chris made an angry email, ranting about Homos and JERKS, Rebeckah responded with a long email, mainly consisting of her telling Chris to accept the LGBT community.

Eventually, Chris started venting to her about his troubles with Sarah Bevel and Tiffany Gowen, proclaiming 'I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK'. After this, Rebeckah forwarded Chris another email purportedly from Sarah. The status of whether these emails are accurate to things said by actual gal-pals is unknown.

I don't understand why Christian has this obsessive need/desire for Tiffany and I to be his friends. And just what exactly does he think Ashley or Brandi could do to change our minds (as if they'd get involved with this nonsense in the first place). This would almost be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

Also, the fact that Christian thinks that anyone can somehow force Tiffany and I to be friends with him clearly shows that he has no respect for our right to choose our own friends. Despite what Christian may think, nobody wants friends forced on them. (The arrangement that Tiffany and I made in high school was a unique circumstance. We willingly chose to enter into the agreement.) This is yet another reason why so many people have a problem with him. Christian isn't entitled to friends - nobody is. Friendship is something you have to work at. Christian isn't willing to put even the minimal effort into this. He doesn't want friends, he wants people to kiss his ass.

Christian's idea of a friend is someone who will always be there to coddle him feed his ego in order to make him feel better about himself. Based on his remarks about Brandi and Ashley, it's also quite obvious that Christian sees his "friends" as some sort of personal army. Honestly Rebeckah, do you blame Tiffany and I for not wanting anything to do with Christian? Do you really want a "friend" like that?

I'm really puzzled as to why Christian wants us to be friends with Tiffany and I again after he found out that our high school friendship was arranged. He ranted about it on Facebook, and it was obvious that he was very angry and upset. He even tried to paint me as some kind of villain, and claimed that I'd shattered his heart, ruined his life, blah... blah.... blah... Does Chris somehow expect Ashley and Brandi to arrange another pity friendship and, if so, just what kind of benefit does he expect to gain from it?

If I were you Rebeckah, I'd seriously reconsider having anything to do with Christian. Do you really want to Google your name one day, only to find out that you've become the inspiration for Christian's latest rape fantasy porn drawing? Seriously, as a friend, I'm telling you to run, don't walk away from this.[11]

A week after this, Rebeckah gave Chris an email purportedly from Daniel Mimms, supporting Chris after the house fire. In September 2014, Chris sent an email to Tiffany Gowen, in reality Thetan in disguise.

I come in peace and good tidings, old friend. I still care about you as a friend, regardless of the uncalled for aggression and unpleasantries. I still want to be friends with you again, just friends. I understand you are either married or living with your boyfriend. You have a cute child; covered in cake; was the birthday party recent? I found your Facebook; I promise not to be a bother or a bore.

And the petty insults of my feminine behavior go disregarded, as my behavior and habits are rooted from my feminine, lesbian soul, trapped inside this male body. I do not know if you are open-minded to the LGBT community or not. I do apologize for coming off as creepy to you, but I really am more of a Sentimentalist.

I would suggest that you forget everything that has stemmed from the cesspools of the Internet against me, and remember me more fondly as the good person I was in high school and still am. We do not have need for such drama to distance our friendship. And whatever problems of your life that bother should not direct anger towards anyone who was not involved there at all, including myself.

I forgive you of the past unpleasantries.

I remember seeing you back then as a tomboy type of woman; I still see it in your more current photographs. :)

Love Conquers Hate.

Have a Good and Safe Day. [12]

Thetan proclaimed that the emails sent back to Chris were based off of real emails that happened between her and Tiffany, with more harsh language

The Tiffany emails were 'real' in the sense that they were based on conversations with the real Tiffany. I essentially paraphrased what the real Tiffany said, but I used much more frank, sometimes harsh, language to get the message across. (The gal pals are genuinely nice people which is another reason why I didn't want to get them involved in any of this.)[13]

Eventually, Rebeckah sent Chris an email that was supposed from Tiffany Gowen, talking to Rebeckah.

God Rebeckah, why do you even bother with this bullshit?

I thought I made it VERY clear to Christian MONTHS ago that I didn't want anything to do with him.

I never would have agreed to that arrangement with the principal almost 15 years ago if l knew it was going to come back and bite me in the ass the way it has.

And what makes him think I care about people on the Internet? I don't want Christian in my life because he's weird and creepy and I'm sick of him stalking me. What's up with his new psychotic bag lady look anyway?

One other thing, he forgives me - LOL - he really does live in his own warped little universe doesn't he?

Anyway, please tell Christian to kindly fuck off. I just want to be left[14]

After this, Rebeckah made it clear to Chris that he should move on from high school, and instead focus on his relationship with Catherine.

At this point, I think you should just give up on Tiffany. It‘s very clear that she has no interest in being your friend. Why press the issue? You're only going to get yourself upset and it's just not worth it.

Have you talked about this to your girlfriend? I've already given you my opinion on the matter, maybe getting a fresh perspective would help/ Your girlfriend may be more impartial as well. since she doesn't know Tiffany

Speaking of your girlfriend, why not focus on building your relationship with her and forget about Tiffany and the others? Life is looking pretty good for you right now. Get out and enjoy yourself, and stop dwelling on the past. Trust me, you'll be a lot happier[15]

I'm not taking side here but, it's obvious that she really doesn't care what you think, nor is she obligated to. She's not obligated to be your friend, just because you want her to be.

And why do you care if she‘s married or not? You have a girlfriend, How do you think she'd feel if she thought you still had some sort of crush on Tiffany?

Did you even read what she said? According to her, she was never your friend, it was all part of some sort of arrangement she had with the principal.

I'm not mad at you Christian, just exasperated. It's painful to watch you continue to beat yourself up over this. I'm trying to stop you from hurting yourself and/or causing yourself embarrassment by starting drama on Facebook. The more you bother Tiffany, the more pissed off she's likely to get. Her reply was actually fairly polite compared to some of the messages I've passed along for her. Why not Just let her go and concentrate on enjoying your time with your girlfriend?[16]

Chris refused, and continued to press on Tiffany, wanting to know more about her, and refusing to talk about Catherine in favor of Tiffany.

I would like to clear the air on her impressions of me being "weird" and "creepy", a "stalker", and now the "psychotic bag lady look". I want to understand why she feels that way about me, and see if I am able to clear the air with her about that. Also, can you tell me if she is openminded to the communities and equal rights for all? And back in High School, I always saw her as a Tomboy. Also, a lot of the trolls saw her as a lesbian. And according to her Facebook, she is In a Relationship, is she married to that shaved head dude or not? She has a cute child[17]

His refusal to move past Tiffany led to the end of their communications.

Due to her work with impersonations, she got added to the CWCki Forums private board, where she would talk about trolling with other Christorical figures such as Null, Marvin and Alec Benson Leary[18]. While they were initially interested, members of the private board became tired of her trolling endeavors[19]. Null commented on it in a CWCki Forums post.

The impersonations became such a massive web, most people stopped following it. For a while, even I didn't keep in touch. There were too many people, too much going on, and too many "forwarded emails" to keep straight.[20]

Eventually, after she impersonated a firefighter that was injured in the house fire, Null asked her to stop impersonating entirely. This led to her being quiet for a long time, which Null theorized was because of being her demotivated and having to deal with real world issues. Eventually, she returned, but only using one of her personas, which was accepted by members of the private staff.

Catherine Saga

Thetan was the one to give Catherine

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