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Chris in November 2013. Familiar expression, as always.
In 2013, Chris mourned his expulsion from Heaven.

2013 was the fifth year since Chris's discovery. Like the two years before it, it began with nothing of note, ever since Chris began serving out his sentence for the GAMe PLACe incident. For a while, it remained to be seen if this ordeal (which ended in July) would finally knock some sense into him. However, much like past experiences, Chris had learned nothing, except for feelings of betrayal and alienation that would haunt him throughout the year, and basically define it.

2013 was the first year Chris didn't upload any art or mention sex or his delusions. He also continued to appear in public without the Medallion of Fail, and he showed more awareness of the trolls. Oddly, Chris made occasional references to his weight, claiming that he's dropping pounds despite continuing with his unhealthy lifestyle.

However, this year is still notable as being the year where Chris' ego would cause him to become alienated with the few people he has left as "friends" (namely, Anna and the congregation of his church). It even caused him to get chastised for his attention-whoring by a well-known voice actress from My Little Pony in April. And in October, Chris discovered that his high school gal pals had merely tolerated him and allowed him into their group out of pity.

Even his local Walmart had enough of him - in September, an act of blatant vandalism by Chris caused him to be thrown out and banned from the store. He cursed the Manajerks for this incident, and went back to his pattern of publicly blaming his old "forgiven" enemies. Chris would later reveal that even his own family wants nothing to do with him or his mother – Cole Smithey didn't even invite them to his wedding in March, and ignored Chris completely when confronted by the latter on Twitter.

In May, the 2013 Imgur Leak of all of the Facebook posts made by Chris between 2012 and 2013 was gathered, shedding some light on what happened during Chris's absence since the death of his father earlier in 2011.

In early November, Chris uploaded his first YouTube video since 2011. In December, Alec Benson Leary leaked the Tour of Chris's House II video to the CWCki Forums, which showed his house had deteriorated even more from the last house tour Chris made.

All in all, 2013 can be considered the least eventful year since Chris's discovery, a low point in activity and spirits alike. It marks the peak as well as the end of the Dark Ages/Second Exile, as it would be followed by the Renaissance of 2014.


Chris in January 2013.
Main article: January 2013

This month was a bit dull, not unlike previous years. Aside from a McDonald's sighting, not much is worth noting.


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This month marks Chris's 31st love day birthday.


Chris in March 2013.
Main article: March 2013

Another bland month; however, Chris's step-brother Cole is married sometime during the interval.


Chris in April 2013.
Main article: April 2013

Like previous months, uneventful. Chris mainly stayed to his Facebook profile.


Main article: May 2013
Chris in May 2013.

This month marked the closing of Flipnote Hatena, a Nintendo-run website that Chris had frequented in the past, as well as some other internet activity and leaks.


Main article: June 2013
Chris in June 2013.

Another video tour of Chris's house is leaked in this month, among a few Facebook and Twitter rants from Chris.


Main article: July 2013
Chris in July 2013.

This month saw little activity aside from a few Facebook updates.


Main article: August 2013
Chris in August 2013.

More Facebook activity from Chris for the duration of the month, along with a new Lego high school set.


Main article: September 2013
Field agent observation, September 2013.

Again, more Facebook activity from Chris. A few photos of Chris's house are also leaked to the CWCki Forums.


Main article: October 2013
Chris in an October 2013 video (a few weeks later, he would post this on youtube).

This month marks Chris's first realization that his former gal pals had been (or still are) simply being friendly with him out of pity. It also marks Chris's first video of 2013; being a recreation of his beloved high school in Lego form.


Main article: November 2013

Chris goes on several large rants followed by half-assed apologies throughout the month; mostly involving Megan.


Main article: December 2013
Chris's Miiverse account.

A second video of Chris's house is released on YouTube, by Alec Benson Leary.