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On 26 May 2013, Chris inadvertently revealed the existence of an enormous leak of previously unheard of Facebook statuses. The leak was notable, as it revealed what had occurred during months of silence from him. Ironically, the only reason this leak was made public was that Chris had thrown a temper tantrum regarding its existence, in a classic example of the Streisand effect.

As of September 2013, the Imgur account, which was updated on a regular basis, stopped screencapping Chris's posts. Whether this was due to the owner being caught by Chris and de-friended, or the owner simply abandoning the account, is unknown. At any rate, all the leaked posts have been incorporated into the monthly Facebook pages on this very wiki.


The posts were primarily composed of mundane updates from services such as Twitter and Facebook applications. What stood out were the posts detailing his continued frustration with not finding a girlfriend, including a number of posts detailing a hypothesized Attraction Sign; and his lack of freedom without the presence of his father.

Choice Updates

I, Christian Weston Chandler, fully no longer want to ever, forever, approach the Game and Hobby PLace.

It Truly Is the Breeding and Meeting PLace for Trolls and Cyber-Bullies. Long before October 2007, there were very few people who would have anything on me, personally worldwide, because those people only existed Locally to me and with Constant in person communication with me. Those people only existed at the PLace. And the very first person who turned Troll against me, is none other than Megan Schroeder. She conscripted Snyder, Mimms and everyone else against me.

And when my family and I started getting close with identifying them as our perpetrators and The Prime Trolls, Snyder was looking for a reason to ban me, and so he did.

Megan Schroeder is the Prime Queen of the Trolls; the PLace IS truly a Troll/Cyber-Bully Breeding and Meeting Place, and I never, forever, want anything to do with it. The PLace should definately be destroyed and shut down for good.

And I want to exact my fullest revenge and divine retribution with Megan Schroeder. SHE should be the jailed and beaten up, that vile, wicked, traitorous bitch

-Chris, nearly 5 years since the ban, and the end of all contact with Megan
I know this may sound like a stupid idea, but I am thinking about getting one of those things to put in the ground to put real estate ads in, and putting advertisements about myself you know for a girlfriend. Obviously I am not going to do what. But that shows you how lonely and desperate I am. This thing would be placed literally in front of my house.
Chris, musing about the Attraction Sign's revival

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