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This article is about the original CWCki Forums. For the subsequent site that it was enlarged and rebranded as, see Kiwi Farms. For the Kiwi Farms splinter site, see CWCki Club.
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Chris on the CWCki Forums, 24 August 2013
This is basically it.

The CWCki Forums was the name of a web message board previously loosely affiliated with the CWCki. It was frequented by many of the wiki regulars and other people interested in all things Christorical. Its primary purpose was to allow users to discuss and speculate about Chris, without needing to do so in the CWCki talk pages. It received hundreds of thousands of posts on hundreds of different discussion topics about Chris over the years, and had thousands of posters, which can cause one to pause and either marvel at the enduring fascination of Chris as a subject matter, wonder who the actual autists were, or both.

In February 2015 the site was consolidated into the Kiwi Farms, which focuses on lolcows (people and groups who are generally not self-aware and whose eccentric or foolish behavior can be "milked" for amusement and laughs) in general and not just CWC. (The new name came from the way several lolcows mispronounced "CWCki Forums".)

Chris's forum account


Main article: CWCki Forums posts (paintingatree)

It is known that Chris was posting on the forum in 2012 under the nickname "paintingatree". In his few posts, he generally tried to defend himself under the guise of a remorseful troll. This fact alone, as well as his writing style and posting habits (posting rarely, never in the same thread again and never trying to start a conversation with other users) made his presence somewhat a open secret. Surprisingly, Chris registered again under the same nickname in February 2013. He wrote the first post on 23 May, in which he made it clear that it was him. In spite of this, in other posts he pretended to be someone else. As it could be expected, he was trying to defend himself again (mostly from accusations of being homosexual, since many users, knowing that they're being watched, jokingly concluded that the meaning behind his absurd Facebook riddle is that Chris wants to come out of the closet), and was very rude to the users in almost all of his posts. Being in the process of adding old friends from his high school on FB, he also asked if anybody found Tiffany Gowen.


It's assumed that Chris lurked on the boards regularly, and screenshots of the forum have appeared on his Facebook account. His exact motivations for doing this are not clear, but it has been speculated that he intended to use the screen caps as proof of a troll conspiracy including Michael Snyder. Robert Bell, Chris's lawyer, was apparently unpersuaded by Chris's legal acumen and did not enter any screen caps into evidence.


Through the years, Chris has taken screencaps of various posts on both the CWCki Forums and the Kiwi Farms, posting and responding to them on either Facebook or Twitter.

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