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This article is about the CWCki Club message board. For the original forum it's based on, see CWCki Forums. For the forum that it immediately split off from, see Kiwi Farms.
Oh, crap, he's onto us!

The CWCki Club is a splinter web forum started in August 2016 with the aim of being a spiritual successor to the original CWCki Forums before its enlargement and rebranding as the Kiwi Farms.

The Club became particularly popular after 20 January 2017, when Kiwi Farms temporarily closed. On the welcome page for Kiwi Farms refugees, the Club states that it does not intend to be "Kiwi Farms 2.0", but rather a place to discuss "so-bad-its-good shows and media" and Chris.

Chris mentioned the forum on 9 February 2017:

Just going ahead and putting this out there: I know about your new little talk "club". Go ahead and talk it up there; just keep the Hate amongst yourselves and off of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so forth. Good Night.

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