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We once again advise you to never ever directly engage with Chris nor attempt to get him banned from the places he's been to. On the off-chance that you cross paths with Chris, the absolute most that you should do is get some kind of documentation of Chris, but never to directly engage with him; otherwise, it is best to leave Chris alone. To put it more bluntly: DO NOT attempt to stalk Chris upon seeing him, and NEVER speak to Chris in ANY way, shape, or form, or to anyone at his current place of residence. You do NOT want to be a part of Christory.
A map of all Chris sightings in May 2023. (Note: this map has the wrong Walmart labeled. The Walmart where Chris was spotted is further south, just off of US Route 360.)
As foreseen, a mean keen ween by the name of Peen seen looking for Christine.

On 27 March 2023, Chris was released from jail, with the only explanation being "released by court order". Beginning on 1 May 2023, sightings of Chris were reported in various places around Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Most of the sightings were initially posted on the r/ChrisChanSonichu subreddit. All sightings involved Chris either shopping or playing trading card games in public.

This period of time has gone through a number of name changes, with it being referred to as The Chase (in reference to the Doctor Who serial) from May 1-6. However, people felt that calling it "The Chase" would encourage weens to actually 'chase' Chris, so from May 7-August 17 it was called the Post-Jail Saga. Eventually, CWCki users agreed to rename it to the Third Exile.

Walmart (May)

On 1 May 2023, Chris was spotted shopping at a Walmart in Midlothian, Virginia, a western suburb of Richmond in Chesterfield County.

On the same day, a Reddit user called DarylMcGoofyGuy posted a thread with a photo of Chris, claiming that a friend had sent the picture.[1] On Twitter, more photos were posted by an account named Speedymctweet, again claiming a friend had sent them.[2] In the photos, Chris's hair has returned to its natural brown color, and he also appears thinner, congruent with his last mugshot. He also has a Sonichu medallion, most likely a Mark V version.

Another Reddit user, Alternative_Roof1940, subsequently posted photos of Chris from the security cameras at the Walmart.[3]


Alternative_Roof1940 also uploaded a brief video clip of Chris walking away outside of the store.

May 1, 2023
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Stardate 1 May 2023

He also claimed:[4]

Chris approached the electronic department asking for a flash drive and also ended up buying a switch (yes......again). The second photo is from the electronics when he was asking
There was a large black van chris got into about 8 stores down driven by a large black woman. I didn't take any photos of the vehicle for the sake of the woman driving
No, there was no group. Chris was alone the entire time up until chris got into the car with 1 single person parked 8 stores away

The address of the Walmart was not revealed by any of the observers, but the exterior view shown in Alternative_Roof1940's video indicates that it is located at 14501 Hancock Village Street. This location happens to be 10 miles (16 km) by road from the main campus of Gateway Homes, lending support to the hypothesis that Chris is residing there. One of the rules of Gateway Homes states “No registered sex offenders or individuals who have committed a sexual offense will be considered”,[5] although Chris is not a registered offender and has not been formally convicted of incest, making it unclear if his charge poses an issue for admission. Without confirmation, we cannot say for sure where Chris is residing. Coincidentally, the Walmart is only 4 miles (6 km) from Manchester High School, which Chris attended from 1996 to 2000.


On 2 May 2023, Chris was spotted playing cards at the game store Battlegrounds, also in Midlothian, around 11 miles north of Walmart he was shopping on May 1st and a half hour drive from his speculated Gateway Homes. The photo was posted by Euclid_Class_Object to Reddit on the same day presumably. [6]

Euclid Class Object sourced the photo from a member of the "Zodiac Duelist" Yu-Gi-Oh Facebook group.

On the 5th, Battlegrounds set their Facebook store page to private, most likely due to ween activity.

Chris was wearing the same Mark V medallion he was wearing in the Walmart photos.

Chesterfield Towne Center


On 3 May 2023, for the third time in a row, Chris was spotted outside a Donatos Pizza at Chesterfield Towne Center in Chesterfield County, about 16 miles (25 km) north of the speculated Gateway Homes and over 2 miles (4 km) east of Battlegrounds. The photo was posted to Reddit by Pure_Lingonberry_677, who also claims his friend took the photo [7]

This was the first sighting where Chris was aware that he was being photographed. Chris appeared to be put off and even nervous, something uncharacteristic of him before the Jail Saga, though Chris could just be caught off-guard.

Also, the Sonichu medallion itself somehow turned its face towards the camera; whether this was due to Chris moving fast enough for the medallion to bounce naturally off of Chris, or that the medallion itself is possessed by the same forces set to bring about the Dimensional Merge is uncertain.

Earthbound Trading Company

Chris, fitting in.

On 3 May 2023 a reddit user called sagehazes who works as a cashier mentioned in a comment on the Chesterfield Towne Center sighting thread that they had rung Chris up at the store where they work:

came into my store and signed the receipt "sonichu"

At the time sagehazes did not elaborate or provide evidence.

On 27 May 2023 sagehazes rang Chris up again, and on 29 May they rang him up a third time. That same day, sagehazes posted a picture of Chris in line at the register and a picture of his signature on a receipt. While the pictures on Reddit are from the 27 May sighting, sagehazes claims that they also took pictures during the 29 May sighting. It remains to be seen if those will be uploaded as well.[8]

In the thread, sagehazes did not name the store but described it as "a hippie/new age type store".[9] One Reddit user identified the store as Earthbound Trading Company, a clothing and new-age chain which has a location in Chesterfield Towne Center. Photographs of the mall store on Google Maps show that the store's ceiling matches the ceiling visible in sagehazes' photo.

According to sagehazes, Chris had been to the shop at least twice, once near the end of April and again on 27 May. Sagehazes described his purchases as "usually jewelry and crystals" and described Chris as looking relatively normal (by his standards) but emitting an unhealthy odor:[9]

it was definitely funky with a hint of shit
pure shit I had to breathe through my mouth very shallowly

Sagehazes also claimed that Chris was talking to himself while in the store.[9]

One notable change from early May is that Chris's hair has been dyed a bright teal color. Also conspicuous is the absence of the Sonichu medallion, presumably to avoid recognition by weens. On closer inspection, however, the back of a necklace can be seen on his neck, as well as what looks to be a bump in the shape of the medallion under his clothes, so it is likely he has simply hidden it under his shirt.

The signature reads "J. Christ Chan Sonichu", showing that Chris's Jesus delusions remain strong after being released from jail.

This is what Chris actually believes.

Modern Table Top Gaming

On 30 May 2023, a now-deleted Reddit user Literally-poop spotted Chris playing Magic: The Gathering in an unspecified location and posted a photo of him to r/ChrisChanSonichu the same day.[10] The Sonichu Medallion is once again presumably hidden under Chris's shirt.

User SaleneDreams identified the store as Modern Table Top Gaming in Chester, a community in eastern Chesterfield County.[11] Photos of Modern Table Top Gaming on Google Maps confirm that the chairs and table in the store match those in the photo and that the framed picture behind Chris had been blacked out because it prominently displayed the store's name. The store is 15 miles (24 km) east of Gateway Homes.

Williamsburg Premium Outlets

Chris with two women.

On 7 June 2023, Chris was spotted buying Ben and Jerry's at Williamsburg Premium Outlets in Williamsburg, Virginia with two women, one of whom was in a wheelchair. On the same day, user CardboardJoJo claimed on r/ChrisChanSonichu that Chris had complimented their dog, initially without any photos and refusing to state where this had happened.[12]

CardboardJoJo wrote:

Won’t say where, but similar to where they’ve been sighted in May. Was walking my dog and a person in leggings and a jeans skirt said “That is just the cutest dog!” and I immediately recognized their voice. I was shook and just told them “thank you!” but I feel so blessed.

A few hours later, CardboardJoJo posted a photo of Chris and the women and disclosed the location.[13]

This was in Williamsburg at the Premium Outlets for those interested in documenting that level of specifics. Didn’t want to post this info at the time in case someone would attempt to go there and make contact. They were on the way to get Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

This is the first post-jail sighting of Chris outside of Chesterfield County. The Ben and Jerry's location is about 66 miles (102 km) east of Gateway Homes by road, a drive of more than an hour without traffic.

Walmart (July)

On 3 July 2023, a member of the Official CWCki Server posted that a friend had seen Chris at Walmart in Chesterfield County and had taken a photo of Chris looking at a display of G-Fuel drinks. Chris is seen with newly dyed dark blue hair and the photographer noted he (Chris) had his medallion on.

Later that day, the photographer posted to r/ChrisChanSonichu, adding that the Walmart was at Hancock Village St[14] and also posted a similar photo.[15]

In the high-resolution photo, it can be seen that Chris has a drawing of the Neo Spiritual Christianity cross clipped to his backpack, seemingly a memento from his jail days as it is done entirely in black and blue pen.

Dragon Fire Games

On 20 July 2023, a 4chan user posted a thread on /b/, uploading a photo of Chris taken from behind. The user commented:

I play Magic The Gathering in central VA. Chris Chan showed up for the first time here. Should I get her number?

When asked "How bad does he stink?" the user answered:

Nothing noticeable. For reference, this was at Dragon Fire Games in Lynchburg, Virginia."[16]

A photo taken from another angle, showing Chris's face, was briefly posted in a thread on r/ChrisChanSonichu. The photo was apparently sourced from an unknown Discord server, but the Reddit thread was quickly deleted by the poster,[17] although the photo itself was saved.

This is the second known sighting of Chris outside of Chesterfield County, and the farthest from the Chesterfield Gateway Homes campus that he has traveled since his apparent transfer - Lynchburg is approximately 108 miles west of the facility by road, a drive of nearly two hours without traffic.

Walmart (August)

On 4 August 2023, Twitter user TheOtakuKing posted a video of Chris at what appears to be a Walmart in Lynchburg, writing:

Found chris chan (60% sure?) . Cool dude. Talked to him about sonic and shit. Don't seem that bad."[18]

TheOtakuKing elaborated on their conversation in a response to another post:

I didn't know if it was him or not. But I did seen sonic stuff on him.

Didn't ask him that. I Pretend I didn't even know him. Didn't want to walk up and be like hey. Chris where you live at! Lol

There are multiple Walmart locations in the city, and the exact one where the video was taken has yet to be determined. When asked about where the video was filmed, he responded:

No offense. But I just got to know the dude. Don't wanna give his position like that!
Chris is just some Confused kid. Thought about being like woody and hanging out with him. He just need a friend. He don't seems that bad.

In response to someone asking if he had the Classic Chris voice:

Kinda. He was looking at speakers. Started talking to him about random stuff

In response to someone asking if he talked about alternate dimensions:

Nothing like that. We was chilling and talking about sonic cd etc. Wanted to ask him about anime but I had to go.

He was seemingly unaware that Chris is a criminal, when one of the replies mentioned his criminal record he responded:

Damn. He a Criminal. Well I got to do some research again. Been while

This was the first full communication with Chris since his release.


The Otaku King's CWC sighting
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Stardate 4 August 2023

Follow-up videos

Otaku King in summary.

On 20 August 2023, Otaku King released a video discussing his encounter with Chris and his desire to be a friend and mentor to him.[19] In a reply to a comment on the video, he indicated that he was open to interviewing Chris, though the comment was later deleted.

On the 26th, Otaku King made another video about Chris, after watching some documentaries about him. In this video, Otaku King double-downs into his White-Knight role, proclaiming that he will cause the "season finale for Chris Chan".[20]

Otaku King made a third video reacting to Chris's case dismissal, where he continues to double down on his White-Knighting, and even goes as far as to deny the existence of Chris's sexual relationship with his mother.[21]

On 4 September 2023, Chris followed Otaku King on Twitter and liked a meme Otaku made about Chris and himself, along with the original sighting video.[22][23]

On the 16th, Otaku made a video answering "dumb troll questions" in which he doesn't answer two questions about where Chris is and if Otaku is messaging him and addresses a supposed comparison between Chris and O. J. Simpson along with a rumor on Reddit that Otaku bought Chris a car, which is most definitely false.[24]

Other sightings

Below are sightings that took place after Chris's court case was ressolved and Chris returned to the internet.

Walmart (August) Part II

On 24 August 2023, Chris was spotted at Walmart for the fourth time by DoctorWinchester87, who was initially reluctant to post the photo they took of Chris,[25] though later posted it a few hours later.[26]

Just wanted to clarify for those who didn't see the original post I made - this occurred in Walmart in Lynchburg, VA this afternoon. I was just walking along and saw him coming down the aisle. I got this picture (which is slightly zoomed in from the original) and a preliminary picture which was really far away and blurry.

I did not interact with Chris/Christine other than just walking past and making brief eye contact. I did hear him talking to himself briefly.

On the road

On 25 August 2023, Kiwi Farms user Right Butt Cheek posted a photo of Chris's car in reply to a post by user Stupidface about the information currently tied to the "SONCIHU" plate (Chris somehow misspelled "SONICHU" on his own damn license plate). The user also claimed that their friend sent it to them.[27]

The plate information this was in reply to was the following:

VIN: KL1TD56646B569111

2006 Chevrolet Aveo Last sold on May 19 2023 for $3,500.

14 Branchland Court


On 4 September 2023, Reddit user nemo1316 posted a photo of the same car from the Son-Chu sighting parked at 14 Branchland Court, indicating that Chris either visited or moved back to Sonichu Headquarters.[28] Barb was sighted at the house on the 25th of August, though it is unknown if she was there at the time of Chris's arrival. The house was reportedly empty on the 8th.

Food Lion

On the same day as the 14 Branchland sighting, Twitter user bndjnky sighted Chris at the Food Lion Ruckersville location talking with a woman at a Coinstar machine.[29]


local chris chan sighting in ruckersville virginia! with a woman?
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Stardate 4 September 2023

This was the first time Chris was recorded speaking since his release.

Sheetz/On the road Part II

On 9 September 2023, Discord user DooDoo fard2874 posted on the Official CWCki Server that he had found Chris on the road and followed him to a Sheetz convenience store. He apparently ran after Chris, though Chris (thankfully) pulled out of the parking lot and drove off before he could reach him, driving away from Charlottesville, VA with the same woman from the Food Lion sighting. He provided four photos and a video with no audio, along with the following account:[30]

I saw him, we followed him. at an intersection I ran up to him and yelled their name. We followed him to a Sheetz and he pulled into the parking lot. I ran after him and he pulled out of the lot and I yelled "CHRIS CHAN WE LOVE YOU" then he went out on the highway and we lost him.

DooDoo fard2874 also reportedly took a photo of Chris, though it appears to have been lost.


DooDoo fard2874 Chris Chan Stalking Video
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Stardate 9 September 2023

DooDoo fard2874 is most definitely a ween, and not a keen one either. DooDoo fard2874 was banned from the server shortly after he posted about his sighting chase, and fellow CWCki server members found that his Facebook account was linked to his Discord account. DooDoo fard2874 promptly deleted his Discord account and privated his Facebook.

Walmart (September)

On the 16th, Chris was spotted with the Food Lion lady at a Walmart in Bedford, VA. A poster on r/ChrisChanSonichu posted that a friend had photographed Chris and taken a video.[31]

Chris's cart contains two yoga mats and LED strips. It also has food such as tomatoes, peanuts, peanut butter, and whipped topping. He is wearing a My Little Pony shirt and seems to have the medallion on underneath his shirt.


Chris leaving Walmart
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Stardate 16 September 2023

Undisclosed parking lot

On the 19th, Chris was sighted with Son-Chu in a currently undisclosed parking lot near Bedford by Reddit user battychaosgoblin and boyfriend.[32] Chris briefly remarked on an Eric Cartman plush they had with them.[33] battychaosgoblin described Chris as being "very quick and fleeting" and "skiddish",[34][35] and described the interaction as the following:

He even spoke to us, a half witted Eric Cartman joke regarding our little Cartman plush we fought to get out of a claw machine.
Couldn’t even snap a picture before he scampered off into the wilderness so we scoped out his car for photo evidence 💀

The joke was apparently a poor impersonation of the Respect My Authority! scene from South Park.[36]

When asked if Chris was with "his new gf" (referring to the woman from the Food Lion and Sheetz sightings, which was speculated to be a sweetheart), battychaosgoblin provided the following response:[37]

No, however I think he went into this undisclosed video game store with her and another individual as stated by someone we know who works there


On the 17th, CVS employee and Reddit user justcuriousox claimed to have seen Chris at the CVS in Lynchburg and alleged the following:[38]

she was all over that woman [Food Lion lady]. Just kept touching her and had her hand on the back almost the whole time.

When asked for photo proof, justcuriousox posted a thread on the 20th, uploading two photos of Chris and the Food Lion lady together, clarifying in a comment that the photos were of "Chris hugging the mystery girl close. Then him kissing mystery girl."

Justcuriousox claimed other details, such as that "she seemed uncomfortable and kept her head down mostly",[39] that Chris "seemed like he was kind of leading the shopping trip. He also was very close to her at all times. Co-Worker asked if they needed help Chris made sure to step so that he was between my Co-Worker and the girl",[40] and that the woman paid.[41]

At least we have some potential confirmation he isn't fucking his mother.

Fan art

Fan art

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