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Should you encounter Flutter in public (with or without Chris) do NOT harass her. Getting a discreet picture is fine if you're able to, but don't directly interact with her or Chris. Once you make yourself a part of Christory, there is no escaping from it.
She's a friend of mine, and I refer to her only as Flutter, because she likes Fluttershy, okay? I met her in Lynchburg, she got in touch with me while I was in jail, and we managed to meet, we managed to bond and connect with each other as friends. And she is literally thirty years old, despite the way - despite her physicality.
Chris's description of Flutter[1]

Name Unknown
Also known as Egg
Food Lion Lady
Cabbage Patch Kid
Saga Jail, Third Exile, Revelations

Flutter (born 1992 or 1993) is the nickname Chris gave to a female friend of his. Flutter reached out to Chris at some point during his time in Central Virginia Regional Jail. Sometime after Chris was released in March 2023, he met up with her in the city of Lynchburg, Virginia, and they began hanging out together.[1] Chris refers to her simply as a friend, suggesting that their relationship is not romantic, although he does not explicitly deny having romantic feelings for her either. Chris also claims that she is thirty years old (as of 17 October 2023), despite her childlike appearance. The nickname "Flutter" comes from her fondness for the My Little Pony character Fluttershy.

After Chris's release from jail, he was frequently photographed by people who managed to spot him in public. In September 2023, he was spotted with Flutter for the first time. This ultimately led Christorians to begin theorizing about her, with some thinking she was a child due to her appearance, others thinking she was a social worker or possibly someone with a mental handicap similar to Chris's own, or even a recruit by Praetor. On the 17th, she was spotted allegedly making out with Chris at a CVS, causing many people to believe she was his girlfriend. Otaku King also claimed that the two of them were a couple. In Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021, however, Chris simply refers to her as a friend.

Some observers have speculated that Flutter may be Finnish or of Finnish descent, noting that Chris began studying Finnish intensively on Duolingo in October 2023 for no apparent reason.[2] However, a Reddit user who met Flutter claims that she did not have an accent.[3]


Main article: Post-jail sightings (2023)

On 4 September 2023, Chris was spotted talking with Flutter at a Coinstar machine at a Food Lion supermarket. This was the first time she was sighted, and earned her the nickname "Food Lion Lady."

On 9 September 2023, a ween stalked Chris in his car. Reportedly, Flutter was in the car with Chris, and the ween remarked that she looked like a child.

On 16 September 2023, she was spotted with Chris at Walmart. This was the first clear view of her face.

On 17 September 2023, Chris was allegedly sighted hugging, touching, and kissing Flutter at a CVS; her body language does not indicate reciprocity, however.

On the 20th, the sighter posted two incredibly blurry pictures of Chris hugging and kissing her. While Chris is easy to see, Flutter is incredibly hard to see. The sighter also made multiple comments about her.

[Chris] was all over that woman. Just kept touching her and had her hand on the back almost the whole time. She doesn’t look young.
She 100 percent looked uncomfortable.
She seemed uncomfortable and kept her head down mostly. I can’t say whether she was just uncomfortable or if she was low functioning.
Seemed like he was kind of leading the shopping trip. He also was very close to her at all times. Co-Worker asked if they needed help Chris made sure to step so that he was between my Co-Worker and the girl.
She paid.

These comments have yet to be confirmed as fact.

On 19 September 2023, Chris supposedly walked into a game store with her.

On 1 October 2023, Chris was spotted showing something on his device to her at River Ridge Mall. This was the clearest view of her face yet.

On 3 October 2023, Flutter was seen waiting in a car while Chris was shopping at Game Junkies.

On 20 December 2023, around 7:30 PM, a video of her was taken at the Richmond International Airport. Her origin flight was from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, but the starting destination is unknown. Later that day, she was also spotted at a Sheetz in Henrico, VA, and afterwards driven away by Chris.

On 21 December 2023, Flutter and Chris were spotted at Isabella's Italian Trattoria Restaurant in Lynchburg. Reddit user JacksonStarship speculated that Flutter paid for the meal, also noting that Chris "ate spaghetti like a toddler." The user also reported that Chris hand-fed dessert to Flutter. JacksonStarship stated that Flutter did not appear mentally handicapped, nor did she appear an exceptionally young age. On several occasions she would keep Chris in check, stopping him from escalating situations. They were last seen walking away together in the parking lot.

On 4 January 2024, Chris and Flutter were photographed at Ultimate Comics in Cary, North Carolina while picking up tickets for the Animate! Raleigh convention. They were seen in attendance together on 5 January 2024, with Flutter wearing a face mask. On 6 January 2024, Chris and Flutter were seen outside of the Animate! convention, reportedly having been kicked out.

On 23 March 2024, Chris was spotted with Flutter at TJ Maxx in Lynchburg, VA, disproving rumors about her staying away from him due to the aftermath of Animate! Raleigh.

Chris also had plans to go to BABSCon 2024 with her, but his two tickets were refunded due to the event staff being aware of his status on the internet. This is hinted at in his reply to BABSCon's email:[4]

I was looking for an enjoyable, peaceful weekend with my friend that would have been more than very good and beneficial. But no, you dare deny us this simple pleasure as Pegasisters of the Brony Community.


Since late December 2023, when Flutter returned to the spotlight, many people have joked about the inability of weens to take a good photo of her. The first strong signals of this came to light on December 20, where she was noted by an observer to wear a face mask in public:

yes I was on her flight, I noticed her almost immediately but she wore a mask the whole time, It was subconscious so I didn't think much of it other than "huh she looks familiar," but while she was leaving the airport chris was waiting for her he embraced her and said her name out loud, I was on the phone and couldn't make out what he said.

When the said person approached them later, Chris was against him taking pictures of themselves. The same behaviour repeated a day later:

As they walked out Chris commented to a passing family “a family night, that’s nice” or something like that, and Egg had to pull him through the door. I asked Chris for a photo as he was walking out and he got PISSED. But I still shook Chris’ hand. Wish I could’ve gotten better photos but it was kind of a formal dinner.

He has also stated Flutter didn't seem to be mentally handicapped and took on a near motherly role during the visit.

Egg didn’t say a word to me, I passed their table at 2 points. She wasn’t noticeably mentally handicapped and seemed to be keeping Chris in check to some degree

During Animate! Raleigh, Flutter was seen with all of her face covered up by a face mask, sunglasses and her hair. Observers also noted her obsessive self-awareness at the event.

I am legit annoyed that you people cannot be bothered to get one clear photo or video. How hard can it be?
Genuinely this has been more difficult than you’d imagine. Flutter appears to be quite vigilant and unwilling (obviously) to appear in anything, especially candids. With her proximity to Chris it is not surprising there is a lack of high def photos
i was legitimately right beside them on an escalator yesterday without realizing and genuinely she is so hard to see. she has such self awareness compared to chris it is insane



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