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We are also looking for @Minecraft players to help in building a Hub area in my server from an island I started; skilled volunteers apply, please. Send inquiries to cwcvilleguardian@gmail.com if interested. Thank you very much.
The classic, about to be ruined by a 41 year old manchild.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game released in 2011 by Mojang, a subsidiary of Microsoft. It has sold over 300 million copies worldwide[2] and is widely considered the best-selling video game of all time. Naturally, Chris has played it, but not quite as much compared to other games he's obsessed over - surprising, given it's a game with a massive amount of customization and where you can build virtually anything you want.

Chris is an avid fan...apparently

Even though Chris owns Minecraft on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita,[3] as well as Minecraft: Story Mode on PS3 and PS4, and has some achievements on them, he surprisingly hasn't talked about it much on the internet. The first hints about it came on 20 April 2015, when he criticized Nintendo supporting a blatant clone of the game.[4]

Ugh! Just give us MINECRAFT; no crappy copy like this. Even if you have to add a "U" to the title: "MinecraftU".

Two days later, his Minecraft account was discovered, ChristineWeston. A year later, on 20 March, during the CWC`s Autism Tutorial with Director Commentary, he was complaining about lack of cross-save between platforms, while praising Minecraft, which has that option.

And also I still felt disappointed that the PS4 would not allow me to play the PS3 games that I have in my digital library... Cause I was looking forward to migrating the Little Big Planet data, including save data and backed up profiles, from my PlayStation 3 to PS4. Like I believe to my understanding, with the uh, save data from the PS3 version of Minecraft to the PS4 version which I have heard about before...

It was also brought up on 28 March, during the CatKnight Interview 5, in which Arthur Spatchcock offered to help Chris set up a CWCville-themed level. Chris was unsure, noting that he had already ended his subscription and would have to rebuild from scratch.

Chat excerpt
Well, as before, I would love in any way whatsoever to help you play any games, especially anything with a multiplayer aspect. I know you're a fan of Minecraft, correct?
Mm. Yeah, it's all right.
Well, if you ever want to--
I haven't played it in a while, but, it's okay.
If you ever wanna make a Cwcville level or something, I'd be willing to help on that.
Mmph. Well yes, actually I had stored something on my lap-- on the laptop version of Minecraft. And uh, even though I just-- even though I had recently purchased and, uh, downloaded the console versions among my PlayStation consoles. Mm.
Yeah, and pretty much I had, uhh... I had to end the s-- I had to end up ending the subscription, the online subscription. My uh, my uh, gal pal... was uh, helping me w-- was helping me with that as well.
Oh. Well, the PS4 one, you just have to buy it, and then you can play it as much as you want without a monthly subscription.
'Cause that's the one I have.
And it's like, you know, I have to start from scratch.
Well, true. But you'd have someone helping you this time.
Yeah. I'm sure my s-- my, my-- my gal pal, she also has a PS4, so... I'm sure she can help me as well.
Oh, we can get a little group together, that'd be fun.
All right. At least it's cross-save, also, between the three consoles, so that's... big plus.
Yes, definitely.

This was followed up on in a later interview by Internet Dream Lounge from 8 October 2017.

I've also played Minecraft and that was good. I was able to adept to that fairly well on the computer. And I did try the console version and that kind of was lack–that definitely, aside from it lacking in content. But, the control – that was kind of like hard to get used to compared to the laptop scheme. I know I might sound hypocritical when I don't play most PC games, and yet I can play PC Minecraft better.
It's the better version. It's just the better game.
It's endless. All right.

This doesn't, however, answer which version of Minecraft Chris is actually playing, as two of them exist on PC's, Java and Bedrock, but it's probably Java, as it's easier to make custom servers on and he complained about losing his PS4 progress.

Minecraft server plans

On 24 October 2023, Chris wrote the following post on Twitter:[5]

We are also looking for @Minecraft players to help in building a Hub area in my server from an island I started; skilled volunteers apply, please. Send inquiries to cwcvilleguardian@gmail.com if interested. Thank you very much.

CPU CWCSonichu - 1716834856674513398.gif

Of interest is the "We" in the post, implying someone, possibly Praetor, is helping him out and covering the costs.

It's also unknown if this server will be vanilla or modded, but Chris himself, according to chats from 27 September 2017, doesn't know much about them:[6]

stream minecraft sonic mods
Not my expertise; sorry.

Chris's server was eventually launched sometime in June 2024, with him providing a first look at it via a livestream on the 30th.[7]