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After four other successful interviews, Sonichu fan Arthur Spatchcock discusses lets-plays with TRUE and HONEST Christine Weston Chandler on 28 March 2016.


Arthur Spatchcock chats with Chris about lets-plays. Currently no video is available, but the audio is available to listen to here. (Dead Link)


Chris: Hello Arthur, how are you?

Arthur: I'm doing just fine, how about yourself?

Chris: I'm all right.

Arthur: How was your dinner?

Chris: I wanted to do a video call, so I could see your face.

Arthur: Oh, well, I have to go out and buy a camera.

Chris: Okay, so you didn't have one.

Arthur: I apologise.

Chris: Well that's... that's all right. So, uh, yeah, how are you?

Arthur: Well, just dandy, except for a few small things, but we can talk about that in a minute. Um, uh... Well, like I said, I was putting a lot of work forward towards your contract -- a lot of it. To be quite frank, I uh, called in a few favours, and uh, even then, that was still pushing the limit. And at the end, after all that work, I basically told them if they don't give you the contract, I'm going to walk. And they declined the contract.

Chris: Hm. Declined the contract.

Arthur: Yes.

Chris: What, what you mean that they would have to physically send it to me, do you mean?

Arthur: No. To put it bluntly, because they didn't want to make the contract with you? I lost my job.

Chris: Oh. I'm sorry.

Arthur: It's okay, Christine. I'm the one that put my job on the line to see this happen, not you.

Chris: Uhh, well I don't know, uhh, if there's anything I or my associates could do for you...

Arthur: Uh, you're a little close to your camera, it's creating a bit of digital feed. You might want to just lean back a little.

Chris: Oh.

Arthur: Ah, that's better, that's better. That's a nice dress you're wearing.

Chris: Thank you.

Arthur: Of course. That's pastel-- is it floral design? It's a little hard to tell.

Chris: Yeah, there's flowers.

Arthur: Oh, it's nice. Well, I know I can't do anything for your contract now, and I lost my job trying to make it happen, but I still want to do something to make sure this happens. Or at the very least, to do something to help Sonichu.

Chris: Yes. Well, fortunately, uh, you know, my associates, they have a lot of business-savvy knowledge, as well, so-- uh, definitely a lot more than I do, so I'm sure they can help figu-- help you figure out something.

Arthur: Well, I have--

Chris: It's a meeting of the minds, essentially.

Arthur: Of course, meeting of the minds. I did have a few ideas, however, that some things that could help you financially right now. I understand that, you know, with the contract not going through, you might still want to make some money on the side, and I had a few ideas. Clearly, we've already covered the Let's Play idea; I've seen you do some videos.

Chris: Yeah, [f?]-- yeah, I managed to start with some livestreaming, and uh, definitely did the commentary for the old an-- autism tutorial animation.

Arthur: I-- I-- I actually watched some of your Destiny playthrough. It was very nice, but unfortunately you didn't have the sound going.

Chris: Yeah, the mic-- yeah, my keyboard-- my k-keypad plugged into the, uh, controller, and uh, that screwed up, uh, which one was the microphone.

Arthur: Just a little technical error.

Chris: So, essentially, I d-- I'm pretty much just gonna leave that unplugged, not doing livestreaming.

Arthur: Well, as before, I would love in any way whatsoever to help you play any games, especially anything with a multiplayer aspect. I know you're a fan of Minecraft, correct?

Chris: Mm. Yeah, it's all right.

Arthur: Well, if you ever want to--

Chris: I haven't played it in a while, but, it's okay.

Arthur: If you ever wanna make a Cwcville level or something, I'd be willing to help on that.

Chris: Mmph. Well yes, actually I had stored something on my lap-- on the laptop version of Minecraft. And uh, even though I just-- even though I had recently purchased and, uh, downloaded the console versions among my PlayStation consoles. Mm.

Arthur: Yes.

Chris: Yeah, and pretty much I had, uhh... I had to end the s-- I had to end up ending the subscription, the online subscription. My uh, my uh, gal pal... was uh, helping me w-- was helping me with that as well.

Arthur: Oh. Well, the PS4 one, you just have to buy it, and then you can play it as much as you want without a monthly subscription.

Chris: Yeah.

Arthur: 'Cause that's the one I have.

Chris: And it's like, you know, I have to start from scratch.

Arthur: Well, true. But you'd have someone helping you this time.

Chris: Yeah. I'm sure my s-- my, my-- my gal pal, she also has a PS4, so... I'm sure she can help me as well.

Arthur: Oh, we can get a little group together, that'd be fun.

Chris: All right. At least it's cross-save, also, between the three consoles, so that's... big plus.

Arthur: Yes, definitely. And you know I'm looking forward to our Yu-Gi-Oh match immensely. That would make a great Let's Play video.

Chris: Yeah. I'm uh, goi-- I'm still playing through and playing [independent?], I just need three more cards to fully get my deck together.

Arthur: What are you still looking for? Maybe I can help.

Chris: I'm still l-- I'm still looking for the Magician's Valkyria.

Arthur: Ah, Magician's Valkyria. Hmm. Did you get the United We Stand? I told you where to find that.

Chris: Oh yeah. I did.

Arthur: That was easy. And also, um, I wanted to let you know that out of the pre-rendered decks in the game, you can take cards out of those too and add 'em to your trunk.

Chris: Hm. Yes, um, I'll have to look into that.

Arthur: So maybe some of the premade decks might have the card you're looking for. I never looked into it, but I know I took somebody's deck so I could have some of the cards in it.

Chris: Okay. I'll look into that.

Arthur: Yes, I've been pl--

Chris: I mean that's, uh-- I mean I'm still learning about the PS4, as well.

Arthur: Oh, I noticed. You're-- you're getting it down, though. I'll admit, you're getting it all down pretty pat.

Chris: Yeah. Hi, Snoopy. ...My dog.

Arthur: Oh, the dog. Hello, Snoopy! How are you doing?

Chris: Hm.

Arthur: Not very talkative.

Chris: [?]

Arthur: [laughs quietly] That's a good boy.

Chris: Yeah, he's a-- yeah, he's a pure-bred beagle. So's his sister, Clover.

Arthur: Ah!

Chris: Yeah, I've got my little critters, and my mom. Yeah, we're a fairly good family. Could be better, but it's good for the while.

Arthur: Oh.

Chris: Isn't it, Snoopy-doo?

Arthur: Ah, speaking of family, how's your mother been doing, lately?

Chris: She's okay. Just, pretty much same old, same old. But okay for the most part.

Arthur: You're not stressed out about nothing, or anything?

Chris: Uhh, say again?

Arthur: She's not stressed out about anything, is she?

Chris: Umm... uhh, no more than the usual, like finances, and uhh... whatnot. Household.

Arthur: Oh, that reminds me: I mentioned the Let's Play 'cause that's a good way to make a little extra money on the side, but there's one more thing that applies directly to you.

Chris: Mmkay.

Arthur: It's a show on the Syfy channel. It's called--

Chris: Hm.

Arthur: --'The Internet Ruined My Life.'

Chris: Huh.

Arthur: They actually interview people whose lives have been greatly and dramatically affected by the internet.

Chris: And the, uhh... bad people who abused it, and hated all over it?

Arthur: Yes. They bring attention to all the things that make it harder.

Chris: Hm. That does interest me, what was the name of that show again? It's on the Science Channel?

Arthur: The Syfy channel--

Chris: Syfy?

Arthur: The S, Y, F, Y? That's... that's a st-- I hate that slogan, it's so stupid, but uh, uh, it's-- the show is called 'The Internet Ruined My Life.'

Chris: All right, 'The Internet Ruined My Life.' Um, I guess I'll go online to do that, then. Maybe they'll interview me.

Arthur: They-- yes, because if they do interview you, they will pay you for your time.

Chris: That's good. I will do that. Oh by the way, how does the, uhh, Play-- Play Now thing, heh, how does that work out for paying me f-financially?

Arthur: The Play Now, or are you talking about the Let's Play?

Chris: Yeah, Let's Play, yeah.

Arthur: Let's Play is based on ads, and you get paid for every ad that people see when they watch one of your videos.

Chris: All right.

Arthur: So, if you get a video online, like, let's say -- just for, you know, just for the, the idea -- you and I went and played Yu-Gi-Oh right now and you put it on a Let's Play show. Every time somebody watches that and an ad plays, you get a percentile of the money that is, uh, accumulated from the ads.

Chris: All right, but that's, uh, through livestreaming?

Arthur: Uh, you could do-- it could, it could be a livestream show, or you can make money just from the ads, period. For example, someone like JonTron or The Angry Video Game Nerd, they don't livestream their show, but they have ads on them while they're playing.

Chris: Yeah, umm... yeah. I definitely have something like that set up on the v-videos that I've uploaded onto YouTube, but as for the ones that are livestr-- are pretty much livestreaming, being uploaded in the process? That's, well--

[audio cuts out for a brief period]

Arthur: Uh, Christine, you seem to be-- oh.

Chris: So I'm not sure--

Arthur: You cut out there for a second, sorry.

Chris: Hm?

Arthur: Uh, you cut out for a second. All the audio stopped for just a moment.

Chris: Oh, I'm sorry.

Arthur: It's fine.

Chris: Yeah, it's been [?], I had something like that set up on my YouTube.

Arthur: Hm, it's d--

Chris: So it's like, uhh, it's definitely for [liking them?] after the video is fully uploaded not for that to work.

Arthur: Yeah, once the vide-- once the video's up, or if you're l-- I mean, it's not necessarily a livestream that'll make any money, but the ads that'll play on that livestream after you've uploaded it, you'll get money for those.

Chris: Yeah. Yes, I [don't?] have something like that [coming out?] to my YouTube.

Arthur: I-- I gotta admit, Christine, I'd really like to play another round-- couple rounds of Yu-Gi-Oh with you, to get an idea of how my deck would fare against you. But I don't wanna ruin it, necessarily.

Chris: Mmkay. All right.

Arthur: But I mean, if you--

Chris: All right, so...

Arthur: But if you want to get some practice making videos, I have some time to spare, and we could play a few rounds and you make a few videos and upload 'em.

Chris: All right. Well, we'll work on-- well... I'll think about that and work on that.

Arthur: 'Cause anything that'll help you get some money is important to me. 'Cause I wanna see, you know, I wanna see you do well.

Chris: Mm. Well definitely donations through my shop on Etsy would be a big help.

Arthur: Mm-hm, mm-hm, yes. Well until I get myself another job, I'm gonna have to wait a while [to earn?] any financial donations.

Chris: Yeah. Good luck with that.

Arthur: Oh, yes, course. I shouldn't have any trouble. I'm pretty charismatic.

Chris: Quite. All right, well, I should probably get going. I'll let you go and definitely relay all this information to my associates you know, and hopefully, with the meeting of the business minds, there, uh, y'all be able to figure out something, and we can all work together on that.

Arthur: Of course, yes. Anything to get Sonichu or Christine Weston Chandler's name out there.

Chris: Yeah. Definitely-- I would say definitely both.

Arthur: Well, of course. Uh, well, it's-- it's tandem, one goes with the other.

Chris: Yeah.

Arthur: Like peanut butter and jelly, or--

Chris: Yes.

Arthur: --cream and potatoes.

Chris: Yes. All right, well, I'll let you go, you have a good day.

Arthur: Yes, you take care as well, Christine.

Chris: And, uh, we'll talk-- we'll talk again, later on.

Arthur: Okay.

Chris: All right, take care.

Arthur: All right, take care, Christine.

Chris: All right, bye now.

Arthur: Goodbye.

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