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Note on Misinformation:

This article previously included information that was primarily speculative or incorrect. This is being fixed. For more information see here.

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Note on Credibility:

GiBi has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
GiBi has taken information from many questionable sources at face-value, placing it in his videos.[note 1]
GiBi has made bold, accusatory claims without verifying them first.[note 2][note 3]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

Name Devon John Infinito
Also known as GiBi_Devon
Gender Male
Known for *Broadcasting happenings regaring Chris and his orbiters
*Creating a petition to get Chris on Dr. Phil
*Attempting to create a daily mini-series surrounding Chris's incetuous affair by gathering information from several questionable or conflicting sources.
*Getting a feud with Kiwi Farms members when given information contradicting his findings.
Race White
Nationality American
Saga Jacob, Watchmen, Praetor, Jail

GiBi, or GiBi_Devon, is a YouTuber specializing in Chris-centric content since 2019. He uploaded videos summarizing Chris's weekly activity, while giving commentary, typically in the form of reading Chris's posts or Kiwi Farms posts, sometimes infamously with his own theorizing and speculation.

GiBi had permeated Naught and MKRNightVee's falsehoods about Praetor members wanting to get Chris to tase himself while reading their posts in a video.

In an attempt to create a daily mini-series providing his insights and speculations about Chris's incestuous affair with his mother, GiBi had gained notoriety for getting information from several conflicting sources. He took falsehoods, misleading statements, and fabricated evidence from Isabella Janke at face value, as well as claims from The WCT that she was conducting a psy-op, and claims from LavenderBonez, a self-proclaimed friend of The Suitress that she had deleted all of her social media accounts after the leaks. Following this, he had actively ignored and sneered at sources that had opposed his questionable findings and conclusions, such as Kiwi Farms users who were also looking into the build-up of the Incest scandal.

It was later found afterwards that GiBi had hosted a Discord server, the userbase of which partly consisting of minors, that had went mostly under-moderated, and allowed access to Jacob Sockness's own server.

Channel Beginnings

GiBi had created his YouTube account, "GiBi_Devon" on 14 September 2015. Before posting any Chris-related videos, the channel primarily consisted of let's plays and reviews based around Star Wars movies, video games, and toys (mostly LEGO). His most viewed video at the time was his first video centered around Chris, in which he comments on his beliefs about the Dimensional Merge.[3]

One of GiBi's primary sources for his videos was this website, though he had also read posts made by users from the Kiwi Farms.

Dr. Phil Petition

In 2019, GiBi began a petition to get Chris on the Dr. Phil Show. [4]

Watchmen Interactions

In November 2020, in The Place server, Naught claimed that GiBi had messaged him asking about Praetor and that he had given him information, which MKR stated was "cool", "since he's popular itll get the weens on the scene".[5]

In August 2021, while in the Halal Server, Naught claimed that "I used to feed gibi info during mine and mkrs feud with Dillin Thomas" and that "he didn't listen to me, i always gave him good info too".[6]

Communications with WCT

GiBi had uploaded a video on 20 April 2022 where he shares some screencaps of a conversation he had with The WCT, who was under the screen name "currentlyinexile".

Jail Saga

Following from the months later, GiBi took a short hiatus on Chris-related content and instead shifted his attention to news stories. GiBi later went back to documenting Chris's known activities from jail, such as his letters and art, and occasionally providing conversations he had with other orbiters, which was exclusive to his channel.

On 19 June 2022, Chris made a drawing while in Central Virginia Regional Jail and sent it to Praetor to sell on Etsy on his behalf. The drawing depicts CPU Blue Heart being interviewed on her opinion about "pride", to which she replies that "arrogance is the real sin". Along with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Chris also cites GiBi as being at risk of committing the sin, and to be considered "neutral" on Chris's apparent scale of toxicity.

On 27 August 2022, Chris drew another drawing featuring GiBi, requesting Praetor to gift it to him.[7]

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  1. Had taken information told to him by Bella at face value, specifically claims from her saying that she wasn't "Kelly Osborn". This got him in hot water, as Bella was placing the Suitress under this pseudonym to divert attention from herself and onto the Suitress, and GiBi had leaked her phone number in one of his videos. GiBi had also taken information from Naught and MKR regarding orbiters that they had targeted at face value.
  2. Produced a video in which he erroneously named people in the Taser Discussion clip as being exclusively Praetor members.[1] The uncut version of the clip revealed that only one person in the clip was from Praetor, who objected to the idea of Chris using a taser on himself.
  3. Produced a video in which he helped MKRNightVee propagate her spin about The WCT, accusing him of abusing Chris.[2]


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