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Note on Misinformation:

This article previously included information that was primarily speculative or incorrect. This is being fixed. For more information see here.

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Note on Credibility:

GiBi has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
GiBi has taken information from many questionable sources at face-value, placing it in his videos.[note 1]
GiBi has made bold, accusatory claims without verifying them first.[note 2][note 3]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

Also known as GiBi_Devon
Gender Male
Known for  • Broadcasting happenings regarding Chris and his orbiters
 • Promoting a petition to get Chris on Dr. Phil
Race White
Nationality American
Saga Jacob, Watchmen, Praetor, Jail

GiBi (which he has stated is short for "Good idea, Bad idea") or GiBi_Devon, is a YouTuber specializing in Chris-centric content since 2019, after discovering Chris via the Tails Gets Trolled webcomic sometime before.[3] He uploaded videos summarizing Chris's weekly activity, while giving commentary, typically in the form of reading Chris's posts or Kiwi Farms posts, sometimes infamously with his own theorizing and speculation.

It was later discovered that GiBi had hosted a Discord server, the user base of which partly consisted of minors, which had gone under-moderated and allowed access to Jacob Sockness's own server.

In October 2023, GiBi renamed his YouTube channel to Lore Cattle Ranch, and in April 2024 to Gibi's Lore Cattle Ranch.

Channel Beginnings

GiBi had created his YouTube account, "GiBi_Devon" on 14 September 2015. Before posting any Chris-related videos, the channel primarily consisted of Let's Plays and reviews based around Star Wars movies, video games, and toys (mostly LEGO). His most viewed video at the time was his first video centered around Chris, in which he commented on his beliefs about the Dimensional Merge.[4]

One of GiBi's primary sources for his videos was this website, though he had also read posts made by users from the Kiwi Farms.

Early Chris-Centric Content

I think I need to work through it, and I need to talk to someone about it, but I don't know anyone else who follows her... So I'm gonna be doing that here.
GiBi, on why he made his first Chris video.

Shortly after his previous video on the Dimensional Merge, GiBi would begin his Weekly Chris Chan Update, a mainstay of his channel up until the Jail Saga. Also during this point in time, GiBi would release the second episode of his The Absurds series, in which GiBi regaled his audience with some of his favorite stories about Chris.[5] Just over a year later, GiBi would release another episode of The Absurds involving Chris, which would double as a backdoor pilot for his series of videos in which he details the plots of the Sonichu comics.[6]

Dr. Phil

In 2019, in between the releases of the two Absurds videos, one of GiBi's followers began a petition to get Chris on the Dr. Phil Show,[7] which Devon would promote in an episode of the Weekly Chris Chan Update.[8] The description of the petition claimed that Chris being on the television show would help him in two ways. Firstly, it could provide him with some money to prevent him from becoming homeless. Secondly, if Chris acted... like Chris in front of Dr. Phil and his almost 7 million viewers,[9] then maybe he would end up receiving some proper psychological care. GiBi states in his video promoting the petition that even if he did not expect the petition to actually get Chris onto the show, it may expose Chris to the general public and achieve the petition's latter goal. GiBi later released a second video on the Dr. Phil petition, in which he encouraged his followers to start contacting Dr. Phil on Twitter as soon as the petition reached 1,000 signatures.

GiBi would go on to make a third and final video regarding the Dr. Phil shenanigans, this time worrying aloud that Chris might actually end up on the Dr. Phil show after Chris tweeted that he would go on the show if Dr. Phil or his team invited him via a letter.[10]

Jacob Saga

The subject of Jacob Sockness was first brought up on GiBi's channel in an episode of the Weekly Chris Chan Update in early September 2019, when Chris was still supposedly body-swapped with Magi-Chan.[11] Being that Sockness simply went by "Chris Kink" on Twitter at the time and his actual name was only known from a GoFundMe, the title of this video does not reference Jacob directly, but instead simply refers to him as a "predator." GiBi covers this GoFundMe as well as a few of Jacob's tweets, making several negative comments about Christory's most infamous White Knight. Mere days later, GiBi released a second video on Jacob, in which he reads some of Jacob's tweets about Jakoba and conversation he had with Magi-Chan. GiBi finishes the video off by reinstating his opinion that Jacob is a danger to Chris.

This guy really wants to meet Chris, and that's disturbing.
GiBi, making a statement that Jacob clearly didn't like.

Toward the end of the month, GiBi would release an Absurds episode about Jacob. In this video, he references Jacob's attempts to contact GiBi, where it is revealed Jacob did not like what Devon had to say about him.[12] This episode, like the Sonichu episode before, would serve as a pilot to a series titled The Sockness Files. Ironically enough, Jacob had asked GiBi to do that very thing before rescinding the offer for obvious reasons.

GiBi would release three episodes of The Sockness Files, in which he repeatedly spouted the opinion that Jacob was no good and went as far as to imply that Sockness may kill Chris,[13] before we would hear more from the other side of the story. In a video where GiBi declares the Jacob Saga has concluded, Devon discusses the story of how the ultimate enabler would declare a war on him. After Jacob's heart level was smashed down to 15% by Chris, Jacob would apparently blame GiBi, and he became the villain of Jacob's story. Jacob would try to convince Chris that GiBi was trying to stop the Dimensional Merge alongside Null using fake DMs and a Twitter account claiming to be God.

I don't believe in interfering with Chris. I have never contacted Chris. I have never talked to Chris. I have no problem interfering with Jacob.
Gibi, on the difference between Chris and Jacob
The great ones most evil minion @GiBi_Devon celebrates this small victory, but the war has just begun
Goddess Emmanuelle, attempting to warn Magi-Chan about Hell's most despicable fiend.

Watchmen Saga

In November 2020, in The Place server, Naught claimed that GiBi had messaged him asking about Praetor and that he had given him information, which MKR stated was "cool," "since he's popular itll get the weens on the scene".[14]

In February 2021, Naught and MKR spread misinformation about Praetor, putting out spin to make it appear the group wanted to get Chris to use a taser on himself. Naught leaked a brief clip from the Taser Discussion call to Kiwi Farms, omitting key information in his post that Watchmen members were heavily involved with the call, that Watchmen member Val had jokingly told Chris to tase himself, and that Praetor member Caden objected. GiBi produced a video on the matter in which he erroneously assumed that all voices in the leaked clip were those of Praetor members.[1] Chris commented on the video, defending Praetor, and claiming that all ideas involving possible taser usage were his own.[15]

In August 2021, while in the Halal Server, Naught claimed that "I used to feed gibi info during mine and mkrs feud with Dillin Thomas" and that "he didn't listen to me, i always gave him good info too."[16]

On 20 April 2022, GiBi uploaded a video where he shares some screencaps of a conversation he had with The WCT, who was under the screen name "currentlyinexile."

Jail Saga

Following from the months later, GiBi took a short hiatus on Chris-related content and instead shifted his attention to news stories. GiBi later went back to documenting Chris's known activities from jail, such as his letters and art, and occasionally providing conversations he had with other orbiters, which was exclusive to his channel.

During December of 2021, GiBi released a series of 26 videos about Chris-related topics corresponding with letters of the English alphabet.[17] The next year, he would release a similar series of shorts containing facts about the Sonichu comics marketed as an advent-calendar.[18] This would begin a relatively short-lived period where GiBi would release YouTube shorts every day going along with a theme that changed every month. This series came to an end during the May of 2023, with the release of the fourteenth episode of "Miscreant May."[19]

On 19 June 2022, Chris made a drawing while in Central Virginia Regional Jail and sent it to Praetor to sell on Etsy on his behalf. The drawing depicts CPU Blue Heart being interviewed on her opinion about "pride," to which she replies that "arrogance is the real sin." Along with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Chris also cites GiBi as being at risk of committing the sin, and to be considered "neutral" on Chris's apparent scale of toxicity.

On 27 August 2022, Chris drew another drawing featuring GiBi, requesting Praetor to gift it to him.[20]


Chris's drawing with the illustration of GiBi

On 30 October 2023, Chris posted a set of drawings on X. In one, a character appearing to be GiBi remarks about having been transported to 2006.[21] GiBi made a post wondering about the identity of the character, to which Chris confirmed it was meant to be him and that he had time-traveled to the past.[22]

Why GiBi Does It

Chris wouldn't be Chris if he was born in any other time or to any other parents, so what can we learn from this very specific person about the human condition as a whole?
GiBi's reason for it all.

Aside from the obvious reason that reporting on Chris has proven to be GiBi's most popular content (after all, he is now running an entire ranch on a single lolcow), Devon has always stated that his interest in Chris was not from the usual desire to laugh at Chris and his various antics, but instead genuine fascination or seeing his life as "beyond captivating."[23]

Similarly to Geno Samuel (who he has cited a similar belief as his motivation for extensively covering his life) GiBi has said that the life of Chris-Chan is like real life fiction, and expressed a desire to find meaning in his story. GiBi has described Chris as a negative role model, or "an anti-Bible" who served as a warning about what one could become in a worst case scenario.[24]

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  1. Had taken information told to him by Bella at face value, specifically claims from her saying that she wasn't "Kelly Osborn". This got him in hot water, as Bella was placing Fiona under this pseudonym to divert attention from herself and onto Fiona, and GiBi had leaked her phone number in one of his videos. GiBi had also taken information from Naught and MKR regarding orbiters that they had targeted at face value.
  2. Produced a video in which he erroneously named people in the Taser Discussion clip as being exclusively Praetor members.[1] The uncut version of the clip revealed that only one person in the clip was from Praetor, who objected to the idea of Chris using a taser on himself.
  3. Produced a video in which he helped MKRNightVee propagate her spin about The WCT, accusing him of abusing Chris.[2]


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