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Were the best trolls on history.
Bella, butchering the English language more brutally than she did her own pets.[1]

Isabella Loretta Janke
Name Isabella Loretta Janke
Date of birth (2001-08-18) August 18, 2001[2] (age 20)
Also known as Bella[2]
Kelly Osborn[2]
redpilled single dad[3]
Gender Female
Race White/Latina[4]
Nationality American
Organization Praetor[5]

Isabella Loretta Janke (born 18 August 2001),[2] also known as Bella, Kelly Osborn, and dozens of other pseudonyms, is the sociopathic, foot fungus-ridden leader of a trolling ring based at Texas Tech University, best known for her participation in a leaked July 2021 call in which Chris revealed that he had been having an incestuous relationship with his mother.[6]

Isabella is arguably the worst and most dangerous troll to have ever targeted Chris, having malicious intentions that somehow manage to overshadow every single previous controversial troll before her. Isabella's sadistic personal life was exposed not long after Kiwi Farms doxxed her: she is known to be a white supremacist (despite being mixed race herself),[4] animal abuser, and fetishist for all things unholy (including incest, snuff, bestiality, zoosadism, scat, pedophilia and Naruto).[6] Even before meeting Chris, she was known for bullying and blackmailing other students to the point of suicide, all with the help of her cult-like circle of friends. This page is solely focused on Bella's interactions with Chris, but for more information, Encyclopedia Dramatica has an article on her which goes into much deeper detail on her disturbing pastimes and abhorrent hygiene than this page likely ever will.

Isabella's reasons for trolling Chris were extremely dark. She intended to gather incriminating information from Chris and blackmail him; her intentions were most likely to either extort Chris out of large sums of money or to try and use the information or get Chris to commit suicide or self-harm, which her cult was known to have done in the past.[6][7]

However, this all unravelled when the audio of the incest call was leaked. Bella and her cronies were doxxed by the Kiwi Farms almost immediately, and with Chris now in jail and thus unable to be contacted or manipulated, it is unlikely that Bella will be able to take any further action. This is especially so after her aforementioned dirty laundry was dumped all over the internet, with thousands of new people learning about her horrifying exploits unrelated to Chris. Ironically enough, in trying to ruin the life of a lolcow, Isabella became a lolcow herself, and now serves as a cautionary tale to those seeking to make a name for themselves off of CWC.

Early interactions and Praetor

It is unclear exactly when Bella first met Chris. Her interest in Chris would not be sparked until some time in early 2020, when she began watching Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History.

On 15 March 2021, Bella posted that Chris had commissioned her to create an animation of his comic alter-ego transforming into his Chris-Chan Sonichu form. She also engaged in some noticeable A-Logging towards Chris, describing him as a "fat, overweight retard" and claiming that Chris "should have been killed in some freak gender reassignment surgery accident by now".[2]


The suicide/extortion plot

On 25 April 2020, Bella claimed in a Discord DM to want to "Get [Chris] be suicidal [...] bc he's retarded."[8]

On 19 July 2021, Bella claimed that, "bc im extrmeley nice to him," to have "hacked" into Chris's bank account and "stole his money", and "got free trips and got him to join a cult and mlp porn on [Kiwi Farms] and fly [to Florida]". Someone asked Bella, "I thought the plan was to get him to kill himself", to which Bella responded, "yeah but by getting others to tell him theyre jesus and they hate them and then saying "oh no those ppl are os mean :(" and then he pays me".[9]

Bella rallied up many people to help her out with this plan, including other students from TTU and outsiders that had a degree of familiarity with Chris. Many of these recruits were members of distinct "Chess Club" Discord servers run by Bella. Some of them were genuinely unaware of Bella's true intentions, while others had intentions as equally as depraved as hers.

Everfree Northwest plans

Bella was to go with Chris to the August 2021 Everfree Northwest convention. Her purpose was supposedly to be a photographer and "bodyguard" against Jacob Sockness.[10][11][12]

Chris also invited Bella to be his dance partner. He then invited the Suitress at Bella's suggestion, though Bella claimed that she intended to just dance with the Suitress as Bella thought her to be cute.[13]

Any plans that would have come out of this would never come to pass, as Chris would be jailed before he could actually attend the convention, and has since been banned indefinitely.[14]

The incest scandal


Despite what you may have been led to believe, although she didn't discourage him from continuing having sex with his mother when she found out about it,[15] there is no evidence Bella was the one to convince Chris to start fucking his mother.

In the early morning of 28 July 2021, Bella recorded a call between her and Chris. During it, Chris discussed his incestuous relationship with his mother, going into graphic detail about the act. Bella acted nonchalant throughout, and even supportive at times. She stated to her Discord friends that she never said the incest was wrong and that Chris thought it was justified, and that she said she understood so he would talk more.[16]

She intended to leak the incest news, but wanted to gather evidence from a different angle to remain anonymous.[16] However, she had sent the recording to the Suitress, who leaked it on the night of 29 July.

Immediately, Bella tried to do everything in her power to distance herself from the growing drama. One of the first things she decided to do was make several sockpuppet accounts on various platforms, ranging from the Kiwi Farms, Reddit, and 4chan, where she would claim that "tranny niggers" uploaded the call, among other disinformation to protect her identity. The attempt ultimately failed.

Afterwards, Bella created a screenshot of fake texts in which Chris supposedly admitted to having BDSM-style sex with Barb.[17] Bella tried to perpetuate this notion in a Discord chat with a Watchmen group, claiming that Chris wouldn't feed Barb unless she preformed felatio on him. In the chat, she convinced Watchman Sean Walker that the screenshot was legitimate and persuaded him to release it publicly and to name the Suitress as his source,[18] resulting in the Suitress getting doxxed via Sean uploading one of her videos to a Kiwi Farms post.[19] The screenshot was dismissed as fake by most observers, and the motive behind its release remains unknown.


Eventually, Bella herself was doxxed, not in small part due to one of Bella's own cronies, Louis Herz, posting an image of Bella’s mistreated rescue dog.[20] After her personal information was leaked, Isabella went into desperate - albeit futile - damage control, using sockpuppet accounts on 4Chan, Reddit, and Kiwi Farms to rant about how the info regarding her was fake, exaggerated, and/or a psyop conspiracy led by transgender puppetmasters. Unfortunately for her, this was to no avail - as of late August, there were already dedicated, active threads on Kiwi Farms for Bella and each of her cronies. With such a unique name, these threads will likely be the first things any future employers see when they google Bella's name. Ironically, Bella has become just as unemployable and infamous as Chris himself.

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