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NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

This page will be reserved for notable DMs that GiBi had with Chris orbiters. GiBi's messages will be represented in orange.

WCT on "overthrowing" Naught

29 July 2021

On 20 April 2022, GiBi had created a video where he showcases DMs that he had with The WCT, who was under the screenname "currentlyinexile". In the chat, WCT told GiBi about how he took Naught's role as leader of the Watchmen.

Hey man. My name is Conner, I'm the leader of the Watchmen.
I recently overthrew Bismuth/Naught in a coup, and I'm basically Chris's number 2 guy now behind Josh. lol
How did that happen
the guy was an idiot.
he doxed me and thought he could get away with it. lol
Nova Kyle and MKRNightVee defended him but their opinion didn't matter.
I secretly talked to Chris and presented him with all the evidence. And he agreed with me too. He then forwarded the information to Null, and he agreed with me as well. (edited)
So with those 3 gone, the Watchmen are now completely under my control. So if you have any questions regarding Chris's activities, let me know.
I can't promise that I'll provide you with everything, but I'll do my best.
For now though, keep this conversation a secret until its safe to talk about it in public.
Got it.

MKRNightVee Chats

29 July 2021

Following from the above chat, GiBi immediately sent a message to MKRNightVee to ask her about the situation regarding The WCT. MKR took the opportunity to push rumors about The WCT.

MKR defends Naught and claims he had not done anything wrong. However, Naught later admitted that he had doxed The WCT for declining to share his Kiwi Farms account.[1][2]

What happened with naught
WCT teamed up with Praetor and fucked us over because he wanted ownership of cwc
It's really bad
Naught didn't do anything wrong

30 July 2021

GiBi had sent another post to MKR the following day to ask her about how WCT convinced Chris to cut ties with her, Naught, and Kyle

How did 'Conner' convince Chris to stop talking to you at all?
Probably made up some fated "bullshit" and said we were toxic. That's the impression I got.
He wants to be in control.
But he really shouldn't be
He wants to use Chris to make himself famous
He showed Chris his documentary on raindy stair and thinks it's funny to integrate him into the merge lore, its concerning to say the least.


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