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Vanessa AIM Chat 9 is the ninth and final chat between Chris and Joshua Martinez, an old acquaintance pretending to be Vanessa Hudgens. It took place on 30 April 2009.


This is the only chat where Vanessa uses a different screenname. It opens with Chris saying he's not into bestiality. Vanessa mentions her Playboy pictures. Chris says that she "rigged an erection", but he didn't mass debate. He says that he would use the techniques he's learned from porn on Ivy and he might let a gay guy fuck him for her. Vanessa is having a big all-girl birthday party and is going to invite Chris and Ivy. Vanessa shows him a link to Megan Fox pictures; Chris thinks it's her and compliments her on her body. The chat ends as he admits to receiving a fake pussy with a sex doll.


Vanessa (10:58:15 PM): so what you think about Brooke
Vanessa (10:58:16 PM): ?
ChrisChanSonichu (10:58:30 PM): Emily's talkin' about beastiality; I'm personally not into it.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:58:34 PM): she's cool. :)
Vanessa (10:58:50 PM): you think she very sweet?
Vanessa (10:58:57 PM): and sexy girl?
ChrisChanSonichu (10:59:12 PM): she's sweet.
Vanessa (11:00:18 PM): you total gota meet her
ChrisChanSonichu (11:00:28 PM): one day, maybe.
ChrisChanSonichu (11:00:50 PM): but I'm more interested in Ivy's coming to Virginia currently; only a few weeks to go.
Vanessa (11:23:39 PM): so what you think about me in playboy?
ChrisChanSonichu (11:23:59 PM): you were goregous.
Vanessa (11:24:16 PM): i think you might of Jack off when you saw me?
ChrisChanSonichu (11:24:33 PM): I can control myself very well.
Vanessa (11:24:33 PM): yes you did dont be shy
ChrisChanSonichu (11:25:14 PM): I'll admit you rigged an erection that day.
Vanessa (11:25:25 PM): yeah i knew
ChrisChanSonichu (11:25:34 PM): but I didn't jack off, I swear on the bible.
Vanessa (11:25:41 PM): right
Vanessa (11:25:52 PM): with my nice body
ChrisChanSonichu (11:26:50 PM): very nice bod, but I control myself for my Sweetheart I've been talking to for over two months now. :)
Vanessa (11:27:06 PM): oh really
ChrisChanSonichu (11:27:13 PM): yes.
Vanessa (11:27:19 PM): i have some nude nude pics of me like too see them?
ChrisChanSonichu (11:27:51 PM): no thank you, I've seen you already in that Playboy.
ChrisChanSonichu (11:28:46 PM): and I've made my promises to my Sweetest Ivy to not be sexy with anyone else but her before our mutual first time.
Vanessa (11:46:33 PM): what could you do with Ivy?
ChrisChanSonichu (11:47:00 PM): :) Most Everything I've learned from watching the porn I've watched.
Vanessa (11:48:38 PM): f she told you that Joshua and emily and Vanessa and 2 gay guys be there! and she told you let the gay guy fuck you would you let them?
Vanessa (11:49:03 PM): if she likes it
Vanessa (11:49:12 PM): if she bags you
ChrisChanSonichu (11:49:27 PM): maybe
ChrisChanSonichu (11:51:34 PM): are you going to have a party for your birthday?
Vanessa (11:51:44 PM): yeah very hudge party
ChrisChanSonichu (11:51:52 PM): awesome.
Vanessa (11:52:07 PM): its a nude party
ChrisChanSonichu (11:52:17 PM): testing me again?
Vanessa (11:52:21 PM): No
Vanessa (11:52:29 PM): just gona be the girls
Vanessa (11:52:35 PM): and joshua gona be there
Vanessa (11:52:38 PM): here
ChrisChanSonichu (11:52:45 PM): ic.
ChrisChanSonichu (11:53:17 PM): if I asked to be invited, would you invite me?
ChrisChanSonichu (11:55:09 PM): and I would bring Ivy.
Vanessa (11:59:22 PM): just go there
Vanessa (11:59:37 PM): or go here
Vanessa (11:59:41 PM):
ChrisChanSonichu (11:59:43 PM): I did
Vanessa (11:59:54 PM): okey
ChrisChanSonichu (12:01:27 AM): if you wanted me to comment further on your bod, than I say it is still very sexy.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:01:33 AM): and hot.
Vanessa (12:04:32 AM): do you workout?
Vanessa (12:04:52 AM): what you gona do if you see all of us Nacked at the Party?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:05:06 AM): I walk for at least an hour.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:05:16 AM): we'll be naked there too.
Vanessa (12:05:38 AM): lol you might get all horny and trying too have sex with one of us
ChrisChanSonichu (12:05:42 AM): *at least an hour a day
ChrisChanSonichu (12:05:54 AM): Ivy can keep me in line. :)
Vanessa (12:06:11 AM): nay u'll try
ChrisChanSonichu (12:06:12 AM): and I have a good sense of self-control.
ChrisChanSonichu (12:06:31 AM): we'll see, won't we?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:07:02 AM): Did Vanessa hear me when I said that she could fly me and Ivy to your party?
ChrisChanSonichu (12:07:20 AM): *or read my note of that
ChrisChanSonichu (12:28:00 AM): I have a LOT of titles, and some of which were recorded from Cinemax and HBO in the past. A lot of the titles I have came from
ChrisChanSonichu (12:28:34 AM): I'll have to make up a list of the movie titles for you, and you can look them up for yourself.
Vanessa (12:34:57 AM): kool you have a fake pussy?
Vanessa (12:35:02 AM): there?
Vanessa (12:35:43 AM): thats sweet
Vanessa (12:35:49 AM): if so
Vanessa (12:36:10 AM): if you do you do ant nothing wrong with that
ChrisChanSonichu (12:36:12 AM): I did receive a fake pussy with a sex doll.

[Chat ends]

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