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I've actually done it to myself so many times, even with a hunk of- even with an inflatable plastic woman [...] I've done it so much, it's like, you know, I can't even feel that much of a rush from it, doing it to myself like that [...] It's like, you know, my body got used to it
Chris to Kacey[1]

Mass debating is the way Chris pronounces "masturbating".


Based on a PSN chat with PandaHalo and an IRC chat, Chris did not discover masturbation until age 16:

actually figured it out for myself, in my room one night after having unlocked the parental lock; I found the pool scene in "I Like to Play Games Too", and I just figured it out for myself.
The pool scene in question.

When he first started mass debating, he did so by lying face down on his bed (also known as prone masturbation) and rubbing his duck with a washcloth.[2] In early 2009 he would sit on the bathroom washbasin during the act.[2] In Ivy's Q&A it was mentioned that Chris has used his pillow, folded in half, as a masturbation tool.

He has informed his mother of his masturbation habit.[2]


And to keep myself from flying crazily off the handle at a random time, I keep my hormones in check at least twice a week by myself.
Chris, using mass debating.[3]

While it is assumed by many that Chris has a voracious sex drive and spends every day whacking it, the truth is quite different. Rather, Chris has admitted to whacking off at least twice per week (based on chats[citation needed], it seems that he limits it to twice). Possible factors for this include the fact that he has a bent duck which would most likely make masturbation painful, and he probably struggles to get/maintain an erection owing to his obesity and general poor health. The sex audio with Julie seems to indicate that it takes Chris around 20 minutes to orgasm, which means that masturbation for Chris must be physically exhausting. Chris also believes that he has a limited sperm count which may have him limit his sexual activity. Also, Chris was at one point prescribed the antidepressant paroxetine (Paxil), which (from what was heard from him) caused some sort of sexual side effect, perhaps slowing down his ability to orgasm.[4]

Chris also told Kacey that he has masturbated so much that it no longer brings him much pleasure. However, this was a misguided ploy for pity sex.[5]

In January 2018, Chris claimed that he no longer masturbates.[6] This could be a result of estrogen treatment (decreased libido is a known side effect).

I actually do Not fap; Not for Years, believe me. And certainly Never Nowadays Ever.

On November 18th 2018, Chris's Twitter uploaded a video of himself mass debating his flaccid duck while singing the song All-Star by Smash Mouth. Chris is noticeably stressed and uncomfortable during the act. It was later found that Chris was manipulated into filming the video by the Idea Guys. The video was posted onto Chris's Twitter either by the Idea Guys, or by Lukas of the Teen Troon Squad, using the Idea Guys as a red herring.

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