November 2018

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LukasMedallion.jpeg Troll disclosure: This article takes place during the time when the Teen Troon Squad had access to Chris's Twitter and posted tweets without his knowledge or consent. Tweets covered on this page may or may not be written by Chris.
Chris and Sylvia, 8 November 2018

November was the eleventh month of 2018.


  • 2 November - The Teen Troon Squad, signing into Chris's Twitter, posts a picture of a slain kitten, claiming that Snoopy killed one of the Chandler Cats (who are all alive and well, but also genuinely sick). Kiwi Farmers learn that the picture in question is in fact not taken by Chris, and in fact is lifted from an article about special effects (Chris believed this was Magi-Chan's doing, whom the Teen Troon Squad role-played as).
  • 3 November - It is determined Chris is also lying about needing money for the kittens' medicine, as a Farmer (who also donated supplies to Chris and tried offering to take the kittens to a no-kill shelter) called Chris's vet and determined the medicine for them had been in the Chandler possession for days.
  • 5 November - Son-Chu III dies.
  • 6 November - Midterm elections - Chris votes in Virginia's 5th congressional district and for a senator. The same day, one of his pet cats Patches passes away (only eight days after Chris adopted him).
  • 12 November - Chris expresses his condolences to legendary comic artist writer and editor Stan Lee, stating he has merged with his Universe C-197 counterpart.
  • 14 November - Chris appears in court for unpaid debts to Second Round Sub, it is continued for 16 January 2019.
  • 15 November - Chris takes part as one of the 200 artists collaborating for Shrek Retold.
  • 18 November - The Teen Troon Squad, signing into Chris's Twitter, tweets an Idea Guys-era video of Chris jerking off to All Star; Chris quickly deletes it. Also, Chris - or the Teen Troon Squad - announces that the Dimensional Merge has begun.
  • 22 November - Thanksgiving, Chris tweets that he is grateful for his marriage to his four imaginary husbands and wives, the power of the CPUs bestowed upon him, and the ongoing Dimensional Merge.
  • 29 November - Shrek Retold is released.
Barb during Thanksgiving with Sylvia in her lap, looking thankful to be alive